Note to United 93 blog:

Please note, there are many websites and theories about 9-11 which fly off into the stratosphere. Engineers who have done solid research on the main conspiracy theory about 9-11 --- the theory that 19 hijackers did it alone --- and logically concluded that that theory is total crap -- are alarmed/dismayed/angry at the amount of bizarre crap out there.

Pods. UFOs. Blue Rays. Ideas and allegations with no substantiation.

However there are several things which can be substantiated.

1. A dozen or more previous instances of government-sponsored or arranged or otherwise faked terrorism and attacks, and proposed attacks. This goes back decades, or even centuries. It's the oldest trick in the book for despots ruling over their subjects. Many of these are substantiated by govt documents in the National Archives, or in the memoirs of former govt officials.

2. Past relationships btw officials in the US govt or US corporate-finance sector and the group known as "Al-Qaeda".

3. Past history of US private sector involvement with fascism and the actual Nazis.

It doesn't take genius to cover up an orgy of evidence. It takes power. We have 11 or 12 Intelligence organizations which are adjunct to our military, they are compartmentalized and quiet. And they have power.

Start with #3. That's easy. It's easy because J. Edgar Hoover prosecuted a man who financed the Nazis for years past the declaration of war, and Hoover won a conviction. That man was Prescott Bush. Look it up.

The Bush family connection is LESS important. Everyone thinks "oh, Bush is a Nazi, woo hoo." Well, he is, but that's besides the point. The point is, Prescott Bush was not some lone businessman. He was a player in a large network of Hitler supporters who operated for at least a decade, and also supported Mussolini.

THESE people were the financial establishment of the US (the hated NY establishment) -- and also became the political and military establishment. This is the CREAM of Wall Street. One of the Wall Street law firms is still in existence -- Sullivan and Cogliano which employed Dulles bros is Enron's firm.

Let's say it simply: Prescott Bush's and Averill Harriman's liaison with the Third Reich was attorneys Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles. Dulles Airport? Allen Dulles became the founder and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and his brother John was Secretary of State. Case closed I think. People who got gold, weapons, chemicals, oil, steel, aluminum, etc. over to the Nazis seized the highest officies in the land.

But there's lots more. Nixon was their waterboy. He was a Bush protégé. Nixon made sure that the McCarthy hearings went after communists but stayed away from Nazis. Much more.

Second point of #3: Operation Northwoods. US Govt plans written by Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer and staff to carry out 9-11 style attacks and kill Americans, to frighten and anger the population and "create a helpful wave of public indignation" which would push their goal of a military invasion of Cuba. This plan was not a pipe-dream. All the Joint Chiefs signed off. It's in our National Archives.

Robert S. McNamara and his "boy President" blocked Northwoods, because to them it was too crazy. Yep. Kennedy. But that's not all that JFK did. He demoted Gen. Lemnitzer who hated Kennedy. JFK fired Allen Dulles. He put his foot down on the military and CIA. Guess who was the point man in charge of JFK's murder investigation a few months later. Right, Allen Dulles. 2+2=4. Long story.

Let's look at #2: Ever heard of BCCI? Bank of Commerce and Credit International. Also known as "Bank of Crooks and Criminals". I call it the "Al-Qaeda International Bank of Pakistan". However some Time reporters described it as 'not really a bank, but more like an intelligence organization plus capital flows, which dealt in narcotics global trade, illegal arms sales, money laundering, etc." BCCI was tied in with the western European banking system, major banks like Deutsche and others. BCCI was illegally aided to buy Bank of America and set up shop.

OH, btw, CIA used it to launder and hide money for it's secret operations using BCCI.

Let's look at some of the politicians who had to DENY knowing what BCCI was doing: Clark Clifford, elderly statesman and icon of the Democratic Party. George Herbert Walker Bush, Vice President and past CIA Dir. Various CIA people tied in to Ollie North and the Iran-Contra scandal which was high treason. Secretly selling arms with a state declared an enemy and a terrorist state, Iran. (There is evidence that the West actually set up and managed the Ayatollah takeover to prevent liberals from coming to power.)

I-C was a covert funding operation which broke the law by bypassing a Congressional ban on funding the Contra terrorists. I-C and BCCI also put money into the secret accounts of the big players, AND helped fund Al-Qaeda -- or rather Jihadists later known as Al-Qaeda. I could write a book about that, but anyone can look it up themselves.

