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Researcher: Mike Jankowski
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photos and diagrams, very astute, no bullshit, great if you know very little on this background, followup with Gary Shaw on JFK further down the page
Author of Cover Up discusses the JFK assassination with emphasis on the new evidence obtained by Congress and by himself through the Freedom of Information Act; also features startling blowups of photographs of the assassination.

AV-016_VIETNAM_and_CHINA_1978_slides.AVI  $
viewing a handful of slides from Vietnam, the rest is discussion
AV-016_VIETNAM_and_CHINA_1978_slides.MP3 *
Features slides of Vietnam taken by Chris Cunningham, who visited the area as part of a church-sponsored tour. We also explore the rapprochement between the U.S. and the Peoples' Republic of China, and discuss the China-Vietnam war.

mostly discussion, some historical photos of Rockefeller massacre of miners and their wives and children in Colorado
a historical, economic and political analysis of the Rockefeller dynasty and the central role of its economic and political institutions in the national and international power structure.


Government surveillance, harassment of dissidents and the legislative attack on civil liberties highlight the program. Joining the regular panel are John Duncan of the Texas Chapter of the American Civil Liberties and a women's rights activist who talks about her FBI dossier. Also featured is a videotape of police brutality against demonstrators in Austin who were protesting boat races in their barrio.

With Austin voters facing a referendum on whether to continue participation in the South Texas Nuclear Project, "Alternative Views" devotes four consecutive nights, two hours each night. to the subject of energy. We repeat several earlier shows (see programs 4, 14, 20) and feature in addition new programming, including a tape of a speech delivered by Daniel Ellsberg, a "special report" on the dangers of lignite coal, a demonstration of a working solar collector, and interviews at a theater with people who had just seen the film The China Syndrome to ascertain what impact it might have on the upcoming referendum. Included in this program is a critical analysis of the media coverage of the Three Mile Island accident.

interview with a
Yugoslavian socialist from before NATO and the US bombed them to hell

the brutal history of genteel England
Nothing sacred escapes unscathed in Peter Bell's unflattering portrait of English society. Economics professor Bell, himself an Englishman, strips away the veneer of civility to reveal a culture reaping the ignominious legacy of is feudal and colonial past and analyzes the origins and implications of the present political crisis in England. Also featured is an analysis of the Rhodesian elections by a member of the South African Liberation Action Committee.

Major Hollywood filmmaker, was on McCarthy's anti-communist blacklist, explains why.

housing and urban renewal

Ronald Steel, author of Pax Americana and frequent contributor to New York Review of Books, Nation, and New York Times, discusses SALT II and the history behind it, starting with the Cold War. The program also contains the movie War Without Winners.

video of police riot/repression and other issues discussed, from the first years of the show

Using film clips from the local network affiliates, the history and significance of the Ixtoc oil spill off the Mexican coast is presented. How the oil spill shows the complicity between private enterprise and politics and the primacy of profit in oil production is discussed by environmentalists and political theorists. The program closes with a rather heated discussion of the media handling of the disaster with one of our regular panelists and two local newsmen.

double length, 2 hours
higher quality and size
John Stockwell introduces the documentary made about him by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Saul Landau. The movie has been shown in several film festivals around the world and on TV in many countries; but the U.S. networks, including PBS, refused to show it. Consequently, our showing provides its American premiere.
Next, we look at segments of three weeks' coverage by the TV networks of the situation concerning the Russian troops in Cuba, interspersed with John's comments. Finally, John gives his evaluation of Cuba, having recently visited there three times, and his arguments against the CIA. The program was designated "tonight's highlight" by the Austin American-Statesman and evoked much discussion.

AV-050_GEORGE_WALD_energy.MP3  *
Nobel Prize-winning biologist discusses the insanity of nuclear weapons, the dangers of nuclear energy, and the threats to survival which we currently face. He analyzes the socioeconomic roots of our current crisis and proposes solutions. Recorded November, 1979


This combination documentary and discussion of the history, present activities, and significance of the Ku Klux Klan in the U.S. includes a show and tell with the Klan newsletter and extensive video coverage and analysis of an anti-Klan rally in Dallas. Texas ACLU director John Duncan discusses the group.

highly recommended, you can listen but should watch a young man near the breaking point discuss his experience of over a year of torture by US-backed Iran for taking part in a demonstration, prior to the overthrow of the Shah Pehlavi of Iran.
In a stunning and emotional powerful program, an Iranian poet and political dissident vividly describes his incarceration and torture at the hands of the Shah's police -- SAVAK. Additionally, Lisa Radcliffe, who recently returned from an extensive trip to Iran, relates her experiences. She also shows the State Department documents which the students holding the hostages gave her, documenting CIA involvement and counter-revolutionary activity of the U.S. which continued right up to the takeover of the embassy.

multiple interviews from original movie, plus discussion in studio
There's a few used copies of VHS tape of this penetrating documentary on Amazon, only part 1 and 2 found so far, no DVD, no active torrents
(see reviews below in righthand column)

We once again examine that dark, vicious world of the CIA -- the use of U.S. labor organizations, the overthrow of legitimate governments, providing arms to favored groups, covert use of the American mass media, U.S. torture schools and CIA torture supervisors abroad -- all resulting in great human suffering and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and in the maintenance of repressive regimes.

Sections of the meticulously documented, award-winning film On Company Business are interspersed with the comments of ex-CIA officer John Stockwell, and Molly Dougherty who worked on the film. John also comments about the pending legal action against him by the CIA, and a fundraiser for his legal defense fund, to be held at the University of Texas.  Recorded June, 1980

relevant to health care and insurance debate in 2009 and beyond, have not seen yet
The dangers of pesticides, food additives and non-nutritive food are analyzed. The film Eat, Drink and Be Wary demonstrates that food corporations, in their drive for profits, produce food that leads to disease and poor health for the American people. Additionally, a former food consultant with a government agency concerned with health and nutrition discusses the film and provides his insights and solutions to problems of food and health in the U.S.

A heartwrenching documentary and interview exposes the nature and effects of the use of Agent Orange in Viet Nam.
Dan Jordan and his wife, along with another vet, discuss their experiences with "unexplained" diseases and handicapped children. They also provide information about the Brotherhood of Viet Nam Veterans efforts to get the government to provide assistance for vets affected by Agent Orange.

Secretaries are usually taken for granted. As the movie 9 to 5 shows, they are no longer standing for mistreatment and abuses. We focus on the working conditions of women office workers in the documentary Why Aren't They Smiling?, a slide-tape show about the secretarial oppression and discontent. Local women, who are carrying out organizing efforts in order to improve the lot of secretaries discuss the slide show and attempts by office and clerical workers to counter their oppression.

In a shocking and moving documentary we see the terrible living conditions and racism under which the Black majority lives in Namibia and the growing resistance to white rule imposed by South African troops. Also, two guests provide us the latest information about the Namibian situation, particularly the action of the allied countries -- U.S. and South Africa. Originally aired: June 1980 Documentary "Free Namibia" Copyright, 1978

We spotlight one of America's longtime fighters for peace, civil rights and social and economic justice. A pacifist for many years, Dave Dellinger talks about his imprisonment for his resistance to U.S. entry into World War II, and his opposition nuclear war and nuclear energy, beginning in the 1950s.
In relating his other activities in the 1960s, he assesses his relationship with the civil rights movement, particularly his friendship with Martin Luther King, Jr., and his activities in the anti-war movement. A member of the "Chicago Seven," Dellinger evaluates the 1960s: the successes, failures and lessons learned. To conclude, he discusses America in the 1970s and 1980s and calls for coalition-building to create a new movement for effecting social change in the face of the activities of the New Right.


teenage homeless boy prostitution, sex slaves, murder, large corporations hire out these boys for their executives and clients, who are often heterosexual and married, not homosexual, but powerful individuals who get off on the power trip of abusing and destroying helpless boys.  The man speaking in the video suffered several attempted assassinations.  He found little to no cooperation from authorities, who were either overworked or uninterested, too hard to bust such a thing.
must watch no audio-only, too much visuals to skip

with John Stockwell, studio discussion
AV-139_CIA_UPDATE_1981.MP3  *
Former CIA case officer (Stockwell) makes another appearance to discuss recent activities of the CIA. Particular emphasis is placed on the congressional bill and the executive order which remove previous restraints on the intelligence services and which will make it a felony to reveal their activities and personnel, resulting in the first official secrets act in the history of the country.  ("It is impossible to have a democracy and a secret police.")  February, 1981; November, 1986

It melted down and leached toxic and radioactive gases into the community and ecosystem. It almost blew up and would have taken out 3 states.  They lied repeatedly in the midst of the crisis and afterwards.  They told people to stay put.  No workable evacuation plans can exist -- too big.  You're on your own.  In the "First Retrospective" above, Dr. Helen Caldicott explains that a speck of plutonium lodges in lungs and/or liver, builds up in sex glands and moves on to offspring, kills and causes cancer, and upon cremation or decay, the same plutonium enters the ecosystem to be absorbed by maybe another child or adult, adding great risk to lives and health of hundreds of future generations.
Randy King, a resident of Harrisburg who experienced firsthand the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and who now participates in a coalition of anti-nuclear groups, reveals much information about the TMI accident and his own conversion (from an employee) to anti-nuclear activism. He talks about the coverup of information on the tragic consequences to the health of the residents in the area: the soaring rate of miscarriages, stillbirths and deformed children, with even greater occurrence of these phenomenon in the "lower" forms of animals. King also analyzes the astronomical economic cost for the cleanup, which is primarily falling on the backs of the ratepayers, and indicates that the cleanup problem is so complex that to do it safely might not even be possible. Finally, King presents a videotaped documentary on the subject.

