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Al-Qaida's Lawyer

Baker-Botts defends Saudis on 9-11

About a dozen New Jersey and NYC widows and family members of 9/11 filed a TRILLION DOLLAR CIVIL LAWSUIT against Saudi Royal family over the 9/11 terror attacks.
Plaintiffs were looking for "discovery" and "evidence" --- paperwork, records, accounting --- as much as money. These Saudis
govt officials admitted in court to funding Islamic charities, which were later deemed terror-supporting. 

Maybe they were guilty of something, maybe not.  Surely they worked WITH not AGAINST the CIA.

Would they be so stupid to kill the golden goose by attacking the USA?  I don't think so.  These guys are billionaires, with huge US investments, not idiots.

SO, Maybe this is a valid lawsuit, maybe not:  Time will reveal in court.

The Widows Lawsuit was blocked by "prestigious Houston-based Baker-Botts" law firm, which claims that Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz has "diplomatic immunity" from being sued by Americans.  How convenient.

Here's my local copy of the Newsweek/MSNBC (web-only) article, which mentions the political connections way down the page.

Lawyers are quoted calling the case a bunch of fanciful conspiracy theories.  Odd, then, that one of the key architects of the Project for a New American Century, the War on Terror, and the Iraq War (and anti-Soviet hysteria for decades), Richard Perle aka "Prince of Darkness", has been a persistent voice for staging a military attack on Saudi Arabia to retaliate.  I guess the only "conspiracy theorists" are the actual victims, not "national security" mouthpieces.

Who is this "scum Liberal Law firm" Baker-Botts, protecting alleged Al-Qaeda financers?
Why it's none other than President Bush's attorney, James A. Baker III, Bush family confidante for 4 decades.

James A. Baker III
Why is the President's attorney vigorously defending Al-Qaeda funders in the first place?
Why are they blocking discovery of records?  Afraid what might show up?
Reagan & CIA pushed the Saudis into funding Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.
(Baker won the Bush presidency in 2000, at the Supreme Court, and was Sec. State during Bush-41.  Baker also helped orchestrate conditions for the first Gulf War by sending multiple envoys (April Glaspie, Joseph Wilson) to Saddam and Saddam's Intelligence/Cabinet with glad tidings and a "green light" to deal with Kuwait. Glaspie told Saddam and staff that President Bush the Elder wanted a "closer relationship" with the leaders of Iraq.)

QUOTING from Newsweek:
Baker Botts, Sultan’s law firm, for example, still boasts former secretary of State James Baker as one of its senior partners. Its recent alumni include Robert Jordan, the former personal lawyer for President Bush who is now U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

An internal list of other law firms retained in the case, reviewed by NEWSWEEK , reads like a veritable “who’s who” of the U.S. legal community. Among those firms and their Saudi clients are: Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering (Prince Mohammed al Faisal); Kellog, Huber, Hansen, Todd & Evans (Prince Turki al Faisal); Jones, Day (the Binladin Group); Ropes & Grey (Khaled bin Mahfouz); White & Case,(the Al-Rajhi Banking Group); King & Spalding (the Arab Bank and Youssef Nada); Akin Gump (Mohammed Hussein Al-Almoudi); and Fulbright & Jaworski (Nimir Petroleum.)

Bush family lawyer (4 decades) KILLS  Lawsuit brought by 9/11 widows.

It sure appears like Baker is covering up for terrorism, potentially defending terrorists. and helping terrorism financiers. (But I'll repeat, I'm not taking the "Saudis are to blame" path.  Saudis owe their very existence to the US military and the CIA.  They are heavily invested in Wall Street banks and have done oil price-fixing for Henry Kissinger.)

Saddam’s Crimes Pale in Comparison to those of the Neocons

It's a Baker Botts World  (article)
from Yurika Report
original "The Nation" article missing, behind pay-wall

Baker "won" the Bush presidency in 2000, at the Supreme Court, and was Sec.State during Bush-41, and helped arrange the first Gulf War.   Baker's role in stripping Russian capital with the help of the Russian mafia, and his corrupt international dealings with the Middle East, portray him as a kind of Mafia kingpin -- with a law background.  A mob lawyer, basically, but the LEGAL Establishment "mob".

