William Casey, CIA Director from 1981 to 1987

affidavit admits CIA cocaine drug running under Bush and Reagan

incl William Colby before him, and praising assistance from Clinton

William Colby was CIA Director from 1973 to 1976, when George H.W. Bush took over.
After Stansfield Turner from 77 to 81, William Casey was CIA Director from 1981 to 1987.
Casey was a partner with Bush on arming the Iranian mullahs, according to Ari Ben Menashe.
Casey also described past CIA atrocities under Colby, the Phoenix program, etc.
that night Phoenix would come back, knock on the door, and say, 'April Fool, motherfucker.' Whoever answered the door would get wasted.
Based on a book, The Terror Network, Casey believed that the Soviet Union was the source of most terrorist activity in the world, in spite of C.I.A. analysts providing evidence that this was in fact black propaganda by the CIA itself.  Casey obtained a report from a professor that agreed with his view, which convinced Ronald Reagan that there was a threat. During his tenure restrictions were lifted on the use of the CIA to directly, covertly influence the internal and foreign affairs of countries relevant to American policy.
"Did A Dead Man Tell No Tales?"  Describes CIA car bombing that killed 80 civilians.
Up Against the Beast - High-level Drug Running
I, William J. Casey declare:
I have found freedom is a priceless commodity that demands
constant vigilance to guarantee it's longevity.
My actions may be recorded as a criminal, condemning countless Americans to drug dependency. 
I don't care.
I stand by my decision. 
The tool is cocaine.  The trick is to understand that the drug user had a choice.

They chose the drug.  I chose their habit to finance the democracy that all Americans enjoy.
Bill Colby had the spine to carry it out.
I take notice of the heroic efforts of Al Carone, Bill Clinton, Bill Weld,
John Poindexter, Bud McFarlane and Ollie North.
Executed this 9th day of December, 1986, in McLean, Virginia.
CBS News correspondant Bill Plante has said that there is trail of "tens of millions of dollars in cocaine profits [from Mena], and we don't know where it leads. It is a trail that has been blocked by the National Security Council." http://www.apfn.org/apfn/snowjob1.htm  Money from CIA drug smuggling operations is known to have been laundered through BCCI, a massive transnational mega-bank set up and run to launder "covert funds" for intelligence and criminal clients.
BCCI was involved in arming and funding the Afghan Mujahideen guerillas/Al-Qaeda, as well as transferring illegal weapons to Iran, and helping finance Ollie North's and Richard Secord's huge bankroll at Enterprise.

Nigaragua is about 49998 sq miles, slightly larger than Ohio at 44828.
Labor force 2.2M persons, vs. Ohio at 6M.
per capita GDP in 2006 is $3100
Nicaraguan income would be a fraction of that, with 48% living in poverty.
This was the Nicaraguan communist threat from which Casey protected the United States of America., including the use of fuel-air bombs which suffocate Nicaraguan people while burning them, and also chemical and biological weapons, all developed in Arkansas by a parking meter company.
Current stats are approx 3M persons in the USA who use cocaine, growing crime rate, and a prison population of 7M.
CIA Plane Crashes in Yucatan Carrying 3.2 Tons of Cocaine  SEPTEMBER 24, 2007
Aircraft Owners in 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust include Tom Delay appointee  APRIL 17 2006