Interview with Native American relative of Peltier, a political prisoner in the US, listen or watch a "real Indian" in braids talk about his pain and experiences.
A leader of the American Indian Movement, Leonard Peltier is serving two consecutive life sentences in federal prison for "aiding and abetting" in the deaths of two FBI agents. The highly controversial case has received great international interest, including human rights tribunals and Amnesty International, because of allegations of judicial and FBI misconduct: threatening witnesses, producing false evidence, perjury and withholding evidence. A book about Peltier is being completed and Robert Redford is considering directing a film based on the Peltier case. We present an interview with Peltier's cousin, Steve Robideau, who relates the specifics about Peltier's case as well as some of the other struggles of Native Americans today. Robideau also presents fascinating insights into Native American philosophy and values.

Our three-part series on covert action, featuring former CIA official John Stockwell and Louis Wolf, co-editor of  Covert Action Information Bulletin, begins with an overview of the general nature and activities of the CIA. We then discuss how the "Intelligence Identities Protection Act" and the Reagan executive order on intelligence agencies would promote media self-censorship and thus repress public scrutiny and criticism of intelligence (including FBI) activities -- including assassination plots, destabilization of foreign governments, and assorted "dirty tricks." John Stockwell explains how this legislation in effect amends the First Amendment by abridging freedoms of speech and press -- without having gone through the constitutional amendment process.

In an interview and a documentary we get an intimate feel for the situation in Lebanon from both the Israeli and Palestinian sides. Israeli citizen and Peace Now activist Ilan Ziv is a photo-journalist who made a documentary inside Lebanon during the fighting. He talks with Israeli soldiers as well as Palestinian refugees. Ziv captures the entire atmosphere and feeling of this tragic war and provides new insights into the thinking of the Israelis and the Palestinians.

AV-160_INSIDE_ISRAEL_1982.AVI   $$$
Israeli citizen and Peace Now activist Ilan Ziv gives us startling insights into the psychology of his country's leaders and citizens. He also evaluates the peace movement in Israel and the peace protests within the Israeli armed forces. Most revealing, however, is his analysis of the great affect the Holocaust had on the Israeli psyche--particularly that of this generation of Israeli leaders--which has caused severe psychological distortions, resulting in a country and leadership unlike no
other on earth.

AV-162_TALKIN_UNION_Part_I.AVI  $$ *

contains important video footage on the early labor movement in the US, near slavery conditions for American workers
AV-163_TALKIN_UNION__Part_II.AVI  $$ *
"Talkin' Union" is a documentary made by People's History in Texas about the working conditions of female workers in Texas from the Depression to the l950s. The film shows the struggles of these women to improve their working conditions by trying to establish unions. The first program starts with the Depression and continues to World War II. Four women--two Chicanas, one Black and one White--tell their stories.
Original recording: September,1982

Can anyone find this startling documentary which is subject of this talk???  I can't find it on Pirate Bay!!!  There are copies on Amazon, and maybe somewhere on Google video.  (see review below in righthand column)
Alan Francovich is producer and director of the most definitive film on the CIA--the acclaimed three-hour documentary (On Company Business)--which took five years to make and required massive, world-wide research. The movie has won prizes at international film festivals and has been shown in over 30 countries.
Francovich tells how the US government and the CIA have harassed him and have applied pressure to restrict the movie's distribution. Francovich also relates some new information about the CIA and analyzes contemporary world events in light of this evidence.
Recorded October, 1982

Dr. Benjamin Spock's name became universally known after his book "Baby and Child Care" was published, selling 26 million copies and being translated into 26 languages. Dr. Spock also is famous for his anti-war struggles from the 1960s to the present. He reveals many little-known facts: why he wrote his book; how he became involved in the anti-war movement; his being sentenced to two years in jail; his relationship with Lyndon Johnson; why he is a socialist; and his experiences in running for US President.

AV-17x George Seldes.txt
Seldes met and interviewed Mussolini, and also met Lenin.  He exposed American lies as well as fighting fascism with his brains and typewriter.
Although George Seldes is one of the giants in the history of American journalism, particularly in the field of press criticism, he has been neglected and blacklisted by the mainstream press. In this three-part series we present the American TV debut of Seldes, who was a foreign correspondent from 1917-1939 and who published the alternative newspaper "In Fact" in the 1940s and l950s. Seldes wrote over 20 books and was the model and inspiration for present day activists and muckrakers like Ralph Nader, I.F. Stone and Jack Anderson. In Part I, Seldes recalls the World War I "battle" of Saint-Mihiel, which was no battle at all; his interview with Lenin; and his many talks with Mussolini, who later tried to have him killed. He analyzes press coverage of the events, showing us the lies, distortions and machinations which occurred and the people and institutions involved in them.
We see post-World War I Germany and the rise of Nazism through Seldes' eyes. He vividly recalls his talks with President General von Hindenburg, his meeting with Hitler, the huge Nazi rallies in Nuremberg and Hitler's hypnotic spell over the people. Seldes describes the destruction of the Weimar Republic by the wealthy German capitalists who not only exploited and helped ruin the German economy, but also supported Hitler. Seldes specifies the pro-Nazi segments of the American press, particularly the "Readers' Digest" and William Randolph Hearst, who accepted a "bribe" to print pro-Nazi stories. Next, he relates his experiences as a reporter during the Spanish Civil War and exposes the gross censorship, distortions and lies in the press about the tragic struggle.
Seldes relates his experiences as a press muckraker in the 1940s and 1950s. He recalls his coverage of the war in Mexico and the machinations of the American press there. He tells of starting
his newsletter, "In Fact," which had a nationwide circulation of almost 176,000, and which exposed the material ignored and distorted in the regular press. Seldes explains why he was blacklisted in the press, even though he had written over 20 books, some of which were bestsellers. Finally, he recalls his experience of being called up to testify before the infamous McCarthy Committee in the Senate and how the Red Scare eventually destroyed his newspaper.

We present the US television premiere of Peter Watkins' film "The War Game," a graphic portrayal of what would happen in the event of a nuclear attack on Great Britain. The movie was so powerful and realistic that the BBC banned it from TV despite the fact that the film had been commissioned by the BBC and had won an Academy Award in l966 for best documentary. Although it has been shown in a few movie theatres in the US, it has not been presented on TV. "The War Game" is shocking, but is not sensationalized. It was carefully researched and based on actual events which occurred in World War II during and after the mass Allied raids on Germany and the atomic bombings of Japan.

"fun" bullshit media hype PR documentaries spliced together about technology and progress!!!!

lots of live video from the field in El Salvador, touching and moving
Dr. Charlie Clements, who grew up in Austin, Texas, tells us why he joined the US Air Force, subsequently flying non-combat missions over Viet Nam. Clements explains why he refused to participate further in the Viet Nam War and describes the Air Force's response--giving him a psychiatric discharge. He then tells how he became a Quaker pacifist, went to medical school, and decided to go to El Salvador to give medical assistance to the rebels. Clements' discussion of the new form of society evolving in the "liberated areas" of El Salvador is particularly interesting, and he provides sharp criticisms of the Reagan administration's Central American policy.

In an anniversary program marking the end of five years of continuous programming, we present an inside look at "Alternative Views": how it is made, what our sources of news stories are, where we get our guests, and how we receive our unique video footage and documentaries which are not shown on the Establishment media. In a "show and tell" we display samples of previous programs which are good examples of the nature of the show. We also tell of the extremely positive local, national and international response to the program.  April, 1984

in England, interesting how it's done in the news and comedy shows

MANIPULATING AMERICA: THE RUSSIAN TROOPS IN CUBA -- REVISITED A recent article in the NACLA publication had an extensive review of the US policy in Central America, pointing to the watershed nature of the situation of the Russian troops in Cuba which occurred during the Carter administration. The author claims that the policy of accommodation and assistance toward the Sandinista government in Nicaragua and the rebels in El Salvador was changed after the hawks made a non-event into a government crisis, forcing Carter to place his Caribbean and Central American policy in an East-West context and to take a hard line in Central America toward the progressive forces. We re-show the relevant segments of a previous program on the subject (#48) featuring former CIA official John Stockwell, as we analyzed the network coverage of the situation.

must watch
Three short works are shown which reveal in powerful and touching reality what it was like to endure the atomic bombings in Japan. First is a 22 minute documentary, Hiroshima-Nagasaki," which contains movie footage in the cities after the bombs exploded. The documentary is so explicit and powerful that it was suppressed by the U.S. government for many years.

Austin's beloved folk humorist, Texas political figure, cool old coot, very active with ordinary people. Talk in studio.

history of racism, rape, and social phobia
live talk in film, lecture only, might want to see her speak, not just hear

illegal immigration got you angry?
A shocking documentary provided by the Marynoll Sisters, how peasant farmers are forced off their land in Third World countries to make way for large landowners (backed by CIA and US military) and multinational agribusiness
(backed by CIA and US military).  By using the land for export crops, people go hungry because the country can no longer provide food for all its people. Additionally, the dispossessed landowners are either forced to work on the big farms at low wages or to go to the cities where they cannot find satisfactory work and are forced to live in squalid conditions. Shows the brutality and venality with which the established powers operate.

