Stolen Election 2004

Once upon a time, two blue-blood New England frat brothers from a fraternity of Satanic Symbols at Yale, who had made a sworn pact and an oath of secrecy to all members, launched a "vicious" campaign of lies and half-truths against each other in competition for the office of King of the World.  One frat boy harnessed the power of all the prophets of gloom and terror on the electronic picture box to convince the people of his Holiness, and his Strength, then he harnessed the power of goons and judges to protect him while he set up "magical" black-box multiplying machines to boost the bean count.  The other frat boy mumbled along and thrashed around, dropped a few beans, and then conceded instantly on his marginal defeat with generous words and a generous smirk for his happy Mandated-my-ass playmate.

And THEY all lived happily ever after.  The END!!!  (of illusions)



HILARIOUS MOVIE:  a chimpanzee hacker
  Bev Harris on TV with Howard Dean "editing an election" in 90 sec. SEE MOVIE  MOVIE on Election Fraud (from long before election)
Who owns, who sits on Board of Voting Machine Cos???  Republicans + ex-CIA.

Skeptical movie about the election  American Dictators

HOW Kerry Punted, about 100 solid points of failure
In ignoring the anti-war movement, John Kerry sought failure.
Ex-CIA agents and ex-generals and state department veterans
saw common cause with left coast peaceniks
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Friends, the obvious conclusion from from stories below is that
AMERICA, as we thought we knew it, is TOAST!
The Constitution, if it ever meant anything, is renedered meaningless.
(p.s. that's not a curse word, it just sounds like one)

Kerry's CONCESSION -- despite the known fact that grassroots vote monitors were still collecting and analyzing results for obvious fraud, despite widespread public debates on illegal machines, despite the legal sparring between groups committed to at minimum "a paper record" vs. a government committed to avoiding any method of independent auditing -- can only mean one thing:  he threw the fight.

Would YOU have quit at the 11¾th hour?

Does Las Vegas or GM or Walmart use machines that can't be audited?

Kerry votes switched to Bush and ballots pre-punched for Bush --by Dr. Werner Lange "Pre-punched ballots; touch-screen vote switching; more absentee votes than absentee voters; unfair provisional voter deletions; change of voting sites on Election Day. voter suppression; voter intimidation; double voting; malfunctioning machines; recalibrated machines; evidently rigged machines; and even 25 million negative votes registered in some races in Mahoning County!"
Election 2004: G.O.P. Officials Exhume Talking Points from 2000 Presidential Election to Try to Squelch Recount Efforts in Ohio, Washington And an amicus curiae ("friend of the court") brief filed in support of Rossi by former Republican State Attorney General Ken Eikenberry alleges that the recount offers Democrats an "opportunity for mischief."
Iraq Rejects U.S. Talk of Adjusting Vote Result ['Adjusting Vote Result' are GOP-owned media codewords for Coup D'etat, the phrase the media dare not mention, since we have had two of them under the Bush-Rove dictatorship.]
Another third rate burglary --by Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D. "It was, and still is, my professional opinion that the election in Lucas County was rigged..."
In Ohio, almost 1 in 50 votes for president don't count --by Michael Collins "Here's something that has been largely overlooked amid all of the complaints about voting irregularities in Ohio during the Nov. 2 election: Nearly 97,000 ballots, or 1.7 percent of those cast across the state, either did not record a preference for president or could not be counted because the voter selected more than one presidential candidate... Elections experts say a large number of missing votes in a high-profile race like president should raise a red flag that something may be amiss."

Default Set to Bush on Voting Machines in Certain States --Another Stolen Election --Default Settings In Mahoning County --by Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D. December 20, 2004 "A disturbing story has been widely circulated that a vote for Bush was the default choice in the software of electronic voting machines in a number of states. By definition, 'default' settings are built-in by the manufacturer to make sure their programs work properly, and can be changed by the user. Some examples of default settings on a home computer are screen savers, type face, and screen resolution... With touch screen machines, it is possible to set up a default choice for Bush that would not be seen by the voters. Their votes would be automatically cast for Bush unless they successfully overrode the default choice of the computer. Likewise, if they deliberately chose not to vote for president, their votes would be counted for Bush."


