The name  TAKEOVERWORLD  is a joke.
The site fit on one floppy disk before adding video and audio.
A large percentage of us must gain wisdom and discernment about the fishbowl we swim in.
We think of partisan struggles and "bi-partisan" consensus.
The role of institutions of Real Power is obscured.
One tiny glimpse is that Dick Cheney's employer is literally Obama's employer.
Obama and Cheney are CLEARLY working for the same "Board of Directors" of America.
If WE can find common ground and agreement, armed revolution may become redundant and pointless.
Armed revolutions tend to be bloody and chaotic, armed militias try to kill the other HALF, and who knows the outcome.
Let's not engage as Right Wingnuts and Left Moonbats, as our leaders manipulate us to define ourselves.
This site name is a joke, the content is not.

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September 11 was not "a conspiracy".
It was POLICY, in writing.

September 11 was not "a conspiracy".  It was POLICY, in writing, see below.
Set aside the "9-11 Tinfoil Conspiracy allegations".
Set aside physics on the Towers. True or false, the technical details present a barrier.
Let's look at the whole incident and history, in context.

In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.

The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values (like liberty and democracy?). Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.
- Between Two Ages : America's Role in the Technetronic Era - 1970

US Authorities want us to believe that "Muslims" attacked us, and that could be true, but ...

1. FBI staged bombings in America, using provocatuers and Islamic pastys, in 1993.
Judges incl Mukasey could not deny taped admissions.  See WND article below.
The Islamists opposed the dicator Mubarak in Egypt, backed by the US.
The provocateur who arranged the bombing was from Egyptian Intelligence, on FBI payroll and command.
Prosecutors Guiliani and Patrick Fitzgerald tried to suppress these facts.
Prosecutors invented the name "Al-Qaeda" for the RICO Act, a name Osama Bin Laden had not used until they said it on TV.

Foreign policy advisors stated that people living under democratic rule reject "imperial mobilization", unless terrified.

Pentagon-Intell advisors stated in writing that it was VITAL to their goals of global hegemony that America
fight (start) and decisively win "multiple, simultaneous major theater wars".
Pentagon-Intell advisors stated that they needed a bloodbath on American soil to start these wars.
The 19 hijackers supposedly had the motive (although their decadent lifestyle in the US conflicts with that), but did they really have the means?  Who made the opportunity so easy?  You'll see, but part of that answer was given by Colleen Rowley seen on the very cover of Time Magazine, when she jokingly suggested there was "an Al-Qaeda mole inside the FBI".
The 9-11 Solution -How the myth was sold-

In the past, US Mil/Intell and foreign Secret Police employed a covert "Strategy of TENSION
"  to terrorize civilians, an old method.
They have carried out bombings and shootings against random civilians using False-Flag Operations to blame it one someone else.
The Joint Chiefs once approved of a preliminary plan to bomb and shoot up the United States, to blame it on Castro.
Random bombings
hightened Security concerns.  Political & electoral outcomes were changed.  That is political terrorism. CIA has launched terror operations around the globe, some overt, some covert.

Trillions of dollars in military spending and petro-dollars were riding on America's pre-planned "War on Terror".

Policy experts stated America needs to maintain control over "Eurasia" (Middle East) and block any competitor (China) from unimpeded access.
Bush was the perfect "fake cowboy" actor to pull it off, with a dose of Christian Warrior posturing, with assistance from his spokespersons and the jingoistic media.  (You knew Bush was afraid of horses and bought his "ranch" for a campaign prop, right? So say some real Texans.)

5. There are w-a-a-a-y more connections between "terrorists" and our "security state" than implied by the few sources willing to concede that much historical fact.

Bush-Carlyle Group-Binladen Construction and family-Saudi Royals is just one connection.
Meet The Carlyle Group - Former World Leaders and Washington Insiders Making Billions in the War on Terrorism
Al-Qaeda was used as our proxy army in the late 1990s, under Clinton, according to the Republican Senate Policy Committee (which buried their own report).  Links below.
One of our good-guy hired guerilla commanders in late 90s was Mohamed al-Zawahiri, brother of Dr. Ayman Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda leader.
Another man involved with every single major attack alternated between Muslim Brotherhood, the US Army, mujahideen in Afghanistan (while enlisted in North Carolina), defense contractor, assistant and trainer and bodyguard to Bin Laden and to Zawahiri, FBI or CIA informant.