OH, btw, everyone knows America created Al-Qaeda in the first place, under Jimmy Carter. Zbignew Brzezinski bragged about it. Everyone who is polite just assumes it's another "accident".

What about Pentagon and CIA's involvement with Al-Qaeda in Kosovo, under President Clinton, documented by none other than the Republican Party.

A deal was struck. Bust Clinton on Monica, but don't bring up Al-Qaeda in Kosovo or other issues like fundraising from China. It is alleged that Clinton lied on purpose to "take the fall" for Monica, so other issues stayed buried, but Dems also agreed not to bring up similar Republican crimes like Koch Industries payoffs. Handshake. Plus Al-Qaeda in Kosovo was a bi-partisan operation, not just Democrats.

Finally #1. Partial List of past "faked" terrorism.
The sinking of the Maine. Captain said he didnt know why the stove blew, but the press (Hearst) knew. Sabotage. Gave the US an excuse to take Cuba away from Spain, which caused much death. That radical Mark Twain got really upset over the US killing a million Filipinos too. That was unAmerican. At that time, EMPIRE itself was unAmerican. Even Carnegie was mildly against it, only because the Phillipines was too far away ... local imperialism was OK, because the stupid natives did not know how to develop their land and exploit their workers, obviously the US had to teach them.

The sinking of the Lustitania. Germany sent out warnings to the press. The State Dept ordered the media NOT to print the warnings. The ship was filled with 2000 passengers and a load of ammo for the Brits. The passengers were 'human shields', but the protection the ship had was pulled back at the last minute when it entered sub-infested waters, making it a sitting duck. Look up 9-11 War Games for a comparison.

Arming of Hitler, explained above.

The Reichstag.

Pearl Harbor. One of Roosevelt's highest cabinet members admitted in his memoirs, they did everything possible to try to get Japan to attack and make it look like it was an unprovoked surprise attack. Much more on that.

Cuba, explained above in Northwoods. Also, flying enemy planes over Cuba hoping to draw a military response from Cuba, to justify invasion. We do that a lot.

Gulf of Tonkin, admittedly a lie. Also, similar provocation, warships off the coast of Vietnam, shelling the shore. The Joint Chiefs and Johnson KNEW that the report of a torpedo was false, but it served a useful purpose --- if you consider 56,000 dead Americans and 3,000,000 dead Asians useful.

Grenada. No medical students wanted 'help'.

Libya, bombing Tripoli. Insurance investigators found out Flight 103 was downed by CIA, not Libya. However, that's insurance, not court.

Nicaragua. A threat to the US? If you consider hospitals and land reform for peasant farmers a threat. Similar for Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, etc. Ever heard of Sept 11, 1973? Date of the CIA bloodbath in Chile, when democracy was eliminated and Pinochet took over.

Panama. We have to get Bush/CIA business partner Noriega. Ooh, he deals 'narcotics'. Just like Ollie North and the CIA (admitted it after the news died down). Noriega getting a little too 'independent'.

Many other instances of planting fake evidence to frame up countries we want to attack. That's off the top of my head. The book "Killing Hope" documents over 60 cases of similar invasions and attacks, either secret or for false reasons.

Things we know about 9-11 specifically:

NORAD and the US Air Force, a $12 Trillion defense system developed over 4 decades did not just "fail" to fly a single intercept until it was too late, waiting for over 90 minutes. They respond in 6. They did 67 intercepts in 2000.

USAF did not "accidentally" leave the Pentagon exposed for 90 minutes. It's sheer insanity and to accept that preposterous lame excuse.

Have you ever caught a friend lying to you, chumping you? Com'on! It's common horse sense to know when someone is yanking your chain ... even if you want to trust them because you love them, or because you just can't believe they'd ever do you wrong.

There were at least five simulataneous war games on 9-11. Some took the Air Force far away. Some involved flying planes into the World Trade Center. Gen. Eberhard confirmed that on Cspan. Some games temporarily distracted pilots btw real and fake events. Some pilots obviously flew at half of max speed to their targets. Many more anomalies, but the more serious point is a total blackout about any of this in the media.

Is this not somewhat IMPORTANT?