Bev Harris and many others below have been doing legal wrangling for MONTHS on machines with no audit trail. 
Investigative reporter Gregory Palast has pointed out that there are more than 92,000 “spoiled” ballots in Ohio, mostly in Democratic wards that could easily be hand counted, 155,000 uncounted provisional ballots, uncounted overseas military ballots (which Bush demanded to be counted last year in FL) and some uncounted absentee ballots.
In Ohio, an estimated 14.6% of the votes are cast on e-voting machines, known for their glitches and susceptibility to hacking and fraudulent manipulation.

Bev Harris and many others who wanted EVERY vote counted  (or at least massive fraud averted) were left flapping in the wind by the Democratic Leadership Council and by John Kerry.  Because Kerry is a Fraud.
When you add it all up, it seems like a
stage-managed coronation and drama.
Just like "Monica". 
NEWSFLASH:  For the First Time in American History, under the Help America Vote Act, no ordinary citizen -- only John Ashcroft's Justice Department -- can ask Federal Courts to enforce voting rights.

"Monica" was a staged event.  The only question is, "at what level"?  The RNC outrage was obviously staged for maximum effect.  Was Bill's role staged too?  Am I being too suspicious?

First, the crafted outrage and hate
far exceeded the pettiness of the scandal.  Both Repugs and Dems have gotten b.j.'s and cheated over the years, obviously not all but many, including some of Clinton's accusers, Hyde and Gingrich.

Secondly, Bill assisted in the tarring and feathering of himself -- the "smartest President ever" but his entire advisory staff could not simply tell him to apologize and get it over with?  REAGAN apologized for Iran-Contra, and for lying to Americans -- and people gave him a pass!  Clinton's advisers couldn't host a focus group to tell them that a brief sincere-sounding apology would close the matter?

They couldn't figure out that a  "scandal" like this could not be hidden in plain sight from Richard Mellon Scaife's and Ken Starr's army of private investigators?  I don't believe that story.

(Ricard Mellon Scaife is grandson of James Mellon from Carnegie robberbaron era who gave out favors to his friends from Secretary of Treasury.  He dropped millions into Bimbo-gate investigations.)

Was it really just Bill's "stupidity" and "hubris"? I'm cynical enough to say, if you believe they are that stupid, you're stupid.
Bill's grotesque and bumbling (but insignificant) LIE leads me to the conclusion that "Bill's downfall" itself was very likely sheer role-playing and drama for TV audiences, to obtain the results it achieved:  Republican ascendance and the ascendance of the fake morality cult.

(I'm not saying that ordinary Americans aren't genuinely moral, just that the fundamentalist morality political leadersare top-class connivers, manipulators, and Machiavellian (end justifies means) cheaters in their own right.  If you are a person who deeply believes in morality and "National honor", how does it feel to have your goodness used by con men?)

Were Clinton's foes  really his enemies?  Really?  What about long-standing cooperation between Governor Clinton and Bush family?   Google "boys on the tracks", for one.

Bill really didn't get injured by it, now did he?  He kept his job.  He got paid.  He wrote a best-selling book.  We don't even know if there really was a b.j. or if it was all manufactured. 
Maybe it was part of Bill's agreement with the Bilderburg group in 1990, for the opportunity to move on up from AK to DC for a few years and get famous. 

This 2004 election was manufactured like "reality TV" for the citizens who really participated. 

However, WE are not giving up until we expose the Truth for all to see. 

We are ALL victims of a mega-billion-dollar propaganda PR media system that studies human behavior and social trends and decides the best ways to manipulate society to eliminate democracy as much as possible.  What do you think PR firms get paid for, baking cookies or maintaining power and profits?
Accuracy and justice is more important than winning, right?  Or are Republican voters as Machiavellian as the politicos?  Do you believe end justifies the means?  Do you believe that's AMERICAN?
See Alex Jones movie below on American DictatorS.  That's plural.

Once upon a time we had a Constitutional Republic, albeit corrupted by corporate money. 

At least maybe we could choose between puppets and policy platforms, and hope they came true some day.
Even though Democrat and Republican policy differences were actually paper thin on the only real important matters of War and Commerce, we could pretend we had a functioning democracy, and we could work towards improving conditions by haranguing officials on our pet issues.  We could lie to ourselves and hope to sway policy a millimeter or two.

Kerry, I hoped, might not invade as many sovereign nations as Bush, might stop killing innocent civilians slightly sooner, might stop making up continuous changing excuses to invade and conquer, might come closer to living the message of the Prince of Peace.

