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Financial Ties to Al-Qaeda in US ruling class

Economic Relations to Sept 11

Accounts at BCCI  (below)

Books on UNDERGROUND REICH on Nazi History of America page

Financial Ties to Al-Qaeda in US ruling class

Economic Relations to Sept 11

LIST of Al-Qaeda members working for USG
Al-Qaeda members history with the US gov
ECONOMIC TYRANNY  Globalism, poverty, war
Nazi-History in America, Europe

The CIA (precursors), the Dulles Bros, Wall Street firms, and Nazis formed a joint partnership on hundreds of German and American corporations, and other corporations in France, Spain, and later in Latin America.  They co-founded Saudi Arabia, and put King Ibn Saud in charge of it.  see CIA and Wahabbis below

http://www.spitfirelist.com/f462.html  note: Dave Emory and John Loftus seem strongly pro-Israel and anti-Arab (claiming to be anti-Wahabbi), to the point of being dismissive about acts of state terrorism against Palestinians.  Suicide bombers and brutal IDF military occupation are not mutually exclusive points of view, that you have to choose one to criticize.
Indira Singh  (Guns and Butter audio directly below) is not prejudiced against Arabs and pro-Israel like Loftus.  She's just a bank security risk mgmt person.  However the Loftus/Emory material still has interesting facts about who associates with whom.

"It was not until Operation Green Quest, a joint task force headed by U.S. Customs which sought to disrupt terrorist financing, picked up the scent of the SAAR Network that a raid occurred. In March, 2002, Green Quest, in a victory for Americans everywhere, raided the SAAR Network in 15 locations in the largest terrorist financial bust in U.S. history. . . ."

Accused terrorist financier Yasin Al-Qadi is one of the main investors in Ptech.


"Furthermore, the FBI was aware that Ptech, the Boston-area computer software firm, had millions of dollars in sensitive government contracts with several government agencies, including the FBI itself, the FAA, the U.S. Treasury, the Department of Defense, NORAD, the IRS, and the White House, proving a visible and viable threat to national security.

Frighteningly, when an employee told the President of Ptech he felt he had to contact the FBI regarding Qadi’s involvement in the company, as he saw in the news that Qadi was allegedly connected to funding al Qaeda, the President of Ptech allegedly told a subordinate not to worry because Yaqub Mirza, who was on the board of directors of the company and was himself a target of a terrorist financing raid in March 2002, had contacts high within the FBI.

The FBI ignored the repeated requests of concerned employees at Ptech.

After repeated meetings with increasingly higher-ranking FBI officials where the employees beseeched the agency to look into the company, the bureau did nothing, despite knowing that Qadi was a primary financier of Ptech."  --- continued below box

Guns and Butter - Ground Zero 911, Blueprint For Terror, PTECH
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
About this program:
"Ground Zero 911, Blueprint For Terror, Part Two"
Indira Singh worked on Wall Street from 1975 Until June 28th, 2002 when she was summarily terminated due to her investigation into computer software company, Ptech.
- interview with a JP Morgan software architect about tech ties to Sept. 11 at the highest level.
If you have time listen to Part One first.
In Part One, She described her work as an emergency medical technician at ground zero, and began to describe her professional work for JPMorgan Chase (as Risk Technology Architect) and her first client meeting with software engineer, Ptech.

Listening Options:
Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
Ground Zero 911: Blueprint For Terror, Part One
With 911 whistleblower, Risk Technology Architect and Ground Zero Emergency Medical Technician, Indira Singh.

Makhtab al-Khidimat (MAK),
1985-1989: Precursor to Al-Qaeda Puts Down US Roots

the milieu of the 3/20-targeted SAAR network significantly overlaps the GOP’s ethnic outreach organization and the Bush administration.

That fact may well explain the FBI’s and CIA’s hostile interest in the investigators of Operation Green Quest. 
The FBI and CIA launched investigations of the investigators, instead of the alleged terrorists.

