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  • Who Profited off DEATH, Sep 11?
  • The End Game? Global Conquest
  • policy-1975-> "CREATE a PRETEXT to grab OIL"
  • related: Economic Liberty or Slavery
  • Many Warnings, FBI, Official Lies
  • Oh No!! DON'T INVESTIGATE!! Anthrax + London
  • Madrid and Bali bombings

  • 9-11 Commission: STACKED! Warren redux
  • Building 7  - the extra tower that fell
  • EXPLOSIONS  took down WTC
  • what is a CONSPIRACY THEORY?
  • Bill Clinton's role
  • John Kerry's link  Iran-Conrtra and BCCI
  • Torture ALL of them!!
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    What happened to all that Stock Market Insider Trading before 9-11?  more...
    intelligence failures???  quoted: the Bush Administration could care less whether the CIA is capable at accurately analyzing intelligence. They really don't care. What the Bushies want is a tame CIA that will spit out reports at will, conforming to their preconceived notions ...
    What's their real endgame,
    in their own words?
    Global CONQUEST, Domination
    The world according to Zbignew

    World of Evil - by Coldcut
    2004 All summed up in funny ÜBER COOL music video - FANTASTIC !!!
    World of Evil direct link  Quicktime

    US official policy as promoted by Pentagon and NSA Officials (1975):
    Seizing Arab Oil - "the need to create a Pretext"

    Alex Jones WARNS of Sept. 11 in July  (2 min ver, Quicktime MOV file)
    Alex Jones WARNS of 9-11 in July  (Windows Media version)
    ALEX JONES PREDICTS 9-11 on July 25, 2001  (longer version, RealPlay, go to 27min for warning)
    Alex dubbed his July 2001 campaign 'Expose the Government Terrorists' and urged his listeners to call the White House and tell them to call off the Bin Laden operation.
    I disagree with Jones' "Birchite" take on history.  He covers many aspects of 9-11, including growing recognition that
    9-11 is a milestone in world events which are directed by a tiny elite of wealth and royalty.  (Here's how 911Truth.org describes Alex -- 110% energy, 89% accuracy.)
    Upon learning that the John Birch Society functioned as an adjunct of Far Right and Nazi aspects of the US government and Intelligence, including spying on Americans and a "patriotic" right wing front group, I now wonder HOW ALEX KNEW. 
    Did Jones  just foresee, by reading the "tea leaves" of public Intelligence releases, or was he directed to make those statements by his FBI/CIA handlers?

    FBI Agents, schoolchildren, Russians, French, Germans, even the Taliban

    Gov. Jeb Bush (Florida) declared "emergency" 4 days before 9/11 (iffy)
     The Florida National Guard may order selected members on to state active
    duty for service to the State of Florida pursuant to Section 250.06(4),
    Florida Statutes, to assist FDLE in performing port security training and
    inspections. Based on the potential massive damage to life and property
    that may result from an act of terrorism at a Florida port, the necessity
    to protect life and property from such acts of terrorism, and inhibiting
    the smuggling of illegal drugs into the State of Florida, the use of the
    Florida National Guard to support FDLE in accomplishing port security training
    and inspections is "extraordinary support to law enforcement" as used in
    Section 250.06(4), Florida Statutes

    confronts Rumsfeld, live, on record, was (unprecedented) erased from Congressional Record

    Infowars 9-11 Archive of Articles
    Prisonplanet 9-11 Archive of Prior Knowledge, Govt. Complicity
    Martial Law 9-11 Archive
    Alex Jones on C-Span on Bush-Kerry
    On Michael Moore and F9-11  - Doug Valentine is a Vietnam veteran and intelligent activist

    9/11: All In One Chunk - ->
    9/11 Basic Questions + WRH 9/11 Index + Questions for Michael Moore
    Rahm Emmanuel, former Clinton adviser, current congressman from Illinois, staunch supporter of Israel,
    and suspected by many of being "Mega", the Mossad mole in the Clinton White House.
    Rahm has a brother, Ari Emmanuel, who just happens to be Michael Moore's agent.

