(my sarcastic letter to the editor, which they printed but edited somewhat)

Join my one-man campaign to rename "Nine-Eleven" or "9-11" to "Operation Northwoods 2001". 
We must acknowledge those Americans, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and CIA, who wrote the 1962 Northwoods plot to launch terror on US cities, fly planes into buildings, blame it on a foreign enemy.  Agents were to dress up as enemy soldiers and attack US servicemen.  Maybe shoot a US passenger jet out of the sky.  Manufacture evidence to blame the Cubans if John Glenn's mission blew up.

It took almost 40 years for their political descendants to pull off this scheme, but it succeeded.  The "official enemy" switched from Cuban Communists to Arab Terrorists.  The "New Northwoods" fooled most Americans, despite the fact that the typewritten Northwoods memo is a public document.  Northwoods 2001 (Nine-Eleven) achieved the same intended propaganda aim as the original plan ---  "a helpful wave of public indignation".

When you ask at the library, or Google "Operation Northwoods". 
You may want to Google some other terms --- Bush + Nazi  and  Dulles + Nazi. 
The Dulles brothers, Nazi promoters in the 1930's, lawyers and go-between for the Nazis money machine and our President's grandfather Prescott, were acting as CIA Director and Sec of State when Northwoods was drafted.  Allen Dulles was most certainly consulted.  Arranging covert operations for assassinations and mass murder was his job decription.  Dulles was later made lead investigator of the Kennedy murder -- one year after Kennedy fired him.  Draw your own conclusions.  These are not hypothetical connections.
There should be no question as to why this is relevant to America Today.  How much larger must Northwoods '05 or Northwoods '06 be made, to justify War on Iran or Syria or China?  (A teenage girl submitted this question following David Ray Griffin's talk on CSPAN.)   How much tighter will they make "security" after the fact?

Clinton killed way more innocent persons than Bush ... so far anyhow.  Remember Waco and Ruby Ridge.  The use of Depleted Uranium in Bosnia harmed US troops and caused massive illness to civilians, true, but intentional starvation and infection caused by the tightest embargo in history murdered 1.5 million Iraqis, many more than Bush. Albright bragged about that on TV, as she pretended it was a tough choice to kill 5000 kids per month, but "worth it".

Either Clinton OR Bush killed far more people than Ted Bundy and Charles Manson combined.  Like our leaders, Charlie killed indirectly, he ordered others to kill on his behalf.  Charlie's plan was "Helter Skelter".  Clinton and Bush had other reasons -- missing WMDs, or GWOT, a New World Order, or "Freedom", or 9-11, oops I mean Northwoods 2001.