"The CIA was investigating ME and the SAAR investigators from Green Quest and Customs. The CIA and the FBI investigated everyone who had anything to do with the SAAR investigation. White vans and SUV’s with dark windows appeared near all the homes of the SAAR investigators. All agents, some of whom were very experienced with surveillance, knew they were being followed. So was I.  I felt that I was being followed everywhere and watched at home, in the supermarket, on the way to work . . . and for what? . . ." (Terrorist Hunter by "Anonymous" [Rita Katz]

Green Quest investigators from the Department of Homeland Security charge that the FBI is deliberately sabotaging their investigations. "The FBI-Justice move, pushed by DOJ criminal Division chief Michael Chertoff and Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson,

(Operation Green Quest was either disbanded or moved to DHS under Michael Chertoff)

The question I have to ask here is, did the Republicans/slash/CIA/slash/FBI REALLY pull off Sept 11, or does it just LOOK like they did, because Republicans and Intelligence are so deeply in bed with terrorist money conduits.  I'd still say "they did it", because of proven and documented FBI involvement in WTC1993, tied to Democrats ... and Clinton's response which was a crackdown on civil liberties.  Also, Russia and their "fake government terrorism" google "Disbelief" about Russia.

Talat Othman (a close associate of both Georges Bush) interceded on behalf of the targets of Operation Green Quest.

"One of the Muslim activists who met with Paul O’Neill was Talat Othman, a longtime friend and former business associate of President Bush. The two served together on the board of the Texas-based oil company Harken Energy starting in the late 1980’s and have remained close ever since. Othman sat on Harken’s board as the representative of Abdullah Taha Bakhsh, a Saudi business magnate and a close associate of suspected terrorist financier Khalid bin Mahfouz.

Othman was chairman of the Islamic Institute. He had also been the board member of Harken Energy representing the interests of Abdullah Taha Bakhsh, the Saudi investor who had helped Bush make his fortune by bailing out Harken in the late eighties.

[Kahlid Bin Mahfouz was one of the principal figures in the BCCI investigation, overseen by now-FBI chief Robert Mueller—D.E.] Bakhsh now heads an oil company that is a subsidiary of Halliburton, the energy giant formerly run by Vice President Dick Cheney." ("Charity Cases: Why Has the Bush Administration Failed to Stop Saudi Funding of Terrorism?" by David Armstrong; Harper’s; March/2004; p. 82.)

"On March 12, 2000, Bush and his wife, Laura, met with more Muslim leaders at a local mosque in Tampa, Florida.

Al-Arian brought in Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, the number-two leader in Islamic Jihad, to be the director of WISE.

"Al-Arian also brought to Tampa as a guest speaker for WISE none other than Hassan Turabi, the powerful Islamic ruler of Sudan who had welcomed Osama bin Laden and helped nurture al Qaeda in the early nineties. . .

The charges refer to the Islamic Jihad as ‘a criminal organization whose members and associates engaged in acts of violence including murder, extortion, money laundering, fraud, and misuse of visas, and operated worldwide including in the Middle District of Florida.’

In that context, it is frightening to note that search warrants in the Al-Arian case were "accidentally" destroyed. Was this REALLY an accident? The destruction of the documents threatens the Al-Arian case! He was acquitted.


Accounts at BCCI, and other principals
a terrorist "bank" created in Pakistan by the CIA, Richard Helms,
(to replace the Nugen-Hand bank in Indonesia, used to fund Operation Phoenix and heroin smuggling before principals were killed)
concerns BCCI's secret (illegal) takeover of First American
Abu Nidal - mercenary terrorist, 42 accounts, $10's of millions  (killed by Saddam Hussein)
Kamal Adham (BCCI's Godfather of Middle East Intelligence) and Abdul Raouf Khalil, past and then-current Saudi intelligence liaisons to the United States.
Manucher Ghorbanifar - arms deals that were directly on behalf of the United States
Mohammed Rahim Motaghi Irvani - BCCI front man
Faisal al-Fulaij -- subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission probe in connection with violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by Boeing and Lockheed for arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
Agha Hasan Abedi - Former BCCI chairman
Adnan Khashoggi - Saudi Arms dealer, illegal sales to Iran via Israel, for Reagan admin.
Abdullah Said Bugshan - BCCI shareholder working with Richard Secord

Islamic Jihad
other Al-Qaeda related financers

General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq - Former Pakistani president
Ferdinand Marcos - past dictator of Phillipines
Medellin Cartel
Manuel Noriega
Benazir Bhutto - Prime Minister of Pakistan or Zulfiqar
Ollie North - and other people close to Bush
Robert Gates - CIA, now Bush's Defense Secy
CIA itself and the DIA
Marc Rich - pardoned by Bill Clinton

