What's the Point?

It's really hard to summarize a study of Terrorism, a Terrorism Racket, Conspiracy, and (bi-partisan) Fascism-Communism-Globalism.  If I try to condense it too much, it sounds nutty as hell, with no reference.  If I try to explain it all at once, it's far too long.  Here's one effort:

Why do I do all the political talk and work, learning and sharing knowledge?  Obsession?  Ego?  Being right?  Like to be miserable?  Trying to make other people miserable and disillusioned like me? 
I guess the real reason I do this is LOVE.  Why bother otherwise. Pay's no good.
I just found this:
"At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love." - Che Guevara
on the other hand, "A people without hatred cannot vanquish a brutal enemy"
"the oppressor must be killed mercilessly ... the revolutionary must become an efficient and selective killing machine."

I started out believing I was a "Liberal", because I care about people, even about people I don't even know.  Even about people I really don't want to know.  I care about justice, morality, fairness.  What about animals?  I eat meat, but I don't think animals should be tortured, whether by Jeffrey Dahmer (early signs of who he was to become, a sociopath and killer of humans) or a sociopathic corporate factory farm.  'Nuff said.

Liberals care about people.  Conservatives hate people and only only care about money ... or Scriptural Verse ... not actual living people.  Right?  Well, that's the stereotype, so there has to be SOME truth to that with a lot of variance, but a lot of it is spin and manipulation, polarization is fed, keeping that false dichotomy alive.

Evidence of the false left-right divide is the fact that I've been BANNED from posting comments on the Democratic Underground website, and BANNED on it's far-right alter-ego, Free Republic.  And I didn't even cuss or call names!  I guess facts are inflammatory, when they attack myths.

Since then, I've learned that a LOT of people who call themselves conservative DO care about people and want to reduce the tyranny of government, restore personal liberty.  A lot of liberals want the same or similar things, less tyrannical govt., albeit combined with some form of humane wealth-redistribution and other 'caring' things.  Most people are nearly on the same page.  (Most liberals think the big friendly govt should take away people's guns so they don't hurt each other.  Many conservatives think the big friendly govt should help people decide to save fetuses.  Few realize that both initiatives involve police state measures for "feel-good" reasons.)

The divisions are mostly intentional efforts to divide, pumped by the media into human thought-space.  Large corporations, governments, and tax-subsidized "think tanks" spend billions on Fortune 500 PR firms staffed by behavioral psychologists trying to discover ways to tweak the masses, and it's NOT benign tweaking.  It's called mind control ... spin ... control via emotions and a "message".  If you think it doesn't have YOU captured, it probably does, especially if you can't see the corrosive spin on BOTH sides and on multiple perspectives. On some issues, it's not difficult to find several different layers of Left Spin fighting amonst themselves, and several different layers of Right Spin too.

Learning about this is partly an obsession, wanting to know the Truth about power and about history.  Wanting to expose the Truth to others.  Partly selfish ---  wanting to NEVER waste so much time on foolish and pointless exercises as I did on the 2004 Election, when I actively campaigned against a man with a documented Nazi background, and for a man who seemed to be an operative working for the Nazi.

re: Economics:  I was directed to an organization run by a retired Army colonel   -- Center for Economic and Social Justice --  www.cesj.org  that has a plan to accomplish their vision without government coercion or seizure of private property that real conservatives rightly fear.  (Fake conservatives love coercion and force applied to others.  So do fake liberals.)  And it's not just someone's pipe dream, Col.Kurland has powerful connections.  The basis of ideas comes from the founder of ESOP plans, Louis Kelso.

“the Just Third Way,” a post-scarcity development model that transcends both capitalism and socialism by combining free markets with the democratization of economic power and capital ownership.

We should all fear the use of government force --- even for ostensibly "benign' purposes ---  because it usually ends up being harnessed BY the already powerful FOR themselves.  CESJ is a big website with lots of high-level outreach, but one main point is that Adam Smith underestimated the power of capital over labor, and envisioned a humane system which includes wealth distribution -- not concentration -- which happens through labor.  However, It doesn't.  Not anymore.  Labor has lost, capital has won. That means people have lost, at least 90% of us serve as mere wage slaves.

The solution is simple:  Democratize capital,  extend ownership to all.  Is that the answer?  I don't know.  I'm learning.