Kerry might not work to abolish legal definitions that Gays never had anyway, he might appoint right-wing judges slightly less reactionary than Bush's right-wing judges, he might give away one or two less forests in the spirit of mercantilism, etc. So as a supposedly free people, Democrats marched to the polls --- and many Republicans joined them --- even if only they could settle for a mealy-mouthed liar compared to an extremist.  
(Bush is not a conservative by any rational definition of conservative that isn't "whatever Bush is doing".)

Most Republicans, on the other hand, were willing to settle for (or overjoyed to
support) an incumbent President who mouthed Christian platitudes and bold macho stuff.  Whether they believed in his holiness or not --- and many really do believe he is a holy man, even to critics on the right his style was much less repugnant than Kerry's wavering and stumbling and wimpy, lying insincere grin --- though how W's lying insincere grin was an improvement, I don't know. 

They were not worried about that Separation-from-Reality where
either "there really are WMD's in Iraq but the 'Liberal Media' isn't telling the story", or "at least there's way too many switchblades and pipebombs", or "Bush never said there was anyhow but at least he's really saving us from dragons and bringing Iraqi's freedom by blowing up their relatives".   What-ever.

I'll be the first to admit, Republicans have a wonderful program, if you don't scratch the surface.  Click Link.

I respect YOU voting against Kerry the wimp if you respect ME for voting against Bush the proto-fascist corporate dictator, but if you really voted FOR the man who offered only $3 million to investigate the largest disaster in American history -- September 11 -- when his own party spent $40+ million taxpayer dollars to investigate Clinton's dick, then I truly feel deeply sorry for you.

I guess I have a lot of folks to pray for. 
see and for more on that topic
Sure Clinton pushed through draconian bills for locking people up, stripping welfare without providing alternatives, raping labor on so-called free trade, and worse but at least
we could try to decide which puppets were going to screw us the next four years and maybe influence them.

Now, even FAKE Democracy is OVER,
as evidenced by VOTER FRAUD 2004.

if this doesn't play right, hit pause and wait 10 minutes or so
To Liberals: Alex sounds like a right wing nut job, but he believes in Justice and Liberty for ALL!!!
To Conservatives: Alex is a Christian Conservative but since he's no longer duped by the fake labels, he features (dreaded) liberals on his show, but only those with an eye on Liberty, against Tyranny.

The 2000 election involved extreme irregularities and fraud
Search for the movie, "Unprecedented".   Buy it.

These problems were minimized as "hanging chads" by the media,
(who ridiculed "stupid niggers who couldn't use a ballot", to be blunt) but what really emerged were stories of police intimidation, "Stop the Count" stage-managed riots populated by Republican staffers flown in from out-of-state, intentional miscounts, absentee ballots thrown out, ballots postmarked after the election allowed "because they were soldiers".  You can't get a rebate check if your rebate slip is postmarked late. 
So far, this sounds like a partisan Democrat complaint, right?  It's not.  Read on.

The most serious offense was 80,000 voters thrown off the rolls (over 90% in error) by edict of Florida AG Katherine Harris, election supervisor and Bush campaign manager. 
It's not that this "beat" Al Gore, the problem is she BROKE the LAW.   Are YOU allowed to openly BREAK the LAW and commit mass fraud??  Katherine Harris got backing and won a post in Congress for doing that.

Katherine Harris ordered lists of names collected from nearby states like Texas, and told a data-mining company to NOT filter the list for errors.  That company later got a juicy contract with Homeland Security. 
But Al Gore conceded immediately as if his operatives heard nothing of the fraud, then he fought back weakly as election officials tried to finish a legal recount, according to Florida Law.  Then Gore buckled under without complaint to an unconstitutional Supreme Court ruling which
overrode the soveriegn Florida Supreme Court for no legal reason, 
despite the fact that "voter intent" is also the rule in other states, despite the fact that it would have been illegal for the Florida court to change that standard mid-election.

The US Supreme Court also stated that their ruling must set NO precedent -- one time only deal.  If you understand how the Supreme Court works, this is bizarre.  Their role is to set legal precedents, not create extra-legal exceptions.

Al Gore refused to stick up for America, let alone himself, after months of campaigning and being the target of jeering ridicule.