Jimmy Carter Center - received $8M in grants
Andrew Young
First American Bank in DC
Clark Clifford - Democrat "greybeard" and First American top official
Robert Altman - former Pres of 1st American
Charles Keating - (S&L ripoff) incl. several Keating affiliates and front-companies, incl. possibility that BCCI-related entities may have laundered funds to move outside the US, S&L scandal propagated by Neil  Bush, Jeb Bush, and Marvin(?) Bush, taxpayers paid $1.3 bn for Neil, $500 billion overall, plus fees and interest doubling that figure
BCCI shipping affiliate, the Gokal group and the Gokal family
Independence Bank in California
1st American Currency
Centrust Savings - ties between BCCI and two failed Savings and Loan institutions
American Southern Insurance
Hong Kong Deposit and Guaranty Bank and Tetra Finance (HK) - collapsed in 1983, Ghanim Al Mazrui, and a close associate of then CIA director William Casey.
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro - Atlanta Branch of BNL, w accounts in BCCI's Miami offices. according to federal indictments, a significant financial conduit for weapons to Iraq.
someone in the Falklands war
Danny Casalero, Investigative journalist, found dead August 10, 1991 in West Virgina. His death was reported by the local cops as a suicide.  Was in WV to interview someone said to have evidence linking the Reagan administration directly with the seamier part of the BCCI scandal that has to do with the bank's involvement in the Iran/Contra Affair.

from Wikipedia
Abu Nidal  (May 1937 [1]–August 16, 2002) — born Sabri Khalil al-Banna also known as Amin al-Sirr and Sabri Khalil Abd Al Qadir — was a Palestinian political leader and the founder of Fatah - the Revolutionary Council (Fatah al-Majles al-Thawry), more commonly known as the Abu Nidal Organization (ANO). The group is also known as Black June, the Arab Revolutionary Brigades, the Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Muslims, and sometimes operated as Black September. Before the rise of Osama bin Laden, Abu Nidal, or "father of struggle," was regarded as one of the world's most ruthless terrorist leaders.

Abu Daoud (one of Fatah's most ruthless commanders, who was later involved in the 1972 Black September kidnapping and killing of 11 Israeli athletes at the Olympic Village in Munich) and Palestinian intellectual Naji Allush, Abu Nidal ...

since 1980, Abu Nidal had been using a company called SAS Trade and Investment in Warsaw as a cover for FRC business deals, with the company director, Samir Najmeddin, based in Baghdad. All SAS's deals went through BCCI in Sloane Street in London, and consisted largely of selling guns, night-vision goggles, and armored Mercedes Benz cars with concealed grenade launchers, each deal often worth tens of millions of dollars, the finance consisting of misleading letters of credit arranged by the Sloane Street branch of BCCI.  There was no shortage of European and American clients willing to sell equipment, including British companies.  Qassem later told reporters, and swore in an affidavit for investigators, that Najmeddin was often accompanied by an American, whom Qassem much later identified in news reports as the financier Marc Rich, a close friend of President Bill Clinton,

claims that the CIA not only removed evidence but planted it, too, in order to pin the blame for the PA 103 attack on Libya. In 2005, a retired senior Scottish police chief gave defence lawyers a signed statement, which confirmed the claims made in 2003 by a former CIA agent that his CIA bosses actually wrote the script to incriminate Libya.

Banking with BCCI
In the late 80s, Britain's domestic and overseas intelligence services, MI5 and MI6, discovered that the ANO held several accounts with the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), which was raided in July 1991 in seven countries on the instruction of regulators, including the Bank of England, mostly because of massive fraud, but also because of its willingness to open accounts for dubious customers.  Before the closure, the Bank of England had asked financial consultants Price Waterhouse to conduct an investigation ...

Training of Cartel Death Squads
Israel sent 500 machine guns to Columbia via Antigua.  These guns were used by several key narco-rebels including the assassination of a Preisdential candidate.  The principals in the arms trafficking included Yair Klein, who had previously been identified in Colombian drug  enforcement documents as involved in training paramilitary squads for the cocaine cartel in Medellin; Pinchas Shahar, an Israeli intelligence  operative, and Maurice Sarfati, an Israeli "businessman" operating out of Miami and Paris. ...  the Antigua project had been outgrowth of the establishment of a "melon farm" by Sarfati in Antigua in 1983, financed by the United States government through a $2 million loan from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), in part on the basis of financial references for the principals provided OPIC by BCCI

After filing suit against Sarfati, OPIC sold its remaining interest in the melon farm, at a loss of 50 cent on the dollar, to an Israeli businessman, Bruce Rappaport, and an entity owned by him called the Swiss American Bank. Rappaport, a confidante of former CIA director William Casey, was in this period also in frequent contact with BCCI's original U.S. contact, Bert Lance.