    9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie:115 LIES

    Wikipedia list of Conspiracy Theories
    "Official explanations", excuses, and half-truths about the events of 9-11 or preceding 9-11, are riddled with giant holes of contradiction. Attemped explanations of the anomalies bring up more contradictions
    Gross contradiction, with no legitimate corrective explantion, equals Guilt.


    On May 23, 2002, President Bush says he OPPOSED establishing a special, independent commission to probe how the government dealt with terror warnings before 9/11.  PRESIDENT BUSH OPPOSES SEPT. 11 COMMISSION

    Bush/Cheney had the gall to "ask" Senate Leader Tom Daschle to NOT investigate 9-11 (LIMIT THE INVESTIGATION) ... because that would interfere with his War on Terror and also on stopping the Anthrax attacksAnthrax which was later identified as an Ames strain from a US bioweapons lab and appears to have been sent to Democrats who were potentially "insufficiently compliant".


    Bush said, an in-depth 9-11 investigation, would interfere with the "War on Terrorism".
    I'll bet that really would interfere ...
    "The vice president expressed the concern that a review of what happened on September 11 would take resources and personnel away from the effort in the war on terrorism," Daschle told reporters.

    LONDON BOMBINGS ON 7/7/05, coinciding with G8 conference and fake Live8 debt relief concert for Africa, combined with bombing Africa with AIDS meds and "peacekeeping" forces.

    Tony Blair
    ordered his conservative parliament to NOT investigate the train bombings on 7-7-2005, because that would interfere with the "War on Terrorism". 

    How Black Ops Staged the London Bombings: Hole Blown UPWARDS thru floor
    The bombs on the Underground were not in the tube carriages. They were under the floors of the carriages. The black-ops team would need access to rail or maintainance yards in order to plant these timed devices.

    "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train."

    Visor's eight-person, office-bound terror drill wasn't cover for the black op. The story of the coincident drill was itself the decoy cover.  The story was 'handed over' by Peter Power, who had been involved in 2 other London Underground disasters, to the mainstream media, and he made it 'almost seem' like he was saying they were running a drill.
    We must be careful not to pick up the traps they bait to discredit the suspicious. 

    PETER POWER, terror-meister
    "Eventually I made it through followed in a Pied Piper fashion by over a hundred passengers. I picked up the handset and... tried to reassure the people [there was] nothing to worry about. But what I was saying was nonsense. We had no communication with above and the smoke was getting worse, but I was appealing to people's desire to believe me."  - Peter Power

    August 2, 2005
    The Pied Piper of the London Bombing
    July 24, 2005
    Mainstream Ridicules Visor Terror Drill Hype
    July 13, 2005
    Giuliani Linked to London Terror Drill Boss
    July 11, 2005
    Alex Jones is Wrong on London Terror Drill

    you might take on board that Peter Power is more conected than you have already said. In fact he is the author of the present response stategy, so he would know exactly what the emergency services would do om 7/7:
    see http://www.visorconsultants.com/teamvisor_peter-power.html

    Peter has a senior Scotland Yard background which includes setting up the multi agency operational management structure at the Kings Cross fire, secondment to the Anti Terrorist Branch, deputy forward control coordinator at the Libyan People Bureau siege and leading the team behind the existing police street philosophy for dealing with terrorist bombs. He is also the primary author / promulgator of the present UK Police command methodology Gold, Silver & Bronze and a founder member of the UK judging panel for BC Awards.

    His role in the fire at Oxford Circus included thinking it was O.K. to knock out the driver of the train by punching him in the face!

    NYPD had expert already on scene
    When terrorist explosions rocked London yesterday, the NYPD had an on-the-scene view of the attack, and rapid information that led the city to heightened security in the transit system.


    Aznar 'purged all records in Madrid bombings cover-up
    The only country to investigate "Al-Qaida" attacks was 'socialist' Spain -- and they discovered that police and govt officials were involved peripherally, and that  Jose Maria Aznar's team destroyed all computer records dealing with the March 11 Madrid bombings before leaving office.  'Spain's socialist Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, condemned his conservative predecessors yesterday for carrying out a "massive deception" in blaming the 11 March train bombings on Eta Basque separatists.

