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I wrote some items linked to this page around the 2004 election.
Some of them are no longer relevant, but the main stuff is.

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If "Politics" is arguing about the supposed qualities or flaws of some politician or party, "Liberals" or  "Conservatives", this is definitely not about Politics.
But this is Political, about Power and control,
the War of
Tyranny vs. Liberty.
I do this to help pass on to others some things I have learned post--9-11.
WHY I DO WHAT I DO << (link to longer version of my statement)
Mandatory Mental Health Testing

John Kerry's role in BCCI crime
Peak Oil?
No Peaking: The Hubbert Humbug by Greg Palast
BUSH-NAZI link (REAL!! not a "slam")
a picture worth $14 million

1. There is overwhelming evidence that factions within the US government and factions within the CIA conspired and carried out Nine-Eleven.  This is not a conservative/liberal issue.  This is not a "theory" about a conspiracy.  This is about hundreds of pieces of evidence of a conpiracy, and hundreds of questions which cannot be answered straight without either extending a coverup or an admission of guilt.
2. This is why the President ordered that Nine-Eleven NOT be investigated.
3. The War on Terrorism is therefore a hoax, and a lie, and everything emanating from that argument is also a flat out lie. 

4. No other issue rises to the importance of the complete resolution of WHO ordered and WHO helped arrange the murder of 3000 Americans in New York City to advance a political agenda.  It sure as hell wasn't a bunch of "lone gunmans", Arab terrorists. And though it is clear that Dick Cheney was directly at the controls, and George W. Bush was acting as a good puppet, the puppet masters are yet behind and above them. This was not limited to the men on watch at the time, but a criminal investigation might get to the puppet masters.  Bill Clinton laid the groundwork, certainly.  John Kerry, head of Senate Foreign Relations with all his ties to Intelligence ... could he have been out of the loop?

This was not limited to Nine-Eleven. OK City, and the 1993 attack, as well as subsequent bombings all have covert CIA fingerprints and paper trail.

There are many very serious issues facing America -- the PATRIOT Act shredding sacred US Constitutional guarantees ... in the name of fighting terrorism -- the merging of religiousity and politics which horrified arch-conservatives a decade ago  --- looming environmental disaster that has the Pentagon on high alert.  None of these can be faced squarely without dealing with the sociopaths who attacked America from within.

5. See these websites for info:
www.breakfornews.com --  Wag the WTC
www.infowars.com  --- Alex Jones warned about Nine-Eleven in advance on his public TV show
www.prisonplanet.tv  ---  more video info about 9-11 and Martial Law by Alex Jones
www.madcowprod.com  --- investigator wears out shoe rubber tracking down CIA, FBI, and Mafia ties to Mohamed Atta and other terrorists, with connections to Iran-Contra criminals, and the anti-Christian religious right wing money-grubbers
www.globalresearch.ca  --- economics-political prof Chossudovsky studies the corporate-political-military-intelligence infrastructure on and before 9-11 and it's ties to Al-Qaida
www.911truth.org  --- the victims families
www.copvcia.com  --- frm LAPD detective shows the documentary trail of evidence

These people disagree with each other on many things, and even lob accusations at each other, but overall, their evidence and conclusions coincide on most issues.
This is my small contribution to the screaming alarm that Americans are currently living under a de facto Dictatorship, a cold, ruthless, bloodthirsty system of Tyranny, cleverly disguised by a thin gauze of freedom of "choices".
We have been at this crossroads for some time now.

We have failed to notice it had gone this far.
With Bush calling for Martial Law on a weekly basis,
we are rapidly accelerating towards ramping up of
more extreme ruthlessness,
Check this and this and this
and this.

There are so many examples:

New Freedom Initiative

Get your kids hooked on drugs - OR ELSE!
Or else LOSE THEM, you negligent parent, you!!!

