Monica and Iraq
OK, raise your hands.  How many of you have ever heard of Monica Lewinsky?   OK, put your hands down.
Now raise 'em again, how many of you have ever heard of April Glaspie?   Only a few?  None? 
How about James Baker?  More hands?
Now raise 'em again, how many of you have ever heard of Hill & Knowlton?  
Oh. Figures.
Almost nobody I've ever spoken to, on the Left or the Right, has ever heard the the name April Glaspie or Hill & Knowlton, many don't even know who James Baker is although he once wielded enormous power over our lives and still does, but almost everyone in the modern world -- if you own a TV or even know someone who does --  has heard of Monica Lewinsky

So.  Why is this important?

Because of the juxtaposition (reversal) in the media of issues that are completely inconsequential with very serious matters of Life and Death.  Because of the jusxtaposition of a  sensationalistic and lurid sex scandal (and a technical felony charge) with a scandal reaching the level of  treason and war crimes, utter disregard for human life and suffering, including American lives.  It's still utterly astonishing to me that most American people are completely in the dark on a scandal of this proportion  -- 15 years ago and totally relevant -- not even knowing the players' names.  The rest of the world knows the truth.  I am at a loss for words to describe how significant this is.  This proves how badly the overall system of education and media has us completely mind-fucked, er sorry scratch that, I meant "ignorant".

Not because Clinton=good and Bush=bad.  Don't go there, it's a detour.

The Monica Lewinsky situation, by the end of the controversy, indirectly affected potentially the entire world, but before Richard Mellon Scaife and Ken Starr got involved, the incident itself directly affected --- what --- 4, maybe 6 people?  (aside: Given the weirdness and stupidity of a situation with the President already under investigation and attack by opponents, this clever, crafty, and intelligent politico, who then starts this illicit affair and gets caught -- what?!! -- I half suspect that this was just part of a smokescreen and drama, that he "threw the game" to the Republicans in 2000.)

April Glaspie's situation, in which she was an actor but not the initiator, killed over one thousand of Americans possibly two thousand, plus tens of thousands have been maimed and poisoned.  The April Glaspie scandal killed tens of thousands and perhaps millions of Iraqis, depending on what you count.  And, it was not mere "unfortunate circumstances", or a blunderIt was all completely intentional.  Congressional Hearings were held in 1991 or 92, and they apparently wagged their fingers.  Amnesty International apologized to the world and to Iraq for being duped by the United States of America's propaganda machine.  England knows, because British journalists uncovered it.  There are many articles on the web --- it cannot actually be censored --- but you would have to already know the story and names to search for it, and since Nobody is telling you, it's pretty much "erased history".  On the contrary, great efforts are made to conceal the truth

You see, six months after the beginning of the Desert Storm Gulf War, British journalists discovered transcripts which clearly showed that before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Saddam checked in with his allies in the United States of America (the Bush government) for approvalHe also first negotiated with Kuwait for two years in good faith, but since Kuwait was backed by the US, it didn't have to negotiate fairly.  April Glapie, representing the United States as Ambassador to Iraq, gave Saddam the GREEN LIGHT to invade Kuwait, as an explicit message from Secretary of State James BakerLet me say that again:  April Glaspie told Saddam it was cool with the US if he invaded Kuwait.  Can you believe that?  It's in writing.   Let that sink in for a moment.

Four days later Saddam invaded.  President Bush immediately flew to outrage, called Saddam "worse than Hitler", and shortly attacked Iraq with an arsenal that dwarfed Iraq's by some 200 times.  Even though Saddam "the madman" was willing to negotiate a withdrawal, Bush allowed NO negotiation or discussion (unlike Saddam in dealing with Kuwait) before launching an attack. Complete withdrawal was the Ultimatum.  When Iraq was withdrawing, the US military destroyed the retreating soldiers using a collosal pounding from the air, on the 60 mile Highway of Death.  Some military said it was worse than anything they had ever seen in Nam.   (just one of the many sites that has this transcript)  you could also search for April Iraq for articles to corroborate
also in full detail:

Secretary of State James Baker, who actually gave Saddam the GREEN LIGHT later provided counsel and major assistance to George W. Bush, appeared on TV defending Bush during the Florida debacle (which actually did include a complex conspiracy of voter fraud that few are talking about), and was also hired to defend the Saudi Royal family against lawsuits brought by 9-11 survivors.  The Saudi Royal family, besides their already enormous wealth, is able to pay Baker with profits they have made by the run up of stock in the Carlysle Group, a defense contractor used in the War on Terror.  Carlysle is run by a CIA associate of George Bush Sr, Frank Carlucci, and Bush Sr. is a Senior Advisor.  This information greatly precedes Michael Moore's movie, by the way.

