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    bushfingers (32K)INVESTIGATION?

    In a nutshell, a group called "Al-Qaida" or "Al-Qaeda" was apparently behind 9-11 ... but Al-Qaida is at least a twenty-five-year-old US-based covert operation, with Jihadist agents knowingly or unknowingly working for "secret" aspects of US-Globalist foreign policy, as it remains to the present day.

    At a certain level, absolute proof of government/globalist complicity in the actual 9-11 attacks may be impossible, esp. when evidence has been destroyed.
    For a search warrant, the standard is merely probable cause, some evidence, even circumstantial.
    For indictment, the standard is sufficient evidence to merit a trial to determine guilt or innocence.
    For a civil case, the standard is "more likely than not",
    For a criminal conviction, the standard is beyond a reasonable doubtFor
    criminal conspiracy, the standard is relaxed, just showing some evidence and other connections.  But first you need an investigation.

    We just "know" who did it.  That guy. The former employee of US covert ops.
    - Bush & Cheney urge Senate Leader to "limit" inquiries into 9-11:
    Senate perplexed by this. Don't go there:
    Bush Asks Daschle to Limit Sept. 11 Probes
    Date: Wednesday, January 30 @ 10:09:24 EST

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush personally asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle Tuesday to limit the congressional investigation into the events of September 11, congressional and White House sources told CNN. The request was made at a private meeting with congressional leaders Tuesday morning. Sources said Bush initiated the conversation. He asked that only the House and Senate intelligence committees look into the potential breakdowns among federal agencies that could have allowed the terrorist attacks to occur, rather than a broader inquiry that some lawmakers have proposed, the sources said.

    Tuesday's discussion followed a rare call to Daschle from Vice President Dick Cheney last Friday to make the same request. "The vice president expressed the concern that a review of what happened on September 11 would take resources and personnel away from the effort in the war on terrorism," Daschle told reporters. But, Daschle said, he has not agreed to limit the investigation.

    "I acknowledged that concern, and it is for that reason that the Intelligence Committee is going to begin this effort, trying to limit the scope and the overall review of what happened," said Daschle, D-South Dakota. "But clearly, I think the American people are entitled to know what happened and why," he said.  (sure we are)

    Granted, it is nearly impossible to connect every single dot, but far more is available on the Kennedy assassination AND especially on September 11 than is normally required in an ordinary street crime (like trafficking in crack or meth) to result in search warrants or indictments.
    The main method of criminal inquiry is to ask questions and cross-examine witnesses.  It must be said that the reason there are "unanswered questions" is not some mystery.   It's because these questions cannot be answered without either contradicting other answers (lying), or a full admission of guilt by the guilty ... which is unlikely to be forthcoming now, if ever, considering the punishment might be hanging.

    The White House originally warned Tom Daschle and others against conducting any internal investigation of the crime, of the cumulative security lapses, of traceable criminal connections
    Investigations of money trails possibly leading to the Saudis -- and thereby possibly even to someone who is closely connected with the Saudis --->>>
    --- were resisted and even outlawed (Exec Order W199i) .  
    And blocked by Clinton previously.

    Other investigations, even asking questions about many other apsects of 9-11 was criminalized, made punishable, first by edict of the President and the Justice Dept. then by the PATRIOT Act and the secret PATRIOT Act II.

    Bush Wins (America Loses); House Leaves Patriot Act As Is - Alex Jones

    Bill of Rights - Throw them all away? Screw Liberty?

    The "PATRIOT Act" is a repressive "coordination" of the entities of force and deception, the police, intelligence and the military. It broadens, centralizes and combines the surveillance, arrest and harassment capabilities of the police and intelligence apparatus. Homeland defense is, in essence, a form of state terrorism directed against the American people and democracy itself. It is the Pentagon Inc. declaring war on America.

    The "domestic war on terrorism" hinges upon the Pentagon's doctrine of homeland defense. Mountains of repressive legislation are being enacted in the name of internal security. So called "homeland security", originally set within the Pentagon's "operations other than war", is actually a case in which the Pentagon has declared war on America. Shaping up as the new battleground, this proliferating military "doctrine" seeks to justify new roles and missions for the Pentagon within America. Vast "legal" authority and funds to spy on the dissenting public, reconfigured as terrorist threats, is being lavished upon the defense, intelligence and law enforcement "community."  - Frank Morales

    Ashcroft, clarified:  People who ask questions about 9-11 aid the terrorists
    People who aid the terrorists ARE terrorists.
    You WILL lose your liberty,
    if you support terrorists, by asking questions about 9-11.
    Why?  How?  Don't ask.

    IF you have a "Liberal" sense of humor, I suggest you read this humorous-but factual article on John Ashcroft from rotten.com.

    Is that how police detectives handle major crime, mass murder, by avoiding a criminal investigation??

    The 9-11 Commission, initially resisted by the White House, was finally completed.
    But the Commission's official scope was restricted to looking only for lapses in procedures, and making recommendations for strengthening procedures ... like more and bigger departments with more dictatorial power and less public accountability.

    & FBI Whistleblowers
    a few more examples of hundreds of unanswered questions and 
    smoking guns, which may not individually prove anything ...

    US officials in high positions got over 140 warnings on 9-11, from heads of state, and from FBI agents and informants ...

