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HOME PAGEEver wonder why the insane faction of the Christian Right seems so powerful in America, larger than it would seem to be, so unlike any of my neighbors, and seems to bleed it's fascist tendencies over into some normal, honest Christians and conservatives?

It's got LOTSA money and deep Intelligence and Nazi connections.

This is an abbreviated and editorialized sample of info from a Scriptural Christian website called Seek God.
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In-depth biographies of CNP founders and past/present officers and many members reveal that many are or have been directly affiliated with or part of such organizations as the Knights of Malta (SMOM), the Council on Foreign Relations, the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, the Church of Scientology, Freemasonry, the CIA, Nazis, the Church Universal & Triumphant, the Ku Klux Klan, Templeton Foundation, Racists, White Supremacists, and other cults and organizations.

Can any Christian really believe that someone who loves Jesus Christ will knowingly join with and have the same beliefs or goals as a Nazi, a Mormon or a follower of Sun Myung Moon?

Moon claims that claims that Jesus will worship at his feet. What's he doing with these Christians, and why did Falwell get millions from Moon?  (continued below)

This opening page does not emphasize this groups' links with the military and the CIA, with past death squads, and with current military policies of the USA, and connections with militant Zionism.  However the names mentioned say a lot.

Here's some of the names:
Richard Mellon Scaife, Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay, Trent Lott, Jesse Helms, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Reverend Moon, Oliver North, Tim and Bev LaHaye (pro-nuclear-Armageddon freaks), R.J. Rushdoony and Gary North (pro-stoning for sinners), Pat Boone, Gary Bauer, Coors family, Du Pont family, Reed Irvine, Grover Norquist, Gen. Patton, Martin Maddoux, Phyllis Schafly, Edward Teller (father of Atomic Bomb), Robert Tilton, Ralph Reed, Rev. Donald Wildmon.

Knights of Malta (SMOM) includes William Donovan (CIA founder).  The President of the American Eastern Association of SMOM is J. Peter Grace, President of W.R. Grace Company, who was a key figure in Operation Paperclip, which brought Nazi scientists to the U.S.
Grace later ran Citizens Against Govt Waste, a study under Reagan to cut social spending while upping military spending (just like Hitler), and supported the terrorist Contra "freedom fighters" with their CIA-crack imports, as well as Al-Qaeda freedom fighters under Reagan.

SMOM is both a ''sovereign'' and, historically, a "military" organization. Its headquarters, occupying a square block in Rome at 68 Via Condotti, enjoys the extra-territorial legal status granted to an embassy of a sovereign state. The Italian police are not welcome on its territory, it issues its own stamps, and has formal diplomatic relations and exchanges ambassadors with a number of countries.

In addition to fmr CIA Dir William Casey, and James Buckley, its current members, or Knights, after the feudal fashion, include Lee Iacocca, John McCone, William Buckley, Alexander Haig, Alexandre de Marenches (the chief of French Intelligence under Giscard d'Estaing, himself a Knight of SMOM), Otto von Hapsburg, and various leaders of the fascist P-2 Masonic lodge in Italy (which carried out Operation Gladio terror with the CIA and NATO). While its organizational funding is relatively modest, its leverage is maximized by the presence of its Knights in key positions in other private and governmental structures throughout the world.  SMOM also includes Franz von Papen who helped Hitler become Chancellor.
(this was rare page (local copy) that was clean of real whacko stuff on SMOM, just their connections)

Also a lot of John Birch Society connections, which would include Alex Jones' father and undoubtably Alex himself.