6. Alternate enemies - Saudis, Pakistan - helped the Pentagon and CIA funnel money and weapons to Islamic CIA proxies, assisting covert Al-Qaeda operations.
Israel helped that effort too, just as Israel helped arm Iran leading up to and during the Iran-Iraq war.
"Charlie Wilson's War"
movie shows how Right Wing Christians and Reaganites funded Islamic radical fighters, allegedly to help the Afghan people defend themselves from the Soviets, but the movie hides the fact that our National Security funded the Mujahideen terrorists starting July 3, 1979, long before any Soviet invasion, for the express purpose of inducing that terrible military assault on Afghanistan, and justifying the US "response".  Before that, the Soviets were not repressing, they were helping their next-door neighbors replace a primitive fundamentalist Islamic govt with a more modern, leftist, albeit socialist govt, which permitted freedoms like women getting
education and serving in govt.  The govt tried to subdue Islamic Radicalism.  We used Afghani people as pawns and PR symbols to attack the USSR by proxy.

7. Saudi hijackers supposedly attacked us on 9-11, but the Saudi Royals are allies with Bush, Citigroup, CIA, etc.

So close are they that a civil suit by American survivors of Sept 11 against Saudi Royals was shut down by Bush's family attorney James Baker, on the grounds of diplomatic immunity, a favor protecting Saudis from the American people.  Would the investigation have linked back to the Baker's American clients?  We'll never know, but it's a good bet, considering ...
Bush recently gave Saudis $30B in weapons, even offered them nuke technology.

8. A look at WHO apparently arranged the Sept 11 attack, and for what reasons, is more important, relevant, and more interesting than technical details about architecture, metallurgy, and HOW Buildings were destroyed.  It's a History Channel miniseries on CIA drama.  It's like "CSI" comes home.

videos from the Alternative Views indie cable access show

Let's start with groups and people that collaborated in the past with Al-Qaeda/Mujahideen,
and/or collaborated in fabricating threats, such as PNAC, Team B, American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Freedom House, Freedom's Watch, CFR - Council on Foreign Relations, Center for Security Policy, Family Security Matters, Vets for Freedom, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and many other similar well-funded "think tanks" and PR shops.  Freedom, freedom, freedom, but you better watch what you say (Ashcroft).  These groups share interlinked members and have links with CIA covert ops, the White House, and the broad Military-Industrial Complex, including those who "advise" the President and Veep, Congress, and Defense Policy Board at the Pentagon.
Some had deeper access than most in Congress.

"New leaders with an iron will are required to root out the corruption and either reestablish a virtuous state, or to institute a new one. . .  If we bask in false security and drop our guard, the rot spreads, corrupting the entire society. Once that happens, only violent and extremely unpleasant methods can bring us back to virtue."
"We're all about ending tyranny and spreading democracy, that's what we do."
"the way to defeat the terror masters is by the spread of Democratic revolution"

"enemies are now among the most enthusiastic supporters of spreading democracy"

One can only hope that we turn the [Middle East] region into a cauldron, and faster, please.
~~ quotes by Michael Ledeen

I cannot deny the weighty Jewish-neocon influence in these institutions, nor the heavy right-wing Jewish neocon efforts stoking the Cold War, but I don't endorse the "ZOG" theory that some 9-11 activists promote about Jews secretly sponsoring 9-11.  America was doing this stuff long before Israel existed.  Some opportunist Jews, who were far right Democrats (with "Scoop" Jackson, "Senator from Boeing"), aligned themselves with US policy elites and Satan-fearing Christians back in the Cold War days of the 50s and 60s.  They helped Nixon too.  They over-hyped anti-communist hysteria to fight "the Evil Empire", culminating in mass murder in Vietnam and
in Latin America in the 1980s, and around the globe (see John Stockwell retired CIA, or Philip Agee, or Ralph McGehee), thereby earning "props" and gaining political power we see them wield today. People higher up the food chain selected the Neocons in 2000.