Capcom moved huge amounts of money -- billions of dollars -- which passed through the future's markets in a largely anonymous fashion.
Despite the fact that Akbar had no apparent experience in the commodities, foreign exchange or securities markets, by 1984 he was managing over $5.5 billion at BCCI Treasury.  "We have contracted 165,000 contracts totalling $53 billion with Drexel Burnham," and later, "we have done over $90 billion total in 1988."  "Auditors and Advisers" in Capcom's 1987 Annual Report were the following major international banks: Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, London, National Westminster Bank Plc, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, New York, Deutsche Westminster Bank, A.G., and National Westminster Bank, plc. Elsewhere, Capcom noted its ties to Dean Witter Reynolds, American Express Bank, Refco, Prudential Bache Trading Corp., and Sumitomo Trust and Banking, Ltd.

Notes from 
http://www.fas.org/irp/congress/1992_rpt/bcci/11intel.htm  Federation of American Scientists

The relationships involving BCCI, the CIA, and members of the United States and foreign intelligence communities have been among the most perplexing aspects of understanding the rise and fall of BCCI. The CIA's and BCCI's mutual environments of secrecy have been one obvious obstacle. For many months, the CIA resisted providing information to the Subcommittee about its involvement with and knowledge of BCCI. Moreover, key players who might explain these relationships are unavailable. Some, including former CIA director William Casey, and BCCI customers and Iranian arms dealers Ben Banerjee and Cyrus Hashemi, are dead. Others, including most of BCCI's key insiders, remain held incommunicado in Abu Dhabi. While promising in public hearings to provide full cooperation to the Subcommittee, to date the Abu Dhabi government has refused to make any BCCI officers available for interview by the Subcommittee. Former BCCI chairman Agha Hasan Abedi remains severely incapacitated due to a heart attack. Finally, some persons in a position to know portions of the truth have denied having any memory of events in which they participated and of documents which they reviewed.

Unfortunately, that record also contains ostensible gaps in knowledge on the part of the CIA about the activities of key contacts in the Middle East for U.S. intelligence -- including BCCI shareholders Kamal Adham and Abdul Raouf Khalil, and BCCI customer and Iran/Contra arms merchant Adnan Khashoggi -- which strain belief.

Unfortunately, there remains a wide disparity between the CIA's official account of critical relationships between BCCI and persons associated with the CIA, and the information available from other sources, including BCCI's own records. One is left with the choice of accepting the official record, which requires an assessment that the other contacts between BCCI and U.S. intelligence figures and operations are coincidental, or of assuming that the full story of BCCI's relationship to the United States has been intentionally veiled by critical players on both sides of that relationship.

Robert Gates, referred to BCCI as "the Bank of Crooks and Criminals." Von Raab advised the Subcommittee that Customs agents handling the C-Chase investigation of BCCI had discovered in the course of their work several BCCI accounts that were actually accounts held by the CIA.  Von Raab told Subcommittee staff that his agents were told to cease their investigation of those particular accounts.  However, in an interview with Subcommittee staff, AUSA Mark Jackowski denied that he had ever uncovered any CIA involvement with the bank and Assistant Attorney General Robert Mueller testified that "at no time ...has anyone from the CIA ... attempted to obstruct or interfere with the Department of Justice's investigation and prosecution of BCCI."

On reviewing these memoranda, Senator Kerry recognized that the earlier of the two documents, created in early 1986, contained startling information -- that the First American Bank in Washington was secretly owned by BCCI.  The distribution list attached to the memorandum indicated that the CIA had communicated this information at the time to the Treasury Department. These was no indication that either Treasury or the CIA had ever advised the Federal Reserve, the primary regulator of First American, of this critical information.  Through early October, 1991, in response to further requests from Senator Kerry, the CIA continued to refuse to declassify any of the remainder of the information concerning BCCI ...

Kerr refused to answer a number of questions in open session. In closed session the following week, Kerr acknowledged that several of the questions he refused to answer did not refer to classified information or concern national security. Instead, he had refused to discuss the information in open session because he felt uncomfortable discussing information in public that might embarrass the United States, or any U.S. agency or official.

Because BCCI was not officially purchasing FGB, and a condition of the purchase was that BCCI not be involved in the transaction except as an investment advisor, the Federal Reserve did not ask the CIA about BCCI itself. If it had done so, it would likely have learned about BCCI's involvement in money laundering. ...focused on the "people, the mechanisms, and the way that BCCI laundered narcotics money."

