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COUNCIL for NAT POLICY  (main page)
Database of Council for National Policy Past/Present Officers & Prominent Members Index


A - G


Jack Abramhoff

Howard Ahmanson, Jr.

Thomas R. Anderson

Dr. John F.Ankerberg

Hon. Richard K. Armey

Thomas K. Armstrong

Sen. William L. Armstrong

John M. Ashbrook

Edward G. Atsinger III

Carole Baker

Theodore Baehr

William B. Ball

David Balsiger

Hon. Gary Bauer

John Beckett

Ray Berryman

Morton Blackwell

Thomas A. Bolan

Pat Boone

Richard Bott

Dr. James Bowers

Lynn Francis Bouchey

David W. Breese

Dr. William Rohl Bright

Floyd Brown

Sam Brunelli

Larry Burkett

John Commuta

Robert Cone

Peter Cook

Holland (Holly) Coors

Jeffrey Coors

Joseph Coors

Mary C. Crowley

Beverly Danielson

Sen. William Dannemeyer

Karen Davis

Cullen Davis

Arnaud deBorchgrave

Richard DeVos

Rich DeVos

Dick Dingham

Dr. James Dobson

John T. (Terry) Dolan

Arthur M. Dula

Ann Drexel

Pierre du Pont

John East

Thomas F. Ellis

Stuart Epperson

Dr. Jerry Falwell

Joseph F. Farah

Michael P. Farris

Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr

Father Charles Fiore

Foster Friess

Willard Garvey

Peter B. Gemma

George F. Gilder

Dr. Duane Gish

Ronald P. Godwin

Alan Gottlieb

Robbie Gowdey

J. Peter Grace

Lt. General Daniel O. Graham

Robert Grant

H - M


Anthony Harrigan

Preston Hawkins

Jesse Helms

Thomas Hess

Rev. E.V. Hill

Jimmy Hill

Joe Hilyard

Roland Hinz

Hon. Donald P. Hodel

Rev. Melvin Hodges

Robert Holding

George Holland

John Holt

Donald R. Howard, Ph.D.

Dr. John A. Howard

Max Hugel

Herbert William Hunt

Mary Reilly Hunt

Nelson Bunker Hunt

Reed Irvine

Hon. Ernest J. Istook, Jr.

Lorena Jaeb

Kay Cole James

Gary Jarmin

Louis (Woody) Jenkins

Terry J. Jeffers

Dr. Mildred Faye Jefferson

Bob Jones III 

James F. Justiss

Rep. Jack Kemp (R-NY)

Dr. D. James Kennedy

Alan Keyes

Brig. General Albion W. Knight

Dr. Robert H. Krieble

Beverly LaHaye

Dr. Timothy LaHaye

Reed Larson

Dr. Ernest Lefever

John Lenczowski

Earl Little

John Lofton

Ed Lozick

Marlin Maddoux

Marion (Mac) Magruder

Peter Marshall, Jr.

Connaught Marshner

James Mather

Pat Matrisciana

Donald S. McAlvany

Ed McAteer

Norm McClelland

James McClure

Jim McCotter

Larry P. McDonald

Hon. Edwin Meese III

Major F. Andy Messing, Jr.

Chuck Missler

Barbara Monteith

Dr. Stanley Monteith

Dr. Raymond Moore

Sam Moore

Dr. Henry M. Morris

N - Z


Don Nickles

David A. Noebel

Grover Norquist

Dr. Gary North

Lt. Col. Oliver North

Dr. Paige Patterson

Robert J. Perry

Howard Phillips

William M. Polk

Lawrence D. "Larry" Pratt

Judge Paul Pressler

Jim Price

Ed Prince

Elsa Prince

Dr. Charles E. Rice

H.L. "Bill" Richardson

Rich Riddle 

Dr. "M.G." Pat Robertson

James Robinson

Kathleen Teague Rothschild

Howard J. Ruff

Rev. R. J. Rushdoony

William Rusher

Phyllis Schlafly

Lynda Scribante

Ron Seeley

Jay Sekulow

Hans Sennholz

Beurt SerVaas

Frank Shakespeare

Richard Shoff

Major General John K. Singlaub

Dr. W. Cleon Skousen

Mark Skousen

Baker Armstrong Smith

Dr. Lowell Smith

Jim R. Smith

Gerry Snyder

LaNeil Spivy

Scott Stanley, Jr

Robert Waring Stoddard

John A. Stormer

Lt. General Gordon Sumner

Gaylord K. Swim

John H. Sununu

Dr. Lewis Tambs

The Hon. Helen Marie Taylor

Stacy Taylor

Dr. Edward Teller

Herbert Titus

Sherman E. Unkefer

Mike Valerio

Guy Vander Jagt

Richard Viguerie

Christine de Vollmer

Craig Welch

Paul Weyrich

James Whelan

John W. Whitehead

Rev. Donald Wildmon

Dr. John Wilke


The Council for National Policy