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My approach to Sept 11 and the GWOT is these few questions ... to start with.
1.  Who created Al-Qaeda?
2.  Who "nourished" Al-Qaeda?  How much?  How long?
What has Osama Bin Laden accomplished for the Arab people? *
4.  Who did "catch and release" on an Al-Qaeda officer/tactician in the USA?
5.  Who has defended Al-Qaeda in court?
It's an irrefutable, documented fact that the United States Intelligence services created Al-Qaeda and sponsored them for decades.  Yet barely anyone in the media has mentioned that or asked any obvious questions, save for a rare whispered discussion of "blowback"?  Almost no one has even heard of this.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.

ALL discussions about Al-Qaeda are conspiracy theories, because by even conventional defintion, Al-Qaeda is a group of conspirators and Sept 11 was a conspiracy.  A group of men got together to plan a crime.  An exception to the "theory" part might be where specific facts are stated.
But TWO CENTRAL FACTS are glaring by their near-total omission.

One:  The factual Al-Qaeda connection to National Security, the admitted role of the former National Security Advisor and CIA in creating Al-Qaeda, this fact is NEVER (or rarely) mentioned at all, when discussing Sept 11 or the "War on Terror".

(One excuse is that they were not "Al-Qaeda" at first, but "the Mujahideen".  That's like when you bring home a cute little puppy, you might just call him "Puppy".  When you finally name him "Snuggles" or "Killer" or "Islamo-Fascist", he's still the same puppy you've been feeding all along.)

3.  Bin Laden's stated goal was the removal of the Infidels -- Americans and Westerners -- from the Holy Lands. 
We KNOW what Bin Laden has
Death and Destruction. Occupying armies.  Oil execs in charge of two Arab countries.

Arab people must be saying, with friends like him, who needs enemies?

If I were an oil speculator/investor, I'd be sending Osama a case of Old Malt Scotch for Christmas.  Who's he working for anyhow?!!
Who Benefits?

In all the incessant, repetitive harping and fearmongering ...

(suspended only by "tabloid" hysteria about "scandals" like a "runaway bride" and JonBonet Ramsey when some important issue needs to be hidden) ... this core issue about how Al-Qaeda was born and nurtured is strangely absent from public dialogue.  US and World Leaders are turning the world upside down, supposedly tracking down these "monsters and ghosts" everywhere, shredding the US Constitution and equivalents, targeting random "suspects", flinging accusations of treason at critics, committing mass murder on Arabs, the public scared out of their wits with regular "threat warnings", Christians encouraged by media to plan now for Armageddon on their current Dayplanner ...

--- but  when was the last time you heard even a regretful peep about the fact that Al-Qaeda was "Made by America"? 
Can we call this oversight anything other than "BIZARRE"?  (I could think of a few other terms.)

The birth of Al-Qaeda on July 3, 1979 (six months before the "Soviet invasion") by "Poppa" Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter is  mentioned in all the "information overload".  This silence is a glaring clue that some serious dirt is being intentionally hidden from the masses.  The reality: these facts are only the "the tip of the iceberg".     (flashback: the Nazis and apparently the Bolsheviks were nurtured by America too)

Two:  Not just the creation of Al-Qaeda -- that would be bad enough -- but the documented ONGOING SUPPORT for Al-Qaeda through five administrations which includes joint military operations and covert operations, at a cost of some $6 billion to $20 billion. That almost certainly includes the current administration (according to the leader of Macedonia).  The Iran-Contra scandal (which funded the mujahideen), the BCCI scandal (Al-Qaeda + CIA "bank"), and the (suppressed) Senate Republican Kosovo Report on Bill Clinton covers the previous three admins' Al-Qaeda Project.

"catch and release" Al-Qaeda

Ali Mohammed, Egyptian Intell, top Al-Qaeda, Osama's Lt. and tactician, US Army Special Forces, known to FBI/CIA. Convicted, held for sentencing, "disappeared" from Fed Prison.

Richard Reid, homeless guy sleeping on floor of a mosque in England.  Tries to board plane and light his shoes on fire.

This should not be a surprise to us, those who can read, because Brzezinski and others were fairly explicit when they TOLD us in advance in their books and articles of their intentions to RUN America and "manage" democracy through the use of lies, manipulation, and fear.