CIA learned of BCCI's involvement in manipulating certain financial markets, in arms trafficking, and in supporting international terrorism, including handling the finances of Sabri Al-Bannah or Abu Nidal, and his terrorist organization.

According to Kerr, critical to understanding the contacts between the CIA and BCCI were a number of things the CIA did not do. Kerr testified that contrary to press reports, the CIA had not been involved with any BCCI black network of thugs and assassins, had not been involved with or had knowledge of any use of BCCI for the sale of arms to Iran or the diversion of funds for the Nicaraguan Contras, had not violated any laws, had no relationship with BCCI's head, Agha Hasan Abedi, and had never placed Abedi on a watch list.

The objectives of BCCI included developing both profits and political/economic leverage in the Near East, Africa, and Asia through the use of a tremendous volume of financial assets. BCCI expansion in the United States included the secret ownership of the Washington, D.C.-based bank holding company with which BCCI was affiliated. All of the shareholders in the Washington D.C.-based bank holding company were fronts for BCCI. ... a sensitive secret within BCCI management circles ...The report lacked any heading or identifying numbers, and was typed on a plain piece of paper.  Mulholland emphasized throughout his testimony that his own memory regarding the BCCI report was very limited. Bench, like Mulholland, had only a very limited memory of the 1985 report.  Subcommittee contacted former Secretary of the Treasury Donald Regan to determine what memory he had ... Regan was then contacted by Mulholland in August or September, 1991, who advised Regan that Mulholland had reviewed records at the CIA showing that he did provide the memorandum to Regan, and that Mulholland had no personal recollection regarding the matter, either. According to Regan's aide, Regan still has no recollection of Mulholland ever providing information regarding BCCI to him.

While the 1985 report received oddly limited distribution, the 1986 report, containing most of the key elements of the earlier report, including the fact that BCCI was owned by First American, was distributed more widely, to the Department of State, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, National Security Council, Commerce Department, and to Treasury. Thus, every major CIA user that might be interested in the information received it, except for the two agencies which would have had a statutory responsibility to begin investigations in response -- the Federal Reserve and the Justice Department. However, Treasury logs again showed no actual receipt of the document, and there is no record of Treasury having passed the information to its agents in U.S. Customs, including those in Tampa whose investigation of BCCI lead to its indictment on money laundering charges.

Raymond H. Close had actually given approval to weapons sales from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan in the early 1970's, in contravention of the "official policy" enunciated by the American ambassador, and states that Close went into business with Kamal Adham upon leaving the CIA. Mr. Close, the one time station chief in Saudi Arabia, former Government officials say his actions, while in the CIA and since retirement, are often clouded in mystery.  ...some think Mr. Close may still be working for the CIA in some capacity ...

The actual intent of BCCI and its Arab shareholders in participating with BCCI in the takeover of First American remains a matter of speculation.  also would have providing a direct means to gain influence in the U.S. through the ownership of the bank.

In the case of BCCI, former CIA officials, including former CIA director Richard Helms and the late William Casey; former and current foreign intelligence officials, including Kamal Adham and Abdul Raouf Khalil; and principal foreign agents of the U.S., such as Adnan Khashoggi and Manucher Ghorbanifar, float in and out of BCCI at critical times in its history, and participate simultaneously in the making of key episodes in U.S. foreign policy, ranging from the Camp David peace talks to the arming of Iran as part of the Iran/Contra affair.

The BCCI is involved in helping people avoid Tax, illegal transfers of money, Hawala transfers, off the record deposits, conduit for drug and crime money and also as banker to intelligence agencies for most major agencies of the world.  In the course of targeting BCCI for laundering drug money, the CIA learned of BCCI's involvement in manipulating certain financial markets, in arms trafficking, and in supporting international terrorism,

Khalil did not characterize the kind of electronics and computers he was installing in Saudi Arabia, or advise the Federal Reserve of the telling name of one of his businesses: the Saudi Security and Technical Services Company. In fact, the electronic and computer equipment which Khalil referred to included the electronic and computer equipment for the Government of Saudi Arabia, and for its intelligence operations.  Khalil continued to have ongoing contact with the CIA, which continued, according to law enforcement officials, until well after BCCI's closure on July 5, 1991.  Khalil simultaneously was a principal shareholder and director of Capcom, BCCI's commodities trading affiliate, throughout this period.

