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Michael Parenti packs so much knowledge and insight into a small space it's astounding.  This is not taught in school or anywhere else.
Just like in personal or business relationships, IF YOU DON'T KNOW REAL HISTORY, YOU WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING
This is NOT
some boring history lesson.
What I especially like about Parenti is his explanations are strikingly obvious and transparent, not mysterious and complex.

If you ask yourself  "why does the government do this to us citizens?" and "how could those politicians be so stoopid?" and
"how can so many people believe this media disinformation and propaganda?"  Dr. Parenti will open your eyes.

Michael Parenti - Security State.mp3

Parenti and Dave Emory - Fascism's ties to Capitalism  (mp3)

Listen to this all the way thru
.  You will be surprised about what you thought you knew about the world.
The three most fiery  of Parenti's talks, the difference between "government" (form) and the "National Security State" (substance), including all the Intelligence agencies and the Pentagon.   Parenti describes RATIONAL Functions of Fascism, beyond Hitler's "theatrics" with "Blood and Soil" and other occult schtick.
(Alex Jones refers to "the Illuminati" as an Intelligence organization, which is what the Nazi SS was and what the CIA is.  But in typical "John Birch Society" worldview, he calls this "communism".)


  --  Capitalism and War

PART 1   PART 2   PART 3   PART 4   PART 5

This is a two part talk on the Unwelcome Guests radio show downloaded from  www.radio4all.net

Parenti_Enforcing-Hierarchy-by-Every-Means_1+2_(unwelcome).mp3  (Unwelcome Guests)
2 min  Excerpt   MParenti-Hierarchy-excerpt.mp3


MParenti - Lazy Law & Social Control.mp3
Systemic violence against Americans by the FBI, CIA, COINTELPRO, NSA, branches of the National Security State, with help from KKK and neo-Nazis.  If you stand for real American values, you are an ememy.

A talk about how political machinations of the ruling class are reduced by pundits to psychological analysis of the individual.  Many years before Bush was "psychoanalyzed" as an alcoholic and megalomaniac by the press, and critics of Bush were "psychoanalyzed" has suffering from "Bush Derangement Syndrome".

Parenti on JFK and Conspiracy (with some humor)
1. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1644452194036300213&hl=en
2. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1355673472758352799&hl=en
1. Michael_Parenti_1_gangster_nature_of_the_state_JFK_1993.avi
2. Michael_Parenti_2_gangster_nature_of_the_state_JFK_1993.avi


I was gullible and mostly A-political, for the most part, when Clinton was elected.  I had read about CIA in my dad's Playboy mags, so I knew Reagan and Bush would be a BIG problem, and they didn't disappoint me.  Death squads in Latin America, Iran-Contra, Savings and Loan ripoff.  So Bill Clinton seemed like a breath of fresh air.   I had no idea he was a serial killer just like Bush.  I had no idea he was a crime partner with Bush shipping cocaine into Mena.

So when Clinton said he was STOPPING genocide in Yugoslavia,
I had believed that was a legitimate humanitarian intervention.

As I slowly learned about the military industrial complex, at some point, I thought: "This is strange.  Why would the US kill over 200,000 peasants in Latin America but then
Clinton-NATO would take military action in Bosnia to stop genocide and ethnic cleansing.  WHY the sudden concern?

