When I criticized the Endless War Forever on EastAsia Terror (Orwell), or I pointed out that members of the Bush government obviously knew (at least), that nobody was closer to the Osama's organization than the Bush syndicate ... including Osama's mother ... a few people would write back asking:

"Have you forgotten ... ?".

What could anyone have forgotten?  That a criminal regime -- beyond Bush, but culminating in his office -- runs this country?  That's what we've really forgotten.

How could ANYONE in this country forget 9-11 for a minute?  It's been made our whole purpose for living.  The media barrage is unrelenting, emanating from Washington and PR companies lining up on Madison Ave. for a new contract to shove the latest "message" down our throats via CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the White House itself.

"Have you forgotten ... ?" can also be seen as an American version of a Zionist meme:  "Never Forget".  Not that the world should ever sweep the Holocaust under the carpet, but this is something else.  This is really a question of building a civilization or a nation based on the foundation of victimization and aggrievances, and on a permanent state of "defensive" aggression and retaliation.  The United States is copying this propaganda success of the Zionist regime, which was also a propaganda tactic of Hitler and the Nazis -- which turned their legitimate grievances into the Third Reich.  It's Nationalist Identity based on collective victimization.

One, the Jewish Holocaust is not the only Holocaust people in this world have suffered.
Two, it is destructive to the character of any nation to be obsessed with vengeance and victimhood.

Note: From the fact that FBI's Warrant for Osama Bin Laden does not include Sept 11 (due to insufficient evidence according to one FBI official), and from the fact that numerous high-level foreign policy officials stated that the future of America was dependent upon the incidence of a major bloodbath on U.S. soil, plus many other detailed facts about the actual Sept 11 incidents, it seems pretty clear that probably zero Arab hijackers were involved, except as extras in the drama. 
Given how the Sept 11 Bloodbath was so critical and imperative to their goals, would they have trusted it to the willingness of some coked up Arab playboys and party animals to kill themselves for  ... Allah???
Or would they have just used trusty and reliable remote control flight technology, available since the 80's?



    The "blowback" thesis is a fabrication. The evidence amply confirms that the CIA never severed its ties to the "Islamic Militant Network". Since the end of the Cold War, these covert intelligence links have not only been maintained, they have in become increasingly sophisticated. Ironically, the US Administration's undercover military-intelligence operations in Bosnia have been fully documented by the Republican Party.

  • Osama bin Laden did not make NORAD stand down for 75 minutesNORAD and the FAA has a mandatory procedure, mandatory having a special meaning in the military, to launch a fighter jet response within 3 minutes or less of any plane going off course, since 1975.  Documents show this standing order was revoked by the office of Donald Rumsfeld in the summer of 2001, and restored on Sept 12.
  • The pilots among the 19 hijackers trained at secure US military installations, at Pensacola, FL and the Defense Language School in Monterey, and at CIA-connected private schools.  Instructors said they could barely fly, they "wouldn't trust them to drive a car", yet they accomplished maneuvers that baffled top pilots. 
  • Jeb Bush took a box of documents from Huffman Aviation (CIA front)  and flew them out of the country.  Why?
  • TOP military and longstanding government professionals have testified about US government attempts to block and squelch investigations of the alleged terrorists, including explicit fore-warnings consciously ignoredFollow the money?  Not allowed.  The list of whistleblowers includes famous attorney who tried to impeach Clinton, David Schippers, FBI agent John O'Neill (who died at the WTC, found near his body, a perfect terrorist passport), FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, FBI agent Robert Wright, and others.  
  • Mike Springman spoke about being forced to sign visa applications for suspected terrorists, forced or overruled by the CIA. 
  • Osama couldn't cause the US block investigations of his terrorist connections.   Not unless he's part of our government.
  • The Bin Laden family is closely tied to the US via investments in our Defense contractors, Big Oil, and our current PresidentSomalia offered to ARREST OSAMA.   Clinton bombed their pharm factory, killing maybe 100,000.  Why didn't Clinton want Osama arrested?  
  • The US created the Islamic terrorist networkMany Arabs do not hate the US, at least not before we destroyed them.  Even at that, some know that many in the US oppose slaugtering civilians. 
  • Most certainly, there are some who hate everything about the US.  That emotion does NOT constitute a terror network
  • The CIA secretly funneled millions through our listed enemy du jour Iran to the Islamic Mujahadeen, supplying them with weapons and training in terrorism. US gave the Taliban, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and other Afghani warlords and Saudi leaders six billion dollars This was the plan of the past National Security Adviser, Brzezinski, who served under Carter, Reagan, and Bush, and is a founder of the Tri-Lateral Commission with David Rockefeller.  Clinton is also a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission, which picked him for President.
  • The US supported the Islamic terrorist network well into 2001, and TODAY!  Who are the KLA, the Kosovo Liberation Army?  Islamic, heroin-running narco-terrorists.  KLA = Al-Qaida.  Top Al-Qaida leaders close to Osama worked for the KLA.  What do YOU call it when these parties get together on a project:  CIA, NATO, KLA, Al-Qaeda, and private DoD Defense contractors?  A joint business partnership?   
  • In 2007, Bush gave the Balkans wing of Al-Qaeda complete sovereignty over Kosovo, in violation of a Helsinki Treaty.  I'm not sure that Kosovars and Bosniaks do not deserve their own nation-state, there are many conflicting discussions, but it seems the Bush admin simply set aside the Helsinki Treaty of 1975 (on retaining stable borders unless there is mutual agreement), and the KLA is historically linked w America's use of Al-Qaeda in the region.
  • The US may have beensecretly helping Chechnya, pissing off RussiaChechnya "terrorists" are tied to Al-Qaida (though I'm not sure they aren't justified in fighting against Russian brutality, but it's a lie to support Al-Qaida and hype Americans about fighting Al-Qaida.)
  • Osama's closest associates and family have ties to other Islamic terrorist hot spots, right alongside our CIA, our NATO, the UN under US control, and Pentagon mercenary contractors.
  • Al-Qaeda is not our enemy --- Al-CIA-duh is our  INTELLIGENCE ASSET.

  • The group Al-Qaeda may not actually exist as an independent entity.  A BBC live show, with some typical British humor, showed that Osama never spoke about Al-Qaida until after US officials used the name to prosecute Osama under some organized crime act, RICO, I think.  To prosecute organized crime, you must present an organization to the court.  Prosecutors created the name, Al-Qaida.  At best, what the government and media harps on about this intense network that's exploding trying to kill us all, appears to be no more than a loose network of individuals with a common philosophy and interests.
  • Iraqis have stated, Al-Zaqawi, if he is alive, is not in Fallujah, only residents of Fallujah and neighboring towns.  In other words, grassroots resistance, not outside terrorists.  The first sign of "Al-Qaeda in Iraq" was a spray-painted graffiti of "Al-Qaeda in Iraq". Com'on!  Time Magazine featured an exclusive interview with a shadowy Al-Qaeda leader who supposedly stepped forward to talk to reporters, of a magazine known to have longstanding CIA ties.