HEREs a website called "involuntary Facebook", LITTLESIS (like "Big Brother"), a database of connections of VIP officials in Govt and Business.
MORE BACKGROUND ON James Addison Baker III and his connections from Littlesis.
This includes the Iraq Study Group which advised Bush starting in 2006.

Interesting members of the Iraq Study Group include Ed Meese (fmr Atty Gen of the Reagan admin whose claim to fame was attacking Playboy and Penthouse mags), Lee Hamilton (Democrat who acquitted Bush, Reagan, North, and everyone involved with Iran-Contra treason and more), Leon Panetta (current CIA Director under Obama), and the Vernon E Jordan Jr, called a "rainmaker" for raising funds for candidate Barack Obama (and fmr Senior Managing Director of Lazard, Inc. where his late boss - Bruce Wasserstein -- had family members in the Bush admin and was related by kid's marriage to GOP Senator Mitch McConnell). Alan Simpson too; he's part of Obama's "Catfood Commission" Deficit Reduction Team who wants to slash Social Security, and our old friend "terror, terror, terror" Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City.

Baker harkens back to the 1953's when Bush Sr founded Zapata Oil, Zapata Off-Shore, Zapata Petroleum, under Zapata Corporation (holding company) with CIA associates the Liedtkes, Bush's Nazi father Prescott, William Stamps Farish III (whose father was a Nazi traitor alongside Bush's father Prescott) and others.  In 1954, Zapata Off-Shore Company was formed as a subsidiary, with Bush as president. (He raised some startup money from Eugene Meyer, publisher of the Washington Post, and his son-in-law, Phillip Graham a CIA media asset in Operation Mockingbird.)  Zapata's access included wells 40 miles north of Isabela, Cuba.

Zapata became a front for CIA's Operation 40 terrorism in the Carribean, aimed at overthrowing Castro after Castro's takeover in 1959.  Operation 40 members like CIA agents Frank Sturgis and E. Howard Hunt (another Bush ally) were linked to the Kennedy assassination.
also harkens back to Harken Energy, Bush Jr's oil company funded by a Binladen. (google Baker+Saudi  and  "It's a Baker-Botts World"  below)  Zapata Petroleum merged in 1963 with South Penn Oil and other companies to become Pennzoil.

Zapata's filing records with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are intact for the years 1955-1959, and again from 1967 onwards. But records for the years 1960-1966 are missing. "The records were inadvertently placed in a session file to be destroyed" by a federal warehouse explains SEC records officer Suzanne McHugh, noting that a total of 1,000 boxes were pulped in this procedure. The destruction of records occurred either in October 1983 (according to McHugh) or in 1981, shortly after Bush became Vice President of the United States (according to SEC record analyst Wison Carpenter).

The real question is *WHY* is Baker protecting the Saudi line?
A trail of complicity, perhaps? Or protecting Saudi petro-dollars. Both?

Is he protecting The Royal Family of the Saudi Kingdom? 
Is he protecting the Binladen family, the richest family in the Middle East, the "2nd Royal Family"? 
Is he hiding terrorist connections?  Osama?  Al-Qaeda?
Is he hiding Bush family ties to the Saudis and Prince Bandar-Bush?
himself, as a liaison between all concerned parties?

Anyhow, the Saudi Royals maintain a close, close relationship with US leaders.
Saudis would NEVER go "freelance" against America.  They are intelligence partners, and dependent on US backing.  And if they had gone against us --- on some high-stakes game of global Risk -- why would BushCo have covered that up?  Isn't that treason?

Michael Moore and Richard Perle Combine Forces: 
Who Really Wants to
Invade Saudi Arabia and Why? by Tanya C. Hsu on Globalresearch

coveting Saudi Oil, a history to 1975 or earlier (from main page)

planned Middle East
(Saudi) invasion (audio) (pre-Iraq invasion) Ralph Schoenman

one more: FBI Declines to Accept Saudi Documents in counterterror section
FBI agents “ordered not to accept evidence of Saudi criminal activity, even on US soil.”

James A. Baker III is the Bush family lawyer going back to 1950's when he met Poppy playing tennis.
Baker Botts began handling the legal work for Bush's company, Zapata Petroleum.

George W. Bush worked at Baker-Botts when he was 15, in 1962.