    Madrid 3/11 train bombing suspects linked to Spanish Security Services

    The Spanish investigation has revealed that two individuals involved in allegedly supplying explosives to the alleged 3/11 Madrid terrorists were police informersDeafening silence of the Western media.  The man accused of supplying the dynamite used in the al-Qaeda train bombings in Madrid was in possession of the private telephone number of the head of Spain’s Civil Guard bomb squad, ...

      1980: Massacre in Bologna, 85 dead : more

    Were the Madrid Bombings a repeat of Operation Gladio and the Strategy of Tension??
    This was revealed to be a 40-year terror campaign carried out in Europe by the CIA, NATO forces, and fascists formerly serving Mussolini --- beginning AFTER World War 2.

    And in 1976, during a visit to Washington, Italian President Aldo Moro was personally threatened by Kissinger, who warned him that if he did not drop his "national solidarity" policy, he would come to a bad end.

    SEE: False-Flag Operations on this site

    SHOCKING DETAILS on MADRID Bombings (audio) 
    Operation Masquerade  part 1   part 2

    (Bali too?  per, the largest Australian newspaper)

    INDONESIAN police or military officers may have played a role in the 2002 Bali bombing, the country's former president, Abdurrahman Wahid has said.

    In an interview with SBS's Dateline program to be aired tonight, on the third anniversary of the bombing that killed 202 people, Mr Wahid says he has grave concerns about links between Indonesian authorities and terrorist groups.  (well whaddya know -- deja vu -- same for Bush, CIA, and Al-Qaeda!)

    "The orders to do this or that came from within our armed forces, not from the fundamentalist people," he says.

    The program also claims a key figure behind the formation of terror group Jemaah Islamiah was an Indonesian spy.

    Former terrorist Umar Abduh, who is now a researcher and writer, told Dateline Indonesian authorities had a hand in many terror groups.

    "There is not a single Islamic group either in the movement or the political groups that is not controlled by (Indonesian) intelligence," he said. 

    (NOTE:  CIA and US govt controls Indonesian Intelligence.  The 1965 facist coup in Indonesia included the massacre of an estimated 1 million to 3 million civilians suspected of siding with the liberal-communist govt. This Islamic Wahabbi takeover was fully backed by the United States. Today it's a strict religious dictatorship, like Saudi Arabia. Christians in the minority are terrorized and killed, with US approval from Condoleeza Rice.  In December 1975, Indonesia annexed East Timor just days after formally declaring Independence from Portugal.  As Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger waved goodbye to Jakarta, Indonesian troops invaded East Timor. CIA and Indonesian intelligence are a symbiotic operation, with CIA as the senior partner of course.)

    Is 'W' a Fascist?
    He's probably not well-read enough to actually have developed a genuine fascist "philosophy".
    But his people are proud to be:

    Michael Ledeen who is probably the biggest influence behind Bush admin policies, "Karl Rove's brain", authored the book 

    Universal Fascism: The Theory and Practice of the Fascist International.

    very important
    Michael Ledeen Quotes

    Siege Heil: The Bush + Rove + Schwarzenegger Nazi Nexus and the Destabilization of California
    (based on official US documents)

    Is "catastrophic success" (a Ledeen slogan) in Iraq & the War on Terror evidence of failure or plan?

    "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched." ~ Poppy Bush, cited in June, 1992 Sarah McClendon Newsletter

    BUSH FAMILY HISTORY 1918 - 1994 - a condensed timeline (overlook the name of the website, please) corroborated by other more detailed sites.  This site is not ALL about Bush, because while the Bush's are significant criminals, it's much bigger than them.

    Fascism is defined as the merging of the corporations, the state, and the military into one all-powerful juggernaut organized on hierarchichal lines, and ruling through deception and autocracy.

    That is an excellent description of the US system post-9/11, and a fairly accurate description of various Western-sponsored regimes in the Islamic world.