The reason these facts are important is our entire foreign and domestic policy of the US (World) is currently chained to "Al-Qaeda", a major "foreign" criminal conspiracy, and will remain so for the forseeable future.  A fair prediction is that this will change the course of American history and World history for the next 500 years at least (Bush, Cheney, and Rummy say "for our lifetimes), by rapidly bringing an end to even the pretense of Constitutional law

... to be replaced step-by-step with a Military Police State, Martial Law, the creation and expansion of new global military and police forces, constant war, constant surveillance and tracking of every citizen, open season on dissident critics, unwarranted intrusion, secret arrests now legal and operative, inalienable rights -- such as security in our persons, homes, papers and possessions -- violated, our guarantees of legal procedures -- including a fair trial, defense lawyer, requirements of evidence -- cast aside --- all this and more may be suspended indefinitely on the word of a few appointed executive authority figures, no justification needed by the President, yet they have new secrecy protections replacing govt transparency,  ...

and we can't seriously discuss Al-Qaeda?  The birth of this Al-Qaeda conspiracy within National Security and Intelligence is off-limits, for all practical purposes.  How ridiculous is THAT?!!
(Act One of this GWOT actually occurred on February 26, 1993 at the WTC, in an operation proven to be 99% FBI planning and 1% DOOFY Arab terrorist wannabees.  Opening Act of the Cold-War-morphing-to-Arab-War was false-flag 1967 attack on USS Liberty by Israel, meant to be blamed on Egypt a.k.a. the USSR.  The Cold War itself was a psyop, since it is documented that NYC bankers financed Bolsheviks, and even George Kennan regreted "starting" the Cold War hysteria.  Every time Bush talks about "appeasing Hitler" with regards to Iraq, I recall that his family and business associates literally funded Hitler and approved of his Eugenics program weeding out "bad populations".)

"Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency."  "Presidents can carefully choose their words and declare a war on anything, in order to give them dictatorial control. For example, the War on Drugs makes it possible to use federal authorities, such as FBI, FEMA, BATF, and the military against American citizens.

Serious questions about such matters are dismissed in a disingenuous manner on mainstream media, unless they accidentally slip by censors, as if any inquiry into the birth of Al-Qaeda is irrelevant and inconsequential.
Can you imagine
another criminal conspiracy where such things as the roots of the crime gang and a thorough investigation are deemed irrelevant, to be replaced by vapid slogans and mindless (but carefully crafted) assertions of mythological "evil"?

These facts and other related facts about Al-Qaeda point to what I must call "unanswerable questions"The "authorities" MUST "take the Fifth" or fall back on "National Security" as an excuse for "Omerta" (law of silence), because the only reasonable answer that does not contradict other answers is "complicity".  (Trust me, I'll take you there. There's far too much to ignore.)

(Actually, yes.  Connections between "Manson Family" main killer Charles "Tex" Watson and a top lawyer/Young Republicans organizer, plus the Manson group's use of military tactics in their crimes, all this and more was ignored in favor of the "LSD, brainwashing" story.
Likewise, convenient mythologies of unexplainable evil were concocted for Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Mark David Chapman, John Hinckley, even Adolf Hitler, and the War on Drugs, all outside of context with surrounding circumstances and ties to US Intelligence and Money which run through each case.)
The financial rulers literally STATED in books and articles published before 9-11 that this "War on Terror" was necessary for their plans for world domination and imperialism. 

Afterwards, while most media and pundits were hyping the fear and grief, a few articles and statements brazenly discussed the Sept 11 event in terms of "opportunity" and "good luck".  Did you hear those mixed messages?
Charles Manson & The Crushing of the Counter Culture
with researcher and broadcaster, Mae Brussell.
Originally aired in October 1971 on her radio program, Dialogue: Assassination, reveals Manson as a patsy and analyzes the so-called Manson murders as a premeditated political massacre designed to destroy the social and political revolution taking place in the late '60s.


WTC7 - This is an Orange

Islamic "Terrorist" Leaders and their Republican Supporters
The only time I ever supported Al-Qaeda is when I paid my taxes.

Call this $9.11 in a Jar, but it's sure not Loose Change.   It's not "In Plane Site" either.   It's actually obscured vision ... but it's getting clearer.

We won't be Bowling for Al-Qaeda. and the temperature will remain a pleasant 68° Fahrenheit.

It is interesting that both the “limited hang out” film Fahrenheit 9/11 and the disinformation film In Plane Site avoided using the words "NORAD" and “war games.”

The govt's official conspiracy theory is thoroughly lacking in clarity and clear evidence.
Most of the physical evidence at Ground Zero was intentionally removed and destroyed.
Much of the "legalistic" financial and documentary paper-trail evidence has been kept secret, for "National Security" reasons. 

Iron-clad assertions on exactly what happened on 9-11 usually harm credibility.  Many "9-11 truthseekers" LEAP from speculation to certainty.

