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as we were saying ...
GIVEN all the clear evidence that BUSH-CO/CIA RUTHLESSLY KILLED 3000 Americans on September 11, 2001 ...
what else really matters?

Daniel Hopsicker, investigator, CIA-Cocaine, 9-11, voting scam   www.madcowprod.com    
Alex Jones, paleo-Conservative, Christian  www.infowars.com   &   www.prisonplanet.tv  
Mike Ruppert, LAPD   www.copvcia.com  www.911truth.org
Michel Chossudovsky, economics and politics professor   www.globalresearch.ca  
    detailed info on ties btw US Intell and Al-Qaida

Michael Rivero, anti-Clinton exposer, now uncovering Bush      www.whatreallyhappened.com
Al-Qaeda - US Intelligence Asset    www.apfn.net/messageboard/01-11-04/discussion.cgi.28.html
Al-Qaida - US Intelligence Asset, conservative  aq_is_US_intell.htm
Ralph Schoenman, Marxist with same info as the Right, and more  www.gunsandbutter.net
Michael Parenti  -  www.michaelparenti.org
and many other websites.

Use due caution about verifying possible disinformation.  Egos abound, even amongst good people, and the CIA is notorious for hiring professional "conspiracy theorists" who can be easily and immediately debunked and discredited to cast a web of doubt over the entire issue.

Debunking sites:  www.questionsquestions.net    
Nonsense as a Weapon - An effective tool for reinforcing the "loony conspiricism" meme is the introduction and dissemination of theories that that have no basis in evidence.

Do you cherish Liberty and Freedom?  Or do you prefer Tyranny?
to clarify this long explanation, click here:
American Dictators   (y'all come back, y'hear!!)
or here:

Democrats, at least some top leaders, were obviously part of this 9-11 scheme.
Many people have delved into incredible inconsistencies in the govt's own official story, despite mainstream media whitewash of facts and intentional ignorance.

If you ever watched a cop show, you know what it means when suspects have inconsistent stories ... someone or everyone is LYING. 
"Columbo" could have solved this crime years ago: ("there's just one thing that bothers me ...")

Consider the implications that plans to wage global war against anyone not at very least of the millionaire class (forever) and domestic tyranny (forever) are so important that some  black ops  group within the CIA as well as some members of all three branches of government and the entire media system, were willing to be involved in the open murder of 3000 Americans, a human sacrifice to achieve these goals.  WHAT NEXT? 
Will they do to make it look like an accident, a lapse in security procedures?  (Three words: New Orleans, Katrina.)  (Nuke Chicago, Cleveland?)

Here's what happens when you violate a traffic law in Baghdad. Imagine this happening in America. How long would it be before you called for the overthrow of the government if soldiers pointed automatic weapons in your face for making an illegal turn? How long do you think the Iraqis will put up with this before they begin resistance in earnest?




the hidden Nazi History of America

I call this "US-Based interests" for a good reason: Alex Jones points out, I think correctly, that the Constitution and our Republican form of Limited Democracy is in peril since it has been hijacked by Globalist forces.  Who are these "globalists"?

The Tri-Lateral Comm co-founded by Al-Qaida founder, Zbignew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, is a public arm of the Council on Foreign Relations, with 1200 members, many overlapping. Jimmy Carter was in TLC.  All our recent Presidents and many other top officials are member of one or more of these groups.

These are all institutions you can find on the Internet.  You can read the truth about them and their history on www.prisonplanet.com and www.infowars.com and many other sites.  Some are becoming household names, with cutesy exposés on CNN:  the Bilderberg group (300 private businessmen and royalty and media and world politicians who meet in absolute secrecy to make plans), the Council on Foreign Relations (1200, near ditto), the Tri-Lateral Comm, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, and various corporate orgs controlled by the same groups of people which lobby government for their agenda, buy politicians, and publish articles in the mainstream media, tax-free foundations which exist to promote public policy through front groups they found .. incl Left antiwar groups.

When was the last time you VOTED for THESE people?  Who are they?  HOW CAN THEY make laws which our leaders agree OVERRULE the US Constitution?
Why is Brzezinski not in Gitmo for creating AL-Qaida?

WHY DID our past CIA DIR Krongard and THE PRESIDENT say to forget about getting Bin Laden?

We should differentiate between US government which we apparently  vote for, vs. US Intelligence, a.k.a. "The State", a.k.a. the National Security StateNow you should ask yourself what "National Security Interests" really means.

US Intelligence (CIA and 10 other agencies) has strong Fascist and Nazi roots since the 1930's,
straight to Adolf Hitler and Mussolini, via founders of the CIA, especially influential Allen Dulles.  (There also are good, honest patriots who got a job in Intelligence to serve America.)
Dulles was fired by Kennedy in 1962.  Allen Dulles, the top suspect in the JFK murder (for those paying attention in '63), outrageously led the Warren Comm.  investigation  in '64. 
So, I'm about 40 years late in finally grasping this information, but now it's accelerating rapidly, and the storm is moving from the Third World to right here at home.