Psy-screening and Mandatory Drugs for Everyone? The Genesis of President Bush’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
... President Bush was tricked into this??????
No hard science, no patients, no study review, and no clinical trials – just the “Expert Opinions” of persons TMAP elected to survey.”
In a Columbus Dispatch article dated April 25, 2005, the headlines read, “EVEN BABIES GETTING TREATED AS MENTALLY ILL", newborn to 3, untested drugs

Legislation  was recently passed in the House for forced mandatory psychiatric testing and medication of school age children ... as determined by government doctors, under threat of removal from parents for child abuse for not having them treated.

A whacko conspiracy theory?  Personally, I prefer "OLD FREEDOM".

This law is just to "help" children and it's "voluntary" -- but Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul who voted against it exposed this to the public as a plan written by pharmacuetical companies to boost sales, and it provides the pretext for mental control of the population.

Stressed out about War on Eastasia, Winston?
Here, just take these anti-psychotic and methamphetamine pills plus this mild electro-brain-stimulation.
You'll feel all better, after you get used to the "side-effects".

Didn't this used to be the #1 rumored horror of the USSR?
The mental health "gulag"??

I recently learned that most US-based anti-Communist propaganda about the Gulag and killing was exaggerated propaganda originally written for the Nazis by Goebbels. Then it was adopted by the CIA-run corporate media and US govt.  (CIA of course supported the Nazi regime, and helped it materially.)

Now they want to make this gulag a reality here


America allegedly "voted" on 11-2-2004

(almost half of us), but electoral choices (as well as policy alternatives beyond superficial) were tightly circumscribed and the information we were given was carefully molded by a multi-billion dollar public relations (propaganda) apparatus controlled by corporate interests which represents BOTH sides, either side, and their own hidden hand.  This should be somewhat obvious.

GOAL:  NO SERIOUS DISCUSSION OF SUBSTATIVE ISSUES, only fluffy stuff. Pick the blue door or the red door, and see what you win.

It's not that our government is merely influenced by Globalists, and their transnational monopoly-cartel-pseudo-capitalism.
It's that the entity called USA is an extortion racket completely owned by these global players, who use our strength to their benefit.  They even write the legislation that Congress passes.

Propaganda is known by the cute name of "Spin", and the best spin practitioners are lavishly rewarded.
Issues of real consequence must be ignored
or buried or blurred or told as part-truth/part-lie.
gossip and has replaced "News" anymore.  Ceremonial bullshit, hysterical outrage about superficial and irrelevant matters, "celebrity" crime, spurned lovers, fashion failures, local bizarre perversions  -- media picks these entertaining factoids to dominate our public discourse.

Then, informercials slipped into newscasts sell us drugs that will help us accept it all peacefully.

We know about Politicians - celebrities - their dogs - their children - their childhood - but not their policies.

We have collectively been brainwashed and "spun" to the point that we no longer recognize the stench of tyranny vs. the flower of liberty.

Beyond the routine scandals of propaganda and stupidly narrow choices, Bev Harris of Blackboxvoting.org LINK and Daniel Hopsicker's film "The Big Fix" LINK reveal that our privatised voting system is run by New Jersey mobsters with past fraud and bribery convictions, a Saudi money-laundering terrorist org (Adnan Kashoggi),a Malaysian gambling consortium owned by a Chinese conglomerate, and other criminals.

Casino crime bosses count our votes.
What, then, will be the fate of these brutal, bungling, bloodstained goons when they face the voters in the coming elections?   Why, victory, of course!
The game was actually given away long before the balloting, when one of the faction's congressional waterboys, Representative Peter King, was captured -- on film -- boasting that the fix was in. At a White House chow-down in summer 2003, King was asked who he thought would win in 2004. "It's already over," King said. "The election's over. We won. ... It's all over but the counting. And we'll take care of the counting."

One of Diebold's top consultants was hired immediately after he was paroled from prison where he served five years for embezzlement, using complex computer fraud in a long term coverup. The perfect guy for the job.

 We are rigged and owned, not completely, but sufficiently for all practical purposes.

But it's NOT time to SURRENDER!!
It's time to get informed and fearlessly create or discover new tactics in the age-old human struggle for Liberty, for Honor, for God's Sake, for Man's Sake.

