History Recap 1978 - 2001 and Further
Brzezinski's Wahabbi-Jihadist Mujahideen army was named "Al-Qaida" in the 90's by NY prosecutors seeking a RICO indictment, for attacks on US embassies. They needed a named group to charge "organized crime".  Robin Cook, described as British Labour foreign secretary, brilliant parliamentarian and debater, says the name "Al-Qaida" means "the base", i.e. a Pentagon computer datebase list of Jihadists-for-hire.  Cook resigned from the cabinet over the second Iraq war in 2003.   Cook's obituary after sudden death.
Therefore, any distinction between
Brzezinski's Mujahideen and Osama's Al-Qaida is artificial.

Brzezinski founded Al-Qaida in 1978, to lure USSR into Afghanistan, and also (per Zbig) to destroy the progressive Social Democratic (commie) govt. in Kabul which was "bringing Afghanistan into the 20th century" modernizing education and medicine.  Liberal democracies make poor US client states.  Plus, Afghanistan had "a relationship" with the USSR, so it was a way to screw the Russians.

Al-Qaida support continued while
Brzezinski was National Security Adviser under BOTH Carter (Tri-Lat) and Reagan (CFR).

The huge Reagan Iran-Contra scandal, and later BCCI which Reagan solemnly denied, in which Bush-run CIA and military operatives covertly and illegally sold arms to Iran (but not a soul was ever convicted, without being overturned or pardoned), put money in their own secret bank accounts and funded the illegal war on Nicaragua, also shipping heroin from the Middle East and cocaine from Latin Am, ALSO funded Al-Qaida.

Clinton's NATO bombing of Yugoslavia for 72 days, was also US support for Al-Qaida.
Per OSAMAGATE, the Pentagon worked with Al-Qaida in Kosovo up to a few weeks before 9-11.

Clinton discouraged legit FBI investigations of money trails ... but Bush ordered good FBI agents to halt investigations or face arrest, per Exec Order W199i
Taliban camps bombed in Afghanistan were built by CIA

Key Iran-Contra criminals
from the 80's, who blatantly defied Congress and bragged about it, who set up death squads which killed tens of thousands, and who trained people to torture, have now moved into the highest seats of power in the White House and CIA and Homeland Security.

Besides destabilizing Afghanistan and installing the harsh right wing Taliban, the CIA also destabilized the liberal Kassem in Iraq in the early 60's using their Saddam operative to kill liberals, eventually installing the right wing Baathist as dictator, also had Kermit Roosevelt overthrow liberal Mossadegh in Iran and installed the Shah and his SAVAK death squad, and also overthrew the leftist communist govt in Indonesia and installed the fascist Wahabbi (Saudi-style) govt after killing 1.5 million, as well as overthrowing liberal or moderate regimes when a leader gets too uppity, worldwide.