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a website dedicated to the convergence of real Conservative and real Leftist thought and action
OK, I wrote this long blather a while ago and should probably delete it.  It's OK.  It's sincere.
But it's kinda obvious now what my site is about.  Read the first paragraph and feel free to click back.

This is my small contribution to the fire alarm
growing louder that Americans are living under a Dictatorship, and have been for some years, a ruthless Tyranny cleverly disguised by a thin gauze of freedom of some choices.  We, as a people, have been brainwashed and "spun" to the point that we no longer understand what liberty and freedom smells like. 
Furthermore, we are rapidly accellerating towards the visible outbreak of extreme ruthlessness, the worst nightmare of "1984-plus-Nazi-Germany" combined. 

The evidence is out there, the horrible mechanisms (legal, manpower, technological) are being put in place, but they aren't telling you on CNN.
People who shine the light,
to varying degrees, are both real Conservative Christians (who aren't brainwashed by TV evangelists and Bush) and their ideological opposite, Marxists and Anarchists.

By definition, mainstream Conservatives and Liberals mostly work to obscure and confuse.
Mainstream media does a remarkable job propping up the façade
(showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant)
Face it: except for a few irritating voices harping on Liberty, calling a lie a lie, most government officials barely even pretend to represent you.
(the ones that do fight for American principles are a congressional minority anyhow)
Most are traitors and scum, who call true Patriots "traitors".

One ripple to note: lifelong Republicans Dick Armey and Bob Barr have joined the ACLU.  Pigs amazingly began to fly.

The "Left-Left" describes this as Globalization and Neo-Liberal Economics, freedom 
for Investors, for Banking Institutions,and for Trans-national Corporations to plunder at will; slavery, destitution and starvation for ordinary people.  For a shining example of our future, look up Nicaragua, Guatemala, Somalia, many more nations led by Death Squad juntas created by the U.S., and then look up the crumbling chaos of Russia, where life-expectancy dropped 10 years in 10 years, and the population dropped by 20 million, since Western investors raided the public treasure (privatization). When Saddam killed liberals in Iraq, he was our guy; when he re-directed oil profits to improve the lives of civilians, he became "a terrorist".
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man audio link

The religious "Right-Right" describes this as the New World Order, One-World Government, dictatorship run by Corporations such as Citigroup, JPMorgan-Chase, and Morgan-Stanley, by elite families like the Rockfellers, by the UN, by the IMF, the World Bank, the World Court, the World Trade Organization.  U.S. foreign and domestic policy is planned by the Bilderburg group, the Tri-Lateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

They meet in secret, but David Rockefeller did publicly state:

"We are on the verge of a global transformation.
All we need is the right major crisis (9-11 and whatever comes next) and the
nations will accept the New World Order."  (nice planning, David!)

There is clear evidence these Global Elites stage-manage our national elections, choose our leaders, set important policy, and maintain control.  The Right sees the loss of National Sovereignty (WTO sues cities and states [taxpayers] for having any laws, restrictions, or public institutions that may reduce their profits, for any reason).  The Right sees the emergence of Evil and the culture of Death, State-created Terrorism, the destruction of natural morality, violent video games (copying Military "kill" training) and slutty, vapid, stupid "entertainment".

People I've heard complain about "gangsta rap" include white Christian Conservatives and black Marxists.

The Global Elite and their PR firms that manufactured the mirage of all three George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and John Kerry, also run the "hated" "Liberal"
Corporate Media, sometimes wearing a right-wing hat, sometimes a left-wing costume.

It's a grand charade, but it's not "cute".

America was founded on the revolutionary notion of a free people operating under an agreed-to set of rules which apply to everyone equally, a Republic.  This is a "classic" Conservative philosophy, and very Patriotic Americans insist on this.  Government must be kept small and weak, existing solely
to uphold The Rule of Law, to estabish some useful Order, to defend against outside invasion. 
he old way, the Holy Rule of Great Men, Kings and Emperors, was thrown off by our Founding Fathers, when they drafted the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

REAL grassroots Democrats and
REAL grassroots Republicans and REAL Patriots of any party or none, know and understand this.
fascism: "totalitarianism, marked by right-wing dictatorship and bellicose nationalism"  no more need be said
Since the dawn of Civilization, humans have lived under various forms of Tyranny.  In this new experment called America, exaltation of freedom for the Individual was paramount (at least in theory).  In England, the Rule of Law had been established under Magna Carta, but people are considered mere subjects.  In America, people are free Citizens with God-given rights, not State-given rights!! 
WE own the country and retain the right to dissolve government which does not serve us.