    More on NEOCONs  by conservative  Arsenal of Hipocrisy


    The 9-11 Commission

    was bi-partisan ... but the crime was bi-partisan. The Commission was staffed with CFR members with close ties to the President, Condi Rice, and had their own ties the Afghan pipeline.
    • Thomas Kean was once a top official on a Central Asia oil project.  Kean has Links to the Bin Laden Family and is/was one of the Directors and shareholders in Amerada Hess.
    • Phil Zelikow, Executive Director of the 9-11 Commission, not only wrote a book with Condi on foreign policy, but also served on Bush's transition team, Bush's national security and foreign intel advisor, and joined terror threat meetings before 9-11, so as an administration insider he had to testify as a witness on his own commission.
    • Lee Hamilton (D) performed damage control on the Iran-Contra-Cocaine investigation, releasing a report denying drug trafficking (which the CIA later quietly admitted) and choosing not to probe Reagan and Bush

      Recall how the Post saved us from the truth about Iran-Contra. ... On February 5, 1992 a gun-shy, uninspired House of Representatives begrudgingly authorized an "October Surprise" investigation by a task force of 13 congressmen headed by Lee Hamilton (D-IN). who had chaired the House of Representatives Iran-Contra Committee. Hamilton has named as chief team counsel Larry Barcella, a lawyer who represented BCCI when the Bank was indicted in 1988 (*11).

      Like the Washington Post, Hamilton had not shown interest in pursuing the U.S. arms-for-drugs operation (*12). He had accepted Oliver North's lies,and as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee he derailed House Resolution 485 which had asked President Reagan to answer questions about Contra support activities of government officials and others.

    • Richard Ben-Veniste was formerly the lawyer for CIA agent/Drug smuggler Barry Seal and Bill Clinton.  After Seal was gunned down at the Salvation Army while awaiting a court date, a lawyer for the accused Columbians fought the FBI and obtained Seal's trunk, which contained the personal phone number of George H.W. Bush, Sr.
    • MORE 9-11 Commission dirty links
    • 115 LIES in the 9-11 Commission report one list by David Ray Griffin
    • The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie - 911truth.org
    The 9-11 Commission, initially resisted by the White House, was finally completed.
    But the Commission's official scope was restricted to looking only for lapses in procedures --- the pre-determined conclusion --- and making recommendations for strengthening procedures ... like more and bigger departments with more dictatorial power and less public accountability.
    • MORE on IRAN-CONTRA, BCCI, and John Kerry  (below)

    Larry Silverstein admitted on PBS that  Building 7 (which he had recently purchased and insured) was demolished or "pulled", because of two small fires.  (Dave  disputes that charge, suggests the Silverstein "pulled" the firefighters, but he did not say "pull them" he said "pull it".) How did they make a decision and then engineer a complete demolition, wiring sequenced explosive charges from top to bottom, between 10am and 4pm on Sept 11?   Did they wire it in advance?  Silverstein's statement and denial on PBS (Petroleum Broadcasting Station) red herring was very likely planted in anticipation to discredit the idea that the building was (obviously) dropped.

    DESCRIPTION of a controlled demolition (atypical, very heavy steel): (28-story building) CDI placed 991 separate charges, about 800 lbs. of explosives in all, on seven floors from the basement to the 14th floor and detonated them over a five-second interval. CDI’s detonation sequence aimed to drop the building in a southerly direction in what is called a controlled progressive collapse in order to lay out the demolished structure to ease removal of debris.  To blast in this fashion it is imperative that the charges on opposing sides go off simultaneously. If one goes off too soon, it will dislodge the other before it can cut through the steel.

    Here, Larry Silverstein says he meant "something else" other than demolition, but won't elaborate.

    Yet a
    ny mention of the third tower Building 7 collapse is completely missing from the 9-11 Commission Report, obviously because it would open more unanswerable questions about demolition planning. Building 7 housed the CIA and FEMA, and other  "counter-terrorism" agencies.  A FEMA official said FEMA arrived in NYC on Sept 10.  Why?  Nobody is talking.

    Woman waving in WTC gash, near "molten metal".
    Here is a still shot of the woman waving standing in the impact hole of the North Tower, with fires nearby "so hot it melted steel".
    No one from the North Tower impact levels, or above, survived.

