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Economics 911

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO UNDERSTAND SEPT 11 and GLOBAL WAR, this is what's going on backstage.

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Global Poverty in the late 20th Century

Economic Depression and the New World Order
 key phrase summary:


The late 20th century will go down in world history as a period of global impoverishment marked by the collapse of productive systems in the developing world, the demise of national institutions and the disintegration of health and education programs.
NOTE:  This includes the collapse of productive systems in the West too.  Like in Akron, and Cleveland, and everywhere.
This means "people want to work and make money to survive and contribute, but they are blocked from doing so by international economic forces and signed agreements"
That would be like if automobiles and bicycles suddenly stopped working, and that was caused to happen by decree.  Then walking was outlawed.
There is unused economic capacity, but finance capital is looking for hit off the speculation crack pipe, not mere sustenance, and it wants a quick high from unlimited expansion of capital (depreciation) via counterfeiting (the Federal Reserve Bank), and the capital addict wants to never crash and never come down, just keep getting higher and higher -- artificially.

There is unused labor capacity, idled, cannot produce nor purchase anything, and some cannot survive, and starve, but not for lack of resources.  There's nearly UNLIMITED resources.
This form of 'hyper-productive' capitalism, automation which was predicted by futurists would lead to mass leisure, should have people working a few hours a week to live in prosperity, instead it has everything grinding to a standstill, some people working 60-90 hours per week and unable to thrive or participate in economic growth except as "cheap labor".
Famine Formation in the Third World
(yes, he said "creating famine")
Poverty and Unemployment in the West
With the breakdown of the welfare state, high levels of youth unemployment are increasingly the source of social strife and civil dissent. In the United States, political figures decry the rise of youth violence, promising tougher sanctions without addressing the roots of the problem. Economic restructuring has transformed urban life, contributing to the "thirdworldization" of western cities.
The roots of the problem are that productive capital has been stolen from the public and the public being reduced to new serfdom.  The World Bank leaders know what they are doing.  Greg Palast uncovered planning documents secretly faxed to him.
In the 1997 Asian currency crisis, billions of dollars of official central bank reserves were appropriated by institutional speculators.
public opinion is bombarded in the media with glowing images of global growth and prosperity.
While this exercise of using "Western standards" and definitions has not been applied in a systematic fashion, it should be noted that with the deregulation of commodity markets, retail prices of essential consumer goods are not appreciably lower than in the United States or Western Europe. The cost of living in many Third World cities is higher than in the United States.
Poverty assessments by both organizations take official statistics at face value. They are largely office-based exercises


Global Unemployment: "Creating Surplus Populations" in the Global Cheap-Labor Economy

This new international economic order feeds on human poverty and cheap labor

In other writings and lectures, Chossudovsky stresses that "cheap labor" is not merely an accidental byproduct, but AN INPUT to this system.  Global unemployment is the mechanism used to manufacture the "cheap labor pool".  SO poverty is like a necessary "raw material" in this type of economic-legislative machine.  Even capitalists who would personally disapprove of this how this machine works, MUST utilize it or must fail thier business, because that's the rules of the game.

It has a certain spreadsheet logic.  But the global bankers have designed it with only abstract considerations at best, or completely selfish considerations at worst. 
How much poverty is necessary?  The more 'productive' it becomes, the more poverty is needed.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), worldwide unemployment affects one billion people, or nearly one third of the global workforce. That is probably using conservative figures.

Paradoxes of Globalization

Micro-Efficiency, Macro-Insufficiency

While mainstream economics stresses efficient allocation of society's scarce resources, harsh social realities call into question the consequences of this means of allocation. Industrial plants are closed down, small and medium-sized enterprises are driven into bankruptcy, professional workers and civil servants are laid off and human and physical capital stand idle in the name of "efficiency."

In his book, Chossudovsky talks about "bankruptcy programs", i.e. planned, programmed bankruptcies of the business sector of various countries, by international bankers. 
Can you imagine anything so stupid as programming bankruptcies? 
How about programmed car crashes?
Programmed stupidity?  (well, that's real, many schools have been designed to teach poorly, but mold personality and attitudes, and TV does the rest) 
Programmed shortages of gasoline, or nutrition?  Programmed earthquakes? 
How about programmed wars?  Programmed acts of terrorism?  (both these are provably real too!)