Gore's reason for surrendering to this crime against America was ostensibly "decorum" or honor or ending divisiveness.  Is that believable?  I didn't believe it, but I was willing to TRY.  If you saw Fahrenheit 9-11, you know about the opening scene that fried Gore. 

Now in 2004, John Kerry concedes to Bush BEFORE all the votes are counted, despite widespread complaints for months preceding. 
Yes, I am saying it was arranged in advance that Kerry would
lose, or probably lose so long as it was a "close race".   Either way, policy would be about the same, but if the results were close enough to fudge, it was going to Bush. 

Ignore the Media whitewash.  This shows that Results matched Exit Polls with less than 1% error in states with Paper Punch Cards (as expected from past results), but in states with Computerized Electronic Vote Machines, Results were swung by 5% to 8%, always to Bush.  This is a Statistical Impossiblity. 

Some exit polls were "corrected" after the votes came out. 
For the first time(s) in history, in 2000 and 2004 exit polls suddenly became unreliable. Other countries KNOW that Exit polls are reliable within 1%.  In German elections, within 0.1%. 
"EVERY STATE that has NO-AUDIT EVoting or Optical Scans, with no paper trails has an unexplained advantage for Bush of around +5 percent when exit polls are compared to actual results." -Democratic 

"Bad" exit polls, no paper trail, no records = neat system of democracy, right?

In real time, people recorded some states that showed sudden jumps of 2000 votes, every single one to Bush.  Others had sudden large reversals.  One precinct had 25,000 negative votes to Kerry.   Another reported 4258 votes for Bush, out of 638.  Far less voting machines in poor  neighborhoods, just like in Venezuela where the poor had to stand in line for 12 hours.  "Spoiled" ballots in Dem areas thrown out.  Massive disenfranchisement, by race and region. Many absentee ballots and provisional ballots reported lost or stolen.  Dozens of more examples, not minor mistakes, outright fraud.
See for yourself. 
Democratic Talk Radio BLOG   Black Box Voting (.ORG) is conducting the largest Freedom of Information action in history.
we taught a chimpanzee to delete audit records

America: We have permission to say No to unaudited voting.
It is our right.

News Update from
 Citizen for Legitimate Government
 November 3, 2004

Ohio Stolen
(blog entry, 2004-11-03 16:26:30 "Greg Palast and Randi Rhodes reported today that the state of Ohio was stolen by the Republicans in election 2004. Ohio was the critical state that tipped the balance, giving the presidency to Bush. Turns out one County in Ohio, equipped with Diebold electronic voting machines, reported NEGATIVE 25,000 votes. Wha?!? That’s what at least one election official in Ohio said. The votes from that County are lost. Not counted. GONE!"

Fixed - The Stealing of Another Election (Democratic --by EarlG --Kerry winning Exit Polls --"FRAUD LOOKS PROBABLE --SoCalDem has done a statistical analysis... ...on several swing states, and EVERY STATE that has EVoting but no paper trails has an unexplained advantage for Bush of around +5% when comparing exit polls to actual results. In EVERY STATE that has paper audit trails on their EVoting, the exit poll results match the actual results reported within the margin of error. So, we have MATCHING RESULTS for exit polls vs. voting with audits vs. A 5% unexplained advantage for Bush without audits." 

Address to receive newsletter:

CLG Newsletter editor: Lori Price, General Manager. Copyright © 2004, Citizens For Legitimate Government ® All rights reserved.

AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth
Possible evidence of voter fraud in Ohio
by John in DC - 11/3/2004 02:56:47 AM
I just received a photo a Cincinnati poll manager took this evening, and it seems to be proof of some fishy actions with ballots in Ohio. Bottom line: Note the already-voted-with ballots in the back of the truck with the Bush-Cheney sticker in the back window. Does this prove fraud? Well, it certainly doesn't look good in a state that's already had lots of problems this election.

Click here to see the larger image

In a nutshell, Stefan Skirtz is a poll manager for the Kerry campaign in Cincinnati. His precinct is heavily made up of minorities and students (i.e., leans Kerry). One of the duties of the poll managers, Stefan told me in a phone call minutes ago, is to follow the poll workers to election headquarters as they drop off the ballots and ballot boxes. Stefan followed the poll workers who didn't go directly to the election headquarters. Instead, they went to a local public school where workers put the ballot machines into a semi trailer, and then the poll workers handed off the sealed bags containing the ballots to someone Stefan assumed was with the county board of elections.