    Take a close look at her.  She looks nice, pretty, brave, just hoping to be rescued soon.  In another photo, other people are barely visible, standing in the shadows in another section.
    (You know the govt killed her ... because if the heat didn't roast HER, the nearby fires sure as hell didn't collapse the tower she's standing in.  It had to be a controlled demo, as Jennings and Brokaw and/or Rather described it.)

    John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman (below), confirms he has questions about 9/11

    Interviewer: " I'll ask one very specific question which is very concise. Did you know that the Kean commission, an official goverment commission, did not even mention that Number 7 World Trade Center, a 47-story building, collapsed at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11/01 without being hit by a plane? Taller than any building in Maryland or Virginia.
    It wasn't mentioned in the 9-11 report, and the NY Times and the Washington Post didn't mention that it wasn't mentioned." 
    Read John's response

    An FBI laboratory analyzed the stains in Monica Lewinsky's dress.  Very important.
    Our govt. spent $40 million chasing after Clinton's sexual escapades - which were not even criminal - (and declined to go after Clinton on more serious stuff like his partnership with Bush in the Mena-Cocaine debacle which killed many people including two teenage boys.)
    The USG spent a paltry $600 thousand investigating the biggest attack on America since Pearl Harbor, before the World Trade Center Complex crime scene evidence was destroyed by government edict.
    Nobody can analyze anything at the WTC, because all the evidence -- all the steel beams -- were immediately removed and destroyed (local file), to be melted down in China.  http://www.wtc7.net/steeldisposal.html  missing
    It was NOT that important to investigate the 9-11 rubble.  Computer modeling will tell us all we need to know (want to know), per Mayor Bloomberg.

    Tampering with evidence at a crime scene carries criminal penalties
    Tampering with evidence is ILLEGAL and also PRIMA FACIE EVIDENCE of GUILT.

    On Kennedy's limo, the SS wiped down the bloody seats, then shipped it to Detroit to replace the windshieldDid you know that?
    I have compelling evidence that the limousine arrived in Detroit on Sunday, 11/24/63.  Several years ago I taped an interview I conducted with a gentleman that was directly responsible for making a new windshield, using the old windshield for a template.  This occurred on 11/25/63 in a locked room at the Ford Motor Plant.  The three men in the room were under orders to destroy the old windshield upon completion of the project.  Such was done.  This gentleman's career was in working with glass.  He vividly described a bullet hole in the windshield that had to have entered from the front.  I corroborated this information with his family who verified that he had described this event to them since 1963.   I saw the windshield man in an interview.

    WTC evidence was removed under careful guard, using GPS tracking on the trucks to make sure none of it got loose, the most expensive "garbage" in history.
    Individuals were blocked from the scene. Firefighters were blocked from searching for colleagues' momentos, causing a riot between NY cops and NY Firemen.
    "Since 'Ground Zero' was, by all accounts, the site of a mass murder, the actions taken collectively by federal officials amounted to nothing less than the willful, deliberate destruction of evidence in a criminal investigation."  Highly Sensitive Garbage

    website on Physical Demolition, published on Sept 13, 2001  by Paul Meyer

    EXPLOSIONS:  www.google.com/search?as_q=EXPLOSIONS+WTC

    "Early news reports, broadcast before the official spin had set in, acknowledged that the collapses had been assisted by explosives." - Dave's web 
    "The Chief of Safety of the Fire Department of New York told me that, uhh, he thinks that there were actually devices that were planted  ..."
    Steve Evans, a correspondent for the BBC, reported the following on the air: "I was at the base of the 2nd tower, the second tower that was hit. There was an explosion -- I didn't think it was an explosion, but the base of the building shook. I felt it shake, then when we were outside, the second explosion happened and then there was a series of explosions. We can only wonder at the kind of damage -- the kind of human damage -- which was caused by those explosions, those series of explosions."

    "... colleague had witnessed an enormous fireball emanating from beneath one of the towers immediately before it came crashing down."

    On September 24, 2001, People Weekly published an account by Louie Cacchioli, one of the first firefighters to enter the south tower: "I was taking firefighters up in the elevator to the 24th floor to get in position to evacuate workers. On the last trip up a bomb went off. We think there were bombs set in the building."