Baker helped Bush steal the election in a "unique" Supreme Court decision in 2000, the decision the Supremes said "could not be used to set a precedent for future decisions".  The whole point of the Supremes is to set legal precedents, not to make "renegade" decisions out of the blue! 

Baker stridently proclaimed that "the vote in Florida has been counted and then recounted. Governor George W. Bush was the winner of the vote. He was also the winner of the recount."  (Note:  Gore performed like a person trying real hard to pretend to fight the post-election battle, but actually lose.)  "Baker also kept the entire Bush legal team--which included several Baker Botts lawyers--focused and determined to win at all costs."

In an ordinary crime, any time witnesses get caught covering up a crime trail, they automatically become suspects, subject to warrants and indictment.  But 9-11 was no ordinary crime.  Special rules apply.  Like special immunity for suspects.

(CNN mention the suit itself and the lawyers claiming "diplomatic immunity" for their clients.  MSNBC/Newsweek at least mentions the use of the "prestigious Houston-based Baker-Botts lawfirm".  Alternet, the "alternative 'wingnut' Left" to some, mentions the suspicious Baker-Saudi connection but no mention whatsover of the 9-11 Widows suit, and none puts the whole thing together.  A blurb on www.oilempire.us, which connects to the CNN link, partly describes the relationship.

Baker was also recently rejected on his panel's recommendation for a
National ID and tracking card to track Americans who are still willing to cast votes on rigged voting machines. This was called the Baker-Carter panel, but Yahoo has zero hits for  Baker + Carter. Remember, Baker proposed this to protect American lives.  Right?

Bush w King AbdullahNeil Bush meets wtih Saudi Officials

Bush and the Goose STepping Saudis

It's a Baker Botts World is a long, detailed account of the long family history of James A. Baker III, his 4 decade ties to the Bush family, ties to the Saudi Royal family which is synonymous with Binladen Construction.  More info on
Baker's great-grandfather Judge James A. Baker, who helped trigger the "Black Friday" economic collapse in 1869.

ASIDE: I just now learned that Zapata Petroleum was "lawyered" by James Baker.  What's Zapata?
Zapata Petroleum  was implicated in running the anti-Castro Cubans and CIA's secret Operation Zapata, (yes, he named his fictitious oil company after the CIA op, and named the boat "Barbara") arming terrorist attacks against Cuba in 1961-62, with the help of Watergate burglars E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis, who were at the scene of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas, along with Bush and Nixon.  Both Hunt and Sturgis later "semi-confessed" to the JFK conspiracy, Hunt in jail, Sturgis on his deathbed.
This incredible story is scrupulously-documented, with memos, govt reports, etc.

(JFKii website is down at the moment, try back, or read more about it here.)  TIES this all together.  Lo-fi version of documentaries for FREE:

JFK_Drugs_and_CIA_James_BO_Gritz.wmv  by right wing Marine James "Bo" Gritz
JFK ii - the Bush Connection.
There's only a few facts really you need to know:

The SS agt who was yanked off Kennedy's limo, was not removed by Castro, the Mafia, or Oswald.  His Secret Service boss ordered him off.  Nor did the others order the Army to stand down.
Allen Dulles, former Nazi supporter, head of CIA, launcher of coups and removing heads of State who tried repeatedly to kill Castro, later fired by Kennedy, was appointed key investigator (gatekeeper) of JFK murder on Warren Commission.
Evidence and documentation shows that Bush Sr. worked for the CIA at that time, and was involved in the Cuban operation.
Case closed.

Kennedy had also quashed Operation Northwoods, a plan which had been signed off by every top Pentagon leader, Joint Chiefs of Staff (heads of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines), plus CIA and other Intelligence, to stage terrorist attacks inside America (both real and fake, according to the document) in order to blame them on Cuba.

Plans included such things as flying planes into buildings, blowing up a jetliner, and attacking American troops, to create "a helpful wave of public indignation" leading to a deeply-desired US attack on Cuba. Link above include original Acrobat-scanned version from US  National Security Archives.

Kennedy blocked the Pentagon's planned invasion of Cuba and the start of a possible NUCLEAR World War 3, a standoff possibly escalating to what they considered a "winnable" nuclear with Russia.  Winnable from inside their bunkers.