It's simple and sufficient to start with what did NOT happen - the govt's conspiracy theory about 19 Arab "lone gunmen" and their Hobbit terror-king in a remote mountain cave.
Facts are facts, theories are theories.

As a matter of fact, one Aussie looked to debunk the official story, and found there ISN'T one, but a conglomeration of statements and vague suggestions.

Much of the 9-11 crime scene is far away from the Towers in New York and the hole in the Pentagon.  Much of the evidence comes from months and years before 9-11, and from months and years after, in the coverup and political actions taken worldwide.

There was NO lack of competence on Sept 11, 2001, and leaders of both parties know these facts, especially those tied to Intelligence.


I seek distill the facts from some classic conservatives and some socialists/Left, and some "neither".  Anyone but tube-fed liberal Dems and conservative Rethugs.

The Internet is flooded with a thick slurry of mix-and-match disinformation.  The GOOFS are given the widest prime time media coverage. Serious facts are obscured, and details are either ignored or expanded to infinity.  Freaks and ridicule is fun. 

But there's a proven agenda: The media serves the power elite, their paying customers.  Operation Mockingbird is not rumor, Congress uncovered this ... partly.
“We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
-- William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

Sept 11 was planned this for years.  WTC93 was 99% orchestrated by the FBI, official court records. Check this:
Your horrified reaction is also part of the script.

WHO ARE ALL THESE ACTORS, these MOOslim TERRORISTS? Who and what are their ties?  Past agenda?
It's not too hard to figure out when leaders tell you in their own books and speeches that Global Govt --- actually Global Fascism -- is the goal of the world's self-appointed "managers". 
Powerful, wealthy leaders of US institutions (not quacks) spell out their plans, but
as Allen Dulles said
about the Warren Report, Americans don't read.

the MAIN POINT, in 12 tough questions ...
TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE of Sept 11 and the War on TERROR

A few significant points illuminate the BIG picture so you can decide quickly if it's worth looking into, or I'm just another LOONY-BIRD.

see NONSENSE AS A WEAPON - fake conspiracy crap
exposing the fakes is as important as exposing the facts

It is now well-known that Donald Rumsfeld discussed "attacking Iraq" in terms of "opportunity" to "go wide, hit S.H., scoop it up, related or not", and many people saw that as simply crass and sickening.  Others may consider it "visionary and pro-active".  But what's missing is that THESE WARLORDS DID NOT SUDDENLY SEE "opportunity".  They planned for it.  Did they get "lucky" ... or did they create their luck?  I'm betting on the latter, in part because: No one in the MSM is asking even the most obvious questions!

"Lucky" is not my adjective.  It's what Ledeen said in his book, echoed by an official PNAC publication, to describe Pearl Harbor, as a "positive" event in history.  Brzezinski's book repeatedly express "hope" for terror events on a scale of destruction and outrage and horror similar to Pearl Harbor.

In normal police detective work, there's a word to describe a person who takes a "LUCKY" action in advance of a suspicious crime, like taking out a large insurance policy on a spouse or friend before their mysterious death. 
That word is "suspect"
... for obvious reasons.  A thorough investigation probes this "suspect" to see if there is more evidence to connect the suspect to the crime,
beyond one "lucky" coincidence.

In the case of Sept 11, the crime scene is crammed with verifiable and fairly unambigous evidence of complicity, but no investigation has occurred.  Intelligent and obvious questions are avoided ... like herpes.  (The Sept 11 Commission was assigned to look for "intelligence failures", not "complicity", and the "lead investigators" are known to have been operating within the same circles as the suspects -- oil, narcotics, fraud, insider deals, and other criminality.  They're partners.)

These premoniscient (future-telling) statements and plans of PNAC and the Tri-Lateral Commission should have led to the hottest intelligent public debate, discussion, controversy, in context rather than isolated conjecture.  Questions which are begging to be asked, are never asked, so this pretension is maintained (when the question arises) that it was merely "good fortune" that Sept-11 occurred at just the perfect moment to coincide with their grand schemes to reshape the world to suit global corporate and financial neo-colonial interests.

ALL our news media personnel are not so utterly stupid or illiterate that they could FAIL to recognize motive, nor so clueless as to be unable to add means and opportunity to the motive.  This commitment to avoiding-the-obvious and dancing around it can ONLY be called "intentional".

When a person under interrogation continually dodges serious questions and changes the subject, the average person KNOWS what this means -- subterfuge, LYING and GUILT.

THEY KNEW IN ADVANCE THEY'D HAVE TO LIE ABOUT IT.  The whole point was to freak people out, to TERRIFY. 
(psych operation) RUINS THE DECEPTION, as well as ruining the plan.  Simple facts could and should result in public hangings.  When?

