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Al-Qaeda members who used to work for the Uncle Sam

Ali Mohammed, Egyptian Intell, top Al-Qaeda, Osama's Lt. and tactician, US Army Special Forces, known to FBI/CIA. Pled guilty, no record of Conviction, maybe held for sentencing, disappeared from Federal Prison.
Richard Reid, "Shoebomber", homeless guy sleeping on floor of a mosque in England.  Tries to board plane and light his shoes on fire.
See Ali Mohammed below

A brief recap of what has been revealed about Al-Qaeda.
  Everything here is either confirmed mainstream press or US govt documents including the Republican Party itself, or both, with other articles and analysis as supplement.
Setting aside all the ways the Laws of Physics were "temporarily suspended" on 9-11, ... (as well as common sense afterwards)
... here's a short list of things that are OFFICIALLY DOCUMENTED (and detailed on the home page), not mere clues: 
  • James Baker getting the lawsuit against the Saudis thrown out
  • Chertoff getting the case thrown out for the doctor who funded Al-Qaeda with stolen govt money,
  • the Paki General in Washington on 9-11 who wired money to Al-Qaeda,
  • the Egyptian Intelligence agent, Emad Ali Salem, who used LIVE explosives from the FBI on the towers in 1993 for a 'sting' operation,
  • the Iraqi Intell agent tied to McVeigh by Jayna Davis, story confirmed by CIA Dir Woolsey, who forgets to mention that Woolsey brought him here
  • an agent who directed Timothy McVeigh called Andreas Strassmeir, or Straussmeir, whose father named Gunther was once a top aide to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, the US State Dept intervened on his behalf
  • Clinton using Al-Qaeda in Kosovo and giving $6 billion to the Taliban,
  • the Al-Qaeda Lieutenant who served 5 years in Army Special Forces, 5 in Army Reserves, and "disappeared" after he was convicted of conspiracy to murder Americans,
  • the 800 Taliban leaders who were "accidentally" flown out of Kandahar to Pakistan on C-130s by our military on Airlift of Evil
  • the FBI agent who warned his bosses seventy times, testified on TV in the Moussauri trial
and many many more examples and details.

popup- LONGER LIST of Al-Qaeda members

(Lest there be any confusion, it shall stand here, that the word "Muslim" or "Moslem" shall represent an actual human being who is a believer in and/or member of one of the various branches of the Islamic faith. The word "MOOslim" shall represent
a mostly fictional entity created by the United States govt/media oligarchy as a totem to which they attach evil spirits and intent.  A third category is people who belong to actual sects of Islam, or to sects which claim to be Islamic, which believe in strict totalitarian cultures and are prone to violence. I shall refer to them as Wahabbis, for lack of more detailed understanding of nuances.

It shall be noted that "Wahabbis" are not accused in Sept 11, rather the Wahabbi govt ministers of Saudi Arabia received legal immunity from high US officials, and the Wahabbi-Taliban govt of Afghanistan were merely replaced with oil executives, and the Wahabbi govt in Pakistan has been transfigured to be "allies" in the War on Terror, though they were once (are) THE main conduit for arming and training Al-Qaeda Jihadist fighters, with learning materials from Neil Bush and the Univ. of Nebraska (no kidding) and CIA weapons and guerilla manuals. The Sept11 "hijackers" were of this fictional branch of Islam called "MOOslims", which are claimed to be a combination of party-boy apostates and super-devout Wahabbis.)

reprinted from http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3980#3980 

The chief of Musharraf's US-backed Intelligence and security team for Benezir Bhutto is intimately linked with Al-Qaeda.
Why Benazir is blaming who she is blaming
Benazir's security was handled by Osama aide who worked for Pakistan's ISI and Intelligence ... which is run by the CIA
Musharraf should at least investigate who was actually responsible for shutting down the street lights on Shahra-e-Faisal just few moments before the bombers struck.  He owes it to Benazir.

CNN:  On the day she died, Benazir Bhutto planned to hand over to visiting U.S. lawmakers a report accusing Pakistan's intelligence services of a plot to rig parliamentary elections.  "The ISI has set up a mega-computer system where they can hack any computer in Pakistan and connect with the Election Commission."  Sen. Latif Khosa, who helped put the report together, accused the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence of operating a rigging cell from a safe house in the capital, Islamabad. The goal, he said, is to change voting results electronically on election day.  Media outlets in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have run reports alleging that retired Brig. Gen. Ejaz Shah -- formerly an Inter-Services Intelligence officer and now head of the civilian Intelligence Bureau -- is involved in the vote rigging plans.

Shah's name also turned up in a letter Bhutto wrote to Musharraf after the first attempt on her life on October 18, when she returned to Pakistan after eight years in exile, Pakistani media reported. In the letter, the media reported, Shah was one of four Pakistani officials Bhutto named as people who wanted her dead.
Some terrorism experts (who??) also said there was no reason to believe Bhutto was killed because of the report, agreeing with Pakistani government contentions that al Qaeda was responsible for her death.  (Of course Al-Qaeda was  ....)

We have Ali Mohammed (one of more detailed articles) (article from the US State Dept below),
He's a terrorist mastermind and planner, involved as a top tactician in the assassination of Anwar Sadat, and at least five of the biggest terrorist events on US properties, civilians, and military.  Yet for ten overlapping years, he's a decorated US Army Sargeant, Green Beret, instructor. 
He was assigned to the Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, where the Army trains its Special Forces. The base is also home to the elite anti-terrorist commando unit known as the Delta Force.  While enlisted, he repeatedly takes unauthorized leaves from the Army to go to New Jersey, to Afghanistan, and elsewhere. 
He was finally honorably
discharged with special commendations, and stayed in Active Reserves.
He worked for a big US Defense contractor while training young Jihadists part-time.
He confessed, was convicted on a secret plea.  Yet he somehow disappeared before sentencing. 
Do we try to re-capture him again and kill him, or do we support him because he's "the troops"?
(Why did they release him?  Jails full?  It's top secret.)