    Some 185,101 tons of structural steel have been hauled away from Ground Zero. Most of the steel has been recycled as per the city's decision to swiftly send the wreckage to salvage yards in New Jersey. The city's hasty move has outraged many victims' families who believe the steel should have been examined more thoroughly. Last month, fire experts told Congress that about 80% of the steel was scrapped without being examined...
    (New York Daily News, April 16, 2002)

    For more than three months, structural steel from the World Trade Center has been and continues to be cut up and sold for scrap. Crucial evidence that could answer many questions about high-rise building design practices and performance under fire conditions is on the slow boat to China, perhaps never to be seen again in America until you buy your next car... Fire Engineering has good reason to believe that the "official investigation" blessed by FEMA and run by the American Society of Civil Engineers is a half-baked farce that may already have been commandeered by political forces whose primary interests, to put it mildly, lie far afield of full disclosure. Except for the marginal benefit obtained from a three-day, visual walk-through of evidence sites conducted by ASCE investigation committee members - described by one close source as a "tourist trip"- no one's checking the evidence for anything.
    (Fire Engineering Magazine, January 2002)
    Colonel John O'Dowd, of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. O'Dowd, who is no stranger to disaster scenes, said that he had never seen anything like what he saw, "it seemed like everything was pulverized."

    Experts consulted by the Discovery Channel ("Collapse: How the Towers Fell," September 7, 2003) noted that jet fuel can burn quite fiercely, purportedly at temperatures approaching 2,000° F, but not for very long. At least one-half of the aircraft's fuel burned outside of the towers, it was acknowledged, and the remaining half, which ignited inside the towers, would have burned up in about eight minutes

    On the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, The New York Times writes, "... the public knows less about the circumstances of 2,801 deaths at the foot of Manhattan in broad daylight than people in 1912 knew within weeks about the Titanic, which sank in the middle of an ocean in the dead of night." But the NYT ain't helping to solve that problem. 

    A lotta people claim to disbelieve "conspiracy theories"
    What they really mean is they only believe in officially-sanctioned conspiracy theories ...

    conspiracy section offloaded here

    A CONSPIRACY is when two or more people plan a crime, whether or not the crime was actually committed, or to conceal a crime, which may be complicity after the fact. A corner drug deal is a conspiracy and one in four federal prosecutions include a conspiracy charge.  Conspiracy can be far easier to prosecute than the actual crime. 

    In football, it's a huddleWHEN a group like the CFR or Tri-Lateral Commission or the Bilderberg group, the G8 leaders, or any corporate board or other group, get together to plan a strategy, that's called "a planning meeting".  If what the planners are planning is illegal -- or grossly unethical -- that's a conspiracy.

    America was founded on a conspiracy theory -- it's in the declaration of independence-- that King George was conspiring against the colonists by all his actions. -- Tarpley

    conspiracytheorist32.mp3  one-minute clip Mike Levine former DEA explains Legal concept of "Conspiracy".
    (Strangely, Levine a former cop who prosecuted govt drug conspiracies disputes any 9-11 conspiracy.)

    What about a THEORY ?
    WELFARESTATE dot comPolice detectives  test unproven ideas (hopefully logically-inferred)  -- a hypothesis -- about crimes

    You think 9-11 is too big to cover up?  It IS.

    Actual conspiracies around 9-11 by government officials are painfully evident, from Bush's initial insistence on "no investigation", to other criminal evasions. Their cleverness has been to allow and encourage conspiracy theories to flourish, and to participate in muddying the waters.

    Brief summary of Democrat complicity.
    It shall be noted loudly that the arrangements for the entire Sept 11 Project took probably eight years, and therefore did precede the Bush admin.  Elements within BILL CLINTON's admin (at some level, most surely Bill himself) also actively worked to hamstring investigations of "al-Qaida", the money trail, etc., long after al-Qaida was declared an enemy, long after the Kenya and Nairobi bombings were allowed to go ahead, long after the Marines were blown up on the USS Cole, (and that investigation was thwarted by Clinton's ambassador to Yemen, Barbara Bodine).