(Unfortunately, most of the "underground" ALSO treats these issues superficially or incoherently as well, even treating "official leaks" designed as more distraction as if they represented genuine "clues".)
Remember:  Hidden-but-openly-documented evidence is of US covert/overt support for Al-Qaeda and their cousins for 25 years, NOT just the Bush presidency and Republicans.
Forces and circumstances behind September 11.
KEY DATA POINTS, documented facts and evidence:
  • Al-Qaeda created by US National Security, CIA, with help from countries who are current "allies in the War on Terror".
  • Al-Qaeda backed by US from 1978 - 2001, bi-partisan support.
  • Ninety-minute attack, no defense whatsoever
  • Two top US attorneys who provided extraordinary legal defense to Al-Qaeda operatives around financial trail
  • White House and Counterterror Intelligence, Military Chiefs roll out red carpet for Al-Qaeda funder on Sept 11
  • Innumerable FBI warnings from field staff blocked, SIX FBI agents blocked and threatened
  • Warnings and signs from years past consistently blocked, including 14000 pages
  • Gaming the stock market prior to 9-11, but no inquiry as to who knew.
  • Years of openly stated plans to take over Middle East energy reserves, to seize profits
  • Past history of CIA terrorism, False-Flag operations, WW1, WW2, Gladio, Tonkin
  • Similarities to proven aspects of Kennedy assassination coverup in the media and govt
  • Roots of the CIA in collaboration with actual  NAZIS, prior to and during WW2
  • Pentagon plans for partial militarization of civilian sector, tied  to planned economic destruction of the American Way of Life, and neo-liberal Global Dictatorship under G8 leaders and corporate/financial elites
  • ... and much much more
    (should be seen as cumulative arguments)


    Weak, weak, weak.
    When bringing up the question of Sept 11 being an inside job, probably the worst place to OBSESS is the Towers and Pentagon themselves, IMHO.  This is because invariably, inane "unanswered questions" will be asked (and sometimes foolishly answered) about "where the bodies went", and other stupid challenges.

    Physics is annoying to argue when the variables are unknown, or when people don't have a degree in Physics and a propensity for lots of algebra.  These arguments therefore exclude probably 80% of the population.
    As Mark Robinowitz said, 
    with "Political Physics", for every Ph.D., there is an equal and opposite Ph.D.
    However, while I agree with this first phrase by Mike Ruppert, I'm NOT convinced of the 2nd phrase -->:
    "we are witnessing a sequential war to control the largest reserves .... on a planet that is running out of oil."

    Not that there are not serious issues with the catastrophe itself.  For one, the absence of rational explanation about the lack of response to not only known threats, but to two, three, even FOUR known hijackings in progress, long after "routine intercept" periods had passed, so even the Pentagon was left defenseless.  This just boggles the mind, because it is SO ridiculous that the Pentagon could not be defended.

    One serious drawback of American culture is a conditioned gullible reliance on "experts", paralleled by a reliance on religious leaders (both here and in Islamic culture), which induces an inability within all but a small-to-medium-sized portion of the public to trust themselves over authorities.  Anyone can stare at the videos on TV (those which have not been withheld from the public), and comfortably assess within themselves whether the "official story" is plausible or a lie.  Even if you take the experts at face value, the collapsing buildings are certainly unusual, and difficult to explain, no?

  • Look at the relative lack of damage to the entire structure (besides the crash and fire zone)
  • Towers EXPLODING NEAR THE TOP and collasping/exploding/disintegrating down the sides 
  • explosions and collapse starting below the damage 
  • the short time prior to total catastrophic failure of the steel frame (about one hour
  • the impossible symmetry of both collapses, requiring all sides to fail simultaneously
  • the time OF the collapse itself (less than 20 seconds per structure, < 0.2 per floor
  • the sheer volume of the visible explosive force beginning the moment of collapse (and what looks like explosive "squibs")
  • the still-alive victims visibly standing in the open gash, not on fire
  • WTC7, allegedly damaged on the side, crimping in the middle and collapsing inward, so perfectly some experts allegedly called it a "perfect 10" demolition ...
  • ... download a photo or video and LOOK at the goddam things go down ... many other obvious abnormalities.

    Hani Hanjour, the man who allegedly hit the Pentagon could barely drive a car, and could not fly a Cessna.  Yes, he could have improved a little, but not enough for the "stunt flight" (video) which some experienced pilots doubted they could perform.  Without the stunt flight, Hanjour would have hit Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.  The whole purpose of the stunt fight seemed to be to miss the occupied area of the Pentagon, and hit the empty side, under construction.

