Listen to archived interview of attorney Stanley

G. Hilton ...

I listened to this interview very closely.

Mark my words.

Alex Jones is a bit megalomanical and he has been salted with such incredible nuggets of disniformation that he will be destroyed by his own carelessness. He made at least a dozen - small in his mind - factual distortions during broadcast. As one example, McCarthy-like he said he had all these sources about how Judicial Watch people had been threatened with arrest at gunpoint for trying to serve a subpoena on the White House asking why Bush was taking Cipro before the attacks. The actual real story is that Judicial Watch process servers were trying to serve Cheney with a summons on bahlf of the suit filed by Halliburton shareholders and they were denied admittance by guards who happened to be armed. This is a classic Alex Jones screw up! I recently caught and indirectly confronted him over outright fabrications regarding Patriot II.

But Hilton, who was a senior staffer to Bob Dole is far, far worse. He is the reincarnation of Daniel Sheehan who will destroy the lawsuit from the inside. Not only did he pander to pro-white, anti-Semitic overtones, he took the exaggerated points that Jones made and took some even further. His bahvior was unprofessional to say the least just as it was utterly unprofessional when Daniel Sheehan submitted an affidavit listing witnesses who were non-existent or who had been dead for some time.

Mark my words. All of the victim families who put their faith in Hilton are going to be betrayed as badly as the thousands who put their faith in Sheehan. Isn't it strange the Hilton failed to respond to about 50 phone calls from FTW where he would have been asked different questions and yet he was availalble to go on Alex Jones.

The fear-mongering, racially-tinged, "They're coming after white people!", tone of Jones' broadcast made me sick.


His interview with Hilton was full of just as many distortions and I have never trusted or accepted Honneger's modified-limited hangout and I have proven it to be false in my upcoming book, "Crossing the Rubicon." The reason is simple: Honneger asserts that the attacks were masked by some 9-11 exercise which prevented officials from knowing of real hijackings. In my book I establish the exact times that FAA knew of the 9-11 hijackings and that they were NOT drills. Then I show the exact breakdowns in procedure that occurred after it was known that they were real hijackings, after FAA and NORAD knew that the twin towers had been hit and after the White House and Secret Service had issued clear warnings to prevent Flt 93 from reaching Washington.