Mohammed Rahim Motaghi Irvani, was listed in the original SEC filing in the early, 1978 takeover attempt, as a 5 percent shareholder of CCAH. Irvani was at the time the principal partner of former CIA director Richard Helms in Helms' international consulting firm, Safeer, and the chief financier of that firm.  During the time Irvani acted as BCCI's lead front-man in the original takeover, he received advice on how to be protected from any liability in that role by Helms. Thus, there were personal, legal, and financial links between Helms and Irvani at a critical time in the history of BCCI's acquisition of First American.  Helms was indicted for lying before a Congressional committee concerning CIA activities in Chile, plead no contest to two charges, in return for a recommendation by the government that he not be sentenced to prison.  Northwest corporate records also show that Dr. Marco Jagmetti, the lawyer for Northwest, is a director of Rothschild Continuation Holdings, a holding company run by BCCI director Dr. Alfred HartmannGhaith Pharoan purchased National Bank of Georgia from Bert Lance on behalf of BCCI.  Helms was assisting Irvani in his acting as a BCCI front-man in the takeover being handled by Clark Clifford just one year after Clifford had assisted Helms in his negotiations with the Justice Department on his perjury indictment.  ... cover letter from Irvani to Helms on the October 16, 1987 letter, refers to Irvani's desire to provide Vice President Bush with advice on his presidential campaign.  Other BCCI documents show numerous loans, typically of millions of dollars at a time, to the Irvani family, as well as indications that the Irvanis also received substantial loans from the National Bank of Georgia

former Director of Central Intelligence William Casey met secretly for three years with Abedi, that such meetings took place every few months at the Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C., and that they discussed matters relating to U.S. arms deals to Iran and the arming of Afghani rebels.  One possible explanation of the contradictory accounts is that Casey undertook actions in the foreign policy or intelligence sphere while director of the CIA outside its record keeping and operations. The CIA's legal department has described such activity by Casey, including any role he had in the Iran/Contra affair, as being undertaken in his position as an advisor to the President, rather than in his position as Director of Central Intelligence. In such cases, Casey would have taken actions which were outside the record keeping of the CIA, undocumented, fully deniable, and effectively irretrievable.  ...  ironically, a number of BCCI officials knew of the U.S. government arms sales to Iran, of this illegal Reagan Administration initiative, at a time when the Iranian arms sales remained secret not only from the U.S. public but the Congress, and at a time when the CIA knew that BCCI was a criminal enterprise

According to the official chronologies of the Iran/Contra committees, Khashoggi acted as the middleman for five Iranian arms deals for the United States, financing a number of them through BCCI; and Ghorbanifar was the individual who conceptualized the arms-for-hostage negotiations, and provided the initial channel to the "Iranian moderates" with whom the Reagan Administration negotiated prior to delivering shipments of U.S. TOW missiles and HAWKs to Iran in 1985 and 1986.  Khashoggi provided some $30 million in loans altogether, depositing money in a Swiss bank account controlled by Lake Resources, the company run by former White House aide Oliver North, who played the pivotal role in the operation involving the arms sales and diversion of funds to Nicaraguan Contra rebels.  Khashoggi and Ghorbanifar banked at BCCI's offices in Monte Carlo, and for both, BCCI's services were essential as a means of providing short-term credit for sales of arms from the U.S. through Israel to Iran.  Khashoggi's use of BCCI for the Iranian arms sales was first described, in passing, in an Iran/Contra committee deposition on June 8, 1987, describing the movement of $10 million from Credit Swisse which would to through BCCI four times to produce $40 million of sales "and therefore, additional profit." In the same deposition, the witness, Khashoggi business manager Emanuel Floor, described Ghorbanifar as stating, "these are my associates," and writing down the name, "BCCI." Floor described BCCI as acting not merely as Ghorbanifar and Khashoggi's bank for the purpose of these transactions, but as an actual partner in the Iranian arms deals.