    Yet people without some technical background apparently feel incapable of making sense of this.
    (Many "educated" people are more subservient to "experts" than reg'lar folks.) 
    Trust your own eyes and know that in "highly technical terms", the Laws of Physics cannot be suspended by "Islamo-fanatics", no matter how fanatical.
    Your Eyes Don't Lie: Common Sense, Physics, and the World Trade Center Collapse. Guest Jim Hoffman, software engineer and research scientist

    This mental barrier is worsened by a flood of bogus "alternate expert opinion" which is apparently/obviously designed to confuse and mislead by injecting fake arguments. (For some reason, the stupidest arguments get the most coverage.  Hmmm.)
    Staff members characterized Mr. Hanjour as polite, meek and very quiet. But most of all, the former employee said, they considered him a very bad pilot. "I'm still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the Pentagon," the former employee said. "He could not fly at all."

    However, when Baxter and fellow instructor Ben Conner took the slender, soft-spoken Hanjour on three test runs during the second week of August, they found he had trouble controlling and landing the single-engine Cessna 172. Even though Hanjour showed a federal pilot's license and a log book cataloging 600 hours of flying experience, chief flight instructor Marcel Bernard declined to rent him a plane without more lessons.

    BRAVE FBI agents
    No, other than the birth of Al-Qaeda, and that paper trail, one of the better places to begin might be the sworn testimony on the Tee-Vee of one FBI agent that he sent seventy warnings and was ignored and obstructed seventy timesSix or more other FBI agents were equally ignored, but not just ignored.  Their work was subject to rewrites and they were given reprimands and threats of reprisals for trying to stop 9-11, for digging into the money trail.  These agents remained isolated and unaware of the concurrent and overlapping warnings of other FBI agents.

    Where did that money trail go?  My guess would be right back to the CIA that spawned and controlled Al-Qaeda.  One agent appeared on the cover of Time, amidst smokescreen controversy of "incompetence" and "restructuring" and the "need for more funding, less restrictions, more power".


    At what point do a bunch of trees make a forest?

    My Beef with Chomsky
    by Michael D. Morrissey, Sept 2000

    Michael ChertoffNext I might stir this into the mix: two major terrorism cases (1999 and 2002-3) involving money trails and paper trails successfully SUPPRESSED thrown out, dismissed, blanket legal immunity.  This was handled by two top lawyers -- Chertoff and Baker.

    The case Michael Chertoff (now Dir of Homeland Security) picked up has original online records from Bergen County, back when the public didn't know his name, but Ken Starr and the Whitewater team did. 

    James A. Baker IIIBaker grabbed the 2nd case where he suppressed evidence on Saudis, and this was described on MSNBC and CNN, but the main detail --- that Baker-Botts Law Firm = James A. Baker = Bush family attorney and consultant --- was missing from both reports.  For details check the index on my HOME page.  WHY DID THEY DO IT???  Why did the media NOT tell us and raise a stink?

    In the midst of propaganda supporting the Constitution-shredding USA PATRIOT Act, which Chertoff largely authored,
    Chertoff suppressed an Al-Qaeda case.

    These two "Bush team" lawyers ain't no mushy lawyers for human rights or minorities.  They're supposed to be prosecuting terrorism, not running interference for defense.  (Although Baker IS the Saudis' lawyer.)  No obvious political feathers for helping these controversial clients.  They didn't need the money.  The only plausible answer is that these cases would have uncovered evidence which would break the 9-11 psyop and implicate the government, and had to be suppressed at any cost.  If not suppressed, important people would be heading to the gallows or electric chair.

    Hmmm.  Where to go next?  Here's some choices.
    Statements by current US officials about their plans to instigate terrorist acts (overseas, they imply), ostensibly in order to catch the terrorists they instigate or bribe, called P2OG.  How about a foreign policy strategy book or two highlighting the use of terror groups to shape the Middle East and Asia to meet something they call "U.S. interests"?  Which Americans' interests are served by more terrorism??!  (Ask a Nicaraguan, or a Guatemalan, or a Salvadoran, or a Venezuelan, or a Columbian, or an Argentinian, or a Vietnamese, or a Palestinian, ad infinitem.  Note: "The Jews" is not the correct answer to these questions, though maybe a partial answer.  It's far too big for "the Jews" unless you say "non-Jews" = "crypto-Jews", as some argue.  But Israel wasn't behind the CIA coups against Mossadegh of Iran, Arbenz of Guatemala, Ho Chi Minh, nor many other cases.)

