1. I personally know Muslims. They are kind and considerate dinner hosts and friends, more concerned with human compassion and relations and less blunt and radical than I.

2. I learned some details about some Iraqi people when I accidentally bumped into their Bulletin Bd (like this one) on 

These Iraqi guys were not stoked on religion, they were educated professionals who want to rebuild Iraq and have good lives, watch TV, play soccer.  One of them had an avatar of Homer Simpson holding an Iraqi flag. 

One of them had a signature about "Watch out for Wahabbis (fanatical Saudis, US allies), House Arabs (Baath party, former US allies, you must get the clever reference to Malcolm X speech about house niggaz vs. field niggaz, house niggaz being "Uncle Toms", the House Arabs were Saddam's favored Sunnis), and Shia-Taliban (written by a Shia who is not a Shia-Taliban)

On an article about a captured Al-Qaida barber who disguised fugitives, one of them remarked "they got their own stylists" and another "queer eye for the Al-Qaida guy".   You get the drift?

Mainstream Shia and Sunni and Kurd IRAQIs absolutely HATE TERRORISTS and JIHADISTS more than Americans.  They had an argument on the difference btw a Mujahideen (what we would call a patriot) and a terrorist who kills Iraqi people.  They want a coalition government of Shia, Sunni, and Kurd tribes, excluding no ethnic group.  They want to leave history behind them, forget about resentment of Sunnis possibly favored by Saddam (except the truly guilty torturers). Mighty big of them, huh?


In America, the religious psycho freaks, the "Dispensationalists" who many Christians argue promote a Biblical fraud, who WANT nuclear war and WANT Armageddon to happen as quickly as possible, and who believe in LYING and DECEPTION to advance their cause (in their own words), these people have a seat at the head table. Grrrr.

These Iraqi Muslims were arguing morality amongst themselves as we do, criticizing other Iraqis who criticized the "brave, young American soldiers" who got rid of Saddam (but not ppl who criticized Bush).  Astonishingly, in their conversations the strong voices were apologetic for invasions that Arab nations had done in Iberia (Spain) in the 8th and 15th century, and used that to explain to others how Americans were not worse than they had been, even if Americans were really just after their oil.  Can you imagine??

On the other hand, what is the US view towards terrorists???

As John Loftus pointed out on the Alex Jones show archived on PrisonPlanet, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Wahabbi Jihadists, the Baath party, and the Al-Qaida/Taliban fundamentalists are all related to the NazisNo big surprise. 
Saddam Hussein's father was also close to the Nazis.  Hmmm.
Also, at one time or another they were all supported by western or US powers.
As a former Justice Department prosecutor, John Loftus once held some of the highest security clearances in the world, with special access to NATO Cosmic, CIA codeword, and Top Secret Nuclear files. As a private attorney, he works without charge to help hundreds of intelligence agents obtain lawful permission to declassify and publish the hidden secrets of our times. He is the author of four history books, three of which have been made into films, two were international best sellers, and one was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.   ALEX JONES GETS SOME REAL COOL GUESTS.
Well, the US supported and founded the Taliban in '96.  The US supported and founded Al-Qaida in '78, via $6 bn thru Pakistan. 
The US supported Saddam and his killing of Leftist Baathists in the 60s, and his gassing of Kurds in the 80's. 
These are all historical facts, not accusations.  In the US, this is called "real politik" a.k.a. the Grand Chessboard, the name of a book by the Al-Qaida founder, Zbignew Brzezinski(this guy, our past National Security Advisor, haughtily bragged in an interview in a French mag about how clever he was creating Al-Qaida, to trick the Russians into invading Afghanistan .. not what you were told, huh?)
So is Saddam really "just like Hitler"?  As a matter of fact, YES!! 
The US industrial and finance sector was insanely bullish on Hitler and Mussolini in the 30s, and insanely bullish on Saddam in the 60's - 80's.  And for the same reasons:  Killing Liberals (commies or anyone with a Left persuasion)
Only the "liberal media" which used to somewhat exist in the 80's criticized the Iraq government for human rights violations.  The President's father supported Saddam's human rights violations, and rewarded him lavishly.  Just like the Latin Am death squads.
Fun Fact: the guy who created Latin Am death squads under the President's father and Reagan is NOW head of ALL Intelligence over the Pentagon AND Homeland SecurityDoes that make you feel all snuggly?
ONE OF THE MOST FASCINATING 10 MIN VIDEOs YOU WILL EVER WATCH, ON THE HISTORY OF OUR PRESIDENT'S FAMILY, by a paleo-conservative.  (so why isn't the "Left" liberal media publishing this?)
you may find yourself saying "AHHH, so that explains everything."
The Nazis were supported by the United States and British corporate and banking interests, some of that stopping when FDR declared war.  In the case of Prescott Bush, he and Averill Harriman kept up relations with the Nazis AFTER the War began, through 1951 according to US documents which have been exposed and researched by John Buchanan.  Their whole "banking" operation was nothing more than a front for funding and laundering money for the Nazi takeover of Germany, answering directly to Fritz Thyssen.
Congress slapped Bush's hand for charges less than treason, and then he became a Senator using Nazi funds.  strange but true
Bush became a New England Senator (CT), tied to the NY banking elites hated by conservatives, just like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.  None of them are really Texans.
One US senator (I forget his name) remarked that if the US lost World War II, he would blame ALCOA.  But Ford, GM, IBM, Standard Oil, Goodyear rubber, and many others favored the Nazis over the US, and many of them met directly with Adolf Hitler.  I.G. Farben (Zyklon-B gas) had close ties with these US interests, and the Hamburg cruise line was one more money-laundering vehicle for the whole Hitler project.   (even more snuggly now I'll bet)
Al-Q did not emerge out of nowhere.  Now many low-level jihadist-soldiers may have been unwitting participants of CIA projects, led by Globalist Tri-Lateralist Zbignew Brzezinski, but they were admittedly funded, trained, and used and manipulated by US-based interests. 
If the US is so against Islamic Extremism, why did they dump so much money into growing it? 
I say "US-Based" interests for a good reason: Alex Jones points out, I think correctly, that the Constitution and our Republican form of Limited Democracy is in peril since it has been hijacked by Globalist forces.  Who are these "globalists"? 
They are institutions you can find on the Internet.  You can read the truth about them on and and many other sites.  Some them are becoming household names:  the Bilderberg group (300 private businessmen and royalty and media and world politicians who meet in absolute secrecy to make plans), the Council on Foreign Relations (1200, near ditto), the Tri-Lateral Comm, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, and various corporate orgs which lobby government for their agenda and publish articles in the mainstream media, plus tax-free foundations which exist to promote public policy through front groups they found .. incl Left antiwar groups.
When was the last time you voted for any of these people?  Who are they?  HOW CAN THEY make laws which our leaders agree OVERRULE the US Constitution?
Why is Brzezinski not in Gitmo for creating AL-Qaida, if the President said he would arrest anyone involved with helping terrorists?
So the big Q:  HOW DID AL-QAIDA, A US INTELLIGENCE CREATION and ASSET, PULL OFF 9-11, ALONEWHY DID our past CIA DIR Krongard and THE PRESIDENT say to forget about getting Bin Laden?
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