Joint Projects of the CNP
Selected Organization/Media/Project  Index  (this website lists WHO which CNP member is a cross-member of this other organization or project)
Accuracy in Media
Agency for International Development  (USAID, a CIA front)
American Civil Rights Union
American Coalition for Traditional Values
American Conservative Union
American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies
American Family Association, Inc.  (AFA, Don Wildmon)
American Freedom Coalition [Moon/Unification Church front]
American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD) ~ J. Peter Grace (Nazi linked)
American Political Action Committee
Americans Against World Empire
American Security Council
American Sovereignty Action Project
American Spectator - (Pat Buchanan's mag)
Americans United for Life
Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN)   (Nazi links)
Aspen Global Change Institute
Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies  (considered a liberal commie group)
Ban the Soviet Coalition
Billy Graham Evangelical Assoc./Training Center/etc
Bohemian Club  (Bohemian Grove)
Brigham Young University/ Mormon
Brookings Institution
California Independent Business PAC
Campaign for Working Families
Campus Crusade for Christ Int’l  (CIA front)
Agape Movement
Associates in Media
Christian Leadership Ministries
Christian World Liberation Front
International Christian Leadership University ~ Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright
International School of Theology
New Life 2000
The Christian Embassy
Third Century Press
The Christian Freedom Foundation
Capitol Publishing Co
Capital Research Center / Institute
Cato Institute
CAUSA (Confederation of Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas)  Moon's multinational anti-communist and political organization
CBN (Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network or affiliate)
Center for Futures Education
Center for Individual Rights
Center for Reform
Center for the American Founding 
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Center for Peace and Freedom
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), FBI or other Intelligence branch
Chalcedon Institute Rev. R. J. Rushdoony, Howard Ahmanson, Jr., Dr. Gary North, Howard Phillips (advocate reconstructionism, Theology to replace U.S. Constitution)
Christian Action Council
Christian Coalition
Christian Film & Television Commission
Christian Financial Concepts
Christian Heritage Foundation (CHF) (Moon funded) ~ Dr. Jerry Falwell
Christian Inquirer
Christian Solidarity International (CSI) USA
Christian Voice." [Moon connected]
Church League of America
Churches Alive, International
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Citizens for America
Citizens for a Sound Economy Richard Mellon Scaife,
Citizens Intelligence Digest
Citizens United
Claremont Institute
Coalition for a Democratic Majority
Coalition for Freedom
Coalition for Peace through Strength
Coalition on Revival (COR)
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Concerned Women for America Inc Beverly LaHaye
Conservative Caucus  or it's Leadership Council
Conservatives Against Liberal Legislation (CALL) [Moon Funded]
Conservative Digest
Council for Government Reform
Council for Inter-American Security
Council for the Defense of Freedom
Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]
Creation Research Society
Discovery Institute
Eagle Forum
Education of youth/children in some capacity: 
Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.)
American Association of Christian Schools
Association of Christian Schools International
Bob Jones University
Catholic Home School Network
Cornerstone Schools
Fairfax Christian School
First Christian Academy
Missouri Association of Christian Schools
New York Association of Christian Schools
TransNational Association of Christian Schools
Empower America
English First
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Evangelicals and Catholics Together 
Family Research Council
Federalist Society
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Focus on the Family
Free Congress Foundation
American Legislative Exchange Council.(ALEC)
National Foundation for Women Legislators
Free Congress PAC
Krieble Institute
National Empowerment Television  [NET]
National Pro-Family Coalition
Free Congress Foundation's Coalition for Constitutional Liberties 
Free Congress Research and Education Foundation
Freedom Alliance  (Oliver North)
Freedom Council
Freedom House & Outreach Working Group on Central America
Freedoms Foundation
Free Enterprise Institute
Free Market Foundation
Friends of the Americas
Friends of the Democratic Center in Central America (PRODEMCA)
(anything to do with 'freedom' for Central or South America incl death squads and dictators)
George Mason University
Gideons International
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Gospel Films/ Gospel Communications International (GCI)
Gun Owners of America 
Gun Owners of California
Heritage Foundation
Heritage's Asian Studies Center
Center for Education Reform
Heritage's Policy Review
"High Frontier."
Hillsdale College
Holy Cross College of Notre Dame
Home School Legal Defense Assoc
Hoover Institution [Stanford University]
Hudson Institute
Human Events
Institute for Creation Research
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, [IFPA]
Institute for Policy Innovation 
Institute for Religious Research
Institute of East-West Dynamics [UN affiliate]
Institute of World Politics
Intercessors for America
Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc
Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship (ICES)
International Charismatic Bible Ministries (ICBM)
International Christian Communications, Inc
International Churchill Society
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
The Center for Jewish and Christian Values  
International Freedom Foundation - was clandestinely funded by the South African military
International Policy Forum
International Public Affairs Consultants, Inc. (IPAC).
International Youth Year Commission
James Robison Evangelistic Association
Christian Women's National Concerns 
Jefferson Educational Foundation
John Birch Society
~ The New American Magazine'.
~ Western Goals [defunct domestic spy group of John Birch Society/Moon -CAUSA connected]
John Templeton Foundation/ Press/Prize
Ku Klux Klan
Landmark Legal Foundation
Legislative Studies Institute
Lehrman Institute
Liberty University - Dr. Jerry Falwell, George F. Gilder
Luis Palau Crusade
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research  (Atom Bomb project)
Media Research Center
Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem
Mises Institute
~[Ludwig von Mises,  is a CNP/reconstructionist connected libertarian institute which esteems notables such as Friedrich von Hayek. Friedrich von Hayek, protégé and colleague of Mises, is one of the founders of the Mont Pelerin Society, with fascist overtones.]
Atlas Foundation Project 
Center for Libertarian Studies
Mont Pelerin Society ~ among its founders were some of the oldest and most powerful families in Europe, such as the von Hapsburgs, former rulers of Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Thurn und Taxis family, which ran the intelligence and postal system for that Empire since the Sixteenth Century.