    Bill Clinton's complicity in "Osamagate", working with Al-Qaida in Kosovo, was the topic of a Congressional report in 1997 by the Republican Party Committee.   documented (but kept quiet) Republican Party Committee Kosovo report

    I blame Clinton because for one --- it's true -- and two --- bleating trained-seal "pseudo-conservatives" cannot hear you criticize George W. Bush unless you also say "Bill Clinton".

    So "Bill Clinton" "Bill Clinton" "Bill Clinton": Complicit in 9-11.  Satisfied?

    Try this too:  John Kerry, head of Senate Foreign Relations (intell):  Insider or disconnected?  You decide. "John Kerry"  "John Kerry"  "John Kerry".
      (There are many more names than these figureheads.)

    Kerry HELPING Bush 41  link to details

    Opinions differ as to whether John Kerry (D) pursued the Iran-Contra investigation, and the related BCCI scandal, or helped cover it up. 
    I clarify BCCI "The Al-Qaeda International Bank of Pakistan".
    Staunch Dems of course make Kerry a hero over it.
    LESSON:  If you know you're in trouble, make sure the investigator/prosecutor has got your back. (is an ally)

    Kerry HELPING Bush 43  link to details

    John Kerry never mentioned during his campaign that Bush 43 had re-hired the people he investigated to prosecute for treason (essentially).  They once worked for Bush 41, and now Georgie put them back in power.  If Kerry really went after them -- and he was really serious -- why didn't he mention that his opponents were criminals who used CIA and Executive power to block his investigation? 

    Few understood BCCI at the time.  I didn't. Accounts at BCCI But if Kerry had said:
    "I once prosecuted the American branch of the Bank of Al-Qaeda as hard as I could.  Poppy Bush pardoned some of them criminals, and now Junior put them back in the charge", I think people would get that after Sept 11!

    There's many other honest proven meaty and substantial criticisms about Bush which Kerry FAILED to mention, holding back all the time.
    Here's a few more clues:  Assistant Attorney General Robert Mueller (now head of FBI) testified that "at no time ...has anyone from the CIA ... attempted to obstruct or interfere with the Department of Justice's investigation and prosecution of BCCI."
    On August 2, 1991, with Congress in recess, acting CIA director Richard Kerr chose to provide the first public account of the CIA's involvement with BCCI at the National Press Club, to a group of high school students, who were not permitted to ask questions.

    If we were to take Bush at his word, Bill Clinton should be in Guantanimo for supporting terrorists. Clinton and Bush DynastyInstead Bill Clinton is golfing with W's daddy, and having dinner with his mom.  Shouldn't we warn them?

    EVERYTHING MORALLY WRONG WITH IRAQ WAR WAS WRONG WITH BOMBING THE BALKANS, and there are many parallel lies and fraudulent justifications.

    BUT, The Pentagon and CIA was collaborating directly with Al Qaeda  barely a few weeks before 9/11 ... and beyond 2001 in Chechnya

    One would, therefore, expect that the CIA were fully informed on the activities and whereabouts of their "intelligence assets".
    - Michel Chossudovsky

    these are probably THE two most important geopolitical articles on the whole topic:
    Osamagate  (same article above)    
    Bush's Military Adventures


    Isn't it called "treason" when a person collaborates with enemies?  Answer: Al-CIA-Duh is an enemy in the world of make-believe SPIN, they are an asset of real US policy in the real world.


      MY SUGGESTION:  I'm not necessarily against it.  THEY SHOULD ALL BE TORTURED.

    Bush should round up Carter, Bush 41, Clinton, and all their key Pentagon and CIA leaders, along with the Joint Chiefs, heads of Tri-Lateral, and send them all to Guantanimo ... and then Bush 43 'W' should join them himself.
    Don't forget Dick Armitage, former torture-master of Latin America. 

    I think that if the Bushes tortured Clinton and then Clinton tortured both Bushes, we could probably get some answers.

    they should ALL take turns torturing each other until they ALL talk.

    A friend suggested this be shown on Pay-per-View.