It's hard to appreciate how radical this Principle was in 1776. 
The only known society actually operating under a rule of communal democracy was the Iroquois nation, which was befriended by Ben Franklin (who took notes on what he saw there).  Not the Greeks.  Not the Romans.

In the Past, men looked at a political system or leader and asked themselves
only if it gave them more Liberty and Freedom or less.  The phony debate between "Liberal" and "Conservative" was non-existent, until it was manufactured as a false dichotomy, a false choice.

"Classic" Liberalism was merely a philosophy that operated within the framework of Conservative thought, which basically added that a good function of government might be to extend and enhance Liberty for Mankind.  "Classic" Conservatives disagreed, and believed that giving State the Power to
enhance Liberty inevitably leads to less Liberty and more Tyranny, as "Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely". So there are differences but not fighting differences.

This was an important debate in the experiment called America, but it wasn't a hatefest at the time, until it was manipulated into one for the purposes of propaganda and the enhancement of Power, the increase in Tyranny and Control. 

Today's Liberal/Conservative hatefest is utter nonsense, because "TV" Conservatives and "TV" Liberals both seek to enhance State power and corporate wealth, at the expense of the Individual.  Both parties are Warmongers and Imperialists, which George Washington warned against. 
Both parties give Trans-national Corporations nearly unlimited freedom to commit murder and theft with impunity, and State officials operate on graft and legal bribery, whereas humans are subject to Homeland Security, enhanced surveillance, and various War on Drugs, Terror, etc. 
Most of this is pure treachery.

This philosophy, that the Individual exists to serve the State, is the key vision of of the Party of National Socialism, the Nazis.

The assault on Liberty by
Corporate Monopoly Capitalism was never envisioned by our Founding Fathers (land-owning aristocrats though they were). They believed wealthy and learned men would rule "the rabble" (you and me) with Wisdom and Benevolence, while preserving their own high status.  But President John Adams realized that he and his peers had been naïve in trusting in the Godly Benevolence of the Wealthy Class.
Abraham Lincoln grew alarmed by the growing power and corruption of Corporate Power over America, in the 1860's.

Fast-forward a century and a half. 

The Government we see is the mere shadow cast by the substance of the Corporate State.

The Federal Reserve Board was created in 1913, a political coup by European bankers.  Andrew Jackson had fought them hard.  America no longer prints it's own debt-free money, America prints bonds (debt agreements), which it then uses to borrow money from a cabal of quasi-private bankers, who emerged from the Bank of England.  This Fed
buys US bonds by making up money out of thin air.  When they want to stick people with a recession, they sell bonds and reduce the money supply.  In this system under Corporate Banking, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (not God), Americans have been returned to the age-old role of Feudal Serfs, living under the Tyranny of a tiny Global Elite, with a thin guaze of "democracy" as a window-dressing hiding this obvious Truth. 
U.S. domestic and foreign policy is secretly devised in private meetings of the Bilderburg Group (European and North American elites), the Tri-Lateral Commission (founded by Rockefeller, includes capitalist Asia), and the U.S. Council of Foreign Relations.  These are genuine, real, viable organizations, INcompatible with "Democracy". 
Their own full time security force is called the CIA.  When Investment Bankers get angry or risk losing unearned profits to uppity peasants, the CIA moves to protect "the national interest" or "national security".  (Now you understand those terms. They don't apply to YOU!) 
Often, the CIA prevents big wars ... by overthrowing elected foreign governments.

Trans-national Corporations have a complete lockdown on the major media, which are completely subservient to the interests of their class, Billionaire Investors and the State.  WE are merely the resource they "capture" and sell our attention spans.

Understand, this is NOT "free market" capitalism, this is predatory poverty-creating wealth accumulation activities, legitmized by the media and culture, and protected by the State monopoly on legitimate violence.

Republican Paul Craig Roberts predicts the US economy will be Third World within 10 years.  Technically, it already is.  We export raw materials and scrap, and import finished goods.  That's "Third World" mode.