The Mont Pelerin Society called for a "conservative revolution" - for the "elimination" of nation states and the return to FEUDALISM a goal which has characterised all the various European fascist movements of the 1920s and 1930s, of which the Nazis were merely the most successful variant...The Mont Pelerin Society is a relic of the fascist movements of Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. The Mont Pelerin Society's own members such as Professor Milton Friedman, have "emphasized" that its policies are those of Adolf Hitler  [meaning from Hitler's policies in the 1920's and 1930's].

Needless to say, Hitler's economic policies were NOT worker friendly at all, and Friedman's policies in Chile mirrored those of Hitler.

Moral Majority
National Advisory Board on International Education
National Association of Churches
National Association of Evangelicals
National Center for Policy Analysis
National Center for Privatization ~ meaning "handing over public assets to cronies"
National Center for Public Policy Research's [Environmental Policy Task Force]
National Christian Action Coalition
National Congressional Club
National Conservative Political Action Committee 
National Council of Churches ~ [funded by Rockefeller amongst others] ~ Dr. Theodore Baehr, Joseph Coors, Rev. E. V. Hill
National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools
National Council on Education Research
National Defense Council Foundation
National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA)
National Legal and Policy Center
National Legal Center for the Public Interest
National Pro-Life PAC 
National Religious Broadcasters
National Review ~ conservative bi-weekly publication founded by CFR's William F. Buckley Jr.
National Rifle Association
National Right to Life Committee or Foundation
National Right To Work Organization/ Legal Defense Foundation  (anti-union)
National Right To Work Committee  (anti-union)
Nevada Policy Research Institute
Newcomen Society
Nicaraguan Freedom Fund ~ [fundraising group set up in 1985 by Moon's Washington Times, to provide funds to the contras]
Outreach Working Group on Central America
Pepperdine University
Philadelphia Society
Phillips Foundation
Pioneer Fund
Plymouth Rock Foundation
Promise Keepers
The Prophecy Club
Radio Free Europe and or Radio Liberty [was American Committee for Liberation]~CIA's psywar operation
RAMBO Coalition linked to Alpha 66 CIA op
Religious Roundtable/ Council of 56
Republican National Coalition for Life 
Restore a More Benevolent World Order (RAMBO)
Sacramento Union ~ Richard M. Scaife, Joseph F. Farah
Second Amendment Foundation
Soldier of Fortune magazine (SOF)  (for mercenary soldiers)
Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta [SMOM] ~ J. Peter Grace, William E. Simon, Frank Shakespeare (Nazi-linked, Latin American "humanitarian" via "Americares" death squad operations, see above)
"Steeling the Mind of America"
"Strategies to Eliminate Poverty" (STEP) Program and Foundation
 Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation of Texas
The Freemen Institute  [Mormon staffed political think tank that worked closely with the [John] Birch Society through the latter's affiliated Western Goals Foundation (domestic spy outfit)]
which became The National Center for Constitutional Studies ["The goal is  to bring in the religious and political kingdom of God under the Mormon prophet." /CAUSA-Moon Funded]
The International Freedom Foundation (IFF)
The Independent Institute
The Leadership Institute
The Lincoln Review 
The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty
The Radvanyi Chair in International Studies
The Reason Foundation  (an offshoot of  Reason Public Policy Institute (RPPI) or Reason Magazine [part of the Heritage Foundation State Think Tanks]
The Religious Heritage Freedom Foundation
Religious Heritage of America (RHA)
The Rockford Institute
The Roe Foundation
Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies 
The Rutherford Institute
The Viguerie Company
The Washington Times
  [Moon purchased and controlled]
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Transnational Association of Christian Schools
UN rep. or UN related Organization
United Schools of America, Inc
United States Global Strategy Council
United Students of America Foundation
U.S. Council for World Freedom or it's pre-cursor, American Council for World Freedom [US affiliate of Moon's WACL, World Anti-Communist League of underground fascists]
U.S. Department of HUD [Housing and Urban Department]
United States Taxpayers Party, now called The Constitution Party
U.S. Youth Council
Western Center for Law and Religious Freedom 
Women of Our Hemisphere Achieving Together
Women's Federation For World Peace Conference
World Anti-Communist League [WACL ~ Moon organization with Nazi connections] 
World Business Council
World Council of Churches
World Vision

