List of Key 9-11 Issues vs. In Plane Site, etc.
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So the govt finally released photos proving the "no planes theory" is a hoax. 

Big Deal!!
That was debunked as early as FOUR years ago (2002).  Serious engineers and video people who spent a lot of time investigating, and did prove that 9-11 was an inside job beyond any reasonable doubt, etc, all of them completely and thoroughly debunked the "Hunt the Boeing" a.k.a. "No Planes Hit the Pentagon" theory, the "Pods on the planes" theory, and all other related crap as a TOTAL HOAX

These critics challenged it respectfully at first, used utmost detail, giving these folks the benefit of the doubt in terms of sincerity, but when they got nowhere arguing with the promoters of this crap, some went so far as to state that if Von Kleist is NOT a paid CIA agent, he should be because he's doing their work for free in creating a smokescreen.

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ALL THE CURRENT "NO PLANE" CONSPIRACY THEORY vs. PENTAGON DEBUNKING PHOTOS -- which I think neither side has 100% "proved" anything and they want it that way -- is ALL MEANT TO BE OBFUSCATION.  It's a parallel to all that obsession with Oswald's rifle and the "Magic Bullet Theory", even rifle testing they recently did in Dallas, offset by Oswald's reported lack of shooting skill (couldn't hit a rabbit in Moscow), yada yada yada. 
On the other hand, smack inside the Warren Report was an official memo about a $435 loan Oswald got from the US Embassy (CIA) in Russia to fly back.  Lone Nut?  Commie spy?  I don't think so!!!!!!!  Plus all the known CIA connections he had in Louisiana and Dallas.  The fact that the Fairplay for Cuba office was inside the office of Banister, a right wing Birch Society cop, how cute.  How much the Joint Chiefs and CIA hated JFK for blocking their plans, the leadership he fired or demoted, and all the Cuba-phobes who thought he was soft and too prissy.  And how the media never discussed this. Did Oswald or Castro control the media too?  Osama?   But let's debate the stupid rifle for 40 years instead!  Get it??

Top Legitimate key issues covered up by "no planes" and other manufactured controversies:
  • Operation Northwoods - the original typewritten Pentagon memo scanned online in our National Security Archives proving the govt could and would carry out attacks on Americans to blame it on Cuba, to "raise a helpful wave of public indignation" and justify an invasion. Included staging terrorist attacks on Miami and Washington DC, flying planes into buildings, attacking troops.  LIHOP was tried first, per other memos, but Operation Mongoose could not get Cuba to attack US warplane "heckler" overflights.  Cuba only protested. Let's be clear:  Taken alone, this only proves intent, means, and motive, not 9-11This is indisputable evidence which completely trashes the theory that "our govt would never do such a thing"Lemnitzer and friends were extremely eager to run terrorist attacks on America, and extremely pissed when Kennedy/McNamara blocked them.
  • Previous LIHOP - Original Memos declassified from World War 1 and World War 2 of discussions about how to LURE Germany/Japan into attacking us  .... by  a) aggressive moves less than war   b) leaving ourselves wide open, tempting attack  c) making sure victims were not warned.  G. Edward Griffin
  • Hitler - history of US elites funding and arming Hitler before and after he came to power, financial dealings with Nazis during World War 2 and even after thru 1951.  Documented by Congress and FBI
  • Fascist Coup attempt on America, 1933Documented (and downplayed) by Congress, the  McCormack-Dickstein Committee.
  • Islamic Jihad a.k.a. Al-Qaeda - 2+ decades of launching/funding the Islamic Brigades from a fringe psycho movement to a war machine, with $20-30 billion plus CIA training, guerilla schools, weapons, protected heroin sales, BCCI money laundering.  Includes Brzezinski's (Nat Security Advisor) full 1998 interview on founding Islamic Jihad (Al-Qaeda), his book The Grand Chessboard about securing regional energy interests via destabilization, plus a Republican Policy report, plus reports by Macedonian govt up thru summer 2001 of Pentagon and Pentagon proxy working with Al-Qaeda. "Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea."   You probably thought Pearl Harbor and 9-11 were tragedies. Michael Ledeen called them LUCKY events.
  • Al-Qaeda today - ACPC, an NGO still works with Islamic Jihadists (for peace) in Chechnya, run by Brzezinski and former CIA Dir Woolsey, American Enterprise, other oil interests, the same folks who brought us Al-Qaeda. [Article]
  • FBI in 1993 WTC bombing - total penetration -- actually, total leadership -- of 1993 WTC bombing. Called a "sting" operation. 95% of arrangements made or ordered by FBI officers, via their paid informant. Documented by court transcripts (which are open to "interpretation" if they were really just "overzealous".)
  • FBI blocking five agents - blocking agents' attempts to penetrate Al-Qaeda, including 150 or so memos by FBI field agents and informants. Both Clinton and Bush blocked FBI.  Still blocking FBI follow-up after 9-11, per several agents.
  • The "alleged" Terrorists - reported in MSM working at secure military bases in the 80's and 90's.
  • The Standdown - warnings and normal alarms at FAA, sneaking past Eschelon, unexplained breakdown in mandatory NORAD defense procedures, everything "failed", left us with no protection, even for the Pentagon itself, heart of our $12 Trillion Mil-Ind Complex (even for the high-security WTC heart of finance) for 90 minutesNO CREDIBLE REASON.  Excusing that, we still have a beyond-obvious 30+ minute "failure" to defend the Pentagon after the 2nd WTC was hit. All despite published warnings (which they lied about) which should have caused high alert. No reasonable explanation.
  • Protection for Al-Qaeda - Documented in mainstream media, top govt attorney's Baker and Chertoff blocking inquiry lawsuits into money trail in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  Where would that lead?  FBI refused to accept 14,000 incriminating Saudi documents.
NOTE:  Some think all this "popular" 9-11 crap is Liberal anti-Bush stuff.  Theirry Meyssan is a French Leftist.  Dave Von Kleist is deep in the Christian Right, and while he's not insane about that, lots of his guests are what I would consider really whacko Christian Right people.  Then "Loose Change" with it's hip techno, is the same stuff marketed as light Lefty in tone.
However there is some evidence that the producer Dylan Avery is either a Arab-hating Jew on Little Green Footballs, or LGF has exposed him as a "spy" who is really a Jew-hater and.  Paul Isaac, Jr, the fireman, is either complaining or suing them, and he posted emails allegedly from Avery with a lot of remarks disparaging to Blacks.  Like a bad email hoax, this stuff won't go away