    There is far more evidence on their complicity with Terrorists than Fawaz Damra or Al-Arian or Jose Padillo (supreme authority article) or anyone else they've "caught".

    excerpt "Rise of the Police State" (50 minutes - 87 meg file) Click Here 

    When he announced the U.S. air strikes against Afghanistan, President Bush Jr. said, "We're a peaceful nation." He went on to say, "This is the calling of the United States of America, the most free nation in the world, a nation built on fundamental values, that rejects hate, rejects violence, rejects murderers, rejects evil. "
    Then went on to drop more than 12,000 bombs and KILL 3,500 Civilians in Afghanistan by U.S. Bombers University of New Hampshire Economics.

    Kennedy Assassination

    I had never been deeply interested in the Kennedy Assassination, until after 9-11.   It happened.  I was three.  What difference does it make today to speculate who did it? 

    Well, for one thing, the evidence presented is FAR more than mere speculation.  For another, I didn't understand that the JFK assassination was a giant step along a well-established path leading to fascism, a military-intelligence dictatorship in the United States.

    There are many not "weird" but simply factual parallels between the Kennedy assassination and 9-11, the same people linked to both events, how the Establishment and the Media handled public confusion in the aftermath by contradicting initial reports with later ones, creating incredible theories, leaking intentional disinformation, creating strawmen, the use of ridicule, etc.

    Here's the biggest and most obvious fact:
    Allen Dulles was fired by President Kennedy, in part because of the fiasco of the Bay of Pigs, where CIA tried to "force" JFK to order an invasion by launching their own clandestine attack.
    Despite being an ex-employee, Allen Dulles was appointed by Lyndon Johnson to serve on the Warren Commission to "investigate" the murder of his former boss. JFK had not only fired Dulles but he had sworn to dismantle the whole CIA (Nazi) operation. These men obviously had a serious grudge, personal, financial, political, power.
    Allen Dulles was business partner to W's grandfather, and employer to W's father, George Herbert Walker Bush.  He was also a Nazi-collaborator, more like one of the key lynchpin men in charge of the Nazi operation.

    Click here  page 308 from Volume XVIII of the official Warren Commission Report.
    Lee Harvey Oswald --Repatriation Loan, June 1 1962.
    It begs the question as to why would the United States government lend $500 to a Marine who defected to the Soviet Union for "political reasons" and ... ?

    Click here to see the infamous memo from J. Edgar Hoover about his opinion on the sentiments of the "misguided anti-Castro Cubans". Hoover wrote this memo TO the State Dept, regarding information he furnished to "George Bush of the C.I.A.".  The goofy thing is that the anti-Castro Cuban attack squad Operation 40 was run by the CIA, and GHW Bush of the CIA, so there would have been no logical reason for CIA to have been inquiring about it from Hoover.
    Bush claimed to have first joined the CIA in 1974 -- over a decade later --  ... as it's DirectorMembers of Operation 40 and the CIA, who badly wanted war with Castro, were implicated in the Kennedy assassination.
    Thanks to www.cloakanddagger.de for this Dixie Mafia image, but I'm don't think they are trustworthy on other matters.

    Who was CIA Agent George de Mohrenschildt? Click to see an incriminating de Mohrenschildt Chart.

    The Bushy Knoll    JFK Murder Solved by former FBI agents
    Oswald with David Ferrie of CIA  Ferrie also trained Barry Seal, long time CIA drug runner associated with Bush  

    Why Does "W" Fly Drug Smuggler Barry Seal's Airplane?

    A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination,
    and the Case That Should Have Changed History
    Where to buy the book: Joan Mellen's website
    Three hour special program.
    takingaim051011-1.mp3   takingaim051011-2.mp3    takingaim051011-3.mp3

    Audio and Video webpage-1 with info

    i cannot vouch for the authenticity of material by anyone, particularly not Alex Jones, Ruppert, or Hopsicker, but each offers pieces of the puzzle of how U.S. foreign and domestic policy works

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    A Terrorist Document
    The FBI recently named the United States Constitution a potential "terrorist document".
    U.http://www.usconstitution.net/const.htmlS. Constitution page 1
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