AV-316_TECHNOWAR_IN_VIETNAM.AVI  $$$  part 1x2
talk in studio, little or no critical images if you have low bandwidth
In the first of a two-part series, we make an in-depth analysis of the Vietnam war with Dr. Bill Gibson, Sociology professor at Southern Methodist University and author of The Perfect War.
The program proceeds at two levels: the first is the analysis of the basic nature of the war at the macro stratum of the planners--the politicians and generals--and the lowest level of the common soldier. The result provides not only a fresh, new insight into the causes and nature of the war, but also a gut-wrenching feeling for the life and feelings of the fighting men.

Gibson maintains that the war was designed and managed like a factory, with the higher ranking officers being the managers
and the ordinary soldier being the workers. The product was body count. The result was soldiers being used as ambush bait on search and destroy missions and the Vietnamese civilians being subjected to continuous atrocities. The emphasis by the Americans was on the use of sophisticated technology which was not just ineffective in bringing American victory, but was irrelevant in fighting a popular war of national liberation which was mainly political.

AV-317_TECHNOWAR_IN_VIETNAM.AVI  $$$  part 2x2
In the concluding program on the Vietnam war several subjects are presented: the air war, in which the equivalent to body count was sorties, which resulted in North Vietnam being bombed back to the stone age; the dissolution of the U.S. Army as a fighting force, with many of the combatants refusing to fight and killing its most disliked officers and high ranking enlisted men in the phenomenon known as "fragging;" corruption in the (South) Vietnamese Army; false and doctored intelligence reports which were required by the U.S. military chain of command; the presentation of the war by the American mass media; and how the Vietnamese continued to thwart the American technical superiority. Next, Dr. Gibson, author of The Perfect War, critiques the two main schools of thought about the war--the liberal (It was just a series of little mistakes, with no villains.," and the conservative (We didn't use all our potential force.) Finally, we see if the U.S. leaders have learned anything from the Vietnam experience. They haven't. They are using the same methods in Central America.

talk in studio, little or no critical images if you have low bandwidth
A documentary is presented in which former CIA employees and other people who have written about the CIA tell of the extent of penetration of the mass media by the CIA and how the media are used by that agency to manipulate public opinion. CIA whistleblowers such as John Stockwell relate how these operations actually were implemented in various covert actions in which they were involved around the world. At the conclusion of the film, we look with John Stockwell at some other specific instances of disinformation and compare these with the general practice of the American government, particularly in the Reagan Administration, to lie, to distort information, and to manipulate the press. Recorded June 10, 1987  "Diverse Reports" documentary, Copyright 1985

AV-334_Who_Rules_America_Now.AVI  $$$
AV-334_Who_Rules_America_Now.MP3  *
talk in studio, little or no critical images if you have low bandwidth
AV-335_Who_Rules_America_Now.MP3  *
The nation's most highly published writer on the American power structure, Dr. G. William Domhoff, spends two programs clearly describing how power is wielded, by whom, and for whose benefit in this country. The author of "Who Rules America Now?" and "The Higher Circles" weaves together the intricate economic, political and sociological aspects of the people and institutions which interlock to control the U.S.
  July, 1986
see compilation AV-516 and 517 below
DOMHOFF: Who Rules America, Power in America (written text)

AV-336_PPRRI_5_Iran-Contra_Liberation_Theology.AVI  $
POTPOURRI: talk in studio, little or no critical images if you have low bandwidth
AV-336_PPRRI_5_Iran-Contra_Liberation_Theology.MP3  *

talk in studio, little or no critical images if you have low bandwidth

smokers and friends, synthetic tobacco in cigarettes made with toxic solvents like formaldehyde, and grown with chemicals banned in the USA

talk in studio, little or no critical images if you have low bandwidth

irradiation of food, lots of video footage

idealistic view of Jackson and some of his speeches


Our media and politicians called the death squad dictatorship a "budding democracy" fighting off an insurgency --- it's own citizens.  They called Nicaragua under the Sandinistas, finally free of decades of the Somoza dictatorship, a communist dictatorship.
Kathleen Stockwell (John's daughter) made a trip to El Salvador and Nicaragua and shares her pictures and insights as she compares many facets of the two countries: economic development, civil liberties, treatment of war refugees; government assistance and programs for the people; and the attitudes of the people of the two countries toward their governments. She was able to talk with peasants as well as government and military officials. Kathleen also compares this visit to Nicaragua with her several previous ones.  November, 1987

The govt of Guatemala under General Rios Montt, a buddy of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and members of the Council for National Policy and others on the Christian Political Right (Sarah Palin's political base) murdered 200,000 Guatemalan "indian" peasants (because "indians" are "natural communists" and therefore demon possessed, need to be exterminated) to "drain the swamp" of support for people rebelling against a harsh authoritarian dictatorship/oligarchy which owns nearly everything.
This two-part series provides us with a comprehensive background for understanding what is happening in Guatemala. It features a touching documentary on the history of the country, the genocidal terror which the government has been carrying out for many years, and the people's struggles to defend themselves and to improve their poor living conditions. One of our two Guatemalan guests is Dr. Arturo Arias of the Latin American Studies Department of the University of Texas and who was co-author of the film "El Norte." The other is Simon Perez, poet and former school teacher in Guatemala, whose family has been subjected to governmental oppression.
the many subjects covered in our discussion are the U.S. and Israeli support for the regime; CIA operations; activity of the American Religious Right; labor unions and civil rights groups in Guatemala; the extent of repression; the sociology of the country, particularly the Indian and Mestizo factors; and the many natural resources coveted by the multinational corporations.
Included are poems by Simon Perez,  Recorded May, 1987

Congressman talks about pending economic calamity in the US
AV-352_Henry_Gonzales.MP3  *
Congressman Henry Gonzalez of San Antonio presents a startling analysis of the U.S. economy. As a member for many years on the House Committee on Banking and Currency, Gonzalez has is in a unique position to know what is happening.
Extremely knowledgeable and well informed, the congressman describes the precariousness and seriousness of the economic situation in the country. He provides us with information which is not presented on the regular media about, not only how the economy is controlled and how close we are to economic collapse, but also what factors are causing it and how it can be prevented.  September, 1987

A gray-haired female candidate for President with the Socialist Party explains that socialism preceded Marxism by many many decades, and was an American worker movement.

Former CIA official John Stockwell evaluates the candidates and issues in the 1988 presidential primaries and general elections. He and his organization -- Association for Responsible Dissent, which is composed primarily of many former CIA officials and intelligence analysts -- have had extensive interviews and forums with the candidates and their top officials.
Stockwell also describes the suppressed information regarding George Bush, which, if it ever surfaced comprehensively, could result in Bush's impeachment and perhaps imprisonment.  Recorded June 25, 1988



Former Congressman Ron Paul tells us why he is running for President as a Libertarian. He analyzes the American "single party system" and shows why policies do not really change regardless of which of the two major parties is in power. He gives the Libertarian position on the significant issues, such as legalizing drugs and eliminating CIA covert actions.

mostly talk, but also images and film, Gary Shaw and others, video better than podcast
Author of "Cover-Up," Gary Shaw takes us step by step through the shooting of John Kennedy and the subsequent cover-up. We provide updated information since our previous program with Gary in 1978. The show is highly documented with the use of films, slides, pictures and diagrams which thoroughly discredit the Warren Commission Report and prove that there was an elaborate conspiracy with many people and multiple gunmen. July, 1988


Former four-term Congressman Ron Paul describes the American power structure. As a member of the House Banking and Currency Committee, Paul was in a unique position to see the inner workings of economic power and control, and how this power translates into political power.
Paul describes how, through the control of the Federal Reserve and the banking system, the American power elite is basically out of reach of the democratic system. Concurrently, by using such organizations as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, control over the political process is maintained, resulting in what is in reality a ??? in the U.S.  August, 1988

In a touching presentation by interview and slide show, we look at the attempt of the Federal Government to relocate thousands of Navajo (Dineh) from their home of many years. The program specifies how this is a continuation of the ways which the white man has used over the years to grab Native American lands in order to turn them over to corporations for "development," in this case for the exploitation of coal and uranium..

How could the Democrats cover up this much outright treason by Republicans and CIA which screwed them out of winning the election??
Author and journalist Harvey Wasserman examines the "October Surprise," the most monumental story of the past few decades, but one which has been covered up by most of the Establishment media, particularly the TV networks. The central activity of this effort was the clandestine arrangement of the prime movers in the Reagan campaign of 1980 with the Iran government to hold the American hostages in the embassy until after the elections in return for arms to be shipped to Iran (POLITICAL BRIBERY OF A FOREIGN 'ENEMY' GOVT) after Reagan assumed office. Wasserman wrote stories about this in the alternative press as well as some Establishment papers.

anything with Stockwell is good

John Stockwell ran the secret CIA war in Angola.
In the end, Gulf Oil ended up hiring Cuban and Angolan mercenaries to protect it's operations from CIA-backed forces.
Cuba expert and member of the Venceremos Brigade, Kenneth Jones recently returned from trips to Cuba and Angola. Jones provides detailed information and insight into the history and current state of struggle by the government of Angola as it faces the U.S.-backed rebel forces and the American-supplied South African forces trying to overthrow the government. Interspersed with Jones comments are sections recorded from Cuban TV of three one-hour documentaries about the Cuban armed forces' participation in the defense of the Angolan government. Relevant portions of previous programs with John Stockwell are also interwoven into the program. John ran the Angolan program for the CIA in the early 1970s.

always good analysis, even if he sucks on 9-11
America's outstanding radical intellectual, Chomsky discusses the ideological war waged by the Reagan administration against the American people, particularly within the framework of the situations in El Salvador and Nicaragua. He also evaluates the complicity of the mass media in these efforts. Chomsky maintains that because of widespread opposition to its policies, the Reagan administration regarded the US population as enemy territory, and had to resort to covert operations domestically and internationally to accomplish its goals. In addition to Chomsky's speech, we present reviews of books and articles by Chomsky relating to the mass media.