What if there was a bank robbery --- no, FOUR bank robberies --- and zero cops showed up because they were in a training session eating donuts? Even though the whole thing was telegraphed with dozens of warnings. And the robbers were known to be "ex"-business partners of the police chief. And years went by but they just couldn't catch the crooks. And they demanded NO investigation of the police records.

We KNOW where the Al-Qaeda Moneyman was on Sept 11. He's the guy who sent $109,000 to the alleged hijackers in Venice, Florida. He was in Washington, having breakfast with top counter-terrorism officials. He'd been there all week. He was the head of Pakistan's "CIA". How do we know? FBI confirmed it. Yet, a near total blackout about this in the media too, except for Porter Goss saying "no smoking gun here" exonerating himself of any blame for hosting this terrorist. (So many other cases of "helping the terrorists".)

We KNOW who publicly said we should "let Osama go free". The 3rd in line at CIA. Also Bush, he confirmed that point.

We KNOW who got caught on all that insider trading, huge swings 600 times over normal on put options on United, American, and Merrill-Lynch prior to 9-11 .. NOBODY got caught. Our Intelligence and NSA has all the records. Absolutely. But nobody's looking. Why not? Oh well, they're too busy going after Quakers and porn sellers to find out who placed bets on 9-11.

We know that FIVE agents of the FBI have come forward with allegations of being blocked from stopping 9-11. Some of them -- Robert Wright, Sibel Edmonds, Randy Glass (informant), Ken in Arizona, Colleen Rowley -- have full or partial gag orders on them. GAG ORDERS! Harry Samit passed at least 70 memos to his superiors, trying to stop 9-11, and all were ignored. Not five. Not 25. Not 50. SEVENTY or more. At what point does ignoring his memos becomes not a "mistake" but "official policy"?

That and much more.

PS. Whatever others may say, we DO NOT know that "no plane hit the Pentagon". That's bogus. ALL such wild speculation is bogus.

We may suspect that a soft-nose plane could not punch through 3 layers of reinforced concrete, because it's just some hard stuff like fiberglass. But we can't say for sure about what caused that damage so it's stupid for anyone to say so, other than making a calculated guess.

We don't know exactly about bombs in the World Trade Center. We do know that hundreds of people talked about explosions, including firemen and mainstream news casters, eyewitnesses who were blasted. We do see what looks like 'squibs' blowing off the sides. (So "Loose Change" is partially accurate, at least on that.)

We can debate about the temperature at which steel melts, depending upon which expert you talk to. We can at least see a controversy exists, when a top engineer at United Laboratories (UL) who certified the steel said the "melting steel" story was bullcrap. He said they were certified to burn for at least six hours. So have others, but ...

But try to to imagine that 96 floors would collapse symetrically, that each of those sets of trusses would collapse or shear all the way around the sides and the 47 center columns equally and simultaneously, and then repeat that precision for each floor from top to bottom, and do so it in like 0.104 seconds per floor for trusses to just magically give way like butter or Elmer's glue.

Anyone who thinks about that and still believes it is "drinking the Koolaid". Or maybe you got a "very good public school education".

(Have you ever tried to unbolt a frame or axle part from a car?)

Some of the bogusness hinges on words, like Morgan Reynolds about the "buildings toppling over". They did NOT topple. That's the point. They collapsed. You'd expect them to topple like a giant Oak tree, not collapse straight down and blow out sideways.

Now there's many other facts which ARE true, and documented, others which are someone's wild imagination --- or maybe planted by CIA Fakes.

(There is a PDF Acrobat file of a scanned typed CIA document instructing agents on how to insert disinformation into the media stream --- reports, books, interviews etc. -- which help cover up JFK, back up the Oswald theory, and discredit challengers. It's on the Namebase website.)

(However there's also a page in the Warren Report about Oswald -- the lone nut who denounced America and became a Soviet spy --- getting a $435 loan from the US Embassy to return to America with his wife.)

OK, Gregg. So maybe I didnt write this for you. Maybe I wrote it for everyone else who's just curious. for more

I'm not a genius, I just tried to sift the chaff from the wheat, and connect some dots. Dots need to be connected, but rationally.

God bless all the victims and survivors, which is ALL of us.

Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous post.  Google McCormack-Dickstein.  It was a Congessional Committee in 1934 which confirmed the existence of a fascist plot to seize the White House and install a military dictatorship, by JP Morgan and Wall Street icons.  Who brought the accusation?  A famous Marine General hero who has Camp Butler in Okinawa named after him.  However, the media trashed him and Congress called few or no key witnesses and then brushed it under the rug. 


Oh well, military takeover of Democracy = no big deal.


Why is THAT missing from every history book?  Is that unimportant?


What is the basis for that statement? I'm asking for real reasons why you're drawing parallels to Nazis. You didn't say 'tyrant', 'facist' or 'dictator' you're saying NAZI. I don't see Bush advocating the Aryan race or calling for genocide.


Let me jump in here.  Most people who call Bush a Nazi imply that he's LIKE a Nazi, in other words, is invoking fascist policies, like supreme commander over everything and above the law.


At this point, even Republicans are accusing him of that.  What the heck is Unitary Executive Theory?  Bush says it means, 'As long as we are "at war" I get to make all the rules with no interference.  I can even pass a law and write myself an exception.  Limits under the Constitution?  They no longer apply.  We are at war until I say we're not.' 


By the way, Tony Blair and Vlad Putin are doing the same things, seizing power for the Executive Branch and putting themselves beyond appeal.



Only a particular set of Nazis in a particular time advocated for the Aryan race and promoted genocide (or eugenics).  The Nazis actually learned Eugenics stuff from America, but Himmler added the mysticism to it, the Super Powers they thought would come from blood purification back to a mystical Aryan bloodline.  Goebbels learned how to do propaganda from the US, from Woodrow Wilson, how to create crowd hysteria.


There is a whole history of American Establishment Support for the Nazis on Wall Street and in the mainstream media like Hearst.  IBM, Ford, GM, GE, US Steel, Standard Oil, DuPont, ALCOA, etc.  And the big bankers and investors. I.G. Farben had corporate partnerships with American elites, trading stock and sharing Directors on their boards.  I.G. Farben made the Zyklon gas.


The fact of Bush's blood relation to some Americans who supported the Nazis --- documented by the conviction of his grandfather by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover --- is a very minor point compared to the fact that those American Nazi Liaisons and backers rose to the very height of political power, and established a political+family dynasty straight from the Nazis to the current Bush presidency.


Here's some names:


Prescott Bush (also Great-Grandpa Herbert "Bert" Walker was part of this Nazi funding and promotions) (after his conviction, he used Nazi money to run for Senate, and he won!(even though he was guilty of far worse Treason than say John Walker Lindh, he was charged with a far lesser crime and served no time at all, just a loss of some Nazi assets --- that's what it means to be protected)

Allen Dulles  (liaison with Nazis for Bush and Harriman*, later CIA founder and Director)

John Foster Dulles  (his brother, Sec of State, previously law partner with Dulles and Nazi backer)

John Kennedy (A Cold Warrior who pulled back.  He fired Dulles.  Died mysteriously by a 'magic bullet'. Joe Kennedy had also invested in the Nazis.)

Lyndon Johnson (worked closely with CIA's goals about invading Nam, lying about Tonkin)

Richard Nixon (protégé of Bush back in the 40's, and waterboy for Dulles, Nixon protected American Nazis from the McCarthy Committee)

Gerald Ford (part of the Warren Commission, alongside Dulles who controlled the investigation - Dulles had been fired by JFK prior to the assassination .. figure out that coincidence)

Jimmy Carter (submitted his resume to the Tri-Lateral Comm, David Rockefeller's org, heir to Standard Oil and Chase Bank [the "Left Nazis"])

--- Rockefeller was Chairman of the CFR which now has hundreds of members occupying the office of President and cabinet

Reagan (really Bush, Reagan was a B-actor, Bush was an operator, past head of CIA, you tell me who ran things)

George Bush (George's best friend in college, his father was CIA recruiter, who worked for Dulles, who was partner with Bush's daddy)

Bill Clinton (promoted by Harriman* heirs, whose ancestor Averill had employed Prescott Bush, Clinton remains a close friend of the Bush family back to when he was governor or before, and Clinton was a major player in the crime syndicate around Bush and Ollie North and CIA)

"W" Bush  (with a Cabinet that is partly a duplicate of his fathers' cabinet)

Hillary Clinton (Dragon-lady, tied by marriage to the CFR and her husband's Nazi friends, W is "telegraphing" her win)


Who's up next?  Jeb?  Neil?  Jenna?  Chelsea?  I'm sure the NWO has a couple scenarios figured out.