The first problem he noticed was that there was no sign off of the transfer of the ballots. Nothing was written down and given to the poll worker as proof that the ballots were passed off to the county employee.

What's worse, Stefan noticed the pick-up truck of the supposed county board of election - the truck the ballots for 40 precincts were loaded into - had a big Bush-Cheney 2004 sticker in the back window. Stefan did say that he followed the truck to the election headquarters, though he didn't see what transpired after the truck pulled into the election hq parking lot.

As Stefan explains it, the poll managers had such an extensive list of voters rights and regulations that they had to follow, including it being illegal to have any partisan buttons etc. in the polling place, yet the ballots for voters in over 40 precincts were put in the hands of Bush-Cheney partisans.

I don't know whether the Bush partisans did or didn't play any games with the ballots they received, but it sure doesn't look good, and I wonder whether it's even legal. And let's not forget, this is a state that was already well on its way to becoming the new Florida of GOP election fraud.

Stefan says he has 6 or 7 witnesses who also saw the sticker on the truck. I have Stefan's contact info for members of the media.

An Election Spoiled Rotten
Monday, November 1, 2004

It's not even Election Day yet, and the Kerry-Edwards campaign is already down by a almost a million votes. That's because, in important states like Ohio, Florida and New Mexico, voter names have been systematically removed from the rolls and absentee ballots have been overlooked-overwhelmingly in minority areas, like Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, where Hispanic voters have a 500 percent greater chance of their vote being "spoiled." Investigative journalist Greg Palast reports on the trashing of the election.

An Election Spoiled Rotten
by Greg Palast

John Kerry is down by several thousand votes in New Mexico, though not one ballot has yet been counted. He's also losing big time in Colorado and Ohio: and he's way down in Florida, though the votes won't be totaled until Tuesday night.

Through a combination of sophisticated vote rustling-ethnic cleansing of voter rolls, absentee ballots gone AWOL, machines that "spoil" votes-John Kerry begins with a nationwide deficit that could easily exceed one million votes.

---The Urge To Purge---

Colorado Secretary of State Donetta Davidson just weeks ago removed several thousand voters from the state's voter rolls. She tagged felons as barred from voting. What makes this particularly noteworthy is that, unlike like Florida and a handful of other Deep South states, Colorado does not bar ex-cons from voting. Only those actually serving their sentence lose their rights.

There's no known, verified case of a Colorado convict voting illegally from the big house. Because previous purges have wiped away the rights of innocents, federal law now bars purges within 90 days of a presidential election to allow a voter to challenge their loss of civil rights.

To exempt her action from the federal rule, Secretary Davidson declared an "emergency." However, the only "emergency" in Colorado seems to be President Bush's running dead, even with John Kerry in the polls.

Why the sudden urge to purge? Davidson's chief of voting law enforcement is Drew Durham, who previously worked for the attorney general of Texas. This is what the former spokeswoman for the Lone Star state's attorney general says of Mr. Durham: He is, "unfit for public office... a man with a history of racism and ideological zealotry." Sounds just right for a purge that affects, in the majority, non-white voters.

From my own and government investigations of such purge lists, it is unlikely that this one contains many, if any, illegal voters.

But it does contain Democrats. The Dems may not like to shout about this, but studies indicate that 90-some percent of people who have served time for felonies will, after prison, vote Democratic. One suspects Colorado's Republican secretary of state knows that.

---Ethnic Cleansing Of The Voter Rolls---

We can't leave the topic of ethnically cleansing the voter rolls without a stop in Ohio, where a Republican secretary of state appears to be running to replace Katherine Harris.

In Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), some citizens have been caught Registering While Black. A statistical analysis of would-be voters in Southern states by the watchdog group Democracy South indicates that black voters are three times as likely as white voters to have their registration requests "returned" (i.e., subject to rejection).

And to give a boost to this whitening of the voter rolls, for the first time since the days of Jim Crow, the Republicans are planning mass challenges of voters on Election Day. The GOP's announced plan to block 35,000 voters in Ohio ran up against the wrath of federal judges; so, in Florida, what appear to be similar plans had been kept under wraps until the discovery of documents called "caging" lists. The voters on the "caging" lists, disclosed last week by BBC Television London, are, almost exclusively, residents of African-American neighborhoods.