CUBAN TERRORISTS and the Bush family, CIA
Clandestine CIA-run terrorists attacks on Cuba continued through 1975 at least, per CIA records.  Luis Posada, a close Bush ally, shot a Cuban passenger plane out of the sky in 1976, killing many students aboard.  These "evil commies" were a student Fencing Team flying to Venezuela for competition.

James A. Baker helped set up Zapata Petroleum for Bush, in conjunction with CIA's Operation Zapata in the Carribean.

Does it bother anyone that two of 'W's and Poppy's and Jeb's closest allies are admitted (nay, bragging) mass murderers.   That One was called an "unrepentant terrorist" by a former Atty Gen., and one of the most deadly terrorists working "within the hemisphere",  per the Bush-41 Defense Dept. --gg

Luis Posada Carriles: The Declassified Record   (at George Washington University)
The National Security Archive today posted additional documents that show that the CIA had concrete advance intelligence, as early as June 1976, on plans by Cuban exile terrorist groups to bomb a Cubana airliner. The Archive also posted another document that shows that the FBI's attache in Caracas had multiple contacts with one of the Venezuelans who placed the bomb on the plane, and provided him with a visa to the U.S. five days before the bombing, despite suspicions that he was engaged in terrorist activities at the direction of Luis Posada Carriles.
CIA, June 22, 1976, Report, "Possible Plans of Cuban Exile Extremists to Blow Up a Cubana Airliner"

FBI, October 9, 1976, "Unknown Subjects; Suspected Bombing of Cubana Airlines DC-8 Near Barbados, West Indies, October 6, 1976"

State Department, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, October 18, 1976, Memorandum, "Castro's Allegations"

The documents include a November 1976 FBI report on the bombing cited in New York Times article "Case of Cuban Exile Could Test the U.S. Definition of Terrorist," CIA trace reports covering the Agency's recruitment of Posada in the 1960s, as well as the FBI intelligence reporting on the downing of the plane.

Posada Boasted of Plans to "Hit" Cuban Plane.  The 1976 terrorist bombing of Cubana Airlines flight 455 killed 73 passengers"A bus with 73 dogs went off a cliff and all got killed."

Posada's cohort Orlando Bosch (long history) took part in the Cuban plane hit, and fired a missile at a Polish ship in a Florida harbor, because that ship had dared to visit Cuba before travelling to the US.  The gang also orchestrated the assassination of Chilean former minister Orlando LetelierLetelier was killed by a car bomb explosion on September 21, 1976, in Washington DC, in Sheridan Circle in an area known as area known as Embassy Row, along with his American assistant, Ronni Karpen Moffitt; her husband Michael Moffitt was injured but survived.  According to Jean-Guy Allard, after consultations with the Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations (CORU) leadership, including Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, those elected to carry out the murder were Cuban-Americans José Dionisio "Bloodbath" Suárez, Virgilio Paz Romero, Alvin Ross Díaz and brothers Guillermo and Ignacio Novo Sampoll.
Conspiracy THEORY???????
Attorney General Dick Thornburgh called Bosch an "unrepentant terrorist."
In 1968 Bosch was arrested in Florida for an attack on a Polish freighter with a 57 mm recoilless rifle.

Bosch was pardoned of all American charges by President George H.W. Bush on July 18, 1990 at the request of his son Jeb Bush, who later became Governor of Florida; this pardon was despite objections by the then President's own defense department, that Bosch was one of the most deadly terrorists working "within the hemisphere."
"Although many countries seek Bosch's extradition he remains free in the United States. The political pressure to grant Bosch a pardon was begun during the congressional campaign run by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, herself a Cuban American, and overseen by her campaign manager Jeb Bush. The resultant pardon reputedly saw huge celebrations in Miami, in what was then called 'Free Orlando Day.'

Bush Junior refused to extradite Posada to Venezuela for legal prosecution for mass murder. 