Former CIA official John Stockwell analyzes the CIA in relationship to George Bush and world affairs. Bush's history with the CIA is presented, and his attitudes toward handling affairs of state with covert actions abroad and curtailing dissent at home are assessed. John then reviews the CIA covert actions which are in progress around the world. He also evaluates the devastating effects which the CIA sponsored war in Afghanistan had on that country and its people, leaving the country in such a state of political turmoil and destruction that it is doomed to many years of further bloodshed.

outsourcing to Japan, like China now
International economist Dr. Jack Hopper reveals the threat by Japanese penetration of the US corporate and financial system. Hopper shows the long-term strategy of the Japanese is to accept lower, short-term rates of return, keeping their domestic standard of living low, while targeting American industries one-by-one, destroying U.S. competition, then taking over the marketplace. Eventually they will dominate the American economy if nothing is done to counter them.

AV-382_EL_SALVADOR_1989.AVI  $$
Centerpiece is a moving and informative documentary, "The People Will Not Be Silent", on the struggles of the Salvadoran people along with their successes and their tragedies. It shows the amazing courage of the people, who continue to struggle for survival and human dignity despite the continued horrible repression. Even some of the people who are on the documentary do not survive.  March, 1989

a documentary made by the Mormon Church in conjunction with the U.S. Surgeon General's office about the hazards of the use of tobacco products, which result in significantly more deaths each year than illegal drugs and AIDS. Also included are sections from our previous program (#342. CIGARETTE SUICIDE/HOMICIDE) on the dangers of cigarettes from the many harmful chemicals in them.

Arnoldo Ramos, US representative of the Salvadoran resistance (FMLN) brings us up to date on what is happening in his country and shows how the El Salvador is further polarizing, with the right wing gaining electoral power, but with the guerrillas attaining military superiority. Intermixed with the Ramos interview is a talk with Gustavo Acosta, a representative of the FMLN political directorate who is touring the US. He discusses the changing political strategy of the liberation front.

Gary Shaw, assassination expert and author of "Cover-up," and former CIA official John Stockwell.
The nature of the massive and complex conspiracy to shoot the president and on how many individuals and organizations fit into the puzzle: Oswald, Ruby, the CIA, Mafia, FBI, Secret Service, Navy and civilian medical personnel, local police, the Cuban exiles, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, and Fidel Castro.
The cover-up of the assassination took two forms. The first was part of the conspiracy of the actual shooting. The second was that carried out by the American ruling Establishment as indicated by the activities of the Warren Commission, FBI, other organizations and individuals of the federal government, and the mass media. Additionally, we review the many new books which have been written recently about the assassination.

searing and insightful wit. One of the founders of the Yippies and editor of "The Realist," Paul uses his sharp humor to penetrate the fog and foolishness of contemporary America, showing how shallow the contemporary political comedians are by comparison.

I personally found Krassner to be boring and over-rated, but he says clever things about some topics that were taboo at the time, and it's probably true that most political comedians were/are even MORE shallow.  Like Bush = Dumb hick.  How funny is that after the 99th time?


MEDIA & POLITICS: America's premier creator of political documentaries, Emile de Antonio, joins us in a discussion of the role and function of the major mass media in politics today. Emile, the producer/director of many award-winning films, including "Millhouse, A White Comedy," "Rush to Judgement," "In the Year of the Pig," "Mr. Hoover and I," and "Point of Order," assesses the TV styles of various presidents and presidential candidates, observing that it would have been impossible for a person like Reagan to have been elected president previous to the 1950s when the massive manipulation by TV did not exist. We also use the contemporary New York City mayoral race as an example of the pervasive (and successful) use of right-wing media consultants who employ the most extreme forms of dirty tricks to get their clients elected.

Emile de Antonio (See program #394.) gives us considerable insight into the history of George Bush and the type of person he is. Having a background which has placed him in relationships with upper class people, de Antonio has special insight into people such as George Bush, particularly Bush's experience of being in Skull and Bones at Yale. Emile also provides us with information about Bush's long term activities with the CIA, his relationships with Panamanian leader Noriega, the Nicaraguan Contras, and his role in the "October Surprise" and illicit drug operations during the Reagan years.
See Antonio's flicks below:

A Palestinian woman who is now a U.S. citizen and a Jewish woman who was born in Palestine and came to America at the end of the British mandate discuss the current situation in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza. We get an update containing startling information as to what is happening in the Intifada and the opposition among Israeli citizens to the occupation and behavior of the Jewish settlers and army. The women also analyze the reaction to the situation by Jews in the U.S. who are torn between loyalty to Israel and their own sense of ethics and justice. Additionally, we discuss the American mass media, which do not present criticism of Israel, even though there is criticism in the Israeli press itself. 1990

Two professors of Marxism one of economics and the other of philosophy evaluate the momentous events in Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, and China. Is Marxism being abandoned or being implemented for the first time after long years of Stalinism? Or is the situation leading to the complete unraveling and perhaps disintegration of these countries' societal structures and cohesion?

Two people from Pastors for Peace relate their experiences and provide their insights into the 1990 Nicaraguan elections. They met with top Sandinista officials, and spent time in the cities and countryside talking with ordinary people from the opposition as well as the FSLN. Recorded March 24, 1990

Rob Widdowson has thoroughly researched the Savings and Loan scandal. He provides a detailed picture of this complex situation of fraud and corruption, including CIA and Mafia roles in the scandal. Rob shows that, contrary to official estimates of the amount of the
taxpayer bailout of the banks, the total bill will be at least one trillion dollars.  April 21, 1990

AV-413_National_Lawyers_Guild__Arthur_Kinoy.AVI  $$
a bit eccentric, but he knows his stuff
AV-413_National_Lawyers_Guild__Arthur_Kinoy.MP3 *
A long time civil rights lawyer-activist and member of the National Lawyers Guild, Kinoy has fought and won many legal fights at the national and local levels. He had an acrimonious appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee, and he argued cases before the Supreme Court. In a colorful and vivid style, Arthur describes his battles, places civil liberties abuses by governmental agencies in historical perspective, and dramatically warns of the present-day dangers to American civil liberties, as represented by Supreme Court decisions, by activities of the FBI and its allies, and by the FEMA plans for suspension of Constitutional rights and the imposition of a police state.  Recorded June 2, 1990

Chip Berlet, investigator and author describes the nature and functions of the "New Right" in the US. He shows the many connections with ex-Nazis and Fascists and their collaborators, even in positions of top leadership. Chip reveals how these groups are interconnected with the right-wing fundamentalists, the US intelligence agencies, and the top US political leaders, including Reagan and Bush. He also specifies how these organizations are given large amounts of American tax dollars to conduct various aspects of US foreign policy. All this is hushed-up by the media.

POTPOURRI: This assortment of news and special reports contains sections on abortion and birth control, the impending economic collapse as seen by insiders in the national and international power structure, a pictorial history of Poland, and two scientific discoveries which, had they not been suppressed, could have had tremendous impact on our lives.

AV-422_S_and_L_UPDATE_1_1990.AVI  $$$
AV-422_S_and_L_UPDATE_1_1990.MP3 *
As the S & L crisis deepens and becomes more expensive, more information is being discovered by Rob Widdowson. He explains the complexities of the situation, particularly the role the government played in the matter, especially how the government frequently made matters worse with its interventions (delaying tactics), and how the S & L owners violated the laws by trying to get around the government efforts. Recorded August 22, 1990
AV-423_S_and_L_UPDATE_2_1990.MP3 *
Rob Widdowson, focusing on government sweetheart deals with favored wealthy investors at taxpayers' expense.

Ecologist John Milton concludes his survey of the impending disaster. For instance he predicts that the great American bread basket will be a desert within 50 years because of depletion of the topsoil, not to mention the destruction of the water table. However, John tells us how we can prevent these catastrophes if we take action now. February, 1991
One of the world's foremost ecologists, John Milton, surveys all the various ecological problems facing the planet such as global warming, destruction of the rain forest, pollution, the destruction of the topsoil, and ruining the water supply by chemical poisoning and over-usage. John relates what is happening already as a result changing weather patterns. Spring, 1990

AV-427_WIPP_TRAIL_nuclear.AVI  $$$ **
Nuclear waste disposal, a community objects to the danger.
A documentary showing the ravages of nuclear power and nuclear bomb testing on the people and environment, particularly in the New Mexico area. "The WIPP Trail" provides statements from both sides, which reveal governmental collusion with the nuclear industry. "The WIPP Trail" Copyright 1989

AV-433_JUDGE_NOT_custody.MP3  *
Devon Webber tells her incredible story of how her pederast, drug addict ex-husband (a prominent medical doctor) was given custody of her children by a judge with a questionable past. She also relates the devastating effect this had on her life, and how she overcame these problems so that now she lectures and assists others who are in need of help and information about child abuse. This program also shows how the power structure of a small town works to protect its members, even when one of the elites has been involved in scandalous, destructive and illegal behavior. Although Devon has been on some of the major network TV talk shows, this is the first opportunity she has had to tell her story in detail.

