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MY OWN FTP SITE  (file-transfer protocol)  
I am sharing my ENTIRE ARCHIVE of video and audio from my Home PC.
I tried to put a password on it, but for now it's open for ANONYMOUS logon, NO PASSWORD.
(since it's home network, upload is slower, be patient) (it may be down from time to time for maintenance)
These are talks and movies by people who are KEY TEACHERS from the "Right" and the "Left" on social and political issues that shape our lives. 
Christian Conservatives who are CRITICAL are very effective because they are less likely to be accused of partisan politics.
They use different language to describe some of the same issues. They call for "Liberty".
All these teachers do RESEARCH and tell the BIG  truth, offer deeper knowledge and wisdom, and real history.

This is what our media would do for us, if their job was informing us.
It's NOT
Big Business -- transnational foreign corporations -- and The State are the customers whom they serve.

"Audiences" are their product, our eyes and ears and minds sold to advertizers.
Think about that.
Anymore, Media are a pure echo chamber for the State and for pro-Capitalist propaganda, beyond what you probably realize. 
News programs about fine dining, about "odd events" and "scandals"?
The superficial fluff the serve is planned DISinformation and distraction.

Copy a video or audio to your computer.  Listen/watch and share with others. 
The very large ISO files (.nrg) and some MPG Video files can be burned to Video CD using Nero,
then play in your home DVD player.  Or look in Programs folder for Video CD player for your PC.
WMV files are smaller transfers, PC only.   Nero will convert these for Video CD too.
Divx AVI files are even smaller, use player from www.divx.com or Windows Media Player v9.

Nothing here is illegally shared.
Some of the better items are tagged with a '+' in the file name.

DO NOT USE Internet Explorer!  I intentionally removed the Link.
Internet Explorer fails to prompt for password (when needed), then fails to connect.
My Computer icon will work BUT,
for Best Results open Windows Explorer.
This will give you a view to navigate all folders I have.

Look under Start, Programs, Accessories for your Windows Explorer icon.

1. Locate a movie or audio topic you want to see.
2. From the menu, Edit then Copy folder or file.
3. Locate a good folder on your home PC ---
4. Edit then Paste. Wait.

For example, Save movie or audio files inside My Documents, or My Videos, My Downloads, whatever.
Try setting View to List or Details, not Icons or Thumbnails.
  If your are prompted for a password, User name = revolution and password = redpill.