Such racial profiling as part of a plan to block voters is, under the Voting Rights Act, illegal. Nevertheless, neither the Act nor federal judges have persuaded the party of Lincoln to join the Democratic Party in pledging not to distribute blacklists to block voters on Tuesday.

---Absentee Ballots Go AWOL---

It's 10pm: Do you know where your absentee ballot is? Voters wary about computer balloting are going postal: in some states, mail-in ballot requests are up 500 percent. The probability that all those votes-up to 15 million-will be counted is zip.

Those who mail in ballots are very trusting souls. Here's how your trust is used. In the August 31 primaries in Florida, Palm Beach Elections Supervisor Theresa LePore (a.k.a. Madame Butterfly Ballot) counted 37,839 absentee votes. But days before, her office told me only 29,000 ballots had been received. When this loaves-and-fishes miracle was disclosed, she was forced to recount, cutting the tally to 31,138.

Had she worked it the other way, disappearing a few thousand votes instead of adding additional ones, there would be almost no way to figure out the fix (or was it a mistake?). Mail-in voter registration forms are protected by federal law. Local government must acknowledge receiving your registration and must let you know if there's a problem (say, with signature or address) that invalidates your registration. But your mail-in vote is an unprotected crapshoot. How do you know if your ballot was received? Was it tossed behind a file cabinet-or tossed out because you did not include your middle initial? In many counties, you won't know.

And not every official is happy to have your vote. It is well-reported that Broward County, Fla., failed to send out nearly 60,000 absentee ballots. What has not been nationally reported is that Broward's elections supervisor is a Jeb Bush appointee who took the post only after the governor took the unprecedented step of removing the prior elected supervisor who happened be a Democrat.

---A Million Votes In The Electoral Trash Can---

"If the vote is stolen here, it will be stolen in Rio Arriba County," a New Mexico politician told me. That's a reasoned surmise: in 2000, one in 10 votes simply weren't counted-chucked out, erased, discarded. In the voting biz, the technical term for these vanishing votes is "spoilage." Citizens cast ballots, but the machines don't notice. In one Rio Arriba precinct in the last go-'round, not one single vote was cast for president-or, at least, none showed up on the machines.

Not everyone's vote spoils equally. Rio Arriba is 73 percent Hispanic. I asked nationally recognized vote statistician Dr. Philip Klinkner of Hamilton College to run a "regression" analysis of the Hispanic ballot spoilage in the Enchanted State. He calculated that a brown voter is 500 percent more likely to have their vote spoiled than a white voter. And It's worse for Native Americans. Vote spoilage is epidemic near Indian reservations.

Votes don't spoil because they're left out of the fridge. It comes down to the machines. Just as poor people get the crap schools and crap hospitals, they get the crap voting machines.

It's bad for Hispanics; but for African Americans, it's a ballot-box holocaust. An embarrassing little fact of American democracy is that, typically, two million votes are spoiled in national elections, registering no vote or invalidated. Based on studies by the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and the Harvard Law School Civil Rights project, about 54 percent of those ballots are cast by African Americans. One million black votes vanished˜phffft!

There's a lot of politicians in both parties that like it that way; suppression of the minority is the way they get elected. Whoever is to blame, on Tuesday, the Kerry-Edwards ticket will take the hit. In Rio Arriba, Democrats have an eight-to-one registration edge over Republicans. Among African Americanvoters...well, you can do the arithmetic yourself.

The total number of votes siphoned out of America's voting booths is so large, you won't find the issue reported in our self-glorifying news media. The one million missing black, brown and red votes spoiled, plus the hundreds of thousands flushed from voter registries, is our nation's dark secret: an apartheid democracy in which wealthy white votes almost always count, but minorities are often purged or challenged or simply not recorded. In effect, Kerry is down by a million votes before one lever is pulled, card punched or touch-screen touched.

View Greg Palast's BBC Television film, "Bush Family Fortunes," available this week on DVD in an updated edition from The Disinformation Company at

To receive Greg's investigative reports click here:

Welcome to Germany, 1936.
Isn't it interesting that the exit polls differed so markedly from the vote "count"?
Remember this recent article:

By William Thomas | 10-10-04

"Those who cast the vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything" - Joseph Stalin

GW Bush has already 'won' the 2004 Presidential selection. It doesn't much matter that the actual vote has yet to be held, or that an electorate enraged by the damage done by an ignorant, angry little man is about to throw him out of a stolen White House on his remotely-wired ear.