We shall collectively demand Liberty and Justice for ALL, because without that we have Liberty and justice for NONE.
(but first, I think more of us have to "get it")

Let's be Clear.
John Kerry, acting as prosecutor, aided Poppy Bush 41 in the coverup of the Cocaine-CIA importation scandal, tied to Nicaraguan contras.
Motivations in Mena/Iran-Contra
Kerry also helped cover up the inter-related BCCI scandal, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, a money-laundering, arms dealing, terrorist "bank", which also handled CIA funds.
(Bush, you recall, was CIA director before VP and Pres.)

Kerry accomplished this ploy by NOT calling critical witnesses, like Bush himself.

The Kerry Commission "investigated" the crisis only after some independent reporters blew it wide open. 
Kerry et. al. held back on exposing BCCI earlier during Iran-Contra, until after all "important" players got their money out, and then the "damage control" prosecution was safe. 
Kerry fired his top BCCI investigator just after getting a donation from Clark Clifford.

Clinton and Poppy Bush were BOTH involved in Mena, Arkansas Cocaine-Murder scandal -- which IS real. They have been "rivals", but never enemies.

The Cocaine-Iran-Contra-CIA murder, torture, treason scandal was Bi-Partisan, just like 9-11.
Kerry and Shrub were both sworn members in the same Order of Death cult known as Skull and Bones, 2 years apart at Yale.
They are both New England "liberals", blue-blood Euro Aristocrats.  Bush is a much of a Texan as Ted Kennedy.

Kerry backers destroyed Howard Dean for no valid reason, except Kerry was their main investment, and I must say, Kerry posed as easily beatable by Bush whereas Dean was at very least a scrapper, although not antiwar at ALL.

Clinton and Poppy Bush golf together and Barbara says he's her adopted son. That means Clinton = Shrub's adopted brother.

Peak Oil???
Many scientific types point to Peak Oil, the decline in available energy resources, as the main factors driving the Bush administration (with Clinton laying the groundwork) into these seemingly irrational moves to dominate the whole world ... and our own citizens of the USA.
Some disagree with the Peak Oil theory.  Both those who warn the public and those who say there's nothing to fear offer evidence.  It's hard to decide 100%.  It's very technical.
Personally, I believe that Peak Oil WILL be manipulated against us for profits, AND
it may be a real looming catastrophe as well. I've read some serious documentation like the Hirsch report from ProjectCensored.
I've ALSO read that Oil is NOT a "fossil fuel" and is geologically formed in the earth's crust where there is a permanent abundant supply with just a little deeper drilling.  Regardless, there are NOW other methods of acquiring energy --- such as Solar Towers.

Oilcast #28 (audio) Pemex exclusive 'in the middle of Hubbert's curve'
PEMEX engineer predicts sharp oil decline and rising prices

That is, peak oil may be a human catastrophe beyond imagination, because of all it affects in terms of survival, a crisis which could be mitigated if we begin to act before the the inevitable decline begins.  But many people in business and govt feel that it's economically irresponsible to act before the decline is palpable and provable.
Right.  Don't fill up your car until you're walking on the highway with an empty can.  No need for preparation for anything in life.  Just wait until an irreversible crisis appears, people start starving and freezing, then respond as best as possible in the crisis, given the circumstances.

Great plan guys!!
Peak Oil would
not mean the sudden disappearance  of Oil.
It means partial disruptions, price jumps, shortages of food and other resources, causing sudden catastrophic social and economic changes, leading eventually to complete disappearance of fuel for most of society, for all practical purposes.
Peak Oil means global production is maxed out, and begins to decline just as world demand

US Budget

Profiteering Flyer

OUR MONEY, who gets it
Distribution of

this is really important!

Looting of Social Security
Craig Paul Roberts (audio) conservative economist
"I don't think I've seen an administration more evil in my lifetime, and I include Stalin and Hitler."
Michael Parenti
social-political-economist Michel Chossudovsky 1 and 2 (audio)

Interfaith Council
Peace in the
Middle East




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