    FBI investigations have been stymied, according to Randy Glass "sanitized by the highest levels of government", Sibel Edmonds and Robert Wright, Colleen Rowley, Harry Samit witness on Moussaoui case, and at least a half-dozen other FBI agents.  Some including Wright contacted Republican House Atty. David Schippers, trying to get access to John Ashcroft in time to stop the attacks.

    Other military and intelligence personnel like Col. Steve Butler publicly stated that Bush deliberately allowed 9-11 to happen because HE trained some terrorists at Defense Lang School in California.

    Robert Wright:  wrote a memo 91 days before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks warning that Americans would die as a result of the FBI’s failure ..

    Late July 2001: The Taliban Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil learns that bin Laden is planning a "huge attack" on targets inside America.   The attack is imminent, and will kill thousands.

    Muttawakil sends an emissary to pass this information on to the US consul general, and another US official, "possibly from the intelligence services," also attends the meeting. The message is not taken seriously;

    Upon further reflection I really became more aware of the complete irony of bombing Afghanistan in 2001 (which most Americans approved, even many peace activists): 
    • First, we installed Al-Qaeda in and around that whole region and made them a power base, using billions of dollars to do so.  We even founded "Al-Qaeda schools" known as CIA-U, where children learned Jihadism. 
    • Next, we installed the Taliban govt for more billions, and gave them the "official rule" over the entire Jihadist-warlord-infested region we created(In reality, Taliban ruled over the peasants, not the warlords.) 
    • Then we blamed the (psycho) Taliban govt for "harboring" our Al-Qaeda Project.  HOW COULD THEY NOT?  How could they avoid harboring our Al-Qaeda, even if they had not been sympathetic to the Al-Qaeda religious philosophy, which they were?  Send out SWAT teams to rural villages?  Mass arrests?  Kick them out?  Give me a break!  Taliban would probably have been wiped out if they had tried to go after our Al-Qaeda warlords.  In our past, mobsters assassinated a mayor (Dan Moldea's book "Dark Alliance") and bought off key cops.  Al-Qaeda had more money and power (from us) than the Taliban.
    • Then we bombed and imprisoned the peasants, and airlifted Al-Qaeda and top Taliban to safety ... that is, the Taliban who failed to switch sides and join the United Front (Northern Alliance).  We probably even ordered our Pakistan-Al-Qaeda faction to assassinate Masood of the Northern Alliance on Sept 9, before we took over that movement and put our Unocal consultant at the head of it.
    Isn't it ironic the US destroyed the Taliban, who tried to warn them of the attacks?

    (Colleen Rowley got coverage on the cover of Time and a live forum to argue about FBI incompetence. Edmonds and Wright and Col. Butler got gagged.)
    Massive Corruption at highest level, smuggling arms, terrorism, and drugs.
    "... State Dept is the most corrupt dept by far."  --->>
    State is dept. most packed with CIA agents hiding out as officials.

    Critics in Congress like McKinney have been silenced
    and even had comments deleted from the Congressional Record.

    WAR GAMES and DRILLS  and Standdown
    see timeline map

    One worrisome thing was the unprecedented 90-minute delay in response to 1 then 2 then 4 reported hijackings.

    Dick Cheney or Rummy was put in charge of NORAD (North Amer Air Defense) shortly before 9-11.
    hear Pilot's View of of 911
    NORAD was running
    FOUR or FIVE drills on the morning of September 11 ... drills which have never been discussed in mainstream media.

    Cynthia McKinney confronts Rumsfeld, live, on record, was (unprecedented) erased from Congressional Record
    Rep Cynthia McKinney (D) Grills Rumsfeld On Dyncorp Sex Rings, Missing Pentagon Trillions & 9/11 Wargames

    Jim Hoffman finds evidence of Standdown Order ... superseded earlier DOD procedures for dealing with hijacked aircraft, and it requires that Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is personally responsible for issuing intercept orders. Commanders in the field are stripped of all authority to act.  (Contradiction? maybe Rummy gave it to Dick.  Who knows, nobody's talkin')

    A neophyte officer was put in charge of NORAD. 9-11 was his first day at that job. 
    FNMCC ops director asked substitute on 9-10 to stand his watch on 9-11
    According to the personal written statement of Navy Captain Charles J. Leidig, Jr....on September 10 he was asked by Brigadier General Montague Winfield to stand a portion of his duty as Deputy Director for Operations for the National Military Command Center (NMCC), which would require supervision and operation of all necessary communications as watch commander.

      The Final Fraud - (at hearings:) When asked who was responsible for coordinating the multiple war games running on the morning of September 11, 2001, General Ralph E Eberhart, the man in charge of NORAD on the morning in question replied,
    "No Comment."

    If 9/11 had been an "intelligence failure," it is likely that General Eberhart would have been court-martialed instead of promoted.

    In an equally strange coincidence, the London bombing  ALSO happened to coincide with a set of drills ...

    What are the statistical odds that BOTH terrorist attacks would coincide with simultaneous drills which copied the actual attacks?

    Was Flight 93 shot down when passengers took control?  jet engines weighing 4 tons don't bounce 5 miles
    How could passengers have called from cellphones when the technology isn't due til 2006?
    Are the cellphone questions legitimate or disinformation and distraction?

