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911 The Road To Tyranny THE ORIGINAL VIDEO
This and other videos can be downloaded from but for full quality (and to give support for the media) buy them from
(Email me; if you want DVD copies of combined videos.)
The video is LARGE 220 mb, so if you can't download it, if it's too large, go to or and read about it and order it online.  MANY other Alex Jones films are available on my FTP.
Check my FTP instructions off of my HOME page, and you can download movies from there.

STRONG CRITICISM OF ALEX JONES 1 Stanley Hilton  and 2 Charlie Sheen

Alex Jones shows some good information, but ...

How does Fascism work in America? Of the many websites listed on these pages, proved a top source of practical info. I found another website Watch Unto Prayer tied to a Christian radio station in Mobile, AL. Heavens! 

Besides stuff on Prophesy and the Merovingian Dynasty (which claims to be Jesus' children), this site has a practical section on the corporate New World Order section.  It turns out the LITERAL Nazis and Nazi symps in US Intelligence and Wall Street which later formed the CIA, also had a private front group for the FBI/CIA called Western Goals used for spying and surveilance on Americans outside the limitations of the Constitution.  Western Goals was a subsidiary or project of the John Birch Society, which is the Nazi grandfather and also the root of the insane anti-communist covert Right.

JBS and the Council for National Policy together are tied to reactionary politics, the "commie international" Council on Foreign Relations, tax cuts plus govt subsidies for the rich, Charter Schools, all the "Christian Right" which is mostly Dominionist/Reconstructionist totalitarianism like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Focus on the Family, Dr. Dobson, Mises Institute, Moral Majority, Operation Rescue, Planned Parenthood, the Reagan Revoution and Bush, Paul Weyrich, Ralph Reed, Jack Kemp, Irving Kristol, Milton Friedman, William Simon, Richard Mellon Scaife (Whitewater, the Arkansas Project), William F. Buckley, Jr., the Rockefeller family, Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church (Moonies), New Age, Scientology, Gospel Outreach Verbo Ministries a.k.a. the "Jesus Movement" (a church created by a CIA psych warfare expert used to undermine Christianity in Latin Am), Heritage Foundation, W.R. Grace, Hudson Institute, Cato Institute and other anti-tax orgs, Ollie North, MK-ULTRA, CHAOS and MOCKINGBIRD, Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi SS), global death squad operations in Latin America, Asia, and the US, using fetuses for Bio-Med testing, and various other right wing scams which claim Patriotism.

The Santa Fe Document, which was a sequel to The Rockefeller Report, was originally titled "Inter-American Relations, Shield of the New Order and Sword of the U.S. Ascent to World Power." This document set forth plans to create religious sects on a worldwide scale, whose mission was to corrupt the collective conscience of Christians to willingly accept the Rockefeller agenda. A portion of a book, La Mafia Sects (The Sect Mafia) by Burn Fouchereau, describes the planned use of Evangelical organizations, such as Rios Montt's Church of the Word, as fronts for the CIA to "take charge of the initiative of ideological struggle" in Latin America through religious phenomena, i.e., psychological warfare operations for inculcating Anglo-Saxon ideology.

It's a network of Nazis, Intelligence, Propaganda, and death squad activities
.  Please ck out the
CNP or local copy and JBS or local copy.

Remember also that Alex Jones has long said that his father was a Birchite and that he has "a soft spot" for John Birch reactionary ideology.  As Jones serves as  a "vanguard" of their movement, this is a STRONG indication that JONES IS "CIA".

Now, in addition I learned that Jones has hosted John McManus of JBS, in my mind 'pretending' this was their first get-together.  JBS was supposedly 'opposed' to Alex Jones whacko conspiracy theories, when JBS is who practically created the phenomena of discredited whacko conspiracy theories, particularly around the Federal Reserve and "The Creature from Jekyll Island".  For some this is like the Bible, but let me say that while the Fed seems to aid and abet both the banks and Congress, it's a red herring to focus on the Fed, and most of the conspiracy theorists theories about it are incorrect.  It's not good enough to just come up with any old crap against the institution.  It has to be factual.

I also learned that Jones hosted Maj. General Albert Stubblebine on his show.  Stubblebine is one of the grandfathers of MK Ultra and development of the governments psychological warfare methods.  I thought Jones was opposed to government psy-war.  Hmmmm.