But there's a hitch. When US voters start tapping computer screens in polling booths next month, more than three-quarters of the machines they'll be using are – how to put this discreetly? – owned by powerful Republican interests.

This time around, state after state is being set up to 'do a Florida'. Given the record of America's voting machines in municipal and congressional elections over the past four years, computer malfunctions and malfeasance at polling stations across the land are more certain than the sun continuing to rise in the east.

Whatever happens, post-election headlines are certain to read: "Recounts Called For In Key States." Thousands of lawyers for both camps are already standing by to file legal challenges as soon as the first elusive bytes are electronically tallied. Kerry says his campaign alone is readying 2,000 lawyers to "challenge any place in America where you cannot trace the vote and count the votes."

Which is just about everywhere.

Corporate mass media mesmerizers tout electronic voting machines as "just like ATMs". They are not. Bank machines give users a printed record of their electronic transactions. Despite pending legislation making it mandatory, none of America's electronic voting machines issue tickertape receipts providing each voter with a record she can immediately check against the vote she electronically cast.

"It's a shell game, with money, companies and corporate brands switching in a blur of buy-outs and bogus fronts," writes columnist Chris Floyd in the St. Petersburg Times.

"Bigger than Watergate," says the editor of the Sludge Report. "Imagine that you are a political interest group that wishes to control forevermore the levers of power. Imagine further that you know you are likely to implement a highly unpopular political agenda, and you do not wish to be removed by a ballot driven backlash."

Imagine that you could subvert the voting process in ways that would allow you to steal elections without anyone knowing. This is an accurate description of the voting system that will determine the next leader of the most bankrupt and militarily powerful nation on the planet - regardless of how Americans actually vote.

Last year, some kids "really interested in computers" had clicked onto the unsecured FTP site of the biggest electronic voting machine provider in the USA. One teen helpfully posted the source codes for Diebold voting system and vote counting programs on his top-ranked website, igniting a furor that has yet to subside.

It turns out that Diebold Election Systems' CEO is Bob Urosevich. His brother Todd founded "rival" ES&S. Together, these two companies will tally around 80% of votes cast next November.

Howard Ahmanson bankrolled the Urosevich brothers in the vote-counting business. Ahmanson is also a member of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing "steering group" that whispers into Dubya's other ear.

The publicity shy Ahmanson is also a major financial backer behind the extremist "Christian Reconstructionist" movement. The St. Petersburg Times reveals that this group "openly advocates a theocratic takeover of American democracy, placing all Americans under the 'dominion' of 'Christ the King'" – personified by God's chosen representative in Washington, holy warrior GW Bush.

As John Kaminski reveals, the family whose machines will be tallying most of the next presidential vote were key financiers behind California's anti-affirmative action law, as well as efforts to ban gay marriage. the unannounced agenda behind Bush's backers include killing all homosexuals, stoning "sinners", excluding all non-Christians from US citizenship, and re-imposing slavery - "one of the most beneficent of Biblical laws."

These fundamentalists are the principal players controlling Diebold and ES&S . November's crucial vote will see some 98 million Americans - five out of every six of the roughly 115 million who will go to the polls - consign their democratic determinations to computers made and serviced by four private corps.

Diebold, ES&S, Sequoia and Hart "are hardwired into the Bushist Party power grid," Floyd writes. Among them are at least two voting machine providers operating under the ownership and philosophy of America's hardcore Republican religious right. Ahmanson-controlled Election Systems & Software will tabulate about a third of the next presidential vote using machines that have already scrambled many US elections.

In 1988, Jeb Bush's first choice for a running mate in his gubernatorial race was ES&S lobbyist Sandra Mortham, who grew rich installing the machines counting Jeb's votes. Faulty ES&S machines used in Hawaii forced that state's first-ever election recount.

Sequoia is also supplying electronic voting machines in this fall's follies. Sequoia featured prominently in a massive corruption court case that sent top Louisiana state officials to jail for taking bribes funneled through Mob-connected "front" firms. Sequoia's parent company, Madison Dearborn is – wait for it – a partner in the Carlyle Group.