The drive toward an "efficient" use of society's resources at the microeconomic level leads to exactly the opposite situation at the macroeconomic level. Resources are not used "efficiently" when there remain large amounts of unused industrial capacity and millions of unemployed workers. Modern capitalism appears totally incapable of mobilizing these untapped human and material resources.

with the drying up of capital formation in productive activities, profit is sought in increasingly speculative and fraudulent transactions, which in turn tend to promote disruptions on the world's major financial markets.

Choss explains elsewhere, I'll try to paraphrase, markets have actually been geared

(by fiat paper money like the dollar leading to currency speculation, and by investor pressure towards deregulation [making illegal behavior legal, even though it harms others]  [but not legalizing marijuana, OMG that would be subversive], by NAFTA and trade agreements, etc.)

to reward currency speculation OVER productive capital investments, by a HUGE margin, which is why investment in freaky deriviative instruments FAR exceeds normal investment in stocks and companies, so therefore capital must be removed from production, from wages, and from services to feed the speculation bubble.

Against a background of economic stagnation (including negative growth rates recorded in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and sub-Saharan Africa), the world's largest corporations have experienced unprecedented growth and expansion of their share of the global market. This process, however, has largely taken place through the displacement of preexisting productive systems, [did you hear that?!]

In this system, State power has deliberately sanctioned the progress of private monopolies: large capital destroys small capital in all its forms.

For conservatives, this is like putting the "communist" into capitalism, State Capitalism.  For Lefties, this is fascism, State Corporatism.

Contrary to the spirit of the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944, which was predicated on "economic reconstruction" and stability of major exchange rates, the structural adjustment program (SAP) has, since the early 1980s, largely contributed to destabilizing national currencies and ruining the economies of developing countries.

"Global Surveillance"

  • A new "triangular division of authority" among the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO has unfolded.
  • Enforcement of IMF-World Bank policy prescriptions
  • no longer hinge upon ad hoc country-level agreements
  • permanently entrenched in the articles of agreement of the WTO.
  • enable multinational corporations to penetrate local markets and extend their control over virtually all areas of national manufacturing, agriculture and the service economy.
  • a "charter of rights for multinational corporations"
  • threatens to lead to the disempowerment of national societies as it hands over extensive powers to global corporations.

Ironically, the ideology of the "free" market upholds a new form of state interventionism predicated on the deliberate manipulation of market forces. Moreover, the development of global institutions has led to the development of "entrenched rights" for global corporations and financial institutions.

This false consciousness  (of global prosperity) has invaded all spheres of critical debate and discussion on the "free" market reforms. In turn, the intellectual myopia of mainstream economics prevents an understanding of the actual workings of global capitalism and its destructive impact on the livelihood of millions of people.

economic restructuring backlashes on national societies, leading to the collapse of institutions and the escalation of social conflict.

NO, I AM NOT ARGUING THAT escalation of social conflict Choss mentions above CAUSED the Arabs to kill Americans on SEPT 11. 
It could have.  But it didn't.  That's the elite liberal viewpoint, Chomsky, Zmag, Blum, Parenti, Ward Churchill, and others.

Chossudovsky is not making that assumption either.  Choss points out in his books and lectures that Osama and Al-Qaeda ARE a function of the US military-intelligence complex.  So they didn't "attack America" because they were angry, neither at "our fading freedoms" nor our wealth, nor our decadence.

WHAT I AM ARGUING is that  insightful anticipation of escalation of domestic social conflict  CAUSED the American Mil-Ind-Intell Complex to do SEPT 11, in order to pre-emptively roll out the domestic military infrastructure they rightly anticipate they will need as they continue programming the destruction of the US economy along with the rest of the world.

This is not only in America.  That's why it's not only "Bush".

immortal technique-the cause of death 
version 1 with Ronald Reagan and Al-Qaeda, mixed w Alex Jones
version 2 orig version see images
Immortal Technique " The 4th Branch" VERY POWERFUL IMAGES

America is helping to propagate this pattern globally (London, Moscow, Spain, Indonesia, Iraq, etc.) in service to these Globalist International Bankers who have allegiance to no one except themselves and their clique (but are mostly US and British based). 

And the average idiot America belligerently defends this destruction of America (and the destruction of others globally), and hurls insults at critics of this "bankers' Stalinism" -- liberals, damn hippies, tree huggers, etc. 

Cool lackeys worship their oppressors, just like cool Soviets worshiped Stalin ... until he had them shot as potential traitors.

Michel Chossudovsky - The Truth Behind 911
ALTERNATE:  Chossudovsky_War_+_Glob_(1).wmv (med 194mb)
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