    Master List Of Dead Scientists & Microbiologists
    Mandatory Mental Health Screening for ALL School Kids per the friendly Federal Government

    I now have serious doubts about how serious McKinney is, for complicated reasons I will add here later.

    Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, feat. in Alex Jones'
    film Matrix of Evil, confronted Rumsfeld on four-five simulated and live wargames run by NORAD simultaneously to actual 9-11 hijackings, on flying airlines into WTC towers and Pentagon, called Vigilant Warrior, etc.

    Cynthia McKinney is the only congressperson I am aware of going head-to-head on 9-11, directly confronting Rumsfeld, Cheney, Eberhard, Myers, the key Bush players.  Pray for her ... or get her some bodyguards.
    McKinney:  "Several weeks ago, I called for a congressional investigation into what warnings the Bush Administration received before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. I was derided by the White House, right wing talk radio, and spokespersons for the military-industrial complex as a conspiracy theorist.
    Even my patriotism was questioned because I dared to suggest that Congress should conduct a full and complete investigation into the most disastrous intelligence failure in American history. Georgia Senator Zell Miller even went so far as to characterize my call for hearings as "dangerous, loony and irresponsible."
    Today's revelations that the administration, and President Bush, were given months of notice that a terrorist attack was a distinct possibility points out the critical need for a full and complete congressional investigation.  
    It now becomes clear why the Bush Administration has been vigorously opposing congressional hearings.
    The Bush Administration has been engaged in a conspiracy of silence."

    Cynthia McKinney confronts Rumsfeld, live, on record, was (unprecedented) erased from Congressional Record
    Cynthia McKinney Grills Rumsfeld On Dyncorp Sex Rings, Missing Pentagon Trillions & 9/11 Wargames

    Whatever you may think of her other politics, which I like, McKinney's uncovering murder and tyranny.
    I WOULD VOTE FOR CYNTHIA McKINNEY FOR PRESIDENT -- but she's never be nominated.
    Whatever you liberals think of Ron Paul's viewpoints on cutting unconstitutional social spending,  Ron Paul is uncovering tyranny.
    Naturally, the media will smear McKinney as a liberal, racist, anti-semite, crackpot, whatever, just like they smear the right wing Christian Conservatives who expose this.
    A small number of both ardent right wing and ardent leftists patriots in Congress are carrying this ball --- though the entire Congress knows, or must know by now.  If we know, they know.  I know of one Ohio Senator who knows.
    Ron Paul, Bob Barr (ret.) and a few others on the right confronts Bush's plans for Martial Law, which are backed by most R's and most D's.
    Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers on the left confront some of this Tyranny, on Iraq anyhow.  But the justification for Iraq is still 9-11.

    SEE WEBSITES LISTED BELOW for hundreds of stories and facts and timelines.


    The Government's CONSPIRACY THEORY, would lead one to believe that psycho terrorists hiding in caves in the war-torn Tora Bora region of Afghanistan ---
    Al-Qaida was founded by CIA via ISI in Pakistan, armed by CIA, trained and directed by CIA, Taliban founded by the CIA, terrorists funnelled into USA by CIA ...  but for the Sept 11 project, they worked solo ... um-huh ...

    --- were capable of penetrating the $13-trillion dollar high-tech National Security apparatus of the World Superpower, sneaking past Eschelon, causing an unexplained breakdown in mandatory NORAD standard defense procedures on four hijackings ... and are probably capable of their own Moon Missions (just because they hate our freedom):

    Al-Qaida Lunar Landing
    Bush calls Rocket-propelled Camels a threat to US space weapons systems
    (apologies to my Arabic friends for the silly stereotype)

    brightertomorrow (21K)

    Terrorists living in caves supposedly tricked the CIA and defeated our defense systems ... but there many reports of warnings ignored and intelligence refused --- at the highest level, warnings from other countries, from defectors, from the Northern Alliance, even from one of the Taliban --- and from some of our own loyal, patriotic FBI agents.



    DOZENS OF GOOD, DECENT FBI and CIA personnel, Army, Pentagon, fire experts, independent investigators, even a ret. Bush official, etc. have gone public with clear evidence of lies and obfuscation leading to one obvious conclusion: BUSH-CO/CIA RUTHLESSLY KILLED almost 3000 Americans on Sept11, 2001.
    I guess nobody bothered to tell you.
    bush_finger2 (17K)

    Given this revelation,
    what else really matters in politics, human life, or our future?
    Given that Nine-Eleven was a bi-partisan project,  and both parties had members who were involved, be aware that
    this can only be the beginning of their plans.
    Every aspect of US foreign and domestic policy, debt, the destruction of the Constitution and Liberty, environment, etc. --- in one way or another --- everything is tied to 9-11 and the GWOT.


    GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline
    Nov 10, 2005, 06:19
    What's the RELIGIOUS answer? ask Pat


    Was Bush Right?  As for Bush's 11-11-2005 speech on Islamo-Fascism, there is some evidence of actual  historical ties Fascist-type Arab groups and the German Nazis (per John Loftus US Intell, etc):
    • Wahabbi-Jihadists-Muslim Brotherhood (US allies centered in Saudi Arabia who torture and kill infidels)
    • The Muslim Brotherhood: The Globalists' Secret Weapon
    • Baath Party (Saddam's party) (incl Saddam's daddy tied to Nazis)
    • Al-Qaida/Taliban (US allies or puppets, US funded Al-Qaida and founded the Taliban via Pakistan)
    It's a complicated history, made more complicated by intercine fighting amongst various Arab groups and British, French, and American colonial aspirations.
    This is apparently the Arab-Nazi axis or the Arab-Fascist Axis.
    But Allen Dulles and the Bush dynasty and many others in the CIA and in the US power structure were part of the exact same Nazi Axis.

    If I'm WRONG on any of this, please
    correct me: scary 'at' takeoverworld.info

    But wait, the trans-national military-industrial-financial sector (in the US and Britain) actually HELPED the Nazi Party campaign

    US industrial and financial elites tried to overthrow the USA govt in  1933.
    Google "McCormack-Dickstein" and read about Marine hero Gen. Smedley Butler.
    The Plot to Overthrow FDR (Smedley D. Butler)  Video Cassette  BUY

    October 26, 2004: FTR #481: An Interview with John Buchanan 
    Hitler's key backers then formally moved to seize control of the US government in 1947 with the National Security Act, though they started decades earlier.  They founded and  became the CIA.
    Operation Paperclip .

    Holy Heil Hitler, Batman!  Talk about illegal immigrants!

    But look at this:
    this same group of US elites HELPED Saddam take over Iraqi Intelligence ... and they paid him to kill commies, leftists, liberals, anyone opposed to the fascist reign of the Baath Party. 
    What about Al-Qaeda?  Al-Qaida means "the Base" and according to a top Brit legislator, Robin Cook, the name "Al-Qaida" amounts to a computer database file in the Pentagon containing names of Jihadists used for covert operations.

    Al-Qaida was a tool developed by the CIA for what reason?

    You got it, to kill more Leftists. The Social-Democrat Afghani govt (not actual commie but close enough) needed to be ousted, and the Soviets needed to be lured into the Bear Trap in 1978. 
    Enter Osama.

    Now, what was the result of this "former" CIA front group employed for destabilization, attacking America on Sept 11??

    Well, it kinda turned America into a right wing Nazi Police State and pretty much made Leftists (and patriots, Christians, and other critics of the government and of torture)  into demons, traitors, hunted animals ... deserving of being locked up for dissent, per Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, and others.
    Joseph Goebbels formula working perfectly. 
    Which he learned from Walter Bernays and Woodrow Wilson and then perfected.

    (they only mention "liberal opposition" never conservative or Christian opposition to Bush's war on America -- that's a vast mind game)


    Are you not seeing a pattern here?
    This is not an accident.  Leftism has been fighting the Corporate Power Monopoly for decades, and (by definition) fighting Kings and Tyrants since before history began.  Naturally the powerful fight back against what seeks to defeat their power and control.
    But there's way more evidence than this. This cause-and-effect explains the motive, other physical and documentary evidence proves guilt.

    This attack on Liberty is NOT limited to a supposed Liberals -- soon we will be given a "Liberal" Democrat administration -- with all the police state powers created by  Republicans and prior Dems -- but next will be aimed at sincere conservative patriots, who will become the new demons of the fake Left wing. 
    It's already happening, as real conservative free speech is being demonized and outlawed.  Criticism of the govt is being made a crime, tantamount to Jews-hating -- anti-Semitism -- even though Jews like me are among the critics.

    Conservatives may be collectively framed for "another right wing terrorist attack", like
    Oklahoma City --- which evidence of multiple bombs shows it was an inside job. 
    This report on the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was prepared by Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, USAF (Ret.) and dated July 30, 1995.

    In the meantime, conservatives are trained to hate "liberals" and liberals are trained to hate "conservatives".

    I warned one of my "Liberal-hating" friends about this, back when such a scenario seemed unfathomable, when it looked like Republicans neo-conservatives would rule forever.
    Everyone wants Hillary in 2008. 
    Most of all ... Bush and Republicans!

    Clinton's out golfing with W's daddy and having dinner with W's mom. Barb Bush calls Bill her "adopted son", which means "Slick Willy" is W's "adopted brother". (In a later interview, GWB called Clinton his adopted brother.)

    The plans have been advancing for decades.
    This large-scale covert action known as OPERATION NINE-ELEVEN took years to arrange as a staged event, including the NORAD 90 min standdown, the demolition of the towers, pre-demonization of Arabs in media, thwarting FBI investigations into the USS Cole, Nairobi, and Kenya embassies, FBI involvement in the 1993 bombing, and lining up the rest of the world on their own War on Terror.

    Clinton, and elements within the Clinton National Security State, set the stage for 9-11 with previous state-sponsored terror attacks.. 
    Bush, and elements within the Bush National Security State including Dick Cheney and Rummy,carried out the OPERATION NINE-ELEVEN Project, and are all behind the resulting War on Liberty.
    The next Democrat admin will continue.