"Nazi" is what you call your parents when they won't let you stay out past your bedtime on a school night.
Let's start from the simplist counter-example. If Bush were a Nazi everyone calling him one would be in Guantanamo.
like an ape in the zoo flings his feces at the visitors. For about the same reason, but with less effect.

As previously explained, Bush's actual historical Nazi background is LESS important than the political dynasty of totalitarian rule which is behind BOTH parties.

Wonderful. Ape. Feces. The 6 or links about historians and US prosecutors and Congress investigating historical Nazi ties to US elites must be the work of childish apes.

"Like" does not mean "identical". "Identical" would be stupid. Of course, they cant market an "identical" fascist regime. It has to look different. It has to have a slick 21st Century American feel, not a 20th Century German feel. Since it's America, it has to nod somewhat to "Democracy", even if it does the opposite. Though even Hitler did that to some extent.

Hitler's rise to absolute power took about 10 years. At first he wasn't even that bad. Even after the Enabling Act he wasn't that bad to everyone. He promised socialism to the SA brownshirts, like Rohm. He started off by only rounding up "commies". He had less to contend with in terms of overcoming the philosophy of Democratic ideals. The public had less caring for Democratic representation. Things have to move more slowly and subtly in America.

Some Conservatives like to point out with no shame that FDR was "like Hitler" because of the edicts he set. FDR wasn't goose-stepping, he wasn't even walking.

There may be some truth to that, however FDR was coddling Labor and working people, Hitler was locking them up. FDR did however set legal precedents and create govt-controlled unions. I'm looking up how much FDR criminalized dissent. Woodrow Wilson, and the Prog Dems, now HE definitely criminalized dissent and rounded up dissenters, even from legal opposition political parties. Ever heard of the Palmer Raids?

Most people probably think Bush is a Conservative, because of the marketing. Max Boot, pundit, says that Bush and his neo-conservative buddies are like Hard Wilsonian Progressive Democrats. Republicans in the past opposed that! They are starting to oppose it again.

Some wise people have said that Bush is less "like Hitler" than the American people are "like Germans in 1933", ripe for totalitarian rule, eager to have a strong charismatic leader run things. Most of the Founding Fathers wanted the President to be more like a ceremonial figurehead, with less power than Congress, less like an autocratic King. We're moving in the opposite direction without a doubt. And most Americans are cheering it on ... or were. (Some Conservatives are actually leading the resistance from within.)

The War on Terrorism is the basis of all the new totalitarianism, just like the Reichstag and other manufactured threats was the basis for Hitler's expansion of power.

Don't forget about the War on Drugs. Both were a war on Americans. Neither war solved the "stated" problem. Both wars made vast progress on the "actual" problem, which is the idea that Americans have too much Constitutional Liberty.

Instead, the CIA finally admitted shipping cocaine and heroin. Heroin shipments from Afghanistan have skyrocketed since the Taliban fell. The head of our SEC was photographed lobbying the FARC guerillas about investing their profits in Wall Street. We also know the CIA has funded and trained Al-Qaeda for decades since 1978. Oh, but that was an accident. There's a parallel here children, connect the dots.

This is not about Bush, per se. Clinton made strong strides towards Federal Totalitarianism.

Differences between Germany and America arise because Americans have a strong background of democratic representation in a Republican form of govt. Too much overt change too quickly sounds off alarm bells. It has to be massaged in, slowly, with justification. Four steps forward, two steps back.

And there is NO NEED to vest power in one single leader or one party. That's a red flag. Much better, create two "opposite" parties which bicker about minor differences but converge on major policies. Make sure that the parties are controlled by the same group of 1% of Americans who funds their elections, who control the financial levers of power.

Shut out all dissenting voices besides theirs. Either block free dissent or channel it into those parties. Take a step at a time, get Americans used to totalitarianism by inches and feet, not yards. A few decades is no big deal. Even a few generations -- starting from the early 1900's that is.

Foreign Terrorism is one trigger. But don't patrol borders, start domestic surveillance instead. To solve immigration problems, eliminate borders. Yeah, that's the ticket. Eliminate national borders and lock down cities. Electronic surveillance is more discreet than troops on street corners.