I will also note here that, very simply: a govt of citizens has the RIGHT and is on the side of SOUND PRINCIPLE to regulate corporations, to regulate them firmly, and to *execute* them or shut them down, to seize their property when necessary.  That is because a corporation is a State Entity, like the Traffic Dept

Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  Ohio has shut down and seized assets of errant corporations in the past, and almost certainly other states have too.  But that was back when America was founded.  Not anymore.  Why?  Good lawyers, activist judges, lots of money to corrupt public officials.

A Corporation, unlike a company, consists of a Charter, a legal contract between a group of investors and the State in which it is chartered, which allows it certain special privileges and which demands certain responsibilities.  (When we were growing up, my parents made me take out the trash if I wanted to watch TV.  I hated that interruption, but I had to do it.)

Contact POCLAD for more on that.
My ECONOMICS page needs to be re-worked, but there's some good info there.
My Fascism page is also relevant, as is Conquest and Profits off 9-11, which gets into the history of False-Flag operations.  All these concepts are interconnected, because War, Tyranny, and Economic Globalization are interconnected. 
That's why it's so hard to summarize.

In the meantime I try to emphasize certain truths and facts. 
The Orwellian double-speak has grown so thick, that policies labeled as some form of conservative "love* or liberal "love" are merely State repression dressed up in a fuzzy bunny outfit.

For example, many on the Left have not yet realized how problems are *framed* (by "Left" think-tanks) in a "Robin Hood the Hero" paradigm and fake "liberal" programs and are
*sold* as warm and fuzzy solutions to these problems, but are really expanded government tyranny with a velvet glove.   Many serious conservatives have a difficult time comprehending why liberals can't see that.

Likewise, many Conservatives are presented problems which are *framed* as lawlessness and permissiveness, and so THEY are *sold* draconian freedom-devouring plans as a means to restore safety and order.  As a matter of fact, "order itself" is not bad, but has become nearly synonymous with repression due to who gets to do the ordering and what their agenda is.

So everyone is sold a set of chains.  You get to pick the color.

Some SOLID and RELEVANT political history which is missing from mainstream discussions and teaching:

1.  The Bush family acquired their wealth and power via actual dealings in Fascism.  This is no joke or partisanship.  John Kerry and Bill Clinton are arguably almost certainly aligned with this in a number of ways.

The only conviction achieved by J.E. Hoover of the FBI was Prescott Bush for essentially treason --- supporting Hitler both before and during WW2.  The Bush family has even been sued by Jews whose slave labor directly benefitted Bush. 

Bush got a cash influx that helped him win a seat in the Senate, from grateful former Nazis who had moved to South America.

2.  This is NOT a unique Bush phenomenon, though they certainly revel in it, and many former Bush supporters are waking up to that fact.  This was not merely a fascist grandpa, it was a fascist political dynasty.

The biggest industrialists, the largest NY
banking firms, the most presitious law firms, supported the Nazis.  Sullivan and Cogliano was the employer of Allen Dulles (future CIA director who was fired by Kennedy), liaison to the Third Reich.  S and C was also Enron's law firm.  Huge.  (They also invested in the Bolsheviks, throughout the Cold War, even throughout Korea and Vietnam.)   The actual history does show that American Nazis and actual Waffen SS heavily infested the Republican party starting in the post-war era, but the philosophy and policy has slowly encompassed the Democrats too.  More subtly.

Where Fascism hasn't succeeded on the Left, the Council on Foreign Relations was founded by a Col. House and a group of elites including Rockefeller who thought Karl Marx was a genius.  Not for class struggle.  For govt. centralization.

The CFR and their Tri-Lateral sister group heavily infiltrates both parties, and provides a totalitarian Left alternative to the totalitarian Right.  What's scary is, many good Liberals buy and promote the Left position, even when it's vicious!!

3.  In 1933, the same year Hitler was elected, Wall Street zillionaires attempted to finance a military coup on America. What's more shocking than that they did that, is that despite the fact that the Congressional McCormack-Dickstein Commission investigated it, this earth-shattering history has been excised from our history books

THIS IS THE BIGGER BIG PICTURE.  The only one I know of beyond this is when people compare this to Revelations in the Bible.