On the other hand, Richard Reid (shoebomber) was a homeless retard sleeping on the floor of a mosque.
He was obviously managed by others.

NOT a "mastermind".
Several critics described these mosques as set up and funded
by MI6
British Intelligence to serve as a recruiting ground for ready-made patsies.

We have James Baker, fmr Sec State and Bush lawyer getting legal immunity for Saudi officials before evidence can emerge.

We have a doctor in Jersey who embezzled millions from Medicaid, wires $6M offshore probably to "Osama", but he gets off scot free because his attorney is US Prosecutor Michael Chertoff, now director of Homeland Security.

We have Sami Al-Arian, acquitted (not saying he's guilty) of making inflammatory statements against Israel and allegedly funding Hamas charities, he's THE Bush campaign guy for the Arab community in Florida.  Grover Norquist (of Americans for Tax Reform), who is best pals with Newt Gingrich, was also Al-Arian's business consultant.  Al-Arian even appears in a small group photo with George Bush. (which i can't find now)

We have Mohamed Atta, Al-Sheihi, and that Hani Hanjour hanging out with strippers and gambling on a SunCruz ship a week before their solemn act of suicide.  Jack Abramoff, ace Republican lobbyist and Israeli consultant helped illegally procure SunCruz for his friends, with help from Tom Delay. 
Al Qaeda's lead 9/11 hijacker, Mohamed Atta, was allegedly partying with CIA-connected pilots while he got his flight training in fall/winter 2000 at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Fla., where two of the other 9/11 hijacker pilots trained. Atta wasn't acting much like a holy martyr: He wore jeans and sneakers, played video games, bought himself a red Pontiac and was said to be a hedonist. The Press posed the question to Ben-Veniste: If Atta belonged to the fundamentalist Muslim group, why was he snorting cocaine and frequenting strip bars?
"You know," said Ben-Veniste, as he smiled a little. "That's a heck of a question."

We have the flight school silent partner Wally Hilliard, who skated on a 43 lb heroin bust at Orlando Executive Airport on his Lear Jet in 2000, he was involved in tax evasion, major fraud bilking dozens of flight students our of their savings a case which was all over the newspapers in Florida, he flew Saudi princes around Latin Am, has a maintenance contract for CIA planes, he appeared in a group photo with Jeb Bush who personally visited one of his airlines, his company got a major endorsement from the State of Florida via Katherine Harris, helped Jerry Falwell, and he's possibly linked to the Saudi middleman who helped Ollie North sell weapons illegally to Iran, Adnan Kashoggi, as well as people close to Bill Clinton and the 9-11 Commission.  For these and other reasons, such as one of his airlines being a "DBA-within-a-DBA-within-a-DBA-within-a-DBA" shell company out of Arizona that went bankrupt on Federal grant money, Hilliard''s business is a "classic" CIA proprietary company, a classic front for covert operations.  And his school "trained the terrorists to fly".

Newsweek and Knight Ridder reported terrorists who had mailing addresses and received training at secure US military bases (later denied), and the Dean of the Defense Language School, Steve Butler, who said he was forced to train some.  We have three or four rogue FBI agents ordered to keep silent, and Harry Samit stated on live TV that he warned the FBI seventy times to no avail.  All the anti-terror bosses who ignored 9-11 got promoted and/or medals. 

We have a list of big name terrorist guys including Zarqawi, and every one fought for the CIA in Chechnya, Afghanistan, or Bosnia.  We have the Pakistani Intelligence official who was caught wiring money to the MOOslim "terrorists", he's sitting in the White House on Sept 11 with all our top counterterror people, including the man later promoted to CIA director, and including top Democrats. 

Looking back, we have Clinton employing Al-Qaeda alongside the Pentagon and private military contractors in Bosnia-Macedonia, according to the Republican Party.  Clinton spent Six Billion dollars to launch and operate the Taliban.

Al-Qaeda once had office space at the Heritage Foundation.
There along with it's sister, the World Anti-Communist League.

John Singlaub is founder and chairman of the U.S. Council for World Freedom. He also has served on the boards of the Council for National Policy; Refugee Relief Intl, a subsidiary of Soldier of Fortune; Western Goals, a group involved in surveillance of the U.S. left; Committee for a Free Afghanistan, a right-wing group supporting the mujahedeen rebels; and, Western Goals in the United Kingdom, a group set up with the specific task of undermining the radical left in that country.

The chairman of the Committee for a Free Afghanistan, Major General J. Milnor Roberts has been on the board of USCWF.  Roberts attended WACL conferences in 1980, 1983, and 1984. He has been a professor at Georgetown University when it was associated with the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  Ray Cline, on the USCWF board, has had a close association with WACL since he was stationed in Taiwan from 1958 to 1962 as CIA station chief. He was a deputy director of the CIA from 1964 to 1967.

Sayid Khybar, author of "The Afghan Contra Lobby,"
considers WACL a major factor in the preservation and power of the political rightwing. He wrote in 1988 that .".. it (WACL) is a coalition of three principal groups: Asian gangsters backed up by the remnants of the Japanese arm of the Axis and the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, former West German Nazis and their former East European collaborators, and elements from the Western intelligence community who were anxious to reorganize the fanatical refuse salvaged from the Hitler coalition for a new anti-Communist crusade."  More  http://www.Takeoverworld.info/proterrorism.html#lindsay

Emad Ali Salem took orders and money from the FBI when he engineered the 1993 attacks to their instructions.  That's open court transcripts and mainstream news .. quiet newsTapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast

OK City was tied to an Iraqi Intell officer named al-Husseini (as confirmed by former CIA Dir Woolsey), who was brought to Oklahoma on false asylum pleas, by former CIA Dir Woolsey.