In addition to further evaluation of the Gulf (the new) war, we present a documentary on a war which has been going on for many years--the one in East Timor in which the Indonesians have wiped out at least one-third of the population of that former Portuguese colony (with approval of Kissinger and Ford) which wrested its independence from the former colonial power, only to have the Indonesians invade in a brutal operation. 1991

POTPOURRI: This mixture of special reports and features includes the following: (1) a section on the dangers of nuclear power from Joan Harvey's documentary "America/from Hitler to MX;" (2) the cultural revolution of the 1920s, particularly as represented by Ragtime music; (3) a documentary showing how people with mental retardation live, cope with life, and can contribute to society when given a chance; (4) the negative opinions of Star Wars which are held by several former Secretaries of Defense.

.AVI  $$$$$
AV-441_LYING_ELITES_1_Chomsky_1991.MP3  *
Noam Chomsky of MIT--co-author of "Manufacturing Consent"--gives a speech on how the American people are highly propagandized and manipulated by the government and the press, so that the elites who control the US political and economic system can govern as they wish without democratic interference. He shows that the resulting US foreign policy has been to brutalize much of the world, particularly the Third World.
.AVI  $$$$$
AV-442_LYING_ELITES_2_Chomsky_1991.MP3  *
Noam Chomsky takes questions from the audience. Inserted into this program is our presentation of an article from "The Progressive" magazine which shows the various techniques used by the press to distort information. Copyright April, 1991

Former CIA officer Agee evaluates the US role in the Gulf War. He provides some startling background and insights into the conflict, showing how the US manipulated the Iraqi leader into the invasion of Kuwait, thus providing the war which George Bush wanted. Speech recorded April, 1991 at MIT

POTPOURRI:  a show-'n-tell of white racist organizations' publications; John Stockwell relating how the CIA treats defecting foreign agents, and how it gets rid of its own people who have been discovered to be double-agents.

Two documentaries about what is happening in El Salvador--quite different from the picture painted by the regular media. The first documents the atrocities by the government, its army and its death squads. The second shows what happens to governmental and private aid to El Salvador. News: July, 1991 "Human Rights in El Salvador" August, 1991

A documentary "Paying for Peace" about peace activists who refuse to pay their taxes.

Reports and a documentary about various forms of rape: rape against women; a report of people of Eastern Europe who are trying to overthrow their governmental "rapists;" rape in the form of the exploitation and oppression of the working people of the world; and a documentary about the rape of the environment by corporations and the government in Montana. News: August 27, 1991 Sonia Johnson recorded May, 1984 "Shame on Montana" Copyright 1991

From various sources we piece together three significant facets of the Gulf War which were ignored or distorted by the media. First is the history of the area, particularly the development of Iraq and its relationship to Kuwait; the legitimate complaints which Iraq had with Kuwait; and the various ways which the US may have manipulated Saddam Hussein in attacking Kuwait after installing Saddam in the first place and protecting him as a useful ally until the war started.  1991

In a two-part series, drug counselor from New York City Jack Schierenbeck tells of his tragic experiences in attempting to assist the drug addicts and people with AIDS. He also gives a macro view of the situation, evaluating the historical, sociological, psychological, economic and political factors in the "War on Drugs," including using the "War" as an excuse to whip up national hysteria and clamp down on civil liberties.

He indicates that, although homo-sapiens has always sought mind-altering substances for recreation or to counter the drudgery and pain of everyday life, drastic changes must be made in U.S. society in order to eliminate the basic causes of the usage of drugs, either by the street junkie, "Joe Six-pack," the Wall Street coke-snorters, or the alcoholics, coffee freaks, and workaholics. Jack also relates the devastating effects which drug abuse has had on his own family which cost the lives of some of its members.

.AVI  $$$
Bill Kelsey, an expert on the Middle-East, relates his experiences from a recent post-war trip to Iraq. Kelsey traveled widely in the country, observing the areas of destruction and reconstruction. His conversations with the people reveal some astonishing insights.  1991

Bill Kelsey's trip to the Middle-East included travelling to Israel, the Occupied Territories, and Jordan. Bill presents interesting information about these countries, especially the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the present relations of the Palestinians and the Israelis. December, 1991

Contains a story about a covert CIA operation in which many of the American participants were mysteriously killed; a moving documentary, which was suppressed by the US government for many years, about what the people endured during the bombing of Hiroshima; and short videos about the ecology and various other political subjects.

health care vs. insurance
a documentary about the health care needs of Americans, the existing, inadequate system, and the relative merits of various plans to improve the situation.

AV-466_NO_NUKES_IS_GOOD_NUKES_1992.AVI   $$  *
An outstanding documentary, "Building Bombs," is presented along with an interview with its co-director-producer. The film, which is about the history, operations and dangers of the Savannah Nuclear Project, was nominated for an academy award in 1991. PBS refused to show it.

an interview with Miguel D'Escoto, the Nicaraguan Foreign Minister during the Sandinista years. He reveals many interesting facts about the revolution, the many positive achievements of the Sandinistas, the American efforts to destroy the revolution, the US' undermining the elections, and the role of the Sandinistas in the Chamorro government. Father D'Escoto provides interesting inside stories about some of the most significant American functionaries, including Kissinger, Bush, Reagan, and Jean Kirkpatrick.

Our most famous contemporary anarchist speaks about America's problems and various things people can do about them.
I tried to listen to him.  Frankly, I don't like this goof. A lot of hot air, IMO.

Ecologist and political activist Lanny Sinkin, who was formerly with the Christic Institute, discusses the ecological problems in the world and the political and economic factors producing them.

Lanny Sinkin (see #469) presents information about the most outstanding scandals of the Reagan-Bush years--the October Surprise, Irangate, Iraqgate, CIA drug operations, the S & L debacle, the massive transfer of wealth from the lower classes to the wealthy--and speculates what effect they might have on the impending presidential elections, particularly since Perot was aware of these scandals. June 4, 1992

.AVI  $$$$$
With economic consultant, Dr. Jack Hopper, we review the new books about the depredations of the ruling class on the rest of us during the Reagan-Bush years, and the devastating effects they have had on the American people and the US political and economic system.
The books--"America, What Went Wrong" and "The Overworked American" -- are presented along with a mention of past books, such as "The Crisis of Democracy," to show that the social contract which has existed since the New Deal of FDR was broken during the Republican years, resulting in the impoverishment of US citizens and dismantling, not only of much of the American productive economy, but also of the institutions of social and economic support for the people.

POTPOURRI: information about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the terrible toll the Maquiladora companies are taking on the environment and on the people along the Mexican-US border; a Japanese animated documentary about what it was like to endure the A-bombing of Hiroshima; an Iranian relates in graphic detail the torture he went through at the hands of the CIA supported secret police--SAVAK (see episode 058); and the efforts of two comedians to warn their fellow Austinites about the dangers of the Yankee invasion during the "boom" of the '80s.

POTPOURRI: Lies of the Bush Administration about the Iraq situation, especially Iraqgate; the catastrophic results of the political and economic policies of the previous 14 years by both the Democratic and Republican administrations; songs and poetry by Viet Nam vet "Sarge" Linticum; a music video by Joan Harvey about Bush's New World Order; and a short, humorous video about Bush--"Read My Lips."  Recorded June 17, 1992

In light of the furor over the acquittal of the Los Angeles police in the beating of Rodney King, we review previous programs of the beatings of Austin's Chicano community activist Paul Hernandez. The video footage is shocking.

"neoliberal" economics
Bruce Buchanan, Univ. of Texas government professor, wrote a book about his study of the 1988 presidential election and the voter attitudes and apathy. He shares his information with us, and analyzes the '92 election as well.

POTPOURRI:  The following variety of subjects are presented: information not presented on the Establishment media about the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT); a documentary about the life and thoughts of a homeless vet; the CIA support of violent organizations in Europe such as through Operation Gladio in Italy (similar to 9-11, citizens were blown up), as shown in an audio tape from Italy together with surrealistic video overlay by Austin artist Kirk Hunter; and the relationship which George Bush with the CIA for many decades.
Operation Gladio was the CIA and Italian/European secret police staging random terror bombing operations against the public, against random citizens, to induce a political swing to the right, out of fear and a desire for security, blaming the terror bombs on political enemies, Leftist political parties.  Kinda like blowing up the World Trade Center.

AV-478_FED_UP_Jack_Hopper.AVI  $$
With economist Jack Hopper, we review two books on the Federal Reserve, as we provide a close-up of this secretive and powerful organization. The books are "Secrets of the Temple," by William Greider, and "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve," by Eustace Mullins. The books show the history and incredible, unchecked power of the Fed to control the US economy, to affect the outcome of presidential elections, and to wreak havoc on the American people while enriching the wealth of the powerful people and institutions controlling the system. The complex workings of the Fed are discussed.