Plenty of Muslims do in fact "hate America", or at least dislike American foreign policy, or dislike sleazy Western culture, there is some truth to that.  Other nominal Muslims and Arabs admire AmericaIronically, some of the alleged hijackers seemed to have reveled in American sleaze.  *Evidence* is abundant that the govt's conspiracy theory --- about how Al-Qaeda operatives beat our $12 Trillion automated Defense System developed for 45-years --- are improbable, illogical, or flat-out impossible.

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1993 WTC bombing
Let's cut to the chase ...

The 1993 World Trade Center bombing is widely considered the "sister-event" or precedent for the Sept 11, 2001 attack.
The 1993 World Trade Center bombing was like the "Opening Salvo" in the War on Terror, Act One of the drama.
The 1993 bombing was the first one blamed on a new group called "Al-Qaeda" by NY Prosecutors.
So let's take a close look at it.

Grand Deception - Second Look at the War on TerrorismIt is ON THE RECORD that the 1993 WTC bombing was planned-and-staged by the FBI.  See "FBI and the mad bombers" below.
The court could not toss out FBI agent admissions caught on tape (by the informant-provocateur), nor could they toss out the testimony of other FBI agents' confirming it. (Prosecution accused her of having a sexual relationship with the Egyptian informant.)

The Judge therefore stated that FBI's sponsorship of the bombing was a GOOD THING!

His argument was that the terrorists might have used a worse bomb, if the FBI had not supplied the explosives.  Two problems with that story.

One, the plan for the bombing came from the FBI, not from the guys they arrested and convicted (including the infamous "Blind Sheik").

Two, the "informant" who set up the bombing step-by-step, he wanted to supply FAKE explosives as the FBI first told him, so nobody would get hurt.  The FBI supervisor insisted on using LIVE explosives.  The Egyptian informant politely accused the FBI of "screwing up". He was basically told to mind his own business, that the FBI supervisor had ordered the live bomb for higher reasons which were not to be his concern.

Mr. Salem taped himself telling his 'handler' FBI agent Floyd: "Since the bomb went off I feel terrible. I feel bad. I feel here is people who don't listen."   emad_salem.mp3

But here's the main point again:
What's NOT open to debate is that the FBI planned 1993 WTC.
"an overzealous sting operation" they admitted

FBI received written transcripts from their informant, every step of the way, as the "sting" slowly unfolded.  FBI provided the original plan with targets, the safe house, money, bomb, instructions, truck, and explosives.  The safe house was actually paid for by a female Mossad agent.  FBI agents manned the Ryder truck rental office.

The convicted bombers
agreed to the FBI's plans and carried them out, not realizing it was an FBI sting. Mohammed A. Salameh FAILED at following directions on where to park the truck.
Rare TV NEWS report about WTC bombing FBI Foreknowledge  Then he went back to collect the $400 deposit from Ryder after the truck blew up.

(The arrested and convicted bombers were described as mildly "retarded" -- 70 to 85 IQ.  That factor supports the "too stupid to have done it on their own" argument more than the "criminal mastermind" argument.)

Here's what that huge gaping hole in the official 1993 story looks like, according to the CEO of "DITTOHEAD CENTRAL", Christian, Conservative news site World Net Daily:

The FBI and the mad bombers
Posted: December 09, 1999  -- By Joseph Farah
LINK: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=14869
Local: FBI_and_the_mad_bombers.htm
"To make a long, complicated story short and simple: The FBI spent $3 million of your tax money to blow up the World Trade Center."

"When will this insanity end? What is the overall objective of the FBI and government? Are these activities actually designed to thwart terrorism or encourage it? Who benefits most from terrorist activity?


Remember this the next time you hear about a so-called "terrorist incident." [end excerpt]

This is from a Rush Limbaugh-friendly site, but it's accurate. It also explains the 1995 bombing inside job in Oklahoma City and other disasters too, in only 727 words.
I love the simplicity.  Conservatives know how to get to the point, without a lot of "liberal intellectual blather". (I love you, my liberal friends.)

Maybe you DON'T LIKE FAR RIGHT, Christian, tabloid-looking sources?  Try this:
Ralph Schoenman - Who Bombed the World Trade Center (1993) with much more detail www.takingaimradio.com/articles/wtc93.html  local copy
Schoenman has what looks like
impeccable Left-y credentials, with structural analysis & class analysis that Leftists approve over "right wing loonies" and their "conspiracy theories". Look at Schoenman's recordSchoenman also explains the POLITICAL RAMIFICATIONS and REASONS, something the 9-11 Truth Movement is pretty unclear about, or oversimplifies.