Good people get into inane and weak debates and rhetoric about the Fascism and Communism, afraid to say the F word about our government, when it's right there in front of us and has a long history.  We need to know how to recognize the strength and virulence of both
totalitarian fascism and totalitarian communism in our own society, transformed right under our noses, a step at a time.

The other thing that goes along with this is --- just like the Third Reich --- the use every tool Hitler used to consolidate power.  This includes government-sponsored State Terrorism.  It includes fear propaganda.  It includes not "patriotism" but "patriot-izing" our population thru misinformation, shoving their "America" down our throats.


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November 2004:
John Kerry was a milquetoast debater, and I must say, every single time.  Sure, he won on logic and reason, but he had the facts to give Bush the slam dunk.  These guys are no amateurs -- he could have done it.  Why not?  He would have had to have been a real Democrat to do so, a real opposition.  Kerry was picked the CFR-TLC-Bilderberg controlled media, so obviously, to fake the fight with Bush, toss it up a bit, and lose gracefully.

Howard Dean -- as half-Dem and pro-war as he was and is -- was not to be allowed to debate Bush.  Dean apparently was not part of the Bush inner circle, and would have creamed Bush, by personality and verve, and changed the course of the war -- possibly by instituting the draft, but definitely by a policy change.

The whole performance was not believeable.  I was thinking, and Bloggers were screaming at the DLC and Kerry to "say this"  "go after him with that" but Kerry never said it, and bloggers don't count in the debate.  Kerry refused to raise his voice and just state the facts.

Not only was the whole 2004 election a sham, pre-arranged, but even if Democrats
had won, very little would be different. Domestic and foreign policy been eerily consistent over the years no matter who was in office.  "Two teams, vying for management of Slavery Incorporated."

I sensed early on, the powers-that-be had picked a Democrat candidate who was
least likely to win, who would avoid controversial remarks,  who would appear to confront Bush ... but only on technicalities and inconsequential white lies, never exposing the real scams, never going for blood.  (such as:  Why did Bush block the investigation of 9-11?  Why did Bush knowingly lie about material facts in his case against Iraq?) 

Democrat Leaders blocked candidates who chewed like pitbulls, and even blocked them some speaking.  Even Al Sharpton could have more easily shredded Bush in a debate, launched victory on a sense of pride and power.  Dennis Kucinich could have beaten Bush on logic, common sense, rationality, and love, but not on "toughness".

Pro Wrestlers have thrown fights more convincingly than Kerry.

It is documented, the CIA creates "liberal" front groups which are programmed to lose, for the purpose of diluting the grassroots activist Left.  They do this overseas, and inside the USA.  I think the Democratic Party is basically one of those.

John Kerry
was leader of Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Kerry's office is tight with CIA analysts and the Pentagon.  CIA insiders knew and reported that Saddam had no WMD's (until Cheney and Rumsfeld stepped on them).

Pentagon insider, Karen Kwiatowski, wrote that the "Iraq desk" produced "talking points", not Intelligence.  (TALKING POINTS?!!) This was run by Doug Feith of PNAC, who also gets a paycheck from Israel as a consultant.

Now, for apologists to suggest that John Kerry was not equally in a position to know that  9-11 was an inside job, requiring years of preparation, and also know that Intelligence on Iraq came via a known LIAR... that's unfathomable.  Kerry is a deep insider with Intelligence connections.

John Kerry told us he planned to invade IRAN, next.  That will cost taxpayers another trillion dollars at least, Red dollars and Blue dollars.  (More than that .. Iraq is projected to cost $2 Trillion.)

Some "Conservatives" even had the gall to suggest the debt will be a tax on the unborn and yet-to-be conceived future generations,
for the "War on Terror".  This is clear anti-conservative hipocrisy taxing not only the unwilling but the unborn.

Even IF you believe that "terror-free" is a real goal, rather than permanent terror and fear.

Great, they'll be born "free", but in hock.  That's one of the most atrocious anti-conservative attitudes I can fathom.  And WE will all pay, in future taxes, hyper-inflation, or grinding poverty like the 1930's. 

Warmongers love to Dine and Dash.  They love to run up the tab, but when the bill arrives, the warmongers always skate.  Think twice before lending them your credit card.  Oh wait, it's too late, they already have it.