Alternative Views #479: A CONVERSATION WITH ARUN GANDHI  on website

An informative documentary, "Free Trade, Who's Gonna Pay?" shows the alarming effects these two treaties can have on Americans and their economic and political institutions. 1992

Featured is an award-winning documentary ("The Garfield Experience") by Californian Jacqueline Paul about the successes of the people in a non-affluent, racially mixed neighborhood in Phoenix to organize themselves to make their community a better place in which to live.

talk in studio
Former reporter for the "Houston Chronicle," Pete Brewton tells of one of the most momentous stories of the past 50 years and how it has been suppressed by the establishment media and the Congress. Pete's book "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush," shows the incredible complexity of the relationships in the operation of the destruction of hundreds of Savings and Loans at the hands of the CIA and the Mafia, stealing many billions of dollars in the process, and leaving the taxpayers to bailout the banks. Big names at the state and national levels of power are involved, including Lloyd Bentsen, the Bush family, and power brokers in Houston. People such as Kenneth Keating and Don Dixon, who are mentioned prominently in the press in connection with the S & L debacle, were merely front men or "cutouts" for the main movers. Keating and his ilk only took millions; the CIA and the Mafia looted billions.
Pete continues his story, emphasizing how he unraveled it and how the press and the Congress have conspired to cover it up.

AV-485_NAFTA_IS_AFTA_YA.mp3  *
A panel of experts talks about NAFTA, emphasizing what is happening along the American border with Mexico, but placing it within the framework of GATT and the drive of international Capital to bypass the local, state and national governmental authorities by setting up international bodies to control commerce at the expense of workers and the ecology. December, 1992

Economist Jack Hopper returns with a discussion of another book by William Greider--"Who Will Tell the People?" We review how, during the Reagan-Bush years the drive of the rich and powerful to capture completely the organs of government, to lock out all meaningful public participation, and to bend all laws and the administration of them to their own interest have had a
seriously detrimental on the people in general--impoverishing and disenfranchising them. This destruction of the social contract implied from the years of FDR is nothing less than class warfare by the American ruling class on the rest of us. 1993

Dr. John Downing, author of "Radical Media" and Chairperson of the Radio-TV-Film Department at the University of Texas, analyzes the Establishment press and American society. He then points to the alternative press, and describes how significant it is in spreading information which is vital for all citizens. All this is placed within the historical framework of social control by the American ruling class.

Two examples are presented of how suppression of Native Americans in the Western Hemisphere continues. Professor and author Ward Churchill of the American Indian Movement discusses the framing of Leonard Peltier for murder, a situation popularized by the recent movie "Incident at Oglala." Next, an Indian activist from the Peruvian Amazon basin describes what is happening to the ecology and to the culture of his people as a result of oil exploration in his homeland.

This potpourri features various news stories as usual, plus a feature on the Church of the Everlasting Elvis; a review of Stormin' Norman's book; quotes by Thomas Jefferson which are relevant today; and a discussion by communications professor John Downing on how Americans are not aware of their own history because of the propagandizing and indoctrination they receive from the mass media and the school system.

The late Emile de Antonio was America's most outstanding maker of documentaries. These films have been presented in theatres all over the US and in much of the rest of the Western world. Although his documentaries have won much acclaim--including an Academy Award nomination--with one exception, his works have not been presented on television, mainly because they are quite hard-hitting and very political from a more radical point of view. His documentary on Richard Nixon resulted in his being placed on Nixon's enemies list. He also was persecuted by J. Edgar Hoover.
Shortly before he died, he did an interview with us about his life and works, and he permitted us to use all of his documentaries in making this four-part series.
Part I highlights "Rush to Judgement" about the JFK assassination, and "Point
of Order" about Senator Joe McCarthy and the postwar Red Scare era.

This program spotlights two works: the humorous, satirically scathing look at Richard Nixon--"Millhouse: A White Comedy," and "Vietnam: Year of the Pig," an historical documentary about the origins and operation of the Vietnam War, a film which was made while the war was in progress.

Part three includes sections of three documentaries. "1968: America is Hard to See," which takes us back to the 1960's and the anti-Vietnam War era and to another Senator McCarthy--Eugene, the senator who fought against the continuation of the war and who ran against LBJ in democratic primaries. The second is "In the King of Prussia," a dramatic recreation of the trial of the Catonsville Nine, an anti-war activist group. Martin Sheen plays the part of the unsympathetic judge. The final work, "Underground," is about the people of the Weather Underground who were in hiding as a result of bombing of some public buildings. De Antonio was hounded by the FBI because he was able to find the group, whereas the FBI could not.

Two documentaries. The first, "Painters Painting" is not a political statement, but features interviews with various artists and shows their works. The other documentary is an autobiographical "summing up," spotlighting Emile's longtime persecution by the FBI. At the moment of the initial cablecasting, the film had not yet been released.

It's kinda pointless to listen to audio of de Antonio's movies, but here ya go if you want the podcasts:
AV-492   AV-493  AV-494  AV-495

POTPOURRI: An assessment of Clinton's new policies and proposals, showing how little things have changed from the Reagan-Bush years; the efforts of the Religious Right in penetrating and controlling the political process; the dangers of nuclear testing.

An interview with Nobel Laureate, Rigoberta Menchu, who is a Guatemalan peace activist. She describes the terribly repressive conditions under which her people have lived for the past many years under the heel of the US supported government. She specifies the problems in her country and evaluates the continuing US role in the situation. June, 1993

POTPOURRI: A video "essay" called "Lines in the Sand" by Ed Griffin-Nolan, containing an evaluation of the Gulf War and the manipulation of public opinion by the government and the media; propagandizing of the American people as observed by Communications professor and author John Downing; and a documentary on the devastating effects of Agent Orange on a Viet Nam War vet and his family.

The subject is the abusive treatment of children in our society. The centerpiece is a documentary/discussion produced in Mountain View, California, by Sue Myers-Smith on the abduction of children and what people can do about it.

A documentary produced by labor video activists in St. Louis shows the abusive and dangerous conditions of the workers in a plant in Illinois, and the struggles of the union members to ameliorate the situation. The documentary also reveals the interlocking relationships of the company, its supposed competitor, and the insurance company (State Farm) which supports the entire situation.

We provide different perspectives on the momentous agreement between Israel and the PLO. The first group has local activists from Jewish and Palestinian organizations; the second duo is two people who have extensively traveled and lived in the Middle-East. Recorded September 19, 1993

The emphasis is on an enormous power plant which Americans are building just across the Texas border into Mexico. This is a good example of how the lax environmental regulation in Mexico can cause great pollution on both sides of the border, with the Americans having no recourse. We also discuss how this fits into the NAFTA framework. Recorded September, 1993

A speech of a medical doctor from Harvard Medical School who shows the deficiencies of the Clinton health plan and the advantages of the single payer system in Canada. He also specifies the lies and misinformation of the Clintonites and the mass media regarding the subject. Copyright October, 1993

POTPOURRI: A mixture of presentations: news, imaginative short political works, particularly from Austin's video artist Kirk Hunter and the audio artists on Arrest Records' "The Oil War;" more on NAFTA, particularly on the Mexican non-enforcement of environmental laws; the Bush family reaping the rewards of the Gulf war by getting inflated Kuwaiti contracts; and Jack Hopper commenting on the huge mergers of cable companies with the telephone giants.

POTPOURRI: Two labor historians tell stories of the workers' lives and struggles which have been ignored or downplayed in the traditional history books and the mass media; more on NAFTA, focusing on Mexico's non-enforcement of its environmental laws; short political work with audio by Arrest Records and video by Kirk Hunter; author Dr. John Downing surveys the nature and impact of alternative media in Eastern Europe, both before and after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Author and economics professor, Dr. Michael Conroy, tells us about the real nature of NAFTA and all the aspects of the agreement which were not mentioned by the media and the politicians. A specialist on Latin America, Conroy assesses the political and economic consequences of NAFTA. January, 1994
Michael Conroy takes a comprehensive evaluation of at the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade (GATT). He sees a profound solidification of power and control into the hands of the international ruling elite which will be able to clamp down a new world order which will severely diminish--perhaps eliminate--local, state and national democracy for the benefit of international capitalism. We also look at "free trade" in its historical and theoretical contexts, and see how it works in the real world.

POTPOURRI: Another perspective on GATT and NAFTA by Dr. Jack Hopper; a replay of the Canadian documentary "Acid Rain: Requiem or Recovery" which the Reagan administration tried to suppress; and a study of the amount of pollution caused by only one car.


With the debate in Congress over a national health care system, we present a documentary about the option which has been neglected in Congress and the press--the single payer system such as exists in Canada. 1994

Here is the magnum opus: a two part series containing the most detailed presentation of the nature of the U.S. power structure ever seen on television. In addition to the material gathered by Alternative Views producer Frank Morrow, author of "The U.S. Power Structure and the Mass Media," the program contains relevant portions of previous programs with the following people and films:

Dr. Noam Chomsky, outstanding radical intellectual and author
Dr. William Domhoff, author of many books on the power structure
Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General
Ron Paul, former Congressman
Dr. Tom Ferguson, professor of govt. and co-author of "Right Turn"
Ronnie Dugger, author of biographies of LBJ and Reagan
Dr. Benjamin Spock, (baby book) who ran for President on a third party ticket
Joan Harvey, documentary film maker of "America/from Hitler to MX"
Arthur Miller, playwright, seen in a documentary by Emile de Antonio
Dr. Al Slivinske, professor of economics
John Stockwell, ex-CIA officer and author of "In Search of Enemies"
Dr. Gary Kline, professor of government
Jackson Browne, singer/composer of "Lives in the Balance"
Richie Havens, singer, seen in Joan Harvey's film "Voices in Dissent"

This first part looks at the (reality of) ruling class institutions of power such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission. (Not "Illuminati", real institutions with addresses, email, fax, phone, websites.)  We see how their personnel and policies dominate the US economic and political system, regardless of administration -- Democrat or Republication.