    "Security" and "stability" in Pentagon parlance simply means a population too terrorized and discouraged to even passively resist  domination (including starvation and violence) by the globalist fascist corporate cartel (and it's lackeys) that has hijacked American power for their own selfish ends.
    www.trilateral.org     www.bilderberg.org    www.cfr.org   www.councilonforeignrelations.net

    SERIAL KILLERS in suits

    Clinton killed way more innocent persons than Bush ... so far anyhow
    In Waco Texas, families and children were incinerated alive by Federal forces -- to save them.  They had to fabricate a "drugs" excuse to invade.  At Ruby Ridge, BATF killed another family, shot down in cold blood.

    In the first case, the "target" could have easily been arrested any day of the week, but they wanted to run an aggressive military operation on US soil.
    In the second case, a guy had a sawed-off shotgun, so they shot his wife and child and son and friend and dogs with sniper rifles.

    In the 1970's, the FBI and CIA carried out assassinations of civilians.

    Clinton's and Bush's use of thousands of TONS of Depleted Uranium in Bosnia and Iraq caused cancer and terrible health problems for US troops, and caused massive illness to civilians, deformed and "mush" babies, as well as permanent radioactive poisoning of that area and the entire earth.  DU traces from Iraq have been found in Hawaii.
    Baghdad Rap
    see what this guy says on DU:
    Dr. Doug Rokke, Ph.D.
    Major (retired) United States Army Reserve
    Former Director U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project
    ... but hurry before he dies of cancer.

    Iraqi people suffered under intentional starvation and infection caused by the tightest embargo in history, destruction of public water and electric 'survival' systems (a war crime per US treaties), which murdered 1.5 million Iraqis -- mostly babies -- many more murders than Bush has accomplished ... so far.  
    Madeline Albright bragged about that on TV, as she pretended it was a tough choice to kill 5000 kids per month, but "it was worth it".
    Either Clinton OR Bush has killed far more people than serial killers Ted Bundy plus Charles Manson combined.

    With the combined National Security State staging terrorist attacks on Americans and Brits and Iraqis and Spain and Bali to terrorize us, to create a seemingly airtight rationale to ramp up military pork to $650 billion plus (in which they are invested, alongside the Bin Laden family) (and Lockheed Martin = Defense Dept revolving door), to starve everything but corporate welfare, to cut taxes on billionaires, to shred the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, to ramp up Martial Law in stages, and to wage Permanent Total War globally ... that hardly leaves room the front burner to discuss "Defense of Marriage" or  Social Security, does it? 

    Is gay marriage worse than murderDo these guys care
    if Grandpa goes hungry?  Are you suicidal?

    martial law

      Militarized Police State (audio), Frank Morales says it will be run by Pentagon:
    Rumsfeld's "Operations other than War"
    FEMA's original title = Federal Emergency Military Action

    No wonder Bush said he "hit the Trifecta" --- he's now asking for martial law for hurricanes, bad rainstorms, the flu, nasty sniffles, and rumors of possible terrorist attacks ... which Tom Ridge once admitted were staged to make Bush's numbers go up. 

    I knew this crap would be happening within 10 seconds of seeing the 2nd plane hit the South Tower, but I didn't know it would be this bad. --gg

      Ron Paul (R-TX)"They're determined to have martial law!"

    No wonder Bush's NEO-CONSERVATIVE masters, particularly. Michael Ledeen, consider Pearl Harbor (and 9-11) to be "lucky events" which they were "hoping" would occur, per his own writings on Machiavelli and at www.newamericancentury.org.

    Was America "LUCKY" that 9-11 and Pearl Harbor happened?
    THEY think so, because of all the great permanent warfare and permanent imperialism and permanent looting emanating from it. 
    It's like a bunch of pirates discovering an island filled with gold, rum, and virgins.  All that's needed is to convince the Kings (us) that we should finance their expedition, for our own benefit.
    Was 9-11 an opportunity?
    (Yeah, but smart people 'create' their luck.)
    The Project for the New American Century one analysis
    ... more on 

    America's Undeclared Arms Race for Global Military Power (2005) (Wall Street Journal)
    The Pentagon has released the summary of a top secret Pentagon document, which sketches America's agenda for global military domination.
    This redirection of America's military strategy seems to have passed virtually unnoticed.
    How does Washington intend to reach its goal of global military hegemony? Essentially through a new undeclared arms race, requiring a massive shift out of the production of civilian goods and services, with vast amounts of public money channeled to America's major weapons producers.

    Guns and Butter: The Demise of the Civilian Economy
    ... more excerpt ... fascinating article

    Funds disbursements from DHS to Halliburton to build human detention camps in the US
    But the Rex-84 program drafted by Oliver North DID exist and undoubtably still does.  Documenting patterns of military-civilian expansion cited in the media would lead one to believe that it's all moving right along at a gradual pace to avoid raising too many alarms.

    The Halliburton subsidiary KBR (formerly Brown and Root) announced on Jan. 24, 2006 that it had been awarded a $385 million contingency contract by the Department of Homeland Security to build detention camps. Two weeks later, on Feb. 6, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced that the Fiscal Year 2007 federal budget would allocate over $400 million to add 6,700 additional detention beds (an increase of 32 percent over 2006).

    Both the contract and the budget allocation are in partial fulfillment of an ambitious 10-year Homeland Security strategic plan, code-named ENDGAME, authorized in 2003. According to a 49-page Homeland Security document on the plan, ENDGAME expands "a mission first articulated in the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798."