From the false paradigm of the War on Terror, Iraq and Iran almost makes sense.  Well, NOT to many military experts and veterans.  But to ordinary semi-literate Americans, it flies.
(It was Allen Dulles, CIA director and lead man of the Warren Commission on the JFK assassination, who said the coverup would succeed because "Americans don't read".)

People schooled on CNN/Fox/ABC/NBC/CBS still say "Bush is protecting us from Terrorists".

But from the paradigm of 9-11 as a compartmentalized CIA covert operation (proven extensively already), how can this War protect us from Terrorists who are US contract employees, protect us from government-sponsored "death squads"?

It's a fabrication that Democrats and Republicans are "enemies".  Rivals, yes.  Some of them argue, and a few throw some opposition-sounding rhetoric.  A very few do oppose some extreme un-American policies (policies which are normally supported by BOTH parties), but most are completely bought and sold, and their arguments are staged for public consumption, a PR gimmick.  Come back to this link: 

On Sept 11, 2001, in the evening when I was sent home from work early, while the word "Afghanistan" was being pushed over the airwaves, I did a quick Google for Afghanistan.  I found one single website put up by Afghani women in exile, describing unspeakable horror inflicted on Afghani society -- men, women, and children -- by
"psychotic, illiterate" mujahadeen warriors --- forces empowered by the US and the West, and by brutal Middle East proxy leaders who work for the USIt horrified me, it wasn't one bombing, it wasn't a plane wreck,  Afghanistan was a living hell, Made in America, going on and on and on for decades.  This was certainly not even remotely about Love.  It was about unimaginable ruthlessness, hate, and indifference to suffering.  Later I learned it was part of a larger foreign policy strategy to destroy a fledgling democracy in order to  a) build a pipeline   and   b) tweak the Soviets.  

Stories of torture, summary executions, beatings and killing of women, rape, women and girls forced into prostitution to eat and the only means to feed their family, against every moral fiber of their being, subject to lifelong shame and scorn.  Of womens' prohibition to leave their homes without a male escort who must be either a husband or relative.  Despite the evidence and reports, United States officials continued to LIE about this and support the psychotics.

I read the these women warning the West that
support for these mujahadeen could someday backlash against the US --- warnings going back 10 - 20 years.  I read about brave women, who gave their lives for freedom, to expose the brutality, using words and video cameras hidden in their burkas.

There was no credible factor one could call "surprise" by American government, as in "surprise attack".   When a crowd of people scream warnings for 20 years and they are ignored, it no longer qualifies as a surprise. 

I suddenly wanted to tell everyone, but I barely knew how.  The reality was so dissonant from the common perception of the US as victim, the Afghanis as perpetrators.   I was not very successful in convincing Americans about this scam.

Love screamed and demanded that I act, in SOME capacity. 

Latin America
Then I read further from Noam Chomsky, about the US inflicting 20-40 years of the same torture and murder on tens of thousands of innocent brown people in Latin America.  Fascist military dictatorships installed in Argentina and Chile, serious torture, mass murder.

Not to mention Vietnam and Indochina, the 3.5 million peasants who perished, never having a clue about Democracy or Communism, just bombs.  Chomsky had even worse stories about Nicaragua than Afghanistan, graphic details.  Some of these stories made me want to vomit. 

I wanted to quit reading, because the brutality was so
mind-bendingly horrible, but I realized I was only reading a paper on it.  THEY LIVED IT.   I had to have the courage to read the story, to be a witness.   For the same reasons we would call the police on a child torturer (or even a dog torturer)  in the neighborhood, I had to tell others.  Even if you don't have any children of your own, you would still try to stop such a crime ... just as a human being.  (Wouldn't you?  Some people "mind their own business", no matter what is happening.)
Noam Chomsky not only explained what happened, the graphic stories of peasants and priests systematically slaughtered, tortured, and terrorized by US-backed forces, tiny countries that couldn't hurt the US if they tried, but he explained the WHY's and the REASONS, and quoted the hipocrisy of the US policy papers and twisted reports that led to or backed this horror.  These were all public papers or news articles that contained a sliver of truth, often from the Wall Street Journal. 
Well, that was only an introduction.  Next I was reading about the reality of living in Iraq under the US assault, from 1991 to 2002.  I read about how
the US  lured Saddam to  implement his attack plans on Kuwait, a brutal country itself, which had ignored Saddam's legitimate economic complaint and snubbed peace negotiations.  I read about how Saddam was purposely lured into a trap by April Glapie, an underling to Secretary of State James A. Baker, so Iraq could be completely destroyed in "retaliation".