Good articles by Chip Berlet:
The War on Christmas  
critical: Right woos Left - Chip Berlet, professional anti-conspiracist


FOR the original NY Times and LA Times articles on 1999, click the Chertoff link way down this page and scroll down to Free Republic, which has them archived.

Which precedent did the 1993 bombing really set? The "evil Islamic terrorists" precedent or the "Arab patsies run by FBI/CIA" precedent?

Who was the crazy Judge over that 1993 bombing trial who said it was a "good thing" that FBI supplied the bomb?
Bush appointed Judge Michael Mukasey to be Attorney General of the United States, approved by Democrats.  Who were the Prosectors? Patrick Fitzgerald (Valerie Plame-CIA case) and Rudolph Guiliani.

Since the 1993 attack was an FBI-planned-and-staged operation, is it wrong to seriously consider it's 2001 "sister-event" a govt op too?  Sept 11 happened under Saint George W. Bush, while the previous attack occurred under Bill Clinton; is that a good reason to ignore these facts??

It's not hard to imagine why WND stopped following their own advice to "remember who did this" after January 20, 2001, the day of the Bush inauguration, given their editorial makeup and ownership. Thankfully, they did not scrub the Mad Bombers article from the WND site.

SANDER HICKS (investigator, reporter):
Am I the only one who thinks that it’s creepy that the FBI guy who admitted the FBI knew all about planes being flown into buildings well before 9/11,
Michael Anticev, has the same last name as the FBI agent John Anticev, who handled Emad Salem, the informant who said that the FBI “built the bomb” for the 1993 WTC bombing?

We’re doing this for a higher reason. We know what we’re doing and we know what it’s gonna mean in the future."

link to FBI taped admission transcripts

Who Called The Shots In WTC '93?
Sgt. Ali Mohamed Was The Right Man, In The Right Place, At The Right Time
(A terrorist and a US Army officer!!!)
By J.M. Berger - INTELWIRE.com

Joseph Calhoun on 1993 WTC bombing obscured news coverage

What was "in the air" PRIOR TO the 1993 bombing?

This article about propaganda was written by Leon T. Hadar and published by both the Jerusalem Post, and by the prestigious libertarian Cato Institute SIX MONTHS before the 1993 bombing:

The Green Peril - Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat
(local MHT archive)

Now that the Cold War is becoming a memory, America's foreign policy establishment has begun searching for new enemies.

Indeed, like the Red Menace of the Cold War era, the Green Peril is perceived as a cancer spreading around the globe, undermining the legitimacy of Western values and political systems. The cosmic importance of the confrontation would make it necessary for Washington to adopt a longterm diplomatic and military strategy; to forge new and solid alliances; to prepare the American people for a neverending struggle that will test their resolve; and to develop new containment policies, new doctrines, and a new foreign policy elite with its "wise men" and "experts."

There are dangerous signs that the process of creating a monolithic threat out of isolated events and trends in the Moslem world is already beginning. The Green Peril thesis is now being used to explain diverse and unrelated events in that region, with Tehran replacing Moscow as the center of ideological subversion and military expansionism and Islam substituting for the spiritual energy of Communism.

Islam does seem to fit the bill as the ideal post-Cold War villain. "It's big; it's scary; it's anti-Western; it feeds on poverty and discontent," wrote David Ignatius, adding that Islam "spreads across vast swaths of the globe that can be colored green on the television maps in the same way that communist countries used to be colored red."  (cute)

Foreign policy experts are already using the familiar Cold War jargon to describe the coming struggle with Islam.


The creation of a peril usually starts with mysterious "sources" and unnamed officials who leak information, float trial balloons, and warn about the coming threat. Those sources reflect debates and discussions taking place within government. Their information is then augmented by colorful intelligence reports that finger exotic and conspiratorial terrorists and military advisers. Journalists then search for the named and other villains. The media end up finding corroboration from foreign sources who form an informal coalition with the sources in the U.S. government and help the press uncover further information substantiating the threat coming from the new bad guys.


