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Answer to a question about Fahrenheit 911:

REVISED - MOORE IS A TOOL OF THE CORRUPT DLC, and actually gives 'aid and comfort' to Bush, like with the voiceover sequence making Bush "innocent but stupid" whereas they are surely guilty of MIHOP or at very least LIHOP, complicity in Sept 11, 2001 tragedy.  Alex Jones, for one, praises Moore in American Dictators for doing another legitimate movie about 9-11
(besides 9-11 The Road to Tyranny), not "copying" Jones as others had said, but later Jones rightfully ambushes Moore at the RNC in NYC for NOT covering the real hardcore 9-11 issues like the Standdown, and for secretly serving the Globalists.

What Moore shows you is an overall image of an administration in which the "leaders" so blatantly tell bald-faced lies and are associated with some serious behavior that goes way beyond blunders and stupidity, into the realm of what could be called an international crime syndicate, without any exaggeration. 

Well, maybe not all that is IN the movie itself, I'm seeing it from the perspective of having learned the deeper and more serious information before this movie came out, and coming to the conclusion that given ALL the facts, this was pretty obviously an inside job, but the unanswered questions of the movie I think lead there, if the viewer is not afraid to use common sense and confront their feelings of not wanting to believe the worst.
But I mean even if there were something suspect with Moore's movie, there couldn't be that much corruption behind MM.  He's only a movie director/producer for chrissakes.  How much corruption could one lowly underground movie director possibly contain -- compared to a government?  This much negative attention in the media and Fox is pretty amazing.  (Well, I guess a movie director could be secretly aligned with power... like the woman who did the Hitler propaganda films.  But that's not Moore.)
I guess I'd call it corruption if 
a) your huge paycheck comes from rich elites, 
b) you are pretending that's not true, 
c) you are pretending to have motives of truth and decency, but secretly working in service of your paymasters. 
Who are Moore's paymasters?  You and me, apparently.  Not "power" which would prefer to destroy him. 
I think it's pretty obvious, Moore is a sincere man of the people.  I mean he runs all over talking to schools and groups for free.  I know how he started out, an unemployed auto worker with a camera, putting people's real economic misery and devastation on the screen for America to face, breaking through the Hollywood gloss and bullshit.  In this movie, he uses editing and scenes in such a way as to whipsaw emotions between humor and grief, and it's pretty obvious.  I'm more touched by the grief and pain each time I've seen it. 
Critics on the left (and true conservatives) say that Moore leaves out some damning (but technical and not necessarily good for a mainstream film) information that puts the government as almost certainly responsible for the terrorist attacks. Moore leaves out "Operation Northwoods" which you could find online.  A Joint Chiefs plan that is a precedent for the idea of US staging a terrorist attack on America.  Moore leaves out questions about Building 7, which was detonated, and which housed the CIA.  Moore leaves out orders for people to return to the South Building, when the Fire Chief called it a deliberate attack, at 8:47. 
Moore glosses over the point that Bush actually failed to take action from 8:15 (first hijacking) --- or at least from 8:46 (first hit) --- to 9:13 or to 9:25, and not just for 7 minutes from 9:06 to 9:13, so he's actually gives Bush much more benefit of the doubt than required.  http://www.911timeline.net/

One other disturbing question that Moore asks in his book, Dude, Where's My Country? but leaves out of the movie, is how the hell did these untrained pilots who flew Cessna's in training execute these trick manuvers
prefectly over Cleveland, Washington , DC, and New York, hitting targets with pinpoint accuracy flying a passenger aircraft at 500 m.p.h.?  He describes the hairpin turns and spinning freefall that happened in DC. 
There are many more discrepancies on so many sites including Alex Jones, I won't bother here.


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