the business formed by Richard Secord in May, 1983 immediately upon his retirement from the U.S. government in partnership with Hakim, Stanford Technology Trading Group International of Vienna, Virginia, used a BCCI shareholder as its local agent in Saudi Arabia for contracts to provide security services in the Middle East. The person who Secord hired to help him acquire Saudi government contracts was Abdullah Said Bugshan and his brothers. Together, the Bugshan brothers owned about one half of one percent of BCCI during the period they reprsented Secord and Hakim in Saudi Arabia. While representing Secord, they had also deposits in BCCI ranging from $13 million to $21 milllion in BCCI and had outstanding loans of about $6 million from BCCI.
Key questions about the relationship between U.S. intelligence and BCCI cannot be answered at this time, and may never be answered, without the ability for investigators to review BCCI records and interview BCCI witnesses held by the government of Abu Dhabi. Other questions could be answered from documents available in the United Kingdom, and subpoenaed by the Committee, but for the decision by the British judge on an application of BCCI's liquidators not to permit the Committee to receive them without the written "permission" of the depositors involved, such as Abu Nidal, and the deceased Ben Banerjee and Cyrus Hashemi. Still other BCCI documents in the United Kingdom have been segregated and sealed by British intelligence (MI-5), and withheld from dissemination to anyone.

Matters For Further Investigation
including list of witnesses

 Sani Ahmed, BCCI, Roy Carlson, Kerry Fox, Grand Hotel, Washington DC, Abol Helmy, Kissinger Associates, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency,Price Waterhouse (US),Price Waterhouse (UK), First American, First American Georgia, Robert Magness,David Paul,Robert Powell,Ed Rogers,Larry Romrell

from John Judge  http://www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/JohnJudge/
Are we in fact with the terrorists or against them?
Vital intelligence on the Taliban (and Al-Qaeda) may rest with prime sponsor – Pakistan’s ISI
per Jane's Defense Weekly

CIA and Wahabbis

The CIA (precursors), the Dulles Bros, Wall Street firms, and Nazis formed a joint partnership on hundreds of German and American corporations, and other corporations in France, Spain, and later in Latin America.  They co-founded Saudi Arabia, and put King Ibn Saud in charge of it.  They created a country and gave it to him.  Saud was essentially an Arab-Nazi.  A better way to say that is that they created a shell corporation called Aramco, and handed it to Saud to run on their behalf.  Saudi Arabia is a major conduit for terrorist funding, and Al-Qaeda, as is Pakistan. 

The term "Islamo-fascist" is not 100% baseless.  Both "countries" are essentially subsidiaries of the Nazis, CIA, and Wall Street, big money conduits to the Republican party (and some Democrats).  Both the White House and these regimes are extremists which engage in torture of their own citizens.

Dulles was the boss of both President Bush's grandfather Prescott, his father George Sr., and he was partner with Bush's great-grandfather, George Walker.

I'm not describing anything more bizarre than an "old boy's network" ... of Nazis ... including Mueller, Bormann, and others.  The Bormann Org (below) still controls and manipulates the global financial capital investment networks and industry,  and is very wealthy, tied in with other major firms in the US and elsewhere.

the incorporation of the Nazi Eastern Front intelligence organization into the CIA (under the stewardship of its wartime head, General Reinhard Gehlen); the Third Reich genesis of many of the "catch-phrases" of the Cold War, including "Better Dead than Red" and "Iron Curtain."

www.financialsense.com "A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order"
F. William Engdahl has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years, beginning with the first oil shock in the early 1970's. He has contributed regularly to a number of publications, including Japan's Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Foresight magazine, Grant's Investor.com, European Banker and Business Banker International. He has also spoken at numerous international conferences on geopolitical, economic and energy subjects, and is active as a consulting economist.

Much of the rest of this page is about MIXED MESSAGES.
Hard to know who's who and what's what, when the FBI is pursuing people allegedly verbally or financially supporting Islamic terrorism against the West and the same people are not-allegedly-but-actually attending meetings with President Bush, Cheney and staff to advocate for U.S. Military Action against Muslim countries.

Emory, at times, seems to espouse a strongly pro-Israel line,
yet he has also spoken about Nazi influence within Israel, within rightwing Likud.
or go to WFMU archives

Now we have what Mussolini called, corporatism plus reaction. We have a corporate-run state. - John Judge

I'm not clear on the veracity of these following articles.  SufiMuslimCouncil blogspot exposes ISCA as tied to oil and gas interests and neo-con organizations.  Vigil, which is ostensibly freelance retired Intelligence folks working for Brit and US Intelligence also have political backgrounds tied to overt support for Zionist defamation of political opponents, like Internet Haganeh and other explicitly Neocon politics, not merely tracking 'terrorism'.
Please review:  http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=10034#10034 and  http://sufimuslimcouncil.blogspot.com/  and  http://vigilexposed.blogspot.com/2006/11/vigil-exposed_23.html

FBI Raids Pro-Republicans  03/25/2002
Guardian - Duncan Campbell
The target of an anti-terrorist raid in the United States last week provided funds for an Islamic group with close ties to the Republican party and the White House. The Safa trust, a Saudi-backed charity, has provided funds for a political group called the Islamic Institute, which was set up by Grover Norquist to mobilise support for the Republican party.