Besides the "new villain", there was a great need to block a long-awaited "peace dividend" for social services and tax relief.  (Screw that peace dividend. How will Cold Warriors feed their families without a new threat?)

There is a real strategic interest in expanding America's military force and economic blackmail amongst populations that do not want Washington to dictate their affairs -- "FINANCE capitalism" -- Wall Street style -- knocking over govts, installing US puppets, CIA and USAID etc rigging elections.  Finance = Debt.

The Grand Chessboard, by Zbigniew Brzezinski, goes into much detail about the need to secure the ENERGY-RICH REGION of Eurasia, the Middle East.
    Wise Up Journal on The Grand Chessboard 
Grand Chessboard - Part 1 - America’s Role as the First, Only, and Last Truly Global Superpower
Grand Chessboard - Part 2 - Cultural Decay and Motivating Empire
Grand Chessboard - Part 3 - Supranational Unions As A Stepping Stone
Grand Chessboard - Part 4 - Interdependence and the Luxury of War
How World War III Began - Act 1/2  (video, youtube)
How World War III Began - Act 2/2

Capitalism, is business and manufacture organized around non-human institutions created-and-defined in Law i.e. by Governments, to internalize profits, to socialize risk and losses on the public,
outsource waste and damage, and to allow owners to evade civic and personal responsibility.  These institutions were opposed or greatly restricted by most of America's Founders, who had fought a war to throw off the tyranny of British Crown Corporations.  Corporate Human and Civil Rights were forced on Americans by Lawyers and Judges, by Lobbyists, by Greed.  That was bad enough, but seems like "good old times" today.  Industry IS good, risk socialization is fine if the accounting is kept.  The main problem is the relative reduction in human freedom and Enlightement ideals in the face of Government-backed financial tyranny combined with police repression, going back decades.  Baubles and gadgets are not a good trade-off for human freedom.

But where FINANCE capitalism has been permitted to take root by bought or terrified or coup-ed governments, manufacture and productivity is destroyed, de-industrialization creeps in, then wages decline while both public and private and business debt skyrockets.

The 1936 Senate Nye Report was about military industrial corporations fomenting wars in South America, Central America and Europe, by starting mini arms races and provoking fear and hostile relations, to sell more weapons or for other strategic considerations.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
-- James Madison while a United States Congressman

"We need a common enemy to unite us." - Condoleeza Rice in 2000

This need for a "common enemy" is a common view amongst elites.
It's basic Machiavelli and Leo Strauss.  And Hitler.
“A prince must have no other objectives or other thoughts or take anything for his craft, except war.”
"The Elite Few" have granted themselves a 'moral license' to spread lies to "the Vulgar Many", and to manipulate our emotions with religion, patriotism, and fear.

Chertoff and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing  <- LINKS to more
including: Chertoff defended a physician embezzler with terrorist ties.
Chertoff helped write the PATRIOT Act, before 9-11.  Joe Lieberman played a big role in writing that PATRIOT Act, so our government can keep tabs on us and keep us "safe".

Counter-terrorism WORKING w/ TERRORISTS  <- LINK to more
Benton K. Partin, Brig Gen (ret) 31-y veteran, cmdr of Air Force Armament Technology Lab:
 "OK City was inside job".
Taking Aim Radio including - Black Ops: Signature of the Gangster State, Outing the Gentlemen Killers of the CIA,  Edwin Wilson and the Merchants of Death
TERRORIST MONEYMAN - a CIA/Pakistan operative meets in the White House
CIA Rejects Discipline For 9/11 "Failures"
"Let Bin Laden stay free" - former CIA chief
Did U.S. cut deal to let bin Laden stay free?
CIA reportedly disbands Bin Laden unit
The ‘airlift of evil’  rescuing Al-Qaida from the Mountains
Delta Force commander ordered to NOT kill Bin Laden (CBS)
German Court Criticizes U.S. for Withholding Evidence in terror trial
Sept. 11's Smoking Gun: The Many Faces of Saeed Sheikh
Alleged Hijackers Trained at US Bases
Scoop: UQ Wire: 911 Hijackers Who Lived At A US Navy Base
FBI refused to accept 14,000 incriminating Saudi documents
Pentagon Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks - Rumsfeld's P2OG