Hill & Knowlton
In the build-up to the war, Kuwaiti front groups organized by a Democrat Congressman from Louisiana, hired many PR firms.  Hill & Knowlton was the main one.  Together they waged the largest foreign-funded PR campaign ever aimed at manipulating American public opinion.  By law, the Foreign Agents Registration Act should have exposed this propaganda campaign to the American people, but the Justice Department chose not to enforce it.  The man running Hill & Knowlton's Washington office was Craig Fuller, one of President Bush's closest friends and inside political advisors.  It's utterly unthinkable that Bush did not know.

Of course Bill Clinton did nothing but continue aiding and abetting this crime for 8 years, by maintaining constant bombing of Iraq several times a week for a total of 12 years, and continued the harshest economic Sanctions the world has ever seen, which they admit led to the unnecessary deaths of at least 500,000 children and many adults, probably 2 million people in all.   We've actually had roughly the same administration in office since at least 1980, if you ignore the front men and look at the back room and the policies.

That a scandal of this proportion was kept out of the mainstream news, then a few years later Monica Lewinsky was headline news for many months (and still a hot topic today), is a breathtaking reality check for someone who has never seen this before.

An American pundit was being sarcastic about the public saying "If it doesn't involve a blowjob I don't want to know about it."  That is a problem.

This is not about Clinton=good and Bush=bad.  Don't go there.  That's partisan hypnosis.  Obviously, the mainstream media does this to us on purpose.  Do you think that the campaign ---  to convince Americans to send their young men and women to Kuwait -- a non-democratic, oil-soaked monarchy -- based on a conspiracy of utter lies and total fabrication --- was one single isolated incident?  A freak accident.  Did we really kill and die to back warlord Bush against warlord (and former partner) Hussein?

Is that NUTS?!!

A new favorite radio commentator of mine stated that "In years past, the American people elected canditates based on their commitment to honesty and to American values of Freedom and Democracy, NOT on whether they were identified as Liberal or Conservative."   I would say, to do otherwise is like hiring a surgeon based on his what other people say about his politics, or if he is a "cool personality", not his competence and skills as a surgeon, or his commitment to good medical care.

US-designed horror story in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.  Appointing a leading US overseer of mass atrocities in Latin America, John Negroponte, to help "rebuild" Iraq.  The level of cruelty is astonishing.

"I think one can say that the current administration is a selection of the more extremist and arrogant and violent and dangerous elements of the Reagan administration." -- Noam Chomsky

"Reagan Was the Butcher of My People" I'm not insensitive to the feelings of many U.S. people mourning president Reagan, but as I pray that God in his infinite mercy and goodness forgive him for having been the butcher of my people, for having been responsible for the deaths of some 50,000 Nicaraguans, we cannot, we should not ever forget the crimes he committed in the name of what he falsely labeled freedom and democracy. More perhaps than any other U.S. President, Reagan convinced many around the world that the U.S. is a fraud, a big lie. Not only was it not democratic, but in fact the greatest enemy of the right of self-determination of peoples. -- Fr. Miguel D'Escoto, a Catholic priest based in Managua, Nicaragua.

ALLAN NAIRN: Well, communism was the excuse for what Reagan did in Central America, but the victims were not Communists. The victims were priests and peasants and labor leaders and residents and student leaders and academics and journalists and others who -- especially in the late 1970's both in Guatemala and Salvador had coalesced into strong popular movements. The thing they were responding to was the fact that in both those countries, hundreds of thousands of people every year were dying unnecessarily from malnutrition, from diarrhea, from malaria, people were living on hillsides trying to eke out a living.

Saddam was not able to accumulate the weapons systems and arsenals as well as chemical weapons without assistance of the United States and other western countries. --- renowned Iranian judge, Shirin Ebadi, Nobel peace prizewinner (formerly under attack by Iraq)

During Reagan's 8 years in power, and Bush's 4, the CIA secretly sent either 3 or 6 billion dollars of military aid to the mujahedeen in Afghanistan in a US-supported jihad against the Soviet Union. People point out that since the USSR at that time was about as modern as the US, this was really supporting a War against Western Civilization, just to tweak the Ruskies. Wasn't that clever of us?

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