NOTE:  The "bad guys" were the Serbians and Milosevic.  The "good guys" who NATO & Clinton & the Pentagon were backing
(and still are after Sept 11) are the KLA, the Kosovo Libertation Army.  State Dept. classifies them as:  terrorists, heroin dealers, thugs, and cousins of   al-Qaeda.
Our Pentagon/CIA is currently backing a branch of al-Qaeda in Europe.  Al-Qaeda IS really our ALLY!!
  • Parenti's point on Kosovo is not that there was NO violence --
  • tensions sparked and exacerbated by IMF "structural adjustments" and other economic blackmail (typical routine)
  • reports of ethnic violence exaggerated to meet the propaganda needs
  • GOAL: the breakup of the Yugo Federation, penetration by Western economic interests
    ethnic tension had been relatively mild and receding, just as racism has been receding in the US
  • ethnic unrest serves capitalist expansion, divide and conquer
    news *reports* of ethnic violence rose and fell in tune with war plans
  • reports of mass ethnic-cleansing and rapes, buried in news was low actual numbers. 
    Some rapes, explusion, and killing, while very bad, does NOT justify 72 days dropping bombs
  • Optor, fake "grassroots" group pushed to depose Milosevec and SPLIT Yugoslavia funded by George Soros.  Soros is billionaire who economically rapes whole countries, shoves people into crushing poverty.  He singlehandedly destroyed the economy of Malaysia by currency speculation, using "conceptual" financial tools to loot.
  • US demanded that Yugoslavia open their entire country to US troops and US economic piracy, a.k.a. democracy and "free markets" (predatory globalization neo-liberal policies)
  • Milosevec refused to completely de-socialize and de-nationalize and hand western capital free rein
  • 72 days of bombings destroyed people AND basics of civilization
  • Depleted Uranium, i.e. radioactive waste, is an Eternal Poison
"NATO Attacks" video (unrelated to Parenti) hosted by Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark, shows destruction, and doctors maimed when waves of warplane bombings were intentionally timed to hit rescue workers.

For further edification, you might want to check out DAVE EMORY and his anti-Fascist critiques.  A lot of details, but Emory seems ardently and blindly pro-Zionist.

Michael Parenti was a devout anti-Communist as a child, like most Americans.  He gradually got involved in protests against US policy in Vietnam.  After getting beaten up and almost killed by police, he naïvely noticed that police were protecting the establishment but not Americans' hallowed First Amendment rights.  He was also railroaded out of his college professorship for free speech and railroaded in court.  He began thinking about class bias, because the police were defending the ruling class policies. The Constitution did not apply, when it comes to normal people.

Friends told Michael his observations about the economic-political-power relationships, and "who benefits?", were "Marxist questions" or a "radical analysis" of "root causes".  "Radical" means "root"

When you wonder WHY things are the way they are, why there are drastic power and wealth disparities in a supposedly classless society, why billionaire elites control govt, commerce, and media, to serve their interests, and you point out the dirty deeds they DO to maintain and consolidate power and wealth, that's

Michael then discovered Das Kapital, by
Karl Marx which critically examined Capitalism, and where it was headed in the future.  If you know someone who's been unemployed or underemployed so long they have just given up, while Wall Street and DC says "there's still some slack in the labor market" as they said on 07-02-04, in other words "workers are still insufficiently beaten back", and you ask yourself "what's wrong with this picture", you're already on the same page.  Slavery is complete ownership of a human being.  Capitalism is "time-share" ownership of human labor, all the benefits, none of the costs.


Historian and political analyst, Parenti discusses the Roman Republic and Julius Caesar, from the viewpoint of the common people --- "the mob" or "the rabble" -- as the aristocrat historians called them.  Lots of humor, and relevant analogies.

Parenti introduced at U of Vermont upon the 25 year anniversary of him being fired.  He was popular with the faculty and staff, but not with the Board of Trustees.  Well beyond what I already knew about Mass Media, which is is neither Liberal nor strictly Conservative, but is OWNED by the ruling elites and serves their narrow interests.
Hey Dittoheads -- this is for you, too!

Parenti_- Founding_Fathers_+_WW2_+_Mumia.wma
Michael Parenti discusses the real intentions of our Founding Fathers, from their own statements and actions.  Blows up a lot of what you think about America from history class and "common knowledge".

Part 2, a radically shocking explanation of World War II than what you've always been told.  England and France and US elites HELPED Hitler.

Part 3, a short talk on Mumia abu-Jamal, prize-winning writer and activist, recently taken off Death Row.
I read much of the entire Habeus Corpus filing online, and official court transcripts and unofficial reports by court witnesses.  Overwhelming evidence Jamal is a political prisoner who was railroaded on a murder charge for his beliefs and outspokenness.

Parenti_Enforcing-Hierarchy-by-Every-Means_1+2_(unwelcome).mp3  (Unwelcome Guests)

LOW FI VIDEO of Parenti talk (Google Video may have better version)

  (I sent Dr. Parenti an email to let him know what I'm doing, taking his stuff and introducing people to his insights.  He was OK with that. If you can't beat the media, become the media.)