BCCI, the "Al-Qaeda Intenational Bank of Pakistan", was involved in narco-trafficking, arms sales, and money laundering tied to both Republicans and Democrats, this Intelligence op was launched by Richard Helms of the CIA, and they only got busted after helping BCCI buy the Bank of America.   We have Reagan's Iran-Contra gang (run by Colin Powell) arming the Al-Qaeda Mujahideen (and Nicaraguan terror squads).

Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor Brzezinski launched Al-Qaeda in the first place. He's so proud of it, he brags of his brilliance, and he's on CNN landing a chopper in Pakistan to give a pep talk to these real "ragheads".  Neal Bush and the Univ of Nebraska were equipping their Madrassas schools.  Going back even further, it was Allen Dulles of the CIA who supported the Muslim Brotherhood and the founders of Saudi Arabia in the 40's, and Reagan and Bush sent over a billion to Saddam who was set up by the CIA in the 60's as a hired assassin.

The Israeli press and US State Dept officials both admit (quietly) that Israel set up Hamas ... just like Al-Qaeda was set up by the USA ... and there was courtroom testimony about the FBI funding Hamas to derail Clinton's peace talks at Camp David.  Both Bush and fmr CIA Dir Krongard says we should forget about Osama and let him go.  Krongard was very likely connected to unusual stock speculation, which must have been pre-cognizant of 9-11.

EVERY TIME YOU LOOK AT A REAL OR FAKE TERRORIST, HE HAS SOME MAJOR CONNECTION TO THE GOVT and/or MILITARY/INTELLIGENCE.  ARE THEY ALL ON MILITARY PENSIONS?   There is little to nothing in the way of credible evidence that ANY Arabs were aboard those planes, just assertions, none were not on the passenger manifests, seven gave interviews to BBC after Sept 11 ... but even if they were involved, ... !   (who do they work for?)

And why has NO ONE in the media or major military (especially the Left) connected the dots or demanded answers?  Why has NO ONE in the media interviewed Amanda the Stripper about the lurid details of her affair with Atta?  Good taste and decency?  HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH COINCIDENCE?    Finish this sentence:  The War on Terror is a _____ .

Bin Laden Comes Home to Roost - 1998 MSNBC story (local MHTML) on Maktab al-Khidamar, Pakistan, and the CIA.
Even for lameass "blowback theory", indict the CIA perpetrators, but flaws in that theory convict the CIA.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, a senior Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee making those decisions, told my colleague Robert Windrem that he would make the same call again today even knowing what bin Laden would do subsequently. “It was worth it,” he said. (referring to launching Al-Qaeda to terrorize the Soviet Union)

Sander HicksRegarding the background of Osama bin Laden, the Commission dives head-on into the history of the terrorist ringleader's training as a mujahedeen by the CIA: They deny it. And they refuse to call anyone but spooks to testify.

The MAK was the "primary conduit," according to MSNBC, for cash, weapons and CIA intelligence to flow through Pakistan's mini-CIA, the ISI.  Terrorist financing is covered, with a guileless, "We don't know exactly where the money came from" manner.

Flight-school president (where Atta attended) Rudi Dekkers has a long criminal history, while owner Wally Hilliard has ties to GOP Bush family friend Myron DuBain, Reverend Jerry Falwell and Clinton financier Truman Arnold. (Hilliard also appears in a family photo w Jeb Bush.) None of this makes its way into the report.  The Commission can't ignore the Saudi/Pak/CIA menage-à-trois that has been going on since the Afghan civil war.

The 9-11 Commission DENIED that Osama Bin Laden was EVER involved with the CIA.
MSNBC supports the "embarrassing" post-USSR claim that Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden -- CIA/FBI's alleged Frankenstein -- was responsible for the Nairobi blast.  Was Al-Qaeda actually involved with 'outsourced' CIA ops, like the WACL?

Ali Mohamed

Mohamed's plea agreement with the government remains secret.

list of other Al-Qaeda Operatives who worked for US Intelligence

Ralph Schoenman pointed out other articles indicating that one main Al-Qaeda perp, Ali Mohamed, was an Egyptian Intelligence operative, a US Army Sergeant working with Special Forces popup, local MHTML working for the FBI.

From the Conservative TownHall.com

OCTOBER 18, 2001

Sentencing of Four Al-Qaeda Members Convicted of Bombing U.S. Embassies


     In the previous year, on October 20, 2000, a former U.S. Army sergeant, Ali Mohamed, pled guilty to assisting in the 1998 plot to bomb the U.S. embassies. Mohamed, a 48-year-old native of Egypt, implicated Usama bin Laden in the plot, stating that in 1993, he was asked by bin Laden to survey potential U.S. targets in Nairobi. In a statement to the court, Mohamed said, “these targets were selected to retaliate against the United States for its involvement in Somalia.”

     The bombings at the U.S. embassies on August 7, 1998, resulted in 214 deaths, including those of 12 Americans. During the trial, the jury heard evidence that Mohamed assisted with the construction of the bomb that exploded in the U.S. embassy in Dar es Salaam, and Al-Owhali drove the bomb in a vehicle and parked it at the U.S. embassy in Nairobi. From the beginning, Usama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda terrorist network were viewed as orchestrating the bombings. In order to carry out the attacks, Al-Owhali and Mohamed attended weapons and explosive training at an Al-Qaeda terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. For their direct involvement in the attacks, government attorneys had originally sought the death penalty for Mohamed and Al-Owhali; this marked the first time the U.S. Government had sought the death penalty for individuals charged with committing acts of international terrorism.


From the conservative legend, Reed Irvine.