    Examples of prior fake attacks, staged attacks, false-flag attacks, etc.
    Spanish-American War (Hearst news hyped attack, with no proof)
    Mexican War (Lincoln demanded proof we were attacked)
    World War 1 (Lusitania instigated and allowed)
    World War 2 (Pearl Harbor instigated and allowed)
    Operation Gladio  (confirmed, CIA staged terror attacks on civilians in Europe)
    Cold War  (fantastic fearmongering over decrepit Third World country struggling to prosper)
    Korea  (S. Korean troops and Japanese soldiers under US/UN control actually instigated violence)
    Operation Northwoods  (serious plans to stage terrorist attacks on American people, blocked by Kennedy)
    Vietnam  (Gulf of Tonkin Incident never happened, and they KNEW it, 58,000 Americans dead)
    Grenada, Nicaragua  (a threat?!!!!)
    Iraq, Gulf War  (staged behind the scenes by US Diplomats: Scowcroft, Joe Wilson, April Glaspie)
     .. dozens of other examples 
    proof (internal memos) of other serious LIHOP operations which were attacks on US people and properties orchestrated by the govt. or here False Flag Operations )

    Tonkin is one irrefutable example of top US officials telling bald-faced lies to the public to start a war which would kill over 58,000 Americans.  Tonkin was Lyndon Johnson's "WMD's", totally fabricated.  They don't care about us.  Get it?  THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANY HUMAN SUFFERING.

    We might even go more historical, and note the reign of US terror against it's own citizens, under the Civil War (freeing the slaves was a very minor concern to Lincoln), under the Palmer Raids, the McCarthy witchhunts, COINTELPRO in the 70's, Kent State and Jackson State mass shootings, and the ongoing US terror campaign known as the War on Drugs. 

    There is additional proof -- not speculation --- that this false-flag terror has been orchestrated by the US against itself numerous times, plus innumerable incidents of covert/clandestine terrorism staged against foreign civilians.  Operation Gladio saw the CIA working with Euro Intell for 40 years, bombing cafes and markets, blaming it on Left wing groups, to prevent them from winning elections.

    This physical violence and murder is is over and above the relentless  psychological  terror (as exposed by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show) created by the fear-mongering drumbeat of propaganda emanating from both govt and news pundits.  The deeper you look, the more disturbing it is --- in terms of our level of trust for those running our lives -- or hilarious if you have a sense of irony.  (Laughing about this might take some time.)

    At what point do a bunch of trees make a forest?  That's obviously subjective.  A forest is MUCH MORE than a bunch of trees, it is a complex interlocking self-organizing ecosystem, a symbiotic whole.


    Further back, and from the angle of "war on poor workers and middle class", there is a continuous historical pattern, from the Labor Wars of the 1800's against groups of workers, the 1933 fascist coup plot againt President Roosevelt and the US (which nobody knows about despite Congressional hearings), US corporate support for Hitler and Lenin, Allen and John Dulles + Nazi liaisons, the beginning of the Bush-Walker-Nazi dynasty including Nixon, CIA  Nazi Files Released, Vietnam, COINTELPRO, all the way thru Sept 11 and Iraq with many events in between.   Is our government working for Americans?  Hell no!

    THE "F" WORD
    One minor interruption in the march to fascism and extreme-anti-labor and pro-peace repression was the election of John F. Kennedy.  JFK was also an avid Cold Warrior and no lightweight, but he had his limits.  Global thermonuclear war and terrorist attacks waged on Americans were past his limits.  He stopped them, they stopped him ... DEAD.  Not only was his assassination a problem-solving measure for fascists, but a "Shock and Awe" event against the US popular culture and minorities who (perhaps unjustifiably) adored him.

    I'm open to comments and criticism on this viewpoint, but I think it works in a nutshell, and there's much evidence and context to back it up.

    Sept 11 is not a single anomaly, but a steady march in the direction of a global fascist dictatorship by a wealthy western ruling class, imposed by the political-economic leadership in the most effective manner possible: by tacit consent of the governed, albeit consent which is manufactured thru FEAR and a fabric of lies.

    This sounds all theoretical, but there's much to understand about what "neo-liberalism" means and the history of economic and social repression by a de facto ruling class in the United States, especially pre-Roosevelt.

    Terrorism / War on Terror / "War for survival" is obviously a project of the G8 nations and their Intelligence, albeit led by the power brokers of the United States and Britain.  Sept 11 is an adjunct of Economic Globalization, the use of fear to cower the masses into accepting total control, and the criminalization of dissent.  "Al-Qaeda" has been used for similar purposes in Yugoslavia under Clinton, and is being used elsewhere today, places like Iraq, Iran, Syria, westen China, and Chechnya, as well as being blamed for attacks in the western G8 nations

    The US War on Terror is a War on Americans and a war on ALL people, including the middle and upper middle class, including low-level wealth like small business, except the very highest elite families.