Permanent War: The Stakes For Working People

TERRORISM AGAINST CUBA -protecting terrorists, arresting those who reported on them

FBI-related Headlines

- US agents told to "back off" Bin Ladens (ANANOVA)

- Bush Thwarted FBI probe against Bin Ladens (AFP)
- FBI told to "back off" investigating Bin Laden family before the attacks on Sept. 11th: BBC Newsnight
- Has someone been sitting on the FBI? BBC Newsnight transcript
- Bush took FBI Agents of bin Laden family trail (TIMES OF INDIA)
- FBI claims Bin Laden inquiry was frustrated (LONDON GUARDIAN)
- FBI 'was told to back off bin Laden family' (SYDNEY MORNING HERALD)
- Another FBI Agent Blows the Whistle on 9-11
- FBI agent: I was stymied in terror probe
- Whistleblower Complains of FBI Obstruction
- Judicial Watch press conference featuring special FBI agent Robert Wright - impeded from terrorist investigations
- Scandal Inside the FBI: Did G-Men Miss the Boat on 9-11?
- FBI Lawyer Tells of Terror 'Roadblock'
- Minneapolis agent says FBI headquarters rewrote requests for search warrants for Moussaoui
- Agent Claims FBI Supervisor Thwarted Probe
- Agent blasts FBI over 11 September 'cover-up'
- Angry FBI agents joked about al Qaeda mole at HQ
- Another FBI Agent Blows the Whistle - New evidence that the Bureau quashed another terror probe before 9/11
- FBI Agent: Bureau Prevented Terror Probe
- The ignored warning: FBI officer prevented from prosecuting future 9/11 hijacker

Various WTC architecture and building collapse controversies about explosions vs. planes tells as little as ballistics arguments about JFKThat's gotten nowhere.  We won't face that our system of government is a plutocracy, aristocracy, and kleptocracy.  The technical arguments are merely fodder for "conspiracy theorists" to play with, which avoids the "systemic" questions, who and why.

A Wall Street based informal clique working as "intelligence" and "investment/business" had collaborated with Nazi banking and Nazi war industry, as well as funnelling big money to the Nazi Party political campaign.  Degrees of involvement varied amongst individuals.
CIA was spawned by this group, linked with the OSS.  Some leaders were directly involved in founding the regime in Saudi in Arabia, by backing King Saud with money and weapons.
During World War 2, Truman accused the CEO of Standard Oil of "treason".

The fact that "Oswald the Commie Traitor" got a $435 loan from the CIA for a return flight from Moscow with his "white" Russian wife, or the fact that Oswald's street address for "Fairplay for Cuba" was shared with one of Hoover's anti-communist anti-Cuba cops (Oswald got a TV interview to promote Cuba, despite being the only member), or that the far right considered JFK a "pinko" and "traitor" President for being insufficiently hyped on the Cold War, or the fact that Oswald's CIA agent payroll number was 110669, or the fact that in September 1962, LHO joined FBI as $200-per-mo informant (Warren Comm exec session, Jan 27, 1964), or the fact that the CIA Director Dulles who Kennedy had fired for running the Bay of Pigs operation to overthrow/kill Castro against the President's orders was then appointed the lead investigator of Kennedy's murder ... I hope you get my point.  Oswald was no "lone nut".  CIA, which Johnson later called "Murder, Inc." -- and it's various associates -- would be the most likely suspects. Murder and coups was their specialty.


  Some US officials wanted a terror bloodbath, in writing, prior to Sept 11.

If you heard someone advocating the need for an attack on America, to launch a global revolution, would you report them to the authorities?
What if they were the authorities?
Wouldn't that represent a conflict of interest if they were "fighting terrorism", but at the same time, they WANTED a Pearl Harbor/9-11 event?  What if, to add to suspicions, they belonged to orgs that supported violent Islamic radicals in the past, for destabilization, terror, psychological warfare?
Wouldn't it burn you up to see them smiling on TV, pressuring us to wage wars supposedly against terrorism?