    2.1 million Americans in prison, more per capita than any other country

    Significantly, both the KBR contract and the ENDGAME plan are open-ended.

    John Ashcroft announced his desire to see camps for U.S. citizens deemed to be "enemy combatants." (he also said anyone questioning Bush is an enemy combatant -- what happens when President Hillary has that power?)

    Rumsfeld spoke of the harm being done to the country's security, not just by the enemy, but also by what he called "news informers"

    citing speeches critical of Bush by Al Gore, John Kerry, and Howard Dean, conservative columnist Ben Shapiro called for "legislation to prosecute such sedition."


    (this must be the "NEW FREEDOM" they've been promising)

    Why would Americans entrust prior DEATH SQUAD ARCHITECTS to secure their sacred human Liberty -- or to secure Iraqis' Freedom for that matter?  This is directed at those who sincerely care about Iraqi Freedom and are not just repeating that silly meme out of sectarian allegiance to the official propaganda.  It's strange how many people want freedom for Iraqis and Death to Arabs in the same breath.
    We should NOT be surprised when they destroy America -- since that's what they say (or hint) they intend to do.
    Why would we trust
    John Negroponte, now head over ALL US Intell (www.powderburns.org), and people like Ledeen who are commited to "creative destruction both globally and domestically", to bring something GOOD to America?
    Here's what happens to people who stand for peace in America.

    Do we truly want creative destruction, and Martial Law, giving up our freedoms, and shredding the Constitution because it stands in the way of the power of the State???

    Hitler marketed that idea - Glory and Ascendance for Germany.  Maybe we should buy that too.  But we should be discussing the good-vs.-cruel qualities of Fascism, not the scam of Bush's supposed heartfelt love for Jesus.

    Do they consider YOU a "MORE SPECIAL" PEASANT than IRAQI or SALVADORAN or NICARAGUAN PEASANTS?  WHY?  Because you are an American?
    Oooh, sorry, gotta do better than that.

    You never voted for Negroponte or Ledeen or Armitage, and you are living in a dreamworld if you think those people would endure a moment's remorse over killing thousands or even millions of Americans, if that served their larger purposes and interests of the ruling class.

    If you haven't gone to my WORLD CONQUEST page of "NWO Quotes" by all the rulers, check it out.

    Ridiculous Official Explanation

    A small group of devout Muslims were intent on suicidal jihad. Yet according to official news sources (and examined here), they were getting flight training at an obvious CIA-cutout flight school (which served Yeslam Bin Laden) while acting like wild playboys getting drunk, high on coke, taking lapdances from strippers, and gambling ... on a Republican cruiseship, no less, that had been purchased via a scam with help from Jack Abramoff (Tom Delay's buddy), with a false down payment.  Just so you know, the seller who eventually demanded his real down payment was later found shot to death.
    These are the religious fanatics who committed suicide for Allah because they hated American decadence, using planes they did not know how to fly, by penetrating some of America's strongest defenses, both airport security and NY air corridor security, and even Pentagon security.

    The 2004 Fake Election - Grudge Match, Kerry vs. Bush (video)
    MORE on 2004 Election
    The New Lord Protector - A Very Brief History of Dictators


    We know that the official government story of 9-11, can only be called "absolutely ludicrous".
    Subverting The Media
     No such beast as a free press exists.  Long ago it fell under the control of the CIA and corporate wealth.

    Washington Post Conspiracy-Phobia
    How the Washington Post Censors the News (1992)
    How the Post saved us from the truth about Iran-Contra
    (list of dozens of real conspiracies that the Post has discredited)

    Former Washington Post publisher Philip Graham "believing that the function of the press was more often than not to mobilize consent for the policies of the government, was one of the architects of what became a widespread practice: the use and manipulation of journalists by the CIA".

    Mainstream Media is belligerently resistant to talking to anyone with solid facts and evidence about September 11 or any CIA crime
    , let alone reporting it, even when contacted directly by people who have written detailed books in small print, preferring to continually refute "wild conspiracy theories" and recycle the "Terror" myths.

    Could that be because Big Media is run by the same investor groups that also run the Federal Reserve, Central Intelligence, Defense contractors, banks, Oil and Energy, and the Fortune 100 in general.   The nickname for PBS is Petroleum Broadcast Network.  CNN = CIA News Network, or Cocaine News Network.

    I think the answer is obvious, especially considering
    Operation Mockingbird.

    The "alternative Left" --- including Amy Goodman, David Corn, and others -- goes out of their way to "debunk" the facts, throwing up "anti-Conspiracy experts" and ad hominem attacks.

    Could that be because the "alternative Left" is funded by "liberal" tax-free foundations like Rockefeller spun off of defense contractors and oil barons??  www.leftgatekeepers.com   The so-called alternative Left media is even worse in a sense, because it feigns in-depth, even "anti-American", coverage of news and facts which others ignore, but then slickly provides a 2nd coat of paint on critical issues.



    GO TO NEW "MEDIA" page for a look at:

    who sits on Board of Directors of major media outlets
    what media jocks sit on the Board of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

    Meet The Man Who Sold the War

    You should never waste energy being shocked about media complicity in either War or the 9-11 coverup.
    Fortune 500 media does serve it's clients and their interests ... not YOUYou don't pay the bills.  THEY DON'T WORK FOR YOU!  THE JOB Mainstream Media corps are PAID FOR IS NOT TO INFORM THE PUBLIC!