Right wing Terrorism is another trigger. What about Waco? Incinerating American men, women, and children in their homes. Let all them Patriots know what can happen to them. Shoot a mother in the head in her doorway at Ruby Ridge, then exonerate the shooters. Start busting down doors of suspected drug dealers, without a warrant. If some elderly die, oh well.

Start seizing people's homes on government edict, like in Connecticut. Sell public highways in Texas to a foreign corporation in Spain, institute a system of surveillance ticketing. Sell public ports to the British protectorate of Dubai, to a private shell company controlled by someone with an American name. Make people think it's all about "Arabs", not selling off America. Sell off California ports and the Panama Canal to companies from China.

Send out an $8 million Homeland Security Military Task Force to Florida to shoot and arrest old people, union activists, and young vegan-types. Use War on Terrorism money on Americans instead of Bin Laden. Go after people who are protesting Executive Orders which guts Constitutional authority and the US Rule of Law and transfers it to a Free Trade AREA of the Americas, a regional hemispheric governing body which eventually will encompass all of North and South America, according to stated goals. (It will make everyone *rich* ... just like Clinton's NAFTA did. Hmmm.)

Use Mexican troops to patrol Katrina, and train Russian troops on house-to-house searches in Texas.

Look up NWO quotes. Think conservatives are against the UN? They tell you in their own words about their commitment to global govt, which will be a totalitarian form of socialism. After all, "the Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper".

Here's a few quotes:
"I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in '47, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo. "
-- Harry S Truman (1961)

"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans."
President Bill Clinton, U.S.A. Today, 11 March 1993

"It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance."
President George Bush addressing the General Assembly of the U.N. February 1, 1992

Michael Ledeen's book Universal Fascism rejects the idea of a Fascist regime, like Hitler or Mussolini. Instead, his vision is a global Fascist govt. Some anti-communist conservatives suggest that's like the 4th Internationale, minus any real semblance of worker's control.

Probably use as many "liberal" measures to enact totalitarianism --- like outlawing guns --- as conservative measures --- like making women's uterine tracts the property of the State. Always make it look like the problem is just "the other party".

That's some the cosmetic differences.

For reference, look up a speech by Republican Ron Paul, called Neoconned. Look up what long time Republican Bob Barr (who prosecuted Clinton) said. Look up what Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Treasurer who was the father of Reagonomics said. ALL said "we are moving into a totalitarian state".

Right now, it's flavored like right wing "Nationalistic" totalitarianism. Next, it will be flavored like left wing "Communist" totalitarianism.

The CIA is representative of the financial elites of the Brzezinski-Rockefeller-Kissinger-Wilson-Plame-Eagleburger Tri-Lateral Commission cabal. The "bad evil Neocons" are the latest whipping boy but they are cut from the same cloth. Brzezinski created Al-Qaeda by the way.

The Tri-Lateral supported both Carter and Clinton. Some members seemed to have a genuine distaste for the overt militarism of Bush, preferring a more covert form of global domination. They were worried about Bush breaking their stranglehold on the Middle East.

However, the CFR which is the younger sister of the TLC is also full of Neo-cons from the Project for A New American Century.

That's why I stated, Bush's actual Nazi background is LESS important than the political dynasty of totalitarian rule which is behind BOTH parties. A financial-political stranglehold where the US economy is controlled at a Federal Level to benefit the largest corporations, and where that control is ultimately moved offshore to other central governing bodies that have the power to trump Congress --- that works much better than a bunch of goose-stepping Nazis.

However, rest assured the CIA, FBI, BATF, NSA, Northcom, and militarized local police answering to federal authorities are already moving into a gradual seizure of powers which mimic the power of the Nazi SS. Dissent will probably be less criminalized than the Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, but it will be rendered more irrelevant.

I've posted this comment elsewhere, but I'm going to post it in acouple of other threads because it's clear that it needs to be said (and read) repeatedly in light of the absolute garbage being spewed on this forum:
For God's sake.

9/11 happened.

It wasn't a damned movie or publicity stunt for a movie, as some of you nutjobs seem to be frothing at the mouth over.