Check back.often
PLEASE Forward this page to anyone, conservative, liberal or non-political.
These audio and video files are friggin' amazing.   I was thinking Alex Jones is just a Texas hick, but he accurately covers all this vital information.  Anyone who can take these complex political and socio-economic issues, from outside the framework of the common discussion, and break them down to a nutshell so simple and direct that someone without a H.S. diploma can get the gist of it clearly, I'd say this man is a genius ... in some ways, moreso than a person who can lecture college students.

Warning_of 911_Nearly_2_Mo_Beforehand    (MOV Quicktime file about 3 minutes)
Alex Jones WARNS of Sept. 11 in July  (Windows Media version)

Jones going off defending peace activist Jeremy Glick  (tiny 2 min audio clip)

American Dictators
online preview

ALEX_boho_grove_bb.wmv  preview

ALEX_Martial_Law_new_trailer   (scroll down page)
Windows Media Player video to Martial Law film (2005)

ALEX_Martial_Law preview about Bush Family history
with John Buchanan

ENTIRE Martial Law video

David Gergen interview from Martial Law  MUST SEE
David Gergen confronted
on Bohemian Grove (cool! funny!)   Michael Moore confronted too
In the first clip, Alex encounters Clinton Presidential Advisor, David Gergen about his involvement in the occult ceremonies undertaken at the infamous Bohemian Grove. Watch Gergen's reaction go from amused to fearful to angry and Jones presses him about his participation in the "Cremation of Care" ritual.

Lord Bush
  (hilarious and sick video, 2 min)

AJ-030106_Concentration_camps.avi - concentration camps being built in America


Thomas Kean at U of Texas challenged and slammed by activists on the 9-11 coverup

excerpt from film on the REAL U.N.  --- for liberal UN supporters to be dis-illusioned
(Granted, the UN violence is mostly under US edict and muscle, but the UN was created by the oil barons, for the oil barons)  (The UN does include member voting, but it could be basically be considered the "Left wing" of the CIA.)
May need to download Divx codec from  or update Windows Media Player

POLICE STATE 3 - preview
Pretext Is Now Set - Here comes the Police State to save the day

Here comes the Police State to save the day
Everything we have warned you about for years IS NOW HAPPENING. After 9/11 we said the next major events would sell the people on the police state, look at the media response to Katrina and Rita, people are begging for laws to be passed to allow the police state to become the norm.

So called "Homeland security experts" are calling for federal troops, that don't need 72 hours for call-up as some National Guard units require, capable of dropping into a disaster zone as the damage is being done, rather than afterward. The media is calling for the TOTAL FEDERALIZATION of America.

They want "Military authorities" to supersede"Civilian authorities". When did we stop being people and become "civilians"? Can it really be a coincidence that the calls for complete federalization and martial law are coming in conjunction with the calls for greater funding for FEMA and Homeland Security? The perceived incompetence of the Feds has been manufactured in order to garner a greater wealth of both personnel, resources and mass support. We are literally sanctioning moves towards the police state, sleep walking into tyranny.

Alex breaks down "Illuminati" (87mb divx)
(powerful, just a talk)

Alex - Illuminati  (Windows Media 37mb)
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by the "Right" for the "Left" too

view Bohemian Grove VIDEO --- SEE FOR YOURSELF:
Order_of_death  video excerpt

Rep. Cynthia McKinney Grills Rumsfeld -
- on Dyncorp Sex Rings, Missing Pentagon Trillions & 9/11 Wargames  (video)

Alex Jones, Jeremy Glick excerpt 2 minutes long
Jeremy Glick, liberal peace activist was attacked and verbally threatened with physical violence by Bill O'Reilly on Fox, who also told Glick his dead father would be ashamed of him.  Jones challenges O'Reilly to come on his show, that Jones will "tear him up", calls O'Reilly a demon, and a much more!  Jones then interviews Glick, defends him, and reminds his conservative listeners that it's legitimate to have liberal viewpoints in America.
Jeremy Glick, Peaceful Tomorrows,_attacked_on_Oreilly_021103
full length discussion

Alex Jones interview on Coast-2-CoastAM 3-11-2004
discusses Bohemian Grove
discusses the nature of the New World Order


debunks Peak Oil (maybe)

great critical discussion merging Left and Right
Sander Hicks, on 9-11  see his book, The Big Wedding - code name for Sept. 11

Charles Shaw, a Left Antiwar Activist
Charles Shaw, part 2x2

Charles Shaw talks about FAKE and CO-OPTED LEFT Gatekeepers with Alex Jones


Anonymous Mil Training Officer about MARTIAL LAW PREPARATIONS in Texas
an anonymous military man, overseeing training troops for domestic policing, sees Martial Law being enacted in Texas.
The end of Posse Comitatus -- the separation of Army from domestic police.
(With no prompting, my friend casually mentioned the other day that her brother or cousin was doing the same thing, training troops for civilian policing.)