    They are paid to manage the public, to disinform and to entertain.

    Media IS mass marketing ... of messages, ideas, attitudes, and behaviors.
    It's behavioral programming.  (At best, it's "articles written on the back of a piece of advertising.")

    This seems obvious in that that the media has ignored or severely downplayed ALL legitimate 9-11 evidence ... EXCEPT highlighting and ridiculing some "straw man" theories.


    The folks America had to destroy to save them

    conservatives and military experts dissent
    more on History of written plans to Seize hegemonic control over Oil,
    setting up Saddam to take a fall

    The FAILURE [in Iraq] DOESN'T MATTER for the planners of the operation. The main aim - establishing a PERMANENT GARRISON in the country - has been achieved. 
    ~ Uri Avnery, Israeli activist, former IDF Colonel

    Powell's claims that he had no information that there were doubts regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are demonstrable lies.
    --- Ray McGovern, CIA Analyst, ret.

    US Goals to Seize Oil in the Middle East, go back to 1975 here, and back to the 1920's to 1940's here in this Cato Institute article.

    Secret Behind the Sanctions. How the US Intentionally Destroyed Iraq's Water Supply (1991)
    documents of the Defense Intelligence Agency proving beyond a doubt that, contrary to the Geneva Convention, the U.S. government intentionally used sanctions against Iraq to degrade the country's water supply after the Gulf War. The United States knew the cost that poor civilian Iraqis, mostly children, would pay, and it went ahead anyway.  (destroying Iraqi's health and killing children seems clearly to be a key component of the battle plan, not unfortunate collateral damage) 

    The primary document, "Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities,"[1] is dated January 22, 1991. It spells out how sanctions will prevent Iraq from supplying clean water to its citizens.

    "Iraq depends on importing specialized equipment and some chemicals to purify its water supply, most of which is heavily mineralized and frequently brackish to saline," the document states.

    “With no domestic sources of both water treatment replacement parts and some essential chemicals, Iraq will continue attempts to circumvent United Nations Sanctions to import these vital commodities. Failing to secure supplies will result in a shortage of pure drinking water for much of the population. This could lead to increased incidences, if not epidemics, of disease.”

    The document goes into great technical detail about the sources and quality of Iraq's water supply. The quality of untreated water "generally is poor," and drinking such water "could result in diarrhea," the document says. It notes that Iraq's rivers "contain biological materials, pollutants, and are laden with bacteria. Unless the water is purified with chlorine, epidemics of such diseases as cholera, hepatitis, and typhoid could occur."

    "Recent reports indicate the chlorine supply is critically low."

    Food and medicine will also be affected, the document states. "Food processing, electronic, and, particularly, pharmaceutical plants require extremely pure water that is free from biological contaminants," it says.

    “The amount of pipe on hand and the lack of pumping stations would limit laying pipelines to these reservoirs. Moreover, without chlorine purification, the water still would contain biological pollutants. Some affluent Iraqis could obtain their own minimally adequate supply of good quality water from Northern Iraqi sources. If boiled, the water could be safely consumed. Poorer Iraqis and industries requiring large quantities of pure water would not be able to meet their needs.”

    The document also discounted the possibility of Iraqis using rainwater. "Precipitation occurs in Iraq during the winter and spring, but it falls primarily in the northern mountains," it says. "Sporadic rains, sometimes heavy, fall over the lower plains. But Iraq could not rely on rain to provide adequate pure water."

    In cold language, the document spells out what is in store:

    “Iraq will suffer increasing shortages of purified water because of the lack of required chemicals and desalination membranes. Incidences of disease, including possible epidemics, will become probable unless the population were careful to boil water.”

    The document gives a timetable for the destruction of Iraq's water supplies.

    “Iraq's overall water treatment capability will suffer a slow decline, rather than a precipitous halt," it says. "Although Iraq is already experiencing a loss of water treatment capability, it probably will take at least six months (to June 1991) before the system is fully degraded.”

    This document, which was partially declassified but unpublicized in 1995, can be found on the Pentagon's web site at www.gulflink.osd.mil.

    Recently, I have come across other DIA documents that confirm the Pentagon's monitoring of the degradation of Iraq's water supply. These documents have not been publicized until now.

    The first one in this batch is called "Disease Information," and is also dated January 22, 1991.[2] At the top, it says, "Subject: Effects of Bombing on Disease Occurrence in Baghdad." The analysis is blunt:

    “Increased incidence of diseases will be attributable to degradation of normal preventive medicine, waste disposal, water purification/distribution, electricity, and decreased ability to control disease outbreaks. Any urban area in Iraq that has received infrastructure damage will have similar problems.”

    The document proceeds to itemize the likely outbreaks. It mentions "acute diarrhea" brought on by bacteria such as E. coli, shigella, and salmonella, or by protozoa such as giardia, which will affect "particularly children," or by rotavirus, which will also affect "particularly children," a phrase it puts in parentheses. And it cites the possibilities of typhoid and cholera outbreaks.