To you conspiracy jerks I realize that this, like eveything else in the world doesn't happen actuallly to YOU, personally, this all seems like a video game, but 9-11 touched my family.

My sister actually knew the main hijacker.
He used to come into where she worked and talked to her like she was a damned dog, largely because ( I suspect) she was 1)a woman and 2) American.

Unlike 99.9% of you kiddie-poos posting, I can put names and faces to those who died. I used to live a couple miles from the WTC, next to a firestation. They used to wash thei trucks in front of my apartment every other week. They had a toy Godzilla wired to their front grill and called themselves "The Fire Eaters". All but 3 of the guy who worked there were killed.

So take your jerk-off conspiracy theories and lock yourself in the bathroom with them.

Copperhead, 9-11 affected ALL of us, and it will for years to come. Your sister knew Mohammed Atta? That's interesting.

The sad part is, why were our top intelligence people rolling out the red carpet for the man who gave $100,000 to Atta?

There was a news report about Firemen trying to access the site, and getting blocked by the police, and getting into some kind of a NYFD - NYPD fistfight. I dont blame NYFD. Why were cops blocking the firemen from the wreckage? Don't say "to preserve the evidence", the authorities ****canned the evidence as quickly as possible.

What about the FBI blocking it's agents from going after Al-Qaeda, some 80 - 150 times, if you count Samit, Rowley, Wright, O'Neill, and Gross. Accident?

What about the release of 8000 Taliban in Kandahar? Accident?

What about treating Osama in a hospital across the street from a US military base in Pakistan? Accident?

What about US officials and politicians eating breakfast with the hijackers' moneyman? Accident?

What about the 90 minute delayed response on 9-11? Accident? ("experts" explain away this one, but what about the others)

Is there a pattern here? Or just a bunch of unrelated Accidents?

What about the lawsuit against the Saudis brought by the widows in NY and NJ, for funding Al-Qaeda? Why did James Baker block the lawsuit?

What about Michael Chertoff defending another Al-Qaeda guy in New Jersey for funding Al-Qaeda?

What about Brzezinski funding Al-Qaeda with $20 billion dollars?

Here's my real question: If your family was affected directly, WHY DONT YOU WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS? Don't you want the guilty people nailed to a rock, no matter who they are?

Why stifle the investigation, or accept other people stifling the investigation?

Don't serial killers normally KEEP KILLING? Do you want them to kill more people? How about Cleveland next time? Los Angeles?

IF THE SAUDIS were somehow involved, shouldn't we be able to see the proof? Why would the President's bastard family attorney block that? (Michael Moore is an asswipe, Saudis take orders from the US, they don't act "independent".)

IF this NJ doctor stole $6 million for Osama, as the court suggested, why did a top Federal Prosecutor get him off? And why did he get a promotion to direct Homeland Security?

Why don't people CARE??!!! It's horrifying enough to be attacked by strangers. Why are our top govt officials blocking lawsuits, blocking the investigation, destroying the evidence, and lying? (That's a rhetorical question.)

response from Jerry

If you're searching for a single motive, there isn't one.

For people in the department of defense, it meant they could finally play with all the new toys.

For people in the CIA, well, they've been studying and experimenting with destabilizing other governments for so long that maybe it just finally dawned on them that they could do it here just as easily.

For people in the FBI, expanded domestic policing powers.

For people in the NSA, more funding, increased authority to listen, and an unveiling (still denied by many) of echelon, their proud crowning achievement.

For United and American airlines -- a huge government bailout that stalled and delayed bankruptcy for a few years.

For the people in the white house -- expanded executive powers, lots of hefty campaign contributions from the defense industry, a compliant legislature and electorate.

For the media, well, since I work for a newspaper, I'm still trying to figure that one out. I guess the scary looking no-necked guys that keep visiting the editor-in-chief might know the media's motives.

For the people at various corporations that obviously needed to be involved, the promise of a tighter corporate-rule in america must have seemed like a dream.

And these are just guesses. I can't claim to know everyone's motives. I bet even the participants don't fully understand each other's different motives.

One thing's for sure, I can't come up with a rational motive for 19 arab muslims to attack a nation that has the largest and farthest reaching military on the planet. I can come up with many reasons why these types would NOT want to do something like that, like say because they know that the reprisal would bring complete and utter devastation to their people.

cui buono? who benefits?