In the concluding hour we provide the basis of elite control of the economic system through an interlocking network of stock ownership and shared directorates, especially by the ruling class banks and insurance companies. Next is an assessment of the distribution of wealth and income in the country.

Then we analyze the place and function of the mass media in the power structure, finding that the elite media are part of the system of control. Control of elections is the next section, followed by a review of the book "Trading with the Enemy" and a section of "America/from Hitler to MX," showing how during World War-2, the American ruling economic institutions were assisting the Axis powers while the US was fighting them.
Finally, we conclude with a short section on what can be done to work toward real democracy in the US.

Also see Who_Rules_America with Domhoff alone, above.

Three areas of focus. With the death of Richard Nixon we present the opinions of Tricky Dicky by the late documentary maker Emile de Antonio, who was on Nixon's enemies list. Included are sections of his famous film about Nixon, "Millhouse--a White Comedy." An update on Mexico is provided by Philip Russell, who recently completed his second book on that country. Finally, we have a report on hard times in America, a situation which seems not only to be permanent, but is planned that way.

Civil liberties activist Jim Harrington gives us a review of the existing dangers to civil liberties in the US, particularly since the Reagan-Bush era attacks. Stressed are court appointments and court cases and their effects. 1994

We review a biography on the late Justice William Brennan, who was the "power behind the throne" on the Supreme Court from the era of Frankfurter to the time of Reinquist. Coming from a working class background, and having a father who was a labor leader and politician, Brennan had a special feel for the common people and for civil rights and liberties. The author shows how time and again Brennan would elicit consensus among the disparate justices in order to write the most liberal opinions possible. It was his work which produced Roe v Wade and many other opinions in which civil liberties were enhanced. It might have been called the "Warren Court," but it was Brennan who actually did the work and produced the outcomes.

The lies of Rush Limbaugh are exposed; the historical background of US-Haitian relations is discussed; skits of Austin's satirical review group Esther's Follies are presented; and more of the Democratic radio jingles from the Eisenhower-Stevenson election of 1952 are replayed.
(the comedy skits are quite dated --- like old Laugh-In, but not as funny)

The centerpiece of this program is a documentary about the struggles of the Zapatistas in Chiapas. We also interview a Mexican-American who is part of the support network in the US. He also recently visited Chiapas, attended meetings and a large convention, and met with Zapatistas leaders. He provides information not included in the documentary. Recorded December 12, 1994

Potpourri: A biting, satirical look at Christmas, and a documentary made in Chiapas about the trip which former Attorney General Ramsey Clark made to see and assess the situation in that part of Mexico. Included in the program are stories about the negative consequences of NAFTA, and how the US is continuing the arms race with the development of new weapons systems.  November, 1994

Centerpiece of this program is a documentary about a visit by Americans to Cuba, showing the devastating effects of the US blockade on the country and the fighting spirit of the Cuban people who still believe in their revolution and who only want good relations with the US. February, 1995 "Against the Odds: Cuba Resisting the Blockade"

Real good! Lots of scenes from various Linklater films.
An interview with Austin's Richard Linklater who made three very successful films: "Slacker," "Dazed and Confused," and "Before Sunrise." Linklater discusses the history of the making of these films, and we interweave clips from the movies into the interview. Rick gives us an interesting insight into the workings of Hollywood and the world of the independent filmmaker.

A documentary made in Australia about the war being waged against the people of Bougainville who do not want further exploitation of the natural resources of their country which has resulted in massive destruction of the environment and quality of life of the native population. The film shows the levels of brutality and political chicanery to which the established powers will go to maintain the production and profits of their capitalist enterprises.

THE COMPANY AND THE COUNTRY: A CONVERSATION WITH PHIL AGEE (PART I) Former CIA officer and best selling author Agee discusses his history in the CIA, and the CIA harassment of him after he quit the agency and decided to write his first book, "CIA Diary: Inside the Company." He also discusses current events and other CIA operations. Recorded November, 1995
Agee's discussion continues. He recounts his years of being on the run in Europe, with the CIA trying to follow him and eliminate his story from being told. Agee tells about the "bugged" typewriter a CIA undercover agent gave him, and about the CIA's unsuccessful assassination attempt.

Potpourri:  (1) sections of a documentary about today's dangers from nuclear weapons and nuclear power; (2) a discussion of two books on the life of former Sec. of Defense and Head of the World Bank Robert McNamara; and (3) a presentation about the how Christianity borrowed its basic ideas from other religions.

AV-54x_Holy Terror.txt
AV-543_Holy_Terror_1.AVI  $$$  *
should watch, not listen
AV-544_Holy_Terror_2.AVI  $$$  *

AV-543_Holy_Terror_1.188.AVI  $$$  *
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Through an interview and an incredible documentary we take a comprehensive look at the radical Christian Right and its efforts to take over political power at all levels of society. Through information provided by undercover agents and by monitoring of Christian Coalition TV programs, the documentary shows the strategies, the deviousness, and the dangers which these religious fanatics pose to secular society and civil liberties.

Potpourri: Discussion about Indian history, particularly about how the tribes varied greatly from one another, how they fought among each other, and how the Western white migration affected the Indian tribes. Another section contains sections of a documentary about cold fusion, which the US has eschewed. Meanwhile, the rest of the world -- particularly Japan -- has made great strides in developing cold fusion, something which could revolutionize the world's economy. Finally, we show how much money and resources are going to animal husbandry instead of to the potentially abundant supply of grains, fruits and vegetables which would feed the whole world.

The United States can easily be turned into a fascist nation at the stroke of a pen under the provisions of the Federal Emergency Management Act.

What is being planned is cloaked in secrecy, but what has been revealed is frightening: suspension of our Constitutional rights; arrest of political dissenters without habeas corpus; and concentration camps, designed to hold millions of people, which are being readied all over the U.S.

No approval by congress or state or local government is necessary to execute the plan.
Even local military or police authorities can declare martial law without consulting higher authority. Interviewed is investigator and author Chip Berlet. We also intersperse sections of past programs with experts who deal with the subject of planned public persecutions, past and present. Some of these experts include MIT's Noam Chomsky, University of Texas history professor Tom Philpott, former CIA officer John Stockwell, and congressmen Henry Gonzalez and Ron Paul.

short grammer lessons are 'fun' about our poor eduction, but not  that interesting
Potpourri: Centerpiece of this program is a documentary by the Paper Tiger group in New York City which shows the egregious violations of human rights of the "New York Three," who were convicted of murder. Next is a review of a book with economist Dr. Jack Hopper about how the drive to maximize profits by deregulation and a "return to laissez-faire" has had negative effects--as if there ever was a time when government did not work to assist capitalism.

But the author says that laissez-faire is not working well, and that the American economic system needs to be re-assessed to come up with something better, particularly since the Cold War now is over. Finally, we intersperse sections which show the rampant errors in grammar and word usage (lame, but ok) of the people on the mass media today.

English surgeon, Dr. Pauline Cutting, and Dutch nurse, Ben Alofs, went through almost unbelievable times in Lebanon during a siege of their Palestinian camp, Bourj al-Barajneh, by the Amal militia. For six months they tried to keep their hospital running despite starvation, disease and military attacks. People were reduced to eating cats and dogs, and finally were considering cannibalism before the siege was finally lifted.

Cutting was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In Part One we show some history of the area by presenting sections of previous documentaries on the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and the effects it had on the people. Included is footage of the massacre at Sabra and Shatilla and of the visciousness of the Israeli attacks in other areas of Lebanon. Ben Alofs recounts his experiences in the area at the time.

Here is the magnum opus: a two part series containing the most detailed presentation of the nature of the U.S. power structure ever seen on television.
(AV-516 and 517 read more below such as listing of big name participants in this discussion)

material gathered by Alternative Views producer Frank Morrow, author of "The U.S. Power Structure and the Mass Media," plus relevant portions of previous programs.

Reality of ruling class institutions of power such as Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission.
Their personnel and policies dominate the US economic and political system, regardless of administration -- Democrat or Republication.

Also see LONGER discussion on Power Elite with
William Domhoff.


better to watch this than audio only
(AV-540 and 541 below)
Former CIA officer and best selling author Agee discusses his history in the CIA, and the CIA harassment of him after he quit the agency and decided to write his first book, "CIA Diary: Inside the Company." He also discusses current events and other CIA operations. November, 1995

Part 2: He recounts his years of being on the run in Europe, with the CIA trying to follow him and eliminate his story from being told. Agee tells about the "bugged" typewriter a CIA undercover agent gave him, and about the CIA's unsuccessful assassination attempt.