In 1985, Posada escaped from prison in Venezuela where he had been incarcerated after the plane bombing and remains a fugitive from justice.
When Posada was captured by Venezuela, CIA helped him escape. --gg

He went directly to El Salvador, where he worked, using the alias "Ramon Medina," on the illegal contra resupply program being run by Lt. Col. Oliver North in the Reagan National Security Council

Bush + RodriguezAnother anti-Castro Cuban exile cohort of Posada, Felix Rodriguez (Bush ally, a former CIA intelligence operative), was famous for his involvement in the  Bay of Pigs Invasion, his involvement in the interrogation and execution of Che Guevara.  His uncle was minister of Public Works during the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship.  He was in charge of a small airlift of arms and supplies to the contras in Southern Nicaragua.

Felix Rodriguez: Coca Contra Airport Manager

Latchinian, was arrested for smuggling $10.3 million in cocaine. Latchinian maintained that this was a CIA fund-raising operation. According to authors Peter Dale Scott and Jonathan Marshall, he was a "former business partner of Felix Rodriguez".

Eugene Hasenfus (sole survivor of a crash in Nicaragua, which exposed Iran-Contra) told reporters that he worked for "Max Gomez" (an alias for Felix Rodriguez) and "Ramon Medina" (an alias for Luis Posada Carriles) of the CIA. On 10 October 1986, Clair George, head of CIA clandestine operations, testified before Congress that he did not know of any direct connection between Hasenfus and Administration officials. In Fall of 1992, George was convicted on two charges of false statements and perjury before Congress; he was pardoned Christmas Eve that year by then-President Bush.

In 1998 Posada was interviewed by Ann Louise Bardach for the New York Times at a secret location in Aruba, and claimed responsibility for a string of hotel bombings in Havana during which eleven people were injured and one Italian businessman was killed. Most recently he was imprisoned in Panama for trying to assassinate Fidel Castro in December 2000 with 33 pounds of C-4 explosives. In September 2004, he and three co-conspirators were suddenly pardoned, and Posada went to Honduras (where the US/CIA has military allies and bases). Venezuela is now preparing to submit an official extradition request to the United States for his return.


Luis Posada Carriles had a long relationship with the CIA. In February 1961, he joined the CIA's Brigade 2506 to invade Cuba, although the ship to which he was assigned never landed at the Bay of Pigs. While in the U.S. military between 1963 and 1965 the CIA recruited him and trained him in demolitions; he subsequently became a trainer of other paramilitary exile forces in the mid 1960s. CIA documents posted below reveal that he was terminated as an asset in July 1967, but then reinstated four months later and apparently remained an asset until 1974. The documents also show that he remained in contact with the Agency until June 1976, only three months before the plane bombing

During the time that Posada was on the CIA payroll in the mid-1960s, he participated in a number of plots that involved sabotage and explosives.  The FBI transmits information in 1965 obtained from the CIA's Mexico station titled "Intention of Cuban Representation in Exile (RECE) to Blow up a Cuban or Soviet Vessel in Veracruz, Mexico."  FBI links Posada to a major plot to overthrow the government of Guatemala. U.S. Customs agents force Posada and other co-conspirators to turn over a cache of weapons that are listed in this document. The weapons include napalm, 80 pounds of C-4 explosives, and 28 pounds of C-3 explosives.

FBI reporting recorded some of Posada's earliest activities, including his financial ties to Jorge Mas Canosa, who would later become head of the powerful anti-Castro lobby, the Cuban American National Foundation.

The CIA was beginning to have some "concerns" about him in 1972, based on reports that he had taken CIA explosives equipment to Venezuela, and that he had ties to a Miami mafia figure named Lefty Rosenthal.
War against Terrorism, anyone?

Kennedy negotiated while the
renegade CIA was running terror attacks behind his back, trying to provoke a response from Castro, and flying a spy plane over the USSR.

Kennedy not only nixed the Northwoods plan, but also fired his head of CIA, attorney Allen Dulles, who had acted as liaison for funding Hitler in the 1930's and 40's, on behalf of various US investors, including his top client Prescott Bush and Bush's boss-partner Averill Harriman.  Dulles was a member of Skull and Bones at Yale, and he apparently hired George H.W. Bush out of Yale, which made Bush a CIA employee in early 1960s. 

At least, J. Edgar Hoover's memo said so.  George HW's best friend from Skull and Bones, his dad was the CIA recruiter.

There's more to the story, order this movie, JFK-II. 
Or watch a preview HERE.  Or watch the movie lo-fi  HERE.



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