Sequoia also manufactures casino slot machines. So don't be surprised if your electronic vote wins you a pocketful of change.

Last spring, Republican-controlled Diebold Election Systems malfunctioned across California, disqualifying thousands of voters. Citing concerns over its security and reliability, California's top elections official called for a criminal investigation in Diebold.

When he started quality-checking Diebold's "AccuVote" machines arriving at the company's Atlanta warehouse, former Diebold programmer Rob Behler and his crew found problems with "every single one" of them. About one in five Diebold voting machines couldn't be fixed and were discarded as unusable.

Nevertheless, in November's national elections at least 50 million voters are expected to "play the slots" using Diebold's dud machines. Diebold corporate chief and top Bush fundraiser, Wally O'Dell has publicly committed himself to "delivering" his home state's key votes to Bush. Nine Ohio counties will be using the paperless machines.

Run by Admiral Bill Owens, former military aide to Dick Cheney; Carlyle crony Frank Carlucci, and ex-CIA chief Robert Gates, weapons contractor SAIC aims to become a major player in the vote-counting roulette now going global in places like England, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia.

SAIC's long history of fraud charges and "security lapses" in its electronic systems has helped it become one of the largest contractors for the CIA and the Pentagon, where several trillion dollars of taxpayers' money is still missing.

The move to convert the USA to unverifiable computer voting machines was launched by the same man who benefited most from the last rigged presidential selection. In 2003, Bush signed the Help America Vote Act at the behest of Northrop-Grumman and Lockheed-Martin.

The two arms making giants also lobbied hard for a law ordering all states to adopt the same computerized "voter purge" system used by Jeb Bush to hand the 2000 election to his brother after eliminating 91,000 eligible, democrat-favoring black voters from the Florida rolls.

Having reintroduced segregation where it matters most, the same Republican-run company – ChoicePoint – has handled most of the new Bush-ordered "voter purge" state efforts in the run-up to this year's selection.

The Nation's Ronnie Dugger reports, "About a third of the votes, 36 million, will be tabulated completely inside the new paperless, direct-recording-electronic (DRE) voting systems, on which you vote directly on a touch-screen."

Dugger observes that because there no paper receipts available for cross-checking and probable recounts, DRE voters "never know, despite what the touch-screen says, whether the computer is counting your vote as you think you are casting it or, either by error or fraud, it is giving it to another candidate."

Not surprising to anyone who uses a computer, America's Big Four "election engineers" are running into a few…'er …glitches. Companies handed billions by Bush to "computerize" the nation's vote will not finish installing machines controlled by the powerful Republican-military-Christian Right before next November – when 50 to 70 million voters will gamble their democratic rights on touch-screen machines.

Next month, three American voters out of four will confront the same voting machines they used in 2000.

Considering the millions of Americans who have repeatedly protested Bush's policies in cities across the nation - and what could be a massive first-time vote by university-age Americans whose collective co-ed anatomies are definitely feeling a draft – and the resulting Kerry victory could be too overwhelming to be rigged.

But the contest cannot be contested if Republican judges rule requested recounts to be illegal invasions into "proprietary" software already available on the Internet.

Florida officials have already refused to allow independent audits of electronic voting machines. And they are not alone. In 2000, just before the US Supreme Court intervened, a judge was pre-empted from announcing that previously untabulated ballots would be counted after a Jeb Bush spokesman accused those seeking audits of trying to "undermine voters' confidence."

Also that year in Dallas, 18 faulty machines were finally pulled after registering "Republican" when voters pushed "Democrat". A judge blocked investigation into the accuracy of the tally.

In 2002, a Democrat handily won the Alabama governor's race. But the winning tally was flipped to the Republican contender after ES&S optical scan machines "lost" 6,300 Democratic votes overnight. When a recount was requested, the state's Attorney General ruled that anyone recounting the ballots would be subject to arrest.

As award-winning elections investigator Greg Palast discovered, in the last presidential selection 1.9 million Americans cast ballots that were never counted. About a million of these rejected ballots were cast by African Americans who make up only 12 percent of the US electorate.

Florida, asserts the author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, "is typical of the nation."

And this year, it could get worse, Palast pronounces. Both bills holding machine votes accountable are stalled in the Republican congress.