De-ja vu.  Life repeats itself.  This scandal is like current events on Wall Street:

Savings and Loan scandal.
(AV-410  below)
A detailed picture of this complex situation of fraud and corruption, including CIA and Mafia roles in the scandal. Contrary to official estimates of the amount of the taxpayer bailout of the banks, the total bill will be at least one trillion dollars.  April 21, 1990
more on S & L (banking) crisis:
also on S & L (banking) crisis (CIA shocker):
(AV-483 and 484 read about below)

554_A_SIGNATURE---AND_FASCISM!_1996.mp3 *
The United States can easily be turned into a fascist nation at the stroke of a pen under the provisions of the Federal Emergency Management Act.

What is being planned is cloaked in secrecy, but what has been revealed is frightening: suspension of our Constitutional rights; arrest of political dissenters without habeas corpus; and concentration camps, designed to hold millions of people, which are being readied all over the U.S.

Learn about TECHNOWAR_IN_VIETNAM below

Even though these programs are 10 to 30 years old
, the issues discussed are highly relevant to today's issues.  Some of it is like watching a dejv vu experience, such as the discussions on Health Care, ongoing Wars and Covert Actions in the Middle East and Latin America, our relations with the Soviet Union, the Vietnam War in detail (including US soldiers used as "bait" on suicide missions), CIA and covert operations, Lying Elites, the Federal Reserve and banking system through the Savings & Loan crisis with a govt bailout for the wealthy (with CIA and Mafia looting the money, illegal arms trade), Iran-Contra treason, illegal immigration, and the American Power Structure in general, who are the people who run things, who are the Power Players and how do they attain those roles. A whole lot of background information which was suppressed at the time and is now forgotten. (In a free society, this show would have been nearly as popular and promoted as the old "FBI" show or cop shows or "24".)

Anything with John Stockwell is good.

Consider the old saying, "Do you think I was born yesterday?" describing naïveté.  If you don't want to be "born yesterday" in your political views and understanding of the world, this collection is for you!

Many of these feature John Stockwell, a retired 13-year veteran of the CIA and retired US Marine.  Cheers for Mr. Stockwell, whose book rights and profits were trampled by the Federal Govt.  From what I've been told, off the record, Mr. Stockwell was apparently threatened or punished by the CIA many years ago, such that at some point he withdrew permission for his interviews to appear on television.  Yet these are now placed in the public domain.
I invite Mr. Stockwell to contact me (i might be very slow to respond, anyone else use my personal email if you know it).  I also invite Frank Morrow, Doug Keller and others to contact me, if interested.  I would love to speak with you and thank you for all you've done for us proles, and offer any support I can (probably not a lot).

Some of these might be useful for a high school or college project on government and media.  I would invite anyone to download these and post on your own website or share on a bittorrent site.

Frank Morrow and his team are mostly Leftists, and more than a few explain and clarify what and Socialism-Marxism is and is not, as well as standing for democracy (farther to the Left than the corporate Democratic Party), but also included are discussions on news stories gleaned from The Spotlight, a Far Right publication that some people consider fascist (sometimes the only source for real information on Israel at the time), and a few interviews with conservative libertarian Ron Paul.  Noam Chomsky considers himself a classic conservative who criticizes both the Liberal Establishment and Reactionary forces, against the template of the U.S. Constitution (itself a ruling class elite protection plan to limit popular influence).  Another big source is Covert Action Quarterly, a defunct publication by former CIA officers.

Much of this is critical of the Reagan and Bush administrations, but it's not partisan bickering and does not wholly defend Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton or other Democrats.  Highlighted is the apparent role of Democrats in always "caving in to" or backing right wing and Republican demands, including silence on many issues, such as evidence of outright treason on the Iran Hostage Crisis which resulted in the 1980 election stolen from Democrats, i.e. they would rather lose an election than bust their "loyal opposition".  It would have been exciting to see Morrow and various guest discuss Sept 11, but many videos reveal the outright criminality of the Bush family (Senior) and their various cronies.

I will add to this collection as time allows if more videos are added online.

THESE FILES COLLECTED FROM -- Alternative Views (more details on that link)

Alternative Views is a public affairs program that produced 563 one-hour TV shows between September, 1978, and April, 1998. It's goal was to provide information and perspectives that either were not shown on the regular media or were greatly distorted by them. The show also provided a platform for other people to present their views and to play their documentaries that the Establishment media would not present. Alternative Views was distributed by mail to 85 cable systems that served over 250 cities and suburbs.

All copyrights are held by Frank Morrow Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States
YOU CAN'T SELL OR "MUTILATE" the content, and more.


DivX or Xvid inside an AVI "jacket" is the common "Podcast" format/codec for video, an early Mpeg-4 industry standard. Videos inside an MP4 jacket usually are made with a newer high-compression codec, which a slower CPU may have trouble decoding and processing without stuttering.

Many standalone home DVD players (one connected to your TV) can play DivX-AVI files simply burned as data files to a blank CD or DVD without actually "authoring" a DVD movie project. Check if your home DVD player says DivX on the front. If so you can watch these in the living room with the family instead of on the computer screen. Maybe start with some "war porn" to get the kids interested, before the longer CIA and economy discussions.

I converted these videos to AVI-DivX-3 video format and/or MP3 audio-only format and reduced them in size from 250mb to approximately 150mb, and 40mb for audio-only. (Several vids are around 200mb, due to more important visual content.  One file is 384mb, because it's 2 hours instead of 1 hour.)

This reduction to about 288 kbps video (approx YouTube bandwidth) (and a few at 384 kbps), from 512 kbps on, is a compromise that does not seriously harm the quality, slight increase in blocky artifacts, because the original is like
low quality VHS-tape for old television.  Much of it is people talking in a studio, with facial expressions and gestures, occasionally showing some photos or drawings. Some video includes films by outside documentary makers, offered to Alternative Views.

If your Windows Media Player cannot play these, do not install a CODEC pack like K-Lite, instead get the free Xvid CODEC. Another choice is to install SMPLAYER or Videolan VLC, and set that in Preferences to play AVI files (uncheck "Windows" types). These two are nice standalone players which don't risk messing up Windows by embedding codec files in the core system.  SMPLAYER and VLC have versions for Linux and Mac. Mac and Linux users can also use Quicktime and many other players.

Since these are "old school" DivX version-3, Avi format, these videos can easily be authored to a DVD using DVDFlick or DeVeDe or other free programs.  I'm not positive how Windows Movie Maker treats multiple video files.  You can author four or more 1-hour videos to a DVD project folder on your hard drive, then burn the VIDEO_TS folder to a blank DVD, choosing DVD movie burn format.

You really need to comprehend Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) to view your hard drives and folders, if you want to locate files and use them. Many people just click Web links, and have no comprehension of file management or how folders are organized.

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Since DVDShrink analyzes the video stream for motion vs. static content before starting compression, it avoids injecting too much visual distortion if you don't go overboard with the oversizing and shrinking.  Next, I burn the DVD project or ISO using ImgBurn. You may have Roxio, Nero, or other programs.

A few home DVD players won't play burned DVDs, probably due to defects.  However -- this is more technical -- it's possible to download a "flash" utility from CDfreaks to update the chip-BIOS inside the burner with a modified BIN file.  This allows you to set the burner to write a bit-set to the blank DVD that fools the home player into thinking it's a store-bought pressed DVD.


Inside the CIA On Company Business Part 1 - The History [VHS]
Informative and disturbing  (
A bold and upfront explanation of the real aims of covert U.S. foreign policy since World War II. Directed by Allan Francovich, also director of Houses are Full of Smoke. After World War II, the CIA was established not so much to fight Communism, as was often stated, but rather to undermine or overthrow any government and foreign political movements that got in the way of U.S. business interests and U.S. access to these foreign countries' natural resources. Undermining economies, spreading propaganda, and intimidation through torture and assassination were our tactics. The `dirty work' was generally carried out by local criminals who had no idea why they were hired to do what they were doing. This way the CIA operatives kept their hands clean and were not the objects of retaliation.

Although we were much kinder on our allies (most of Western Europe) we did try very hard to destroy the European left, which was very strong after WWII. For example, the CIA hired the Corsican mafia to break up labor unions in Southern Italy because we felt the unions were becoming too powerful. The documentary is essentially narrated by former CIA agents who tell their stories, many of whom have also written books about their experiences with the agency.

The most controversial figure is Philip Agee who had his U.S. passport taken away for revealing the names of certain CIA agents (apparently this is an act of treason, although when the Bush administration did it to take revenge on Joe Wilson for telling the U.S. that Saddam Hussein was not a threat to U.S. security, it was ok). There is also an interview with a hired assassin, or mercenary, almost too strange to believe.

Inside the CIA, Vol. 2 - Assassination [VHS]
From the Back Cover
The Central intelligence Agency is the government's most controversial branch-with a controversial mission to match. This clandestine mission to match. This clandestine organization'' secret methods and undefined goals have been the topic of much speculation…until now! Inside the CIA: On Company Business is a long and penetrating look inside one of the world's most powerful secret organizations. This long suppressed, award-winning tape shows you the CIA of today and its role in the political intrigues of the recent past.

Part 2 - Assassination

It's been a "Company" secret for many years…until this videotape! Assassination as a tool of our country's foreign policy has always been kept under wraps-until key ex-agents tell their shocking stories to our cameras. Now you can learn for the first time of plots by the CIA to murder the leaders of various governments around the world, including Fidel Castro.

Can't find Part 3