    The 'New' Cold War is the Same Old Scam.

    13 Predictions for the War on Terror Acrobat PDF from a right winger

    YOU CAN RETURN HOME Home:  Take Over World NOW or read a few more minor points:

    INTRODUCTION - forces and circumstances behind September 11.
    a few more points
    "Don't look at the man behind the curtain, Dorothy"
    Party politics is a non-starter, whether you hate Republicans or hate Democrats, or neither. 
    It's not "all about Bush" or even Neo-cons, nor is it "Clinton's incompetence". 
    Trust me .. or your own brain:  there was NO lack of competence.

     There are hundreds of rational questions and disturbing answers about what really happened on 9-11.

    Al-Qaeda & this website, summed up in 2 min rant
    Alex Jones, Jeremy Glick excerpt
    Alex Jones, Jeremy Glick excerpt MP3

    This covers both Republican and Democrat administrations, including "trustworthy" people like Jimmy "Habitat for friggin Humanity" Carter, who once backed Indonesian genocide of E. Timor, and under whose admin the Al-Qaeda Project was first launched.

    How did "they" slip past our $12 Trillion defense system?
    Did Saddam send Al-Qaeda Sleeper Cells to spike the govt's coffee with valium?
    Besides, who is "they"?  Evidence of any Islamic Terrorist network which is independent of the one created by CIA is sketchy.
    Brzezinski saidThere isn't a global Islam.  He's right.

    Why isn't anyone in media mentioning these obvious points?

    "The End of the Constitution"TM and the beginning of the Martial Law State
    TM  --- is suggested by top military and politicians --- just to keep us safe, mind you.
    It's rolling out *NOW* -- but to be fully enacted upon the next "inevitable" devastating terrorist strike, probably nuclear or bio, we will begin to "question our own Constitution and militarize our country."  Perhaps this is fear-mongering for control, perhaps it's inevitable.

    the "real problem":  Americans just have too much darn freedom for their own good.  Do you believe this?
    "Most people need to be told what to do." - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    We've had our 200-year chance.  We fought, made some gains, lost some battles.  We "rabble" are like farm animals who labor for food, but also are self-directed to eat out, have sex, pay taxes, and watch TVThose of wealth and power think we need husbandry and management from wise elites - them.

    They think we need some old-fashioned Tyranny -- the norm thoughout history.   (Oops, I meant "New Freedom"TM)

    EVERYTHING from here into the future is about 9-11 ... forever!
    That's what THEY said.  The "War on Terror" will last our lifetimes, just like the "War on Drugs".  The "Cold War" had to end when the Soviet Union fell, but "TERRORISTS" are so fuzzy and undefined, this War can go on endlessly.

    Thousands of dead and maimed Americans and tens of thousands of dead and maimed Arabs are all due to 9-11.
    Domestic budget cuts, corporate tax breaks, new military surveillance, Pentagon policing our private live are all about the THREAT of terrorism   But the President wanted NO investigation (and he succeeded in that aim).   Shouldn't we at least peek behind the curtain.

    I present a tiny compilation of key info, by others who use with a lot of  verifiable original footnotes and references.  I just use web links in place of footnotes.  Questionable disinfo-rubbish is sifted out to the best degree possible.  Minor revisions will continue indefinitely.

    I include many conservative researchers, partly for obvious socio-political considerations, because the spin machine has most people convinced that "only liberals hate Bush" and that's all this is about.  They say "conservatives love Bush and trust the government" -- and everyone else is a partisan liberal kook. Trad. Conservatives distrust govt.
    I also include some commentators from a Legitimate Left  which is not merely a front for the Democratic corporatocracy.

    Sometimes I spell Al-Qaida, sometimes Al-Qaeda.

    This is a test I use.  If people say "Bush is terrible, but Clinton was great" and "Nobody died when Clinton lied", I know I'm dealing with a deluded Liberal Democrat.  1.5 million Iraqis died under Clinton, and more Yugoslavians, Sudanese, etc.  Madeline Albright told us that 700,000 dead Iraqi children was worth the price to punish Saddam.
    These sadistic nutjobs
    should be tortured and starved.