Reed Irvine
Chairman and Founder, Accuracy in Media

some funders include: Richard Mellon Scaife, Mobil Oil, Union Carbide, various power companies, Adolph Coors Foundation, Texaco. AIM is nonprofit and contributions to it are tax-deductible.
AIM's attacks on the media seem to have little to do with actual misrepresentation or inaccuracies in media accounts. Instead, Irvine and AIM are quick to attack groups that don't fit in the group's ideological niche.
Irvine tends to "throw around accusations about people being communists."

Several of AIM's board members have intelligence backgrounds. During WWII Reed Irvine worked in Marine Intelligence; John McLean was employed by the CIA; and Abraham Kalish taught communications at the Defense Intelligence School. Bernard Yoh also has a history of intelligence and military work. He is/was a professor of psychological warfare at the Air Force University in Montgomery, Alabama. He was a hitman for the Shanghai police during the Sino-Japanese war and organized the South Vietnamese counterinsurgency forces during the Vietnam War. In the 1964 Brazilian coup, Yoh advised the Brazilian generals.
in other words, he's a darling of the Right Wing Loonies
November 8, 2001

"Last year, a former U.S. Army sergeant, Egyptian-born Ali Mohamed, admitted that he had been involved in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa that were blamed on Osama bin Laden. Mohamed told a New York court that he helped train members of bin Laden’s terrorist organization, al Qaeda. A book originally published abroad, Dollars for Terror, by Swiss television journalist Richard Labeviere, suggests that Ali Mohamed was an active agent of U.S. policy who trained bin Laden’s agents in the New York area. Labeviere, who conducted a four-year investigation, concluded that the international Islamic networks linked to bin Laden were nurtured and encouraged by elements of the U.S. intelligence community, especially during the Clinton years."

"In 1985, Mohamed obtained a U.S. visa. He came here in 1986, enlisted in the U.S. Army at age 34 and was assigned to Special Forces at Ft. Bragg as a supply sergeant. Lt. Col. Anderson thought it strange that a major in the Egyptian Army unit that killed President Anwar Sadat would be given a visa to come to the U.S. "

"In 1988, while still on active duty, Mohamed took leave to go to Afghanistan and fight the Russians. Lt. Col. Anderson told the Chronicle this was "contrary to all Army regulations." He said he wrote reports to get Mohamed investigated, court-martialed and deported, but no action was taken. The News & Observer says that near the end of his tour at Ft. Bragg, Mohamed would go to New Jersey on weekends to train Islamic fundamentalists in surveillance, weapons and explosives. This Egyptian terrorist was honorably discharged in 1989 with commendations for "patriotism, valor, fidelity and professional excellence." He later became an American citizen"

"Mohamed traveled abroad to meet with bin Laden and his operatives. He helped move him from Afghanistan to Sudan, and in 1996 he helped him and his aides move back to Afghanistan. He handled sensitive security matters for bin Laden, trained his bodyguards and his fighters in Afghanistan and translated training manuals from English to Arabic.

He cased the American Embassy in Nairobi for bin Laden, helping plan the bombing
(and built the bomb) that killed 224 people and wounded over 4,500. And all this time he was a trusted FBI informant"

where I found this and more discussion:

Judge Michael Mukasey And A Curious Omission In The Omar Abdel-Rahman Trial
Ali Mohamed was an Egyptian Islamic Jihad member and al Qaeda associate who infiltrated the U.S. Army and acted as an informant for the CIA and FBI, even as he took orders from Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri. INTELWIRE's J.M. Berger exhaustively researched Mohamed's life for the National Geographic Channel in 2006.

There's one big fish that got away in that case, and his name is Ali Mohamed, an al Qaeda infiltrator who had trained some of the Rahman conspirators while serving in the U.S. Army at Fort Bragg.
Despite Stavis' inability to locate Mohamed, the prosecutor -- Andrew McCarthy -- had no such problem.
The following stipulation was entered during on March 21, 2001, during US v. Usama bin Laden, the trial for the East African Embassy bombings, a plot which Mohamed played a major role. (He pleaded guilty in exchange for sentencing considerations, but he has subsequently disappeared from the prison system. He had not been sentenced as of last month. 08-2007)

070925   Dictatorship and the Dysfunctional Capitalist State, Part Five:
               The Michael Mukasey Appointment -- The Attorney-General
               as Co-Conspirator

Who Called The Shots In WTC '93?
Sgt. Ali Mohamed Was The Right Man, In The Right Place, At The Right Time
By J.M. Berger - INTELWIRE.com

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. ALI MOHAMED Guilty Plea - Trial Transcript
or http://cryptome.sabotage.org/usa-v-mohamed.htm

Former U.S. Green Beret Ali Mohamed Built The Critical Infrastructure Al Qaeda Used For the September 11 Attack
Ali Mohamed was the utility player who created al Qaeda's terrorist infrastructure in the United States -- a series of connections, ideas, techniques and specific tools used by the plot's hijackers and masterminds. Mohamed described teaching al Qaeda terrorists how to smuggle box cutters onto airplanes.  Mohamed trained terrorists on behalf of al Qaeda in locations from Afghanistan to New Jersey, from London to Somalia. Ramzi Yousef -- who with his uncle Khalid Shaikh Mohammed came up with the first draft of the 9/11 plan -- was a student at al Qaeda's Afghanistan camps during the years Mohamed was teaching hijacking tactics there.