Pentagon-Intell officials and foreign policy flacks were writing in scholarly journals (that few people read) that  they
NEEDED Americans to experience a severe and terrifying crisis -- a bloodbath, really -- to drive us to support twin policies of war and a "domestic security" crackdown.  Internal security is usually a nice way of saying "repression". These propagandists (with direct contacts inside the CIA and Pentagon) described interim goals and tactics, which resembled those stated by "Osama bin Laden", who is a"former" CIA and Pentagon asset --
-- the use of terror for political change in the USA.

The described goals, which included wars in the Middle East, Iraq especially, were part of a Defense Dept policy plan dubbed The Wolfowitz Doctrine to cover 1994 - 1999, also echoed by PNAC and eventually the Bush Doctrine and National Security Strategy.
Bi-Partisan too.

How could our media FAIL to notice these Public Relations statements made 1 to 2 years before 9-11, advocating FOR a 9-11 event?
How dare they mock critics and whistleblowers!
 www.Takeoverworld.info/proterrorism.html  (updated:  July 18, 2009)
How many innocent people would you kill/sacrifice for a few trillion dollars?
How many innocent people would you kill for a huge visionary military-capitalist project for world domination?
Does "world domination" sound too corny?  Too sci-fi?  Dr. Evil?
They run America.

This is not that complicated:

Imagine the cops find a dead body, and then a note from an estranged spouse about hiring a hitman.
Is that proof?
Almost. Indicated intent, motive.
Is it evidence in the crime?
Of course

Now imagine the spouse has police connections, and that the cops order no murder investigation.  What would that mean?  What would the citizens say?  "Okey-dokey"?

Detectives usually consider as "prime suspects" persons closest to the crime, when looking for evidence.  Everybody knows that.  It's obvious. We've all watched many cop shows.  We have common sense.  Most crimes are "inside jobs", and cops know to look at those closest to the crime.

Imagine that three banks are robbed today by 3 teams of gunmen.  Cops wait 90 minutes to show up, too late to help.  One bank is next door to a police station, robbed in broad daylight.  Now imagine the police chief states that they ARE going to ATTACK THE CRIMINALS but they are NOT going to have any investigation whatsoever (later conceding to public pressure to have a limited investigation of the robberies). 
Chief agrees to sends his detectives ... AWAY ... to a neighboring county ... or country.

Why would cops NOT investigate a robbery spree?
What would it mean if someone used political connections to have the cops ORDERED to halt the investigation?

This is not that complicated.  Occam's Razor DOES apply to Sept 11 (as an indicator of likelihood, not proof).

One of the biggest anomalies about September 11 is that Bush ordered NO investigation of September 11.
Everyone knows that, right?
The term for this is Obstruction of Justice.

The fact that NOBODY in the media or FBI or 9-11 Commission or govt has made this simple observation -- and they act like it's the craziest idea to even think that the people who obstructed the investigation were involved in the crime -- this is one of the strongest clues that this STINKS!!!  This is the 800 LB gorilla in the room that everybody tiptoes around. 

"Lt. Colombo" would be all over these suspects, for their pretentious denial, if nothing else.  "Lt. Colombo" would have cracked the case in two TV shows at most.
  "There's just one thing that bothers me ..."

Blocking an investigation is a serious crime, and sufficient to *prove* that something is seriously wrong with the official story.  "Obstruction of justice" and "interfering with an investigation" are serious crimes, but when the orders come from the top, it has a different context.

Anthrax?  Which came from US govt labsThis anthrax is why a thorough investigation of Sept 11 was blocked by Presidential decree???   I would challenge anyone to defend this.
History Channel Admits Anthrax Attacks are an Inside Job
The FBI has narrowed its focus to "about four" suspects in the 6 1/2-year investigation of the deadly anthrax attacks of 2001, and at least three of those suspects are linked to the Army’s bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick in Maryland, FOX News has learned.
Among the pool of suspects are three scientists — a former deputy commander, a leading anthrax scientist and a microbiologist — linked to the research facility, known as USAMRIID.

ANTHRAX victims at the Sun Tabloid provided housing for Sept 11 hijackers (who knows what this means, but it's weird)

PROXY FORCES, such as Al-Qaeda

There is evidence that Al-Qaeda DOES exist, as a loose idea or belief system, not an official organization with a hierarchy of leadership, but clearly it has been a proxy force of US elites' foreign policy. The USgov has used proxy forces for decades, for covert and overt military operations, with US funding, arming, training.  This minimizes the use of US troops and special forces as much as possible.  It's easier and cheaper to hire mercenaries.