The institute, founded in 1999 to win influence in the Republican party, has helped to arrange meetings between senior Bush officials and Islamic leaders, according to the report in Newsweek magazine. Its chairman, Khaled Saffuri, and Mr Norquist cooperated to arrange the meetings.

Funds under Terror Probe Flowed from Offshore  03/22/2002
Wall Street Journal - Glenn R. Simpson
WASHINGTON -- Large sums from two offshore financial havens flowed through the accounts of several U.S.-based companies and charities raided Wednesday by Treasury Department agents investigating terrorism financing, tax and corporate records show.

Finances Prompted Raids on Muslims: U.S. suspected terrorism ties to N.Va. for years  03/24/2002
Washington Post - John Mintz and Tom Jackman
Federal agents who searched 16 homes and offices in Northern Virginia last week were focusing on a tightly interconnected, complicated and very private financial empire with worldwide ties that has drawn the suspicion of of investigators for at least seven years.

At the center of the federal investigation is a cluster of companies and charities based in Herndon that was launched in the 1970s by one of Saudi Arabia's leading banking families, the al-Rajhis. The network has owned or invested in scores of businesses worldwide, from sprawling dairy farms in Zimbabwe to a huge poultry business in Georgia and lucrative office buildings in downtown Washington.

O'Neill Met with Muslim Activists Tied to Charities Raided by Treasury  04/18/2002
Wall Street Journal - Glenn R. Simpson
WASHINGTON -- Two weeks after his agents raided the offices of several Islamic charities and businesses suspected of financing terrorism, Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill met with two politically connected Muslim activists, one a longtime Bush family associate, who each had a tie to the targeted groups.

Muslim Leaders Struggle with Mixed Messages 10/02/2001
Washington Post - Hanna Rosin and John Mintz
On Sept. 20, FBI agents showed up at the house of Hamza Yusuf, a Muslim teacher and speaker in Northern California. They wanted to question him about a speech he had given two days before the Sept. 11 attacks, in which he said that the U.S. "stands condemned" and that "this country has a great, great tribulation coming to it." "He's not home," his wife said. "He's with the president." 
The agents thought she was joking, Yusuf said. But she wasn't. That day Yusuf was at the White House, the only Muslim in a group of religious leaders invited to pray with President Bush, sing "God Bless America," and endorse the president's plans for military action.

My First Year as a Muslim, Ten Years Later: The failure of Muslim-American leadership
I place the blame for this failure squarely upon the shoulders of the “Wahabi” version of Islam and its generalized negative effect upon the development of the greater Muslim-American community.
When I entered the Qur’anic religious traditions I did not know there was a Wahabi version of Islam.
Muslims often drone on and on about “Shari’ah”—Muslim Law. But the fact is, there is no Shari’ah.
Obviously, I’m breaking ranks. I’ve never ascribed to the idea of “my country... or ummah... right or wrong.”
What are some of the identifying characteristics of the Wahabi version of Islam? Well first, let’s be clear. No Muslim admits to being a “Wahabi” Muslim. There is no one who is going to say they follow the Wahabi version of Islam. It is probably more accurate, and helpful, to understand Wahabism as a continuum of beliefs and attitudes that may be present to a greater or lesser degree in any one individual. On one end of the continuum is someone we would call a full-blown Wahabi, at the other end, someone who is Wahabiesque.

What Jeremiah, an Irish-American convert to Islam, may not realize is that rightwing and reactionary [fascist] elements within the US establishment [while rhetorically condemning rightwing Islamo-fascism] have long helped to support hardline Wahabist Islamo-fascists even in bloody coups [Indonesia 1963, Saud 1944, Egypt, now Iraq], and worked to damage peaceful, tolerant Islam, because they prefer hardline religious groups for economic and power relations.

Wahabbis believe in "justified" brutality and terrorism against innocent people, reactionary fascist politics, and right wing free market capitalism.  They often use religion for justification.
The global capital establishment
(currently represented by the Bush regime) believes in "justified" brutality and terrorism against innocent people, reactionary fascist politics, and right wing free market capitalism.  They also use religion for justification, amongst "freelance" talking heads, but they also more psychologically subtle and more digestible forms of marketing --- like flying planes into skyscrapers.

It's a match made in heaven!!!