UPDATED:  www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=SCO20061008&articleId=3422
"Let me say this again: one of al-Qaeda’s top trainers in terrorism and how to hijack airplanes was an operative for FBI, CIA, and the Army.  This operative trained the members for all of the chief Islamist attacks inside the United States – the first WTC bombing, the New York landmarks plot, and finally 9/11, as well as the attacks against Americans in Somalia and Kenya."   the (popup) compressed meat of the story  here-link

September 1985: Ali Mohamed Moves to US; CIA Role Is Disputed (cooperative research)
CIA says they tried to block him but he got in anyhow.  Later it pops up in court, he's part of a CIA program.

archived NY Times article on Cryptome 
December 1, 1998 
THE MASKING OF A MILITANT: Special Report.; A Soldier's Shadowy Trail In U.S. and in the Mideast

So he WAS sentenced for a while!!  i thought he was totally freed in 2001.  (Oh, he was on "house arrest".)

Thanks to the GW Bush DOJ, AG Gonzales and John Richter, Ali Mohammed and Melvin Lattimore were not fully prosecuted, did not serve the full time required for their crimes and now are free once again...

Patrick Briley   (can be a whacky right wing website w Devvy, but I think Briley is on the up and up)
October 7, 2005
The GW Bush DOJ arranged for the early release of convicted FBI and CIA provocateur Ali Mohammed in July 2005. When released Ali had not served a full sentence commensurate with his convictions for the 1993 WTC and Kenyan and Tanzanian bombing attacks during the Clinton Presidency. AG Gonzales and John C. Richter were instrumental in the release of Ali Mohammed. John C. Richter was a former assistant attorney general for the GW Bush DOJ criminal division who had served in the DOJ criminal division with current Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff.

John Richter was also instrumental in protecting Melvin Lattimore, another FBI provocateur involved with Ali Mohammed in the 1993 WTC and 1995 OKC bombings. Richter was brought to OKC in October 2001 by the DOJ to prosecute Lattimore for a firearms violation. But at the time of Lattimore’s conviction the FBI and DOJ as well as Richter and AG Ashcroft knew that Lattimore had been used as an FBI provocateur together with Ali Mohammed in the 1993 WTC and the 1995 OKC bombing. They also knew that Lattimore was the roommate of 9/11 hijackers Moussaoui, AlShehhi and AlHazmi and had been with Mohammed Atta in Norman OK just before the 9/11 attacks. Richter’s 2001 prosecution of Lattimore was done to get Lattimore out of the limelight to avoid press and public scrutiny of FBI, CIA and DOJ corruption, murder and treason involving these attacks with Ali Mohammed and Melvin Lattimore.

Ali Mohammed worked for the FBI, CIA and Army Special Forces and with Bin Laden and 9/11 mastermind Khalid Mohammed, all at the same time!
These terrorist events are the CORE of the entire War on Terror and Al-Qaeda mythologyThis covers everything leading up to Sept 11, except Sept 11 itself.  Wrong, it even includes elements of Sept 11, Mohammed Atta and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  Here is the entirety of U.S. foreign policy (since the 90's), and a domestic policy based on "Homeland Security", laid out on a cutting board, scaled, fileted, deboned, and debunked.  And stinking. :-)
After Ali’s conviction during Clinton’s Presidency, DOJ AG Janet Reno made a special deal with Ali Mohammed and only held him under house arrest and never with the prospect of Ali having to serve out his full sentence. Ali Mohammed has always enjoyed a protected status with the DOJ, first with Reno and now with Ashcroft, Gonzales, Chertoff, and Richter. Because of this DOJ protection and his roles with so many different government agencies it is highly likely that Ali Mohammed was and still is a tool of the National Security Council (NSC) under Clinton and perhaps even under GW Bush and HW Bush.

The 9/11 Commission staff director Philip Zelikov and current NSC director, Steven Hadley, both former NSC deputies for Condi Rice, intentionally lied about and hid the facts of what the Clinton and GW Bush NSC and Pentagon knew about the roles of Atta, Lattimore and Ali Mohammed.
MORE:  www.newswithviews.com/Briley/Patrick18.htm

PLEASE JUST CLICK THE LINKYOUR JAW WILL BE ON THE FLOOR.  I'm not buying the "double-agent" story. He worked for America, but he also carried out actual terror attacks on Americans.

It's almost hilarious HOW DEEP this guy was with Intell.

He trained Jihadists in Long Island, NY in his spare time, while enlisted at Fort Bragg as a Sergeant, he was assigned to US ARMY AT FORT BRAGG, served as an INSTRUCTOR, in a Special Operations unit, demanded and took a 1-month leave of absence to fight in Afghanistan as a freelancer, came back to the Army with no discipline, got an Honorable Discharge with special commendations, fought as an Al-Qaeda guerilla all over including US operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Macedonia, helped Osama Bin Laden and others, helped Osama move to Sudan, trained Al-Qaeda in Somalia, later helped Osama move back to Afghanistan in a C-130 filled with a huge entourage, admitted or bragged that he killed Americans, was involved in 1993 WTC and the African embassy bombings, the Saudi bombing at Vinnell, the USS Cole, brought al-Zawahiri to the US for fund-raising twice, worked for a US defense contractor, was tied to Sept 11 suspects, was FINALLY CONVICTED of five counts of conspiracy to kill Americans everywhere, but NEVER SENTENCED, made special arrangements with prosecutors ... BUT NOW HIS WHEREABOUTS ARE UNKNOWN.

1989 - Ali Mohamed was honorably discharged from the US Army with commendations in his file, including one for “patriotism, valor, fidelity, and professional excellence.”

While I DO know that Clinton was a crook, along with his partner and golfing buddy George H.W. Bush, Clinton's Nat. Security people once asked the FBI for info on Ali Mohammed.  FBI told Clinton's people to mind their own business, they had it under control.  As some FBI seemed to be actually trying to 'bust' A.M., it appears his status was on a 'need to know' basis within the FBI.
Part of this comes from the US State Dept.  Part from the Israeli DEBKA File.  Details from the Cooperative Research timeline.

This was no single anomaly -- a whole bunch of these Al-Qaeda guys have histories like this.

