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What Kind of Conservative is Bush?


Bush IS arguably conservative in a few stilted ways.  Spouting traditional Judeo-Christian standards IS conservative, but fundamentalist Dominionists (Ashcroft, Robertson, Zell Miller) behind Bush represent Old Testament values of vengeance and punishment, vigorously opposing Christian principles of humility, love, forgiveness, and judgment left to God.  Their quietly stated goal is to change America from a Constitutional Republic into a Theocracy.

go to  www.pidradio.com/index.php?s=tom+horn   and listen to why Tom Horn thinks Christian Dominionism and religious politics is “the most dangerous evangelical heresy”.  (He once worked with Jerry Falwell to promote the political dominion movement which he now denounces, including quotes from Pat Robertson which advocate lying and hiding one's Christianity, operating in stealth.)

Radical ideological experiments are NOT conservative.  Lying and stealing is not Christian.

Lower taxes IS ostensibly conservative.  Bush has postponed taxes.  With his little $250 bn-and-rising war, plus massive tax relief for billionaires, we sunk another $2 tn into the hole to $7.5 tn.  Daily interest costs nearing $1 bn.  Creditors are beginning to "just say no" to US Treasury bonds.  Bush maxed out our credit and didn't even bring home a box of candy.  He blew our FICA payments too.  Future solvency of Social Security has been permanently damaged, in a war on working people. 

Keynesian deficit spending under FDR -- who was afraid of too much debt -- put money in the hands of the poor and working class, which pulled the econ out of depression and made everyone rich.  Bush is cutting taxes -- a conservative mantra -- but the unprecedented increases in government growth and debt, which raises commercial interest rates, combined with 49% loss of the value of the dollar, plus reducing taxes only on the rich which does not spur consumer spending, none of this represents conservative economics.  It only represents stealing and "asset stripping" America.
Drunken spending was almost halted under Clinton.  Previous embezzlement was mostly for avoidable wars of conquest and a shopping addiction for high-tech weapons, many which do not perform, i.e. "wealth transfer".  Past theme, "communist threat".  Current theme, "terror threat".  That many CIA and Pentagon denounce this war is astonishing.  Fake WMD hysteria was not Intelligence error, but produced on demand. 
We have been "re-educated" to believe rampant militarism is conservative.  It's not.  Democratizing Iraq was never the goal of interventionism.  US has overthrown many democracies.  Our goal is permanent occupation and control, cost not a consideration. 
Patriotic sentiment IS conservative.  Patriot-izing Americans with propaganda is not.  Harming our Military and Veterans is not conservative. 

Tradition IS Conservative.  Radically attacking the Constitution, Bill of Rights, personal privacy and freedom, is not.  Bob Barr and Dick Armey recently joined the ACLU. 

Civil liberties ARE conservative, and liberal too.
Were we born yesterday?  Did we learn conservative values from TV sitcoms?  (Yes.) Pundits have reduced us to babbling anti-rational jargon.  "Two minutes hate" towards "Liberals" is not based on anything meaningful. "Liberal" is anything the pundits say is liberal, "anything that contradicts Bush today"That's pretty dumb, but it works.