"Hunt the Boeing" and "In Plane Site", issues which have been debunked

This No Planes/Pod theory was so bad, so weak, it was even debunked by other psycho fakes.  Most of the debunking is somewhat detailed and technical, but it proved:
a) plane parts ARE visible at the Pentagon, and are actually visible in photos inside the "Hunt the Boeing" book
b) the damage to the Pentagon IS consistent with a 767 hitting the façade (at least partly, I question whether a plane alone could have busted clean through three layers or steel-reinforced concrete)
c) bodies WERE found there, and identified, by reputable people who were not merely shills for the govt
d) dozens of people, from right there and nearby, DID see a plane fly into the Pentagon, only a few people described a missile, and even their quotes were cut off to make it seem like they were saying something different
e) the "Pod theory" was debunked as a trick of light shining off a wing faring

Yet the theory had legs, partly because it's so simple and visual, and it appeals to simple-minds. Partly by promotion, which takes money(No insult intended, I bought the video and accepted part of it, and but rejected the "Pods" part even at first glance, the Pod thing was too fuzzy to tell anything one way or another.)
(von Kleist says "I'm only asking questions" but he's a liar, because he clearly said "there's no plane there".)
'The 9/11 Minority Report' 
Why the 9/11 Movement was created
by, and is fostered by
the very people
who carried out the attacks...
Not surprisingly, this DEBUNKED HOAX got the most traction online, and the most traction in MSM, appearing on TV even on FoxThat's a clueLike a bad email hoax, it won't go away
When "Boeing" and "IPS" first came out, some pooh-poohed it and said to ignore it, but others said this needed to be debunked, because it would someday be used to smear ALL legitimate 9-11 findings

Some even mentioned suspicions that the govt was withholding the Pentagon video for this very reason --- to fan the flames of controversy around the Pentagon meme, to set up a strawman they could later knock down. 

They also predicted that Rumfeld's intentional "Freudian slip" about a "missile" (which "validated" In Plane Site) would later be used to make everyone look stupid.  It was.  After the controversy churned a while, Rummy blew it off as a slip of the tongue.  Missile? Plane?  Anyone could make a slip like that.  "Missile" can mean a pencil thrown at someone.
Sure enough, Ben Chertoff, brother(?) of the director of Homeland Security wrote a long article debunking ALL "9-11 conspiracy theories" (except the govt's) by focusing on all the In Plane Site stuff, and by misquoting some other stuff.  It was a total hit piece.  This had to be pre-arranged. 
The aftermath of JFK was done just like this, a flood of different competing theoriesYet it's clear that the disfiguring the body (per doctors from Texas), the altered route, the video-recorded stand down of Secret Service ordered off the limo and the Army protection standdown, the totally complicit media coverup of evidence of 13 or more shots fired, NONE of this could be done by the Mafia, Cuba, Soviets, Oswald, or anyone except the combined Intelligence-Mafia-Media infrastructure.  (CIA and Mafia did work together in this era.)  (Note, the New Zealand news ran an article pinning Oswald before he was even captured.)  All that takes a real powerful organizational effort.
The CIA's role at the time was trying to assassinate Castro, and deposing or killing other heads of State deemed too liberal.
NONE OF THIS WAS GIVEN WIDESPREAD MEDIA COVERAGE, or it was mixed in with other crap.
 InsideTrackNews051020_Shock_Awe_Rise_Mil_Ind_Complex.mp3 - Shock and Awe, Rise of the Military Industrial Complex
History of the Shock and Awe going back to 1945

PSYOPS - Manipulating the Mind for Tyranny - How Hitler did it, how the Germans got sucked in.