In other words, the operation was not Al-Qaeda, but FBI.  While mildly damaging to Intelligence prestige, this was fodder for the War on Terror psyop machine.

Amazing FBI History of Ali Mohamed

from Cooperative Research Timeline
(some excerpts copied, click link for full timeline.  I cannot understand how Paul Thompson can still claim that 9-11 was intelligence incompetence.)

Profile: Ali Mohamed
Positions that Ali Mohamed has held:
  • FBI Informant
  • High-Level al-Qaeda agent
He works first as a supply sergeant for a Green Beret unit, and then as an instructor at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg, the “US military’s top warfare planning center.”  Ali Mohamed produces and appears in training videotapes about the Middle East  ... In one tape, he asserts that devout Muslims are widely misunderstood ... One of his supervisors is Col. Norvell De Atkine, praised his propaganda preparation for the Gulf War, including in an article in the New York Times ... De Atkine also wrote for the Middle East Forum, an aggressively neoconservative and pro-Israeli journal edited by Daniel Pipes, denouncing  leftist and Arab influences in academia.

1987-1989: Ali Mohamed Meets with Islamic Militants Regularly While Instructor at US Base
In July 1989, the FBI monitors him teaching Nosair and some of the future members of the 1993 World Trade Center bomb plot how to shoot weapons.

In 1988, he informs supervisor Lt. Col. Steve Neely of his plans to join the mujahedeen in Afghanistan and "kill Russians".  Neely who passes the information up the chain of command. Lt. Col. Robert Anderson, Mohamed’s commanding officer, also reports Mohamed’s suspicious activities to Fort Bragg officials and army intelligence, but gets no response.   Mohamed takes one month of leave and goes to Afghanistan. No action is taken to prevent him from doing this.  It's like he's untouchable.

(I can't find it, but elsewhere it was described that he would "come and go as he pleased", and "none of his commanders had any control over him", including weekend trips to New York to train Jihadists.)

When he returns, he boasts of his combat exploits to his colleagues. Lt. Col. Anderson writes up a second report and again gets no response. Freelance fighting would be a serious breach of military rules, and the New York Times will later note that, “The capture or death of an American serviceman in Afghanistan would have been a major international embarrassment to the United States.”  However, no disciplinary action is taken against him. 

This leads Anderson to conclude that Mohamed’s activities are sponsored by a US intelligence agency. Anderson will state, “I think you or I would have a better chance of winning [the lottery], than an Egyptian major in the unit that assassinated [Egyptian President Anwar] Sadat would have getting a visa, getting to California ... getting into the Army and getting assigned to a Special Forces unit. That just doesn’t happen.”

FBI agents photograph Ali Mohamed as he trains Islamic radicals to shoot weapons at the Calverton Shooting Range, on Long Island, New York. The group is secretly monitored as they shoot AK-47 assault rifles, semiautomatic handguns, and revolvers for four successive weekends.  why the FBI failed to follow up the shooting sessions is a “great unanswered question.”

1989 - Ali Mohamed is honorably discharged from the US Army with commendations in his file, including one for “patriotism, valor, fidelity, and professional excellence.” He remains in the Army Reserves for the next five years.

Autumn 1992: Ali Mohamed Trains Top Al-Qaeda Leadership in Afghanistan; Detained in Italy briefly, let go.  Nabil Sharef, a university professor and former Egyptian intelligence officer, will say, “For five years he was moving back and forth between the US and AfghanistanIt’s impossible the CIA thought he was going there as a tourist."

1993 - Ali Mohamed helps Ayman al-Zawahiri enter the US for a fundraising tour (twice) and acts as his head of security during his stay.  Canadian government had released him from custody after being told to do so by Mohamed’s FBI handler.  Top secret US military training manuals found in the possession of assassin El-Sayyid Nosair (see November 5, 1990) must have been stolen by Mohamed from the US army base where he had been stationed (see Spring 1993). Yet Mohamed is not arrested. 
Double agent Ali Mohamed apparently helps train the Somalis involved in the attack on US soldiers.
He flew al-Qaeda leader Mohammed Atef and four others from bin Laden’s base in Sudan to Nairobi, Kenya, to train Somalis.

Mohamed returns to the US near the end of 1994 after an FBI agent phones him in Nairobi and asks to speak to him about an upcoming trial.

1995 - Ali Mohamed helps Ayman al-Zawahiri enter the US for another fundraising tour and acts as his head of security during his stay.  Two directors of President Clinton’s National Security Council’s counterterrorism team later will claim that they did not learn of al-Zawahiri’s trips until 1999, and even then they only learned about it by accident and were unable to get the FBI to reveal any more about the trips.   He applies for a US security clearance, so he can become a security guard with a Santa Clara defense contractor, and apparently gets the job.  “[runs] afoul of the bin Laden organization after 1995 because of a murky dispute involving money and [is] no longer trusted by bin Laden lieutenants”  who suspected Mohamed was a US intelligence agent.  ... it is “unclear is how [Mohamed] was able to maintain his terror ties in the 1990s without being banished by either side, even after the Special Forces documents he had stolen turned up in [a] 1995 New York trial.”

1996: Sudan Expels bin Laden; US Fails to Stop His Flight to Afghanistan.  Bin Laden flies to Afghanistan in a C-130 transport plane with an entourage of about 150 men, women, and children, stopping in Doha, Qatar, to refuel, where governmental officials greet him warmly.  Sudan’s defense minister: “We warned [the US]. In Sudan, bin Laden and his money were under our control. But we knew that if he went to Afghanistan no one could control him. The US didn’t care."

1997: Ali Mohamed Tells FBI He Helped Al-Qaeda Kill US Soldiers, But FBI Takes No Action
1998:  He says he knows who the perpetrators of the Embassy bombings are, but he won’t give their names to the FBI.