Wycliffe Bible Translators International
Young America's Foundation
Young Americans for Freedom
Young Life
Young President's Organization
Young Republicans
Young Republican National Federation
Youth For Christ
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(continued from main page)
It needs to be understood that some individuals belong to or are affiliated with the above by choice or by error. It does not mean all CNP members are or were involved in specific groups or beliefs, or that there is knowledge of those backgrounds. It will perhaps explain the ease with which many are seduced into embracing  false doctrine and the One World Religion. They don't necessarily belong to Jesus Christ, but hold other religious beliefs, or are simply uninformed or naive both spiritually or factually. We're told specifically to not join with unbelievers.

2 Corinthians 6:14-15 "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?"

Can any Christian really believe that someone who loves Jesus Christ will knowingly join with and have the same beliefs or goals as a Nazi, a Mormon or a follower of Sun Myung Moon--who believes himself to be Messiah. I don't believe any would intentionally. But many do under the guise of politics, being conservative or family minded, and fighting the culture war.

In a sense, the CNP is becoming the worst kept secret.


Those who have written about or exposed the Reconstructionist or Dominionist agenda and unseemly alliances of various members, might appear to have done so because of a strong dislike for Christians, or those labeled as the Religious Right, and a desire to disparage those who appear under that name. In fact, many website sources were openly hostile to the religious right. Their presentation of factual information was merely as a watch dog of the 'right.' Their purpose was clearly to further their own agenda. Despite any contrary intent of any who have written about these people, the documented facts are still valid.

note from below:

H.L. "Bill" Richardson - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; Christian Reconstructionist; State Senator of California; Former Chairman of the California Senate Republican Caucus; founder and President of Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners of California; Publisher, Gun Owner;  author of Slightly To The Right and "So You Think We Read the Bills"; served on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association for 10 years and remains an active NRA Life member; president Computer Caging, a direct-mail organization and Red Barn Productions; former John Birch Society field organizer; advisory board member of Coalition for a Democratic Majority 18, which was associated with the Committee on the Present Danger, The Coalition for Peace Through Strength and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), among others.

Two other members, Rushdoony and North, advocate replacing the Constitutional Republic with an Old Testament Theocracy, complete with stonings.

Jack Abramoff is an Orthodox Jew with close ties to Rabbi Lapin/Toward Tradition and movie critic Michael Medved. He was also a supporter of CNP's Tom Delay, whom Delay once called "one of my best friends."

HOME PAGE"In July 2002, at the height of the anti-Jena campaign, Bauer and Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a fixture at Christian-right events, founded the American Alliance of Christians and Jews. On the group's board were Dobson, Robertson, Falwell and one Jack Abramoff. Lapin's organization, Toward Tradition, which administered the AACJ, received $25,000 from one of Abramoff's gambling industry clients in 2000; took $75,000 from Abramoff and his clients; and then, upon Abramoff's written instructions, hired the wife of Tony Rudy to the tune of $5,000 a month. Rudy, who was Tom DeLay's deputy chief of staff at the time, later a lobbyist, has been named in Abramoff's guilty plea" 