Bilderberg Spy -> Targeting American Patriots For Extermination
invading Iraq, UN "peacekeeping" in Malaysia, and POPULATION REDUCTION in USA
(The existence of the Bilderburg Conference is no longer a secret, but it's meetings are totally off limits to the public, as well as the fact that it was founded by a Nazi, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. The CFR was founded by pro-Nazi industrialists and financiers, like Colonel Mandell House, with occult connections and practices.)
Ann_Coulter 03,07-10
OH, this is good.  Jones likes Conservative ideals, but slams Ann Coulter as she deserves to be slammed, but he does it better than most liberals could do.

Katrina_- New Orleans was_federalized in 2001

Lee Hamilton_911 Comm_on Cspan.mp3
Lee Hamilton, of Bush's 9-11 is confronted by 6/10 callers on Cspan

JEFF RENSE w Jones part 1 2005,05-18

ALEX - Dr. Rokke - Depleted Uranium killing troops [1]
ALEX - Dr. Rokke - Depleted Uranium killing troops [2]
ALEX - Dr. Rokke - Depleted Uranium killing troops [3]

Douglas Valentine, 121803
Veteran, 9-11 researcher, and historian of Vietnam and covert operations, very credible guy, regular contributor to Counterpunch

Greg Palast_02,11-04.mp3
discussing 911 and other issues an inside look by a top investigative reporter
(How many truly "investigative" reporters do you see anymore?  Darn few!)

Greg Palast_03,02-25.mp3

economist -> Michael_Haga_041503.mp3
Don't overlook Michael Haga discussing how corrupt Global Finance institutions are because you think economists might be boring.  This ain't.

What Really Happened?
Michael Rivero w Alex Jones
Alex talks with publisher Michael Rivero about the real agenda behind the worldwide Muslim riots and the timetable for a military strike on Iran.

Jones and Colonel Craig Roberts go off on fighting FOR America against the Globalists.
I disagree with some of their politics, but not their patriotism.

Barry Zwicker_03,05-15.mp3
9-11 researcher, producer
something gives me the willys about him, good info, don't trust where he's coming from
he sounds like he's reading from some script ...

Alex Jones is a conservative Christian radio host out of Austin, TX on AM radio, shortwave, webcast.   Alex Jones used to be a mainstream conservative radio commentator, a typical "Clinton hater" (and there is a lot to hate beyond "Monica").
If you're from Akron, OH think "Howie Chisek on steroids" but with real facts and integrity, solid, exciting guests, and a passion for the fleeting Principles that once made America great.  (Or at least fair.  Sometimes.  In theory.)
Jones is principled, and has respect for what is True.  He doesn't have to always be right, though like most egotists, including me, he usually thinks he is.  When he describes what he's doing as patriotic, it's beyond question. 
Jones is on GCN which is Genesis Communications Network.  (Get it?  Genesis, i.e. Bible. Bible radio.) 
If you're a person who is skeptical unless it comes from "a Christian" or "a believer" then this is YOUR guy!!!

Some people might think I only listen to bleeding heart Liberal info, or Democrats or Marxists.   Well, you're wrong. 
When Jones hosts a "liberal" or patriotic Left-leaning person on his show, even if it's someone he disagrees with, he may argue vehemently, but, for the most part, respectfully and fairly.  Unlike the "Stenographers of the Nazis" on Fox and CBS and CNN and NY Times, Jones does not merely ridicule and demean people for shock value or for ratings, unlike the fake conservatives.
Jones says that in the past, American people asked themselves if a person, a law, or a party was going to give them
more Freedom, Liberty, and Justice vs.   more Tyranny.  This was before the fake Liberal-Conservative, Democrat-Republican paradigm.  This phony partisan paradigm is a dumbing-down of our group mind to accept Tyranny under some other banner.  Bleating "Conservatives" often plead for and demand more tyranny if it's sold as a conservative or simply an anti-liberal program.  Likewise, Liberals often slavishly demand more tyranny for themselves under a different sales pitch. 

Today, neither Conservatives nor Liberals remember nor understand what their relative positions and relative viewpoints really entail, and both exaggerate the differences, like they have been trained to do by pundits, into name-calling and labels.  They also uncritically defend positions given to them by "leaders" of their groups.  Spin-as-reality grows out of this, which further expands the bizarre gap between classical conservative and classic liberal positions, and creates MORE of the mish-mash which exists today.