Covert fascism works to "take over" governments.  "Intelligence" is the secret groups and the mechanism by which they subvert and conquer from within.  The Nazi SS did that, but Joseph Goebbels also borrowed some ideas from US propaganda tactics against the public.
Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles were attorneys and business partners of President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott.  They were all fronting for the Nazis, helping to create them as a global power, meeting with Hitler, Nazi industrialists, and SS officers.
Allen Dulles and his brother John later became the two most powerful leaders of the US engine, as head of the CIA and Secretary of State.
The Nazis were supported by a wide range of corporate and banking interests in the US and Britain, some of that stopping when FDR declared war.  In the case of Prescott Bush, he and Averill Harriman kept up relations with the Nazis AFTER the War began, through 1951 according to US documents which have been exposed and researched by John Buchanan.

Their whole "banking" operation was nothing more than a front for funding and laundering money for the Nazi takeover of Germany, answering directly to Fritz Thyssen.
Congress slapped Prescott Bush's hand for charges less than treason, convicted of Trading with the Enemy, and then he became a Senator using $1 million in Nazi funds.  strange but true
Bush became a New England Senator (CT), tied to the NY banking elites ostensibly hated by conservatives, just like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.  Bush's are NOT really Texans.

John Buchanan found information in the US archives which shows that Bush and Averill Harriman were no minor players but key "angels" for the Nazi party.

(so why isn't the "Left" liberal media publishing this?)
you may find yourself saying "AHHH, so that explains everything."

George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. clearly got his first job out of Yale at Dulles' CIA, he was best friends with the son of the recruiter, was appointed CIA Director in 1974, served as President in '88, but obviously ran the Reagan foreign policy.  In 1968, GHW Bush was handed a position in Nixon's administration  alongside CIA assassin E. Howard Hunt.  E. Howard Hunt bragged of shooting JFK while  imprisoned for Watergate, and was even "found guilty" (sort of) in a libel suit he lost against the Spotlight which named him as JFKs assassin.  Congressman Nixon was first "discovered" by Prescott Bush in 1946.  Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald (patsy)live on TV in '63, was Nixon's aide in '47.   Google for the $10 DVD "Jfk ii" and skip any sites about John Kerry.  Otherwise, download it from my FTP listed on next page.

"Dulles and Gehlen hit it off immediately. Gehlen was a master spy for the Nazis." 
Dulles merged a top Nazi SS group into the CIA --- they were intelligence experts and anti-communist anti-worker fascists.  Under Fascism, people are cogs who feed the glory of the State.  Under Democracy, the State serves the people.

The US never had a National Security State until it was created, post World War II.  National Security Council consists of the President, Vice-President, Sec. Defense, Sec. State, and others. They operate secretly, above and outside the Law, allocated funds which even Congress does not oversee, despite rules demanding oversight.   The CIA is the enforcement arm of Wall Street, executing the bankers' agenda of plunder and control.  Top CIA executives were all Wall Street attorneys and bankers. 

What does "defending U.S. National Security interests" really mean -- our interests?
Wall Street's interests are no longer American, but are synonymous with unelected Int'l bodies working on "investment" problems of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Bilderberg group, Tri-lateral commission, and Council on Foreign Relations, and others right-wing lobbies.  If they can make more money expanding the US economy, they will.  If they can make more destroying the US economy, by sucking it dry, they will do so, transferring a greater and greater percent of the wealth held by the general public to the top 1% or top 5% of billionaires who really   like deserve to own it. 

Mostly, they use governments they have "bought", plus many layers of propaganda obscuring their plans and appealing to emotion and logic, outsourcing the job of physical and ideological violence, to match their economic violence.

We have a functional mirror of Fuedalism and Serfdom of the Middle Ages, with a shiny window-dressing of democracy.  We have been living under a Lawless government for decades, but they are getting more powerful and more brazen every year.
google "Elkhorn Manifesto" for full details or look HERE
"If America loses this war," said Secretary of the Interior [Harold] Ickes, June 26, 1941, "it can thank the Aluminum Corporation of America."  our biggest monopolies entered into secret agreements with the Nazi cartels and divided the world up among them.
Most notorious of all was Alcoa, the Mellon-Davis-Duke monopoly.


A failure to grasp this history of outsiders controlling America blurs the distinction between "anti-American" rhetoric vs. support for real original American values, beyond "Left" and "Right", "liberal" vs. "conservative".
(see ME dressed to tell the world about the modern Nazis at a Bush rally, plus more links)

Lots of other things do matter.  Global climate instability caused by carbon dioxide and other chemicals is destined to collapse into a catastrophe that will likely kill billions, not thousands, but stopping it would hurt business. Are we now seeing TWO Cat-5 hurricanes in a month?  If "global warming" were a "liberal" myth, the Pentagon would not be making plans for environmental collapse  ... war planning.

Social Security does matter, civil and human rights do matter, proving that the "War on Iraq" was an "intelligence mistake" (no it wasn't a mistake in any way, and quagmire seems intentional too)  does matter ...

if the National
Security State ... CIA, NSA, Executive branch ... is willing to openly wage war on mainstream Americans by staging horrific acts of terrorism-as-propaganda like the Reichstag fire, then all bets are off
It's gone beyond petitions and elections, has it not?