1999:  Clinton Officials Ask About Islamic Jihad Leader’s US Visits, FBI Agents Respond: ‘Don’t Worry About It’  And it was a blow-off.
2000 -Ali Mohamed pleads guilty to five counts of conspiracy to kill nationals of the US in connection with the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. The charges include plotting to kill US soldiers in Somalia and Saudi Arabia, plotting to murder US ambassadors and other embassy officials, and plotting to kill “United States civilians anywhere in the world.” The nature of the plea agreement is secret.
2001: Ali Mohamed Never Publicly Sentenced; Whereabouts Are Unknown  Sentencing, according to AP, “has been postponed indefinitely.”
The 9/11 Commission will mention him only twice in their 2004 final report, and don’t bring up the possibility of him being a double agent, or even his collaboration with the CIA and FBI.

DEBKAfile from Jerusalem, Israel  We Start Where The Media Stop
How Much Do US Presidents Know about Terror? Part I
How Much Do US Presidents Know about Terror? Part II - Israeli Intell watch says "a lot"
How Much Do US Presidents Know about Terror?  - Third/Last of DEBKAfile Special Report

LOCAL:  Debka_Terror1.pdf   Debka_Terror2.pdf   Debka_Terror3.pdf

In September 1985, Muhamad wangled admission into the United States over a CIA veto. After running him as a double agent for four years, the CIA and FBI decided to (publicly) oppose his entry to the US.  Nonetheless, the Egyptian ex-intelligence officer gained entrance.  In fact, he was quickly accepted into the US army, where he carved out one of the most bizarre military careers in that army’s history.

From Fort Bragg, although only a sergeant, he came and went as he pleased, his commanders reporting they had no control over his movements. During his disappearances, he sometimes traveled to Afghanistan and fought the Russian army alongside the Afghan mujaheddin; at others, he stayed in New York and drilled Muslim terrorist groups, some of whose members later took part in the first attack on the TwinTowers in 1993.

In November 1989, after being awarded American citizenship – again over CIA objections - Ali Muhammad resigned from the US army and devoted himself full time to al Qaeda, as one of Osama bin Laden’s senior operations officers.

In past reports, DEBKAfile and DEBKA-Net-Weekly have cited their Intelligence and counter-terror sources on bin Laden and al Qaeda operations in which Muhammad was actively involved:

1. The 1993 attack, the first, on the WorldTradeCenter

2. The planning for the 12-airliner hijack in the Far East. Had this attack come off, a dozen airliners would have blown up over twelve American cities, including New York and Washington.

3. The 1993 Mogadishu battle, the first confrontation between al Qaeda soldiers, who fought alongside Somali insurgents, and US special forces. It ended in the worst US military defeat after Vietnam.

4. The 1993-1994 wholesale transfer of the al Qaeda network’s operational headquarters from Afghanistan to Sudan. Bin Laden was located there up until 1996, when he returned to Afghanistan, with more help from Ali Mohammed.

It is a little known fact that the al Qaeda move to Sudan was tacitly encouraged by the Clinton administration, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, who calculated that close Saudi and Egyptian intelligence surveillance would keep the Saudi-born Islamic fundamentalist under control.

They miscalculated badly. Instead of letting his wings be clipped, bin Laden used his three years in East Africa to spread them far and wide through the Arabian peninsula, Ethiopia and Somalia, with the following results:

A. The network’s undercover terror cells proliferated, dispersed widely around the Arabian Peninsula, the Horn of Africa, Eastern Africa and the Balkans – primarily Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia. His organization joined forces with the regional and local networks of the Egyptian Jihad Islami headed by Dr. Ayman Zuwahri, to form the deadliest, widest-reaching terror organization ever known.

B. These joint cells carried out the abortive 1995 assassination attempt on the life of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in Addis Ababa; the 1996 Khobar Towers blast in which 18 US troops were killed and 500 injured, and the devastating strikes against US East African embassies in Nairobi and Daar es-Salaam, that left 234 victims dead and more than 5000 injured.

Another of their joint endeavors was the ramming of the USS Cole on 12 October2000, in AdenHarbor. Nineteen US servicemen died and hundreds were injured.

One fine day after the embassies attack, Ali Muhammad turned himself in to the US authorities voluntarily, demanding only a guarantee that he would not face the death sentence.  (His whereabouts since pleading guilty to five counts of conspiracy to kill US citizens everywhere are currently unknown.)

Ali Muhammad’s history demonstrates that US intelligence bodies employed, collaborated with and maintained some level of operational relations with at least one central al Qaeda figure. For at least seven years from 1991 to 1998, the Egyptian terrorist was bin Laden’s operational right hand.

That being so, how could Jim Pavitt claim in a lecture last April at DukeUniversity – quoted at length by the White House spokesman Ari Fleischer on April 17 – that the CIA had never had any tactical intelligence on the Islamic networks? This claim in no way supports Fleischer’s argument that the administration lacked the equipment for “connecting the dots” into an operationally viable picture.

DEBKAfile’s counter terror and counterintelligence experts raise a couple more questions:

It stands to reason that Ali Muhammad was not the only Middle Eastern fundamentalist to be admitted to the US army; he must have been one of a group activated according to some concept.  But who activated them? Who allowed them to enter the United States and who had enough clout to overrule a CIA veto?  Who decided to place this Egyptian Muslim in a US special forces facility?  And on whose authority was this Egyptian member of a US special forces unit allowed to travel freely round the world, including Afghanistan, and back, without once being detained at any American airport?

The answer is not to be found in any Afghan cave or Sudanese desert.  Only someone in high governmental authority in the United States or some western capital fits the bill.  And whoever they were, Muhammad’s activators, must have been in a position to access advance information on forthcoming major terrorist strikes in or against the United States.

