Benizar Bhutto Assassination
During the previous assassination attempt in November:
Osama's handling officer was incharge of Benazir's security, he was also close to the man who slit Daniel Pearl's throat, Omar Sheik, and close to the head of the Taliban, Mulla Omar
The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai.
The inner cordon consisted of security guards engaged by her Pakistan People's Party parliamentarians to protect her. Many of them were former policemen and ex-servicemen enjoying her and her party's confidence. The outer cordon consisted of officers of the Sindh police and plainclothes security officers of Pakistan's Intelligence Bureau, which is now headed by Brig Ejaz Shah, a former officer of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, who is a close personal friend of Gen Pervez Musharraf and Gen (retd) Mohammad Aziz, a Kashmiri officer belonging to the Sudan tribe who orchestrated the overthrow of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister in October 1999.
the suicide bomber or bombers managed to penetrate the security cordon of the police and IB officers without being frisked, but could not penetrate the inner cordon of security guards of the PPP. When stopped, they blew themselves up at a distance from her vehicle.
Brig Ejaz Shah has been strongly criticised by Benazir and her supporters for the security failure and they have demanded his removal and arrest. When he was in the ISI, he used to be the handling officer of Osama bin Laden and Mulla Omar, the amir of the Taliban. After Musharraf seized power in October 1999, he had Shah posted as the home secretary of Punjab. It was to him that Omar Sheikh, who orchestrated the kidnapping and murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, surrendered because Omar Sheikh knew him before and was confident that Ejaz Shah would see that he was not tortured.

After Pearl's murder, there were many allegations regarding Shah's role. Musharraf tried to protect him by sending him as the ambassador to Australia or Indonesia. Both the countries reportedly refused to accept him. Musharraf then made him the DG of IB and he saw to it that the death sentence against Omar Sheikh for his role in the Pearl case was not executed. The courts have been repeatedly postponing hearings on the appeal filed by Omar Sheikh against the death sentence.
"He also had dealings with Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama bin Laden."
(Probably meant Daniel Pearl.)
Ex-PM Bhutto under house arrest
Bhutto house arrest order lifted
Bhutto calls for coalition to replace Musharraf

Bhutto was kind of a neo-liberal Liberal, like Bill Clinton.  Rabid Conservatives say that Liberals should be exiled, locked up, or shot.  Bhutto was exiled, then locked up by Musharraf, then shot.  So what's the problem??

So in my opinion, the killer was a Lone Gunman, much like Lee Harvey Oswald. ~gg
Recall that Gen. Mahmoud Ahmad of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was caught by Indian Intell after he wired over $100k from Pakistan to the Sept.11 hijackers in Florida, through some intermediary.  This was just after George Tenet, Porter Goss (R), and Bob Graham (D) had flown to India and Pakistan on a secret mission that was not publicized through normal media channels.  They met with Intelligence counterparts in India, and presumably met with Intell counterparts (ISI) when they flew to Pakistan.
Background:  All three are Intelligence professionals and two on Intell Committees in House and Senate.  Porter Goss served CIA in the early anti-Cuba operations like Operation 40, Mongoose, and the Bay of Pigs, and in other Caribbean covert ops, before he fell ill and almost died, some say from mishandling some Biowarfare cocktail.  Bob Graham has longstanding links to CIA extending to childhood, having gone to school with some of them.
Sen. Bob Graham's brother Phillip Graham was formerly aide to CIA founder, Wild Bill Donovan, before he bought the Washington Post.  Upon Graham's death by suicide, his wife Katherine took over the Washington Post.  It has long served as a CIA conduit for Cold War propaganda for Frank Wisner's (another childhood friend) Operation Mockingbird, and subsequent use, like falsely "debunking" Gary Webb on CIA drug trafficking, later confirmed with excuses by CIA's IG.
According to Alex Constantine (Mockingbird: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA), in the 1950s, "some 3,000 salaried and contract CIA employees were eventually engaged in propaganda efforts.
Ben Bradlee of the Post, also a childhood friend of top CIA members, married the sister (Toni) of JFK's lover Mary Pinchot, who was divorced from "liberal" CIA Cold Warrior Cord Meyer.  Mary Pinchot was shot and killed by a mysterious mugger, but not robbed or raped, while jogging, shortly after JFK's death.  Case unsolved, a black man who was tried was acquitted.  Cord Meyer, on his deathbed, stated that he knew who killed his wife, but did not speak their names (too obvious).  Upon Mary's death, Toni called infamous CIA agent James Jesus Angleton (nicknamed "mother" for his role in CIA's clandestine ops), and told him of Mary's diary.  Angleton went to Mary's house, found the diary, and burned it. 
Mary was also allegedly in close contact with Timothy Leary, who wrote that he supplied her with LSD to turn on JFK and others, although it was alleged he was also part of CIA's admitted MKULTRA program, which dosed both witting and unwitting citizens with LSD to see how it could be used as a mind control weapon or incapacitant. CIA rented safe houses (whore houses) in San Fran and NY to lure in citizens for these experiments, as well as using universities, hospitals, and prisons, according to fmr CIA Director Stansfield Turner.  Frank Wisner, Wisner's Weirdos, the Mighty Wurlitzer (of propaganda)
Another project started by Wisner was called Operation Bloodstone. This secret operation involved recruiting former German officers and diplomats who could be used in the covert war against the Soviet Union. This included former members of the Nazi Party such as Gustav Hilger and Hans von Bittenfield. Later, John Loftus, a prosecutor with the Office of Special Investigations at the U.S. Justice Department, accused Wisner of methodically recruiting Nazi war criminals. As one of the agents involved in Operation Bloodstone, Harry Rositzke, pointed out, Wisner was willing to use anyone "as long as he was anti-communist".
Although it does not say so here, Allen Dulles co-founder of the CIA was a close associate of Prescott Bush, and involved in covert financing of the Third Reich, while he and his brother served as corporate lawyers for Nazi and Wall Street business concerns.
Gen. Ahmad got on a plane after Intell left Pakistan, or flew with them, and landed in Washington DC, to spend 8 days with the Intelligence community, to "talk about terrorism".  Cong. Porter Goss, later made CIA Director by Bush, suggested that there be no finger-pointing on the Sept 11 failures, despite the fact of him having breakfast with Ahmad while everyone watched the Twin Towers go up in flames on TV.
When this news of financing the alleged hijackers erupted a few weeks later from India Intell tracing of cell calls, and after FBI confirmed the story, Condoleeza Rice brushed aside the lone question from an Indian reporter, saying she had not heard anything at all.  There was no followup in the US media or Intelligence on Pakistan.  Ahmad was demoted, or dismissed, and placed in some safe house under supervision, but never tried nor imprisoned, to the best of my knowledge. 
Since then, Bush has awarded the Musharraf govt greatly, with nuclear weapons technology and free money, in a manner reminiscent of the FBI Anti-Terrorism director who got promoted after Sept 11, after he ordered that no agent follow up on terrorist dealings in Chicago and other cities prior to Sept 11, as reported by Robert Wright, Colleen Wiley on the cover of Time, and a dozen other FBI and other military officers like Anthony Schaffer of Able Danger. - GG
MORE on Felix Rodriguez, Bush, and JFK

alternate view by some observer:
This is some sort of soap-opera. She returns with no reason to Pakistan and survives a terr'ist attack. She complains that she doesn't have enough police protection. She requests the sun-roof to be opened and stands up. The manchurian candidate shoots her, then detonates a suicide bomb.

Maybe the real Benazir is having a pedicure in the Grand Caymans while watching this unfold on T.V.