CNP Name List By Alphabetical Listing (very partial list from HERE)
    A  Larry AbrahamJack Abramoff ,   Howard Ahmanson, Jr.Gary Aldrich,  Senator John K. Andrews, Jr.Hon. Richard K. Armey,
     -- Howard A. BallRep. William G. Batchelder IIIHon. Gary Bauer    
   Be  --Morton BlackwellJohn R. Bolton, Pat Boone, L. Brent Bozell, III Founder and President of the Media Research Center, a media watchdog organization, Founder and President Parents Television Council  
    Br   Dr. William "Bill" R. BrightAnita BryantHonorable Dan Burton
    C -- Holland (Holly) Coors   Jeffrey Coors   Joseph Coors  
    D -- Beverly Danielson   Sen. William Dannemeyer accompanied the Christian Emergency Relief Team (CERT) International on a tour along the Honduras/Nicaragua border in 1987 (with Rev. Moon.) Arnaud de Borchgrave   Don DeFore  Thomas D. DeLay  Rich DeVos   Richard M. DeVos Jr. (Amway)  Dr. James Dobson   Elaine Donnelly   Ann Drexel   Robert P. Dugan   Pierre S. du Pont   
   E -- Jack Eckerd   Stuart Epperson 
    -- Dr. Jerry Falwell,   Joseph F. Farah   Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr  
    G  -- Willard Garvey   Peter B. Gemma Jr.   George F. Gilder   Alan Gottlieb
   Gr  -- J. Peter Grace   Lt. General Daniel O. Graham   Darryl E. Gustafson
     -- Rev. Ben Haden   Billy Hale  Jesse Helms   Roland Hinz - publishers of Dirt Bike and Motocross magazines
    Ho  --  Max Hugel   Herbert William Hunt   Mary Reilly Hunt   Nelson Bunker Hunt 
     I-J-K -- Reed Irvine   Gary Jarmin   Rep. Louis (Woody) Jenkins   Margaret Jenkins    Bob Jones III   Rep. Hal Jones   Rep. Jack Kemp 
    Ken -- Dr. D. James Kennedy   William R. Kennedy   Alan Keyes   William A. Keyes   Cliff Kincaid   Larry Klayman Chairman, Judicial Watch, Inc.; former trial attorney, U.S. Department of Justice  Brig. General Albion W. Knight  
    L  -- Beverly LaHaye    Lee LaHaye   Dr. Timothy LaHaye   Reed Larson   Hon. Trent Lott    Edward Lozick  
    M~Mca  -- Mark R. Maddoux   Marlin Maddoux   Marion (Mac) Magruder  Pat Matrisciana    Ed McAteer former executive for Colgate-Palmolive 
   Mc  -- Thomas E. McCabe  Norman P. McClelland   James A. McClure   Larry P. McDonald   Hon. Edwin Meese III   Major F. Andy Messing, Jr.  Eugene Meyer 
    Mo  -- Terry E. Moffitt   Barbara Monteith   Dr. Stanley Monteith  
    N~Pa -- Senator Don Nickles   Grover Norquist    Dr. Gary North   Lt. Col. Oliver North  Dr. Paige Patterson   Maj. General George S. Patton III  
    Pe~Q -- Tony Perkins   Howard Phillips   William M. Polk  Lawrence D. "Larry" Pratt   Judge Paul  Pressler 
     -- Ralph E. Reed, Jr.  H.L. "Bill" Richardson  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts   Dr. "M.G." Pat Robertson  Kathleen Teague [Rothschild]    Howard J. Ruff   Rev. R. J. Rushdoony 
     -- Richard M. Scaife  Rich Scarborough   Phyllis Schlafly  
    Sh  -- Frank Shakespeare  Operation Phoenix, Vietnam William E. Simon   Major General John K. Singlaub  
    Sn  -- Kathleen Sullivan   Lt. General Gordon Sumner Jr.  John H. Sununu 
    T~V -- Dr. Lewis Tambs Board of Directors of the Council for Inter-American Security (CIS). and WACL  Hon. Helen Marie Taylor  Dr. Edward Teller   Robert L. Thoburn   Robert G. Tilton   Steven A.F. Trevino  Sherman E. Unkefer III   Jon Basil Utley    Harry Valentine   Guy Vander Jagt    Richard Viguerie  
    W -- Diana Weyrich  Paul Weyrich President of Free Congress Foundation, Founding President, The Heritage Foundation, "One of the 100 most powerful Washingtonians,"  John W. Whitehead 
    Wi-Z -- Rev. Donald Wildmon   Tim Wildmon