Fascist Dictatorship

This is NOT the real U.S. Government anyhow, so you don't have to worry that criticizing the Bush administration is "anti-American", (though you will be labelled as such if you do, because the Bush administration has made themselves synonymous with "America"). This is a secret unaccountable entity known as the National Security State, running behind the government, driven by forces of wealth and power. 

What?!!  Is this a super whacko conspiracy theory?  No.  Archived government documents, statements of Senators from decades ago, confirm that the Central Intelligence Agency was launched by people who colluded with Nazi Germany against the USA, Allen Dulles in particular, and they established the National Security Administration.  Facts are not theories.
In 1963, the dark forces within the CIA proved they trump the President (Kennedy), unless the President is on their side.  Their absolute power has grown over the years.

(The CIA also hires "good" people, patriots who attempt to work for America, but those underlings are not the ones running the show.  These "good people", sincere analysts, are the folks attacked by Rumsfeld and Cheney when they provided truthful information which basically exonerated Iraq on the WMD question.  It appears that these honest "rebels" were purged by Porter Goss when he took over CIA.)

American power was no picnic for Native Americans, Africans, Cubans, Filipinos, and many others even before the 1930's and 40's.  Industrialists had American workers in a chokehold as virtual slaves.  There was massive corporate-govt assaults on workers and their families, once-famous events like the 1896 Haymarket frameup, machine guns of the 1914  Ludlow Massacre, and 1919  Palmer Raids.  Labor activists (ordinary working people) were kidnapped, shot, arrested for organizing, railroaded through the courts, etc.  The 1960's brought COINTELPRO, with it's infiltration of peace groups, frame-ups, imprisonment, and assassinations. All these overt assaults and Covert operations on the American public were equivalent to fascism, before the term was created.

Admiration for Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich was the 
natural position taken by Wall Street and the Fortune 500.  Some even liked his Jew-hating, many approved of his eugenics programs, both sterilization and extermination of "the weak", but nearly all adored his corporate-friendly economics and the Nazi social control methods, the centralized power, the efficiency. 
They also loved Mussolini, who was less into the drama about race and bloodlines, but who used the military for social control.
google "Elkhorn Manifesto" for full details or look HERE
This information is abundantly confirmed elsewhere, but it's all encapsulated in this report.

Google the film "Beyond Treason".  Our government has a long history of killing Americans with bio and atomic testing of unwitting subjects, even the general public, and even abandoning American civilians to die during WW2, for reasons of creating better propaganda.

Those who have taken over the media and the government and the courts of the United States are now opening a new war on the American people.  For now it is "low intensity conflict", not open war ... a few prisoners here, a few threats there, a few new repressive laws which completely gut the Constitution ... a few dead journalists ... seeing how far they can go ... normalizing repression ... as well as launching test runs on Iraqis and others who defy them.

As Americans wake up and resist a fascist tyranny, it will likely become all-out war.   Bloody.  Revolutionary.  However, like the "good Germans", by that time it is visibly and undeniably rolling along at fully open and cruel fascism, it may be too late for anyone to stop the machine.

Consider this the Fourth Reich ... or Nazi World Domination, Round Two.

America was founded on the revolutionary notion of a free people operating under an agreed-to set of rules which apply to everyone equally, a Republic, a limited and protected form of Democracy.
This is a classic or paleo-Conservative philosophy, but a government which is Of the People, By the People, and For the People is very near to actual Socialism
That's what "socialism" in principle really means ... serving the masses, not forcing the masses to serve the aristocrats.

Very Patriotic Conservative Americans insist on Liberty inside a Republic.

I still think of myself as "liberal", which is merely an extension of "traditional conservative". Classical Liberalism of the 1500's and 1600's is an Enlightenment philosophy (including Adam Smith, the alleged "father" of capitalism) which endorses the idea that government should enhance and increase public liberty, including protection for small businesses, and not merely stand aside and let humans get run over by the train of wealth and in-human corporate power. 

(A corporation is like a sci-fi robot, a fictional machine, created on legal paper, designed to concentrate wealth and power for itself, with no regard for anything else, including God or Humans or Earth or survival, only profit. 
Global corporatism = fascism, by definition.)

Laissez-faire economics endorsed by most US Libertarians and classic or paleo-Conservates usually ignores the pressing need to mitigate the natural tyranny of wealth and corporate power, arguing that "the marketplace" will protect us.  Fake conservatives insist on government protection for corporations, against risk, against foreign competition, and against people.

REAL grassroots Democrats and REAL grassroots Republicans and REAL Patriots of any party or none, know and understand this:
Fascism: "totalitarianism, marked by right-wing dictatorship and bellicose nationalism" 
no more need be said

America is no longer America ... only in myth, legend, and jingoistic hype.  Can we revive her life and spirit?

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A terrorist document below. 
The FBI recently named the United States Constitution a "terrorist document".
U.http://www.usconstitution.net/const.htmlS. Constitution page 1