    The document warns that the Iraqi government may "blame the United States for public health problems created by the military conflict."

    The second DIA document, "Disease Outbreaks in Iraq," is dated February 21, 1990, but the year is clearly a typo and should be 1991.[3] It states: "Conditions are favorable for communicable disease outbreaks, particularly in major urban areas affected by coalition bombing." It adds:

    “Infectious disease prevalence in major Iraqi urban areas targeted by coalition bombing (Baghdad, Basrah) undoubtedly has increased since the beginning of Desert Storm. . . . Current public health problems are attributable to the reduction of normal preventive medicine, waste disposal, water purification and distribution, electricity, and the decreased ability to control disease outbreaks.”

    This document lists the

    “most likely diseases during next sixty-ninety days (descending order): diarrheal diseases (particularly children); acute respiratory illnesses (colds and influenza); typhoid; hepatitis A (particularly children); measles, diphtheria, and pertussis (particularly children); meningitis, including meningococcal (particularly children); cholera (possible, but less likely).”

    "You can shoot anyone," an Alpha Company commander was overheard boasting recently in the Baghdad suburb of Adhamiya, "and no one can touch you".

    I see Dead People
    "The US deputy defense secretary, Paul Wolfowitz: 'Let's look at it simply. The most important difference between North Korea and Iraq is that economically, we just had no choice in Iraq. 
    The country swims on a sea of oil"

    Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, Pentagon, on Iraq (audio) (conservative, military - she was fired on abu Gahraib scandal)

    Leading conservatives such as Jude Wanniski, Carlton Meyer, and CIA Senior Political Analyst Stephen C. Pelletiere assert that:
    "Saddam Never Gassed his own people".  or  http://www.uruknet.com/?p=-4&bh=2
    Meyer: " I am not trying to rehabilitate the character of Saddam Hussein.  He has much to answer for in the area of human rights abuses. But accusing him of gassing his own people at Halabja as an act of genocide is not correct,
    The Baathist regime did kill thousands of Kurds during fighting to suppress occasional uprisings by what Americans call gangs or terror groups. Iran, Turkey and Syria have also killed thousands of Kurds, and of course the USA has killed thousands of innocent Iraqis to maintain order.

    A better example of a government leader using chemicals to "gas his own people" occurred in 1993 near Waco, Texas.

    Fallujah - the hidden massacre Photo gallery
      or  www.uruknet.com/?s1=1&p=17582&s2=08
    Incinerating Iraqis: The Napalm Cover-Up   or  www.uruknet.com/?s1=1&p=17584&s2=08
    Operation “Steel Curtain” attacking the doctors, destroying Haditha and other towns
    or   www.uruknet.com/?s1=1&p=17581&s2=08

    What IS known so far would already be way more than sufficient to indict in most ordinary criminal trials, like for a petty street crime or a minor drug conspiracy.

    What IS known should be enough for explosions of dissent and outrage, demands to overthrow the US government  (non-violently, we hope) and to convict and hang the traitors who murdered 3000 Americans and more than 2000 American troops and 100,000 Iraqi civilians and 4000 Afghani civilians in the last few years, knowingly waging war on several populations who are innocent of this crime, including Americans.

    In addtion, every single premise I've heard supporting the War on Iraq is based on complete a-historical lunacy -- on purpose.
    (Furthermore, it was virtually unreported that Saddam was BEGGING for a diplomatic solution.  US leaders considered complete compliance from Saddam to be a "nightmare scenario" because it would ruin their plans.  Powell didn't consider NUKES or GAS to be a nightmare, but rather they considered surrender to be a nightmare.)

    UN arms inspectors (esp.Ritter) testified that Iraq's records could account for 95% of disposed and decommissioned weapons (which Iraq had purchased from US corps with Rumsfeld's proud assistance).  Missing was only 5% of records, despite a lack of electricity and computer parts during 12 years of sanctions and bombing.

    The Pentagon itself cannot account for $3.3 trillion dollars of defense allocations, nor missing nuclear weapons, despite functioning computers and no lack of electricity.  Iraq's "lack of compliance" included very minor issues -- a brief delay in opening up a closed office building at 5pm on a Friday, and daring to object and question why it was necessary to interrogate undergrad college science students.

    Plus as of 09-04-05, an estimated 10,000 or more preventable American deaths in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, not just by incompetence or troops overseas, but by intentional misconduct, preventing volunteer help and charity aid from getting to the victims.

    American people were too shocked in 2001 to storm the castle, but as time goes on, more and more people are waking up to the truth.

    I hope we as not too dumbed-down and hypnotized to connect the dots and "see the forest for the trees", as my mother says:
    9-11 and current events are not a bunch of disconnected trees, they are obvious forests of deceit, conspiracy, and tyranny.

    This may yet be difficult to accept that one's own govt has been hijacked by evil ...

    Take the time to view Page 2 and 3 plus audio-video with a compiled list (partial) of related information, and ask yourself if this subset of facts fits ... so far.

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    scroll down for 
    A Terrorist Document
    TO PAGE 3 for COOL Audio-Videowww.Takeoverworld.info/index3.html

    A Terrorist Document
    The FBI recently named the United States Constitution a potential "terrorist document".
    U.http://www.usconstitution.net/const.htmlS. Constitution page 1
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