Amazing History of Saeed Sheikh
his relation with one country -- which is our anti-terrorism ally AND our CIA conduit for creating and maintaining both Al-Qaeda mujahideen terrorism and the fundamentalist Taliban govt -- Pakistan.
(note: As abhorrent as the Pakistan govt may be, and even Pakistani immigrants agree on that, I'm not blaming Pakistan or their people as a whole.  Pakistan Intelligence and govt is controlled from Washington and Langley.  Just as Saddam and his torture camps were a product of CIA in the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's.)

Sept. 11's Smoking Gun: The Many Faces of Saeed Sheikh
backup copy on my server, just in case
Is There More to the Capture of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Than Meets the Eye?
The Memory Hole - Khalid Resurrection:  KSM, killed in 2002, arrested in 2003, alive in custody of Pakistan.
backup copy of Memory Hole on my server, just in case
He was a college-boy, and an American college boy to boot. They held alcohol-soaked parties and made notably non-devout booty calls to infidels with pouty breasts all over Manila.

All the CIA and NSA failed opportunities to capture or stop KSM, after he's known to have plotted Bojinka.  KSM gets a US passport in July 2001 under a new, controversial Visa Express program that allows Saudis to apply for US visas without having to appear in person at any point during the application process.  The tough question to all these examples is WHY and WHY, because the answers make no more sense than US relations with Ali Mohamed above.  backup copy on my server, just in case

The Mastermind behind The Islamists terror campaign is  Egyptian born physician  Iyman El-Zawahiri ( El-Zawahiri backup), reportedly  recruited Osama Bin Laden himself, is now the second man in Al-Qaeda, was found guilty by a Cairo court in 1982 for conspiracy to murder President Sadat.  He also participated in the Bosnia war in the 1990, according to three intelligence agencies

This would make Zawahiri
an employee of the United States and NATO in 1990.

Ironically, neither Mr Bin Laden no Dr Zawahiri  were on the wanted list in the US in 1995.

' I don't believe for one second that the CIA, or MI6 didn't know the movements of Zawahiri  or Bin Laden on those days as they claim, ' said an agent of one Gulf State Intelligence Service, ' They [ CIA & MI6] have been in touch with them since they lived in Jeddah.' 

According to same agent, Dr Zawahiri left Jeddah a year later (1986) for Peshawar in Pakistan where he was helped by the CIA to get arms, training and money for his followers to join the Mujahedine -  anti Russian rebels in Afghanistan. 

' The CIA where aware of who he was and his involvement in the assassination of President Sadat,' the agent said, ' but they gave him and his men new identities and new passports.' The story was confirmed yesterday by Egyptian intelligence sources.

Cheney's `Spoon-Benders'
Pushing Nuclear Armageddon
"From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory"

As Jon Ronson reported, "In April 2001, Bert Rodriguez took on a new student. His name was Ziad Jarrah. Ziad just turned up at the US 1 Fitness Center one day and said he had heard that Bert was good. Why Ziad chose Bert, of all the martial arts instructors scattered around the Florida shoreline, is a matter of speculation. Maybe Bert's uniquely occultic reputation preceded him, or perhaps it was Bert's military connections. Plus, Bert had once taught the head of security for a Saudi prince. Maybe that was it."

Ziad Jarrah presented himself as a Lebanese businessman, who traveled a great deal and wanted to protect himself. "I liked Ziad a lot," Rodriguez later told Ronson. "He was very humble, very quiet. He was in good shape. Very diligent." Rodriguez taught Jarrah "the choke hold and the kamikaze spirit. You need a code you'd die for, a do-or-die desire." Rodriguez added, "Ziad was like Luke Skywalker. You know when Luke walks the invisible path? You have to believe it's there. And if you do believe it it is there. Yeah, Ziad believed it. He was like Luke Skywalker."

Rodriguez trained Ziad Jarrah for six months, and gave him copies of several knife-fighting books he had written. Jarrah shared them with a friend, Marwan al-Shehhi, who boarded with him at the Panther Motel and Apartments in Deerfield Beach, Fla.

On Sept. 11, 2001, Ziad Jarrah (allegedly) took control of United Airlines flight 93, and crashed it in a field in Pennsylvania. Marwan al-Shehhi commandeered United Airlines flight 175 and crashed it into the South Tower of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.

(warning: This report was written by a LaRouche historian. Sometimes they write some legit things. Most of the statements in this article have been independently verfied.)

My email to Sander Hicks:

Good luck with the campaign. 
I heard you with Bonnie Faulkner and with Alex Jones, and have shared copies.
But I have this to say:
You, Paul Thompson, and many with serious political insight push LIHOP.  The Saudis and Pakistanis were pushed into supporting Al-Qaeda and the Muj.
I understand you're running for office, but between you and me, that's just ridiculous.  Did you look at the what is KNOWN about the timeline of Ali Mohammed, for one?  Cooperative Research or the Debka File?  This guy is Intelligence, period.  If FBI was incompetent, they should be forced to prove they were incompetent.  I say it's impossible they were that incompetent for over a decade.  There is so much info in their just spitting at us, grinning at us.  US Intell fingerprints are ALL OVER IT.  The "Wargames" excuse is NO excuse at all.
Sept 11 was so MIHOP it ain't funny.  And know this:  It's clearly global.  Britain, London, Madrid, Bali, Russia.  The G-8 is on the march.  France had their riots, a bit more tame, and Denmark had their neocon cartoons.  I'd guess Germany has to be next, but who knows.  I don't have their Dayplanners.
Unfortunately, the only people pushing MIHOP are the insane Pod People and Blue Hologram people, all the "No Planes" idiots, when there is really no clear proof of no planes, and no apparent benefit for no planes other than a few hundred less people would have been killed, as if the tyrants cared.

Gary Goodman

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