I read about and prayed for the souls of the 700,000-plus children. 
I read about Pentagon policy to intentionally inflict the population (especially the most vulnerable children) with dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and a whole host of infectious diseases, by destroying water and sanitation infrastructure.  I read about intentional starvation by destruction of the food infrastructure.  Then the routine 12 year campaign where people were bombed and burned and shot to death, US policy to "destroy the society", how Madeline Albright told 20/20 that "it was worth it". 

I thought about what it must feel like to be a 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 year old child, slowly dying from cholera, who suffered diahrrea until it died.  How the mother felt.  I read about all the babies born with gross deformities from the 600,000 tons of radioactive waste dumped on Iraq, the epidemic of cancer victims. 

I thought about how these middle class and poor people were forced to pay the price for Saddam's crimes --- which the US gave him the green (or at least flashing red) light to do.  Crimes we had encouraged (ordered?) him to do, crimes we paid cold hard cash to have done.  Saddam was our ally, our strongman, our hitman.   We paid him to "kill his own people", to the extent that he did. 

my motivation:
I reflected on the Right-to-Life Movement in America.  The one that says babies are precious.  Harrumph.   Obviously this is not a universal sentiment.  It depends on whose babies.  

I got sickened by the sheer audacity of the hipocrisy and lies.  I grew frightened that such transparent lies became an inpenetrable cover for reality.

THEN, I got deeper into the rabbit hole, and discovered ALL the evidence that pretty much proved that the 3000 Americans, those victims who we were going to avenge by killing even
more innocent people, were undoubtably set up and killed by a joint CIA-Al-Qaida operation.   I learned further that Al-Qaida doesn't really even exist as an independent organization, more like a philosophy, with "terrorists" working knowingly or unknowingly as a subset or Intelligence Asset of the CIA.  CIA and Defense were knowingly working with the KLA in 2001, long after the Cole bombing, and the KLA was simultaneously funded and trained by Al-Qaeda and the Pentagon and NATO.   More on this:
911 The Broad Picture with Michel Chossudovsky

I learned that even the NAME "Al-Qaeda" was made up by U.S. prosecutors.  They wanted to slam this shadowy "Osama" under some RICO Act for organized crime, and thus they needed an "organization", so they made one up.  Then they spun it into a vast Islamic terrorist network, which doesn't truly exist, at least not independently.  What does exist is a vast CIA network, which has routinely carried out Al-Qaeda-type activities for 50 years

Mostly, operations are carried out on people who are not US citizens.  However, look up: COINTELPRO.  Google "Fred Hampton".  Fred was executed sleeping in his bed by a joint Chicago/FBI operation, after an FBI informant drugged him.  Sometimes the US kills it's own citizens. 

I believe it's an act of LOVE to prevent a murder.  I believe it's an act of LOVE to help someone who is suffering, especially a victim of a brutal crime.  I believe it's an act of cowardice to close one's eyes to brutality, to be complicit in the crime.  That's like watching a helpless person getting beaten, and walking or driving past. 

I no longer have just one, but now two loving things I must devote my life to.  One, helping self-destructive people become formerly self-destructive.  Helping people "get a life", a clean and sober life.   Two, helping stop torture and murder, perpetrated by my government.

It's as if I see myself as some kind of Captain America, waving my mighty shield, fighting injustice. 

However, I know I'm
really not a superhero, so I can't do this alone.  I need everyone's help to save the world.  So, I explain, and I ask, and I hope some people feel their conscience rising, telling them to act, NOW. 

I hope some people realize that neo-liberal economics, and "structural adjustment" programs, which merely steal from the poor and give to the rich, sometimes at gunpoint, sometimes at penpoint, are very real and are coming to America NOW. 
Really, "Chicago school" neo-Liberal fascist economics are already here.

Wages go down laterly?  Health care disappear?   Lose your job?  Backyard poisoned?  Relative with cancer?   Yep, the writing's on the wall.

Some conversations about me "talking about politics" with people who think they don't care about politics  (as if it doesn't  affect them)  made me question this, and made me want to define myself in this context.