    Some of my wonderful liberal friends think that creating a Federal Dept of Peace will somehow "solve the problems and misunderstandings that lead to violence", when our top eschelon "rulers" were terrified of an olive branch from Saddam that might ruin their war plans ... I really, really hate to be so cynical about their efforts at "waging peace"

    Media mouthpieces (other than typical blowhards) are hinting at calling "Peace" statements  "Sedition in a time of war", potentially punishable by death. 
    The writer was pointing at speeches by Kerry and Dean, but those two extablishment pimps cannot be the real targets.  Hell, both Kerry and Dean wanted to expand the Iraq War, draft troops to "win it".  Their character assassinations may be used as the precedent to apply to harsher measures to mere civilians. It's been done before in US history, and many times by foreign civilians targeted by US or CIA aggression, so there's a precedent.
    I don't think the DOP can help create more understanding in a system owned by Fascists.

    I borrowed this quote:
    Would the Dept. of Peace have a Bureau of Harmony and Understanding, Office of Sympathy and Trust Abounding?
    I note with some trepedation that the Dept. oF War was created to Defend America.  When the purpose shifted to "naked imperialism", to ATTACK rather than DEFENSE, the Dept. of War was renamed the Dept. of Defense.

    On the other hand, when Conservatives say they demand small government but DEFEND corporate welfare and Republican crime and corruption, I know they really have no conservative principles.  They are either flacks or deluded on Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Hannity style of "toughness" over substance.

    IT WOULD BE SILLY TO FOCUS ON MERE FINGER-POINTING IN A ONE-PARTY SYSTEM MIRED IN CORRUPTION, run by secrecy, directed by an unelected elite.  Bush certainly couldn't have planned this by himself.  Naming names IS necessary, but not an end in itself.

    Please see this site not as a final repository of information, but as a "reader's digest", plus combining worthwhile clues for analysis that's not inch-deep.

    The main researchers I cite (along with their drawbacks) are:
    (researchers who ultimately act like CIA operatives STILL have to put out some solid info for credibility)
    • Michel Chossudovsky Prof. of Global Economics, and all his footnotesSomewhat Pedantic. Dunne criticizes his emphasis on a War on Iran, deeming it unlikely due to US collaboration on Iraq, and Chossudovsky's relations with Peak Oil propoenents, but Michel's data and analysis around Brzezinski's Global Chessboard strategy is well-supported.
    • Fintan Dunne, lone wolf, on breakfornews.com - he called 9-11 a Wag the WTC psy-op from Day One, a "live" horror movie staged by US, British, Israeli, and Arab Intelligence officials and The G8 Managers for "Shock and Awe".
    • Alex  Jones rightwing talk host and all his high-level guests - Historical info and current analysis, dynamic documentary films, but always a whacko "poison pill", especially for those who are not far-right ideologues.  Twisted over-emphasis on Communism, seems like he's still fighting the Cold War.  MOST LIKELY AN "OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD" PLANT.   The John Birch Society has traditionally been a front for FBI/CIA counter-intelligence in America.
    • Ralph  Schoenman, his partner Mya Shone, early JFK researcher and revolutionary truth-teller - Marxist, accurate.  Pedantic. Chomsky-esque style, but with more balls.   Also, his co-host Bonnie Faulkner.
    • Michael Ruppert fmr LAPD narcotics/homicide detective,  ALMOST CERTAINLY CIA.  He's into Peak Oil hysteria. He has introduced very good info on Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard, and short sales of stock.  Valuable contributions -- esp on how drugs, arms, illegal money-laundering capital flows is aligned with Wall Street.
    • Daniel Hopsicker on madcowprod.com fmr ABC news producer and investigative journalist,  Good documentaries. Why does he say "Saudi's fault" instead of "Saudi complicity with CIA"?  Why does he seemingly take Michael Moore's and Richard Perle's position, which is to punish Saudi Arabia?  Why does he insist that the Al-Qaeda Hijackers were REAL, when his own evidence indicates they're not?  I think he's a fake with some good info.
    • Peter Mayer at Serendiptity.li has some excellent info on CIA - plus anti-Zionist pages, veering into a Jew-hating stench.
    • various "rogue" FBI agents who have attempted to tell the truth about what they know (limited hangout?), and
    • various other sourced articles from newspapers and top publications such as the Financial Times, Harper's, and strangely Vanity Fair, backing up less well known journalists.
    In other words, someone for every taste.

    STOP THE LIE is another good overview website, maybe than mine, but I have better graphics, sarcasm, and links, and good historical context.

    I picked my own selected news links.  By using an intuitive set of "keywords".  anyone can verify or supplement information using Google or other search engines.  Pay attention to using "multi-word phrases" (in quotes) vs. individual words (not in quotes).

    My email address is several pages in, so people must at least review the material before sending hate mail.