The real debate is the interest of the wealthy global Elite 1% vs. ordinary People
Jones intention is to bring both Liberals and Conservatives together to a crossroads ... well actually to the traditional Conservative viewpoint, but he's also somewhat open-minded.

Jones is at WAR with the NEO-CONSERVATIVE Command-and-Control agenda, the "New World Order", an "inverted Leninism", that former President George H.W. Bush spoke so glowingly about and which Bush II is enacting with his permanent war and soon-to-be Martial Law.  People are already being punished hard for dissent.  However, as Michael Parenti notes, this has always been a part of American reality.  Sometimes less, sometimes more.  Getting ready to be lots MORE!!
Needless to say, Alex Jones opposed Clinton, Gore, and now Kerry ... as well as Bush.  One criminal is not a "lesser evil", when the crime is so great.

Jones features solid guests like former CIA agents, investigative reporters, defense ministers, career military veterans, police, liberal peace activists, as well as outspoken right-wing Christians like Phyllis Schlafly and Hutton Gibson (Mel's father).  Alex handled Gibson deftly, he agreed with his conservativism and Christian outlook, but minimized his obscene racism.  For Ann Coulter, he agreed with some of her Conservative viewpoints, but then tore into her on NEO-conservative stuff.

I disagree with Alex Jones' right wing stance on some issues.  He has a lot of the literalist Christian viewpoints, sees the influence of a real Satan
I do recognize evil actions and ok some people who are genuinely evil, but I don't contemplate a literal "Satan".  However, as he points out frequently and in his Bohemian Grove video, the ELITES believe in SATAN, and THEY WORSHIP HIM!!

My stance on Abortion is that the only thing worse than allowing women to choose abortion, is allowing the State to have the power to criminalize abortion.  I can't think of an ordinary person who is "for" abortion, but Jones actively seeks to outlaw abortion (for sincere reasons, unlike many Republican grandstanders).  I support the right of Christians who oppose abortion to protest and convince people to believe as they do, in the marketplace of competing ideas.  To ask the already oppressive State to pass more restrictive laws on personal behavior, is a parallel to demanding gun control for safety. (Jones opposes gun control for good reason -- because an unarmed population is easily susceptible to tyranny.)

If Jones and I debated abortion, at least we'd both agree that it's about protections within the US Constitutional for the Adult citizen to conduct business and make choices in the absence of government intervention  VS.  protections within the US Constitutional for the fetal citizen overriding the wishes of the Adult parent.  I'm pretty sure that historical Constitutional precedent protects the Adult Citizen's Liberty over the well-being of the Fetus.   Jones and I could at least have an honest debate, or at least we'd understand how we disagree on the Constitution.
Jones knows that the decades-long US crusade of anti-Communism was a giant scam, more destructive to ordinary liberty-seeking people in the US and abroad than Communism itself.  He has not quite determined that the actual threat of Soviet Communism to the people of the United States was negligible or even laughable.  Jones thinks the whole Bolshevik revolution was a fake Left project, but I don't buy into Carroll Quigley's explanation, that the whole Communist revolution was a big scam run by bankers and gentlemen like Allen Dulles (and gentlemen like Hitler?).

Communism was a huge ideological threat to the global bankers and industrialists, which is why they tried to uset their Hitler project to destroy it, and to stamp out Leftism all over the world. Jones doesn't quite see that, though he starts to recognize that some so-called commies like Hugo Chavez are actually fighting and exposing the NWO, just like him.

I'm liking Jones ideas more and more, as I hear him explain his positions.

For example, I thought Jones stance against "immoral filth in media" was yer typical, busybody, repressive crackdown, trying to get everyone to be scrubbed Christian zombies, like Tipper Gore's right-wing crackdown on political music and speech.  But Alex Jones clearly makes the point that it's Korporate Amerika that is distributing smut-and-crack entertainment and TV shows full of torture, in order to dehumanize our population and destroy our natural morality.

That would aid the agenda of Elite Power, wouldn't it?  Corporate media suppresses political music and speech, real revolutionary hip-hop for example, but they support trash that causes chaotic thinking and social relations.

Later, I heard a black socialist revolutionary named Dedon Kamathi bring up the same point as Jones: how "gangsta rap" alienates black youth from adults, creates a generation gap, and causes further mass disenfranchisement.

Jones also verbally defended Arabs against racist attacks and government violation of the Bill of Rights.   He taunted 'southern white crackers'
(a large part of his audience) who might otherwise feel indifferent or hostile to 'A-rabs', to get them to see the point:  'they're coming after YOU next'.