As of 2009, estimates are that less than 100 Al-Qaeda members exist in the area of Pakistan.

See "Power of Nightmares" on this page or Google Video.

Century of War - EngdahlAl-Qaeda was a US/CIA proxy to provoke/fight the Soviet Union.  Various Islamic radical groups like the Taliban and generic mujahideen were covertly sponsored by the US to stamp out socialism and even democratic independence from Washington in the Middle East.

How the USA dumped the Shah of Iran in favor of Islamic Mullahs
local) from William Engdahl's book, A Century of War

Democratic-Socialism threatens Wall Street's profits, and profits of other global investors linked to Wall Street, such as US and Western corps, but also the Saudis, Kuwaitis, Dubai, Turkish investors, etc.  Violent radical Islamists are not only anti-social, they're anti-socialist!!!  This is one thing seen as good or useful about them.

Socialists, in truth, may not be anti-religion but are anti-religious-authority.  Islamists (some) and Christians (some) crave religious authority as the only true authority.  They despise Liberty, Freedom, and the Western Enlightenment.

Al-Qaeda remained a US proxy.  OBL and Al-Qaeda and the Saudis and Israeli Mossad and Pakistani ISI have been "in bed" with the Pentagon, the Army, the CIA, the White House, British Intell, and the Bush family for decades.  Bin Laden's brother was Bush's first business partner.  Bush's lawyer was the Saudi's  and Binladen's lawyer too.  This next part sounds anti-Clinton and it is, but what is described here is BI-PARTISAN policy continued by the Bush Jr. administration.

Clinton-approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base
Jan 16, 1997   Local mht  Local PDF

Three Key Issues for Examination

This paper will examine the Clinton policy of giving the green light to Iranian arms shipments to the Bosnian Muslims, with serious implications for the safety of U.S. troops deployed there. Specifically, the balance of this paper will examine in detail the three issues summarized below:

1. The Clinton Green Light to Iranian Arms Shipments (page 3): In April 1994, President Clinton gave the government of Croatia what has been described by Congressional committees as a "green light" for shipments of weapons from Iran and other Muslim countries to the Muslim-led government of Bosnia. The policy was approved at the urging of (then CIA Director-designate) NSC chief Anthony Lake and the U.S. ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith. The CIA and the Departments of State and Defense were kept in the dark until after the decision was made.

2. The Militant Islamic Network (page 5): Along with the weapons, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and VEVAK intelligence operatives entered Bosnia in large numbers, along with thousands of mujahedin ("holy warriors") from across the Muslim world. Also engaged in the effort were several other Muslim countries (including Brunei, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Turkey) and a number of radical Muslim organizations. For example, the role of one Sudan-based "humanitarian organization," called the Third World Relief Agency, has been well-documented. The Clinton Administration's "hands-on" involvement with the Islamic network's arms pipeline included inspections of missiles from Iran by U.S. government officials.

3. The Radical Islamic Character of the Sarajevo Regime (page 8): Underlying the Clinton Administration's misguided green light policy is a complete misreading of its main beneficiary, the Bosnian Muslim government of Alija Izetbegovic. Rather than being the tolerant, multiethnic democratic government it pretends to be, there is clear evidence that the ruling circle of Izetbegovic's party, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), has long been guided by the principles of radical Islam. This Islamist orientation is illustrated by profiles of three important officials, including President Izetbegovic himself; the progressive Islamization of the Bosnian army, including creation of native Bosnian mujahedin units; credible claims that major atrocities against civilians in Sarajevo were staged for propaganda purposes by operatives of the Izetbegovic government; and suppression of enemies, both non-Muslim and Muslim.

Senate Republican Policy Committee on Bosnia Kosovo
March 31, 1999
Local mht  Local PDF
The Kosovo Liberation Army: Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties?
From 'Terrorists' to 'Partners'
Al Qa'ida organization supports Moslem fighters in both Bosnia and Kosovo
Tropoje, the hometown and current base of former Albanian president Sali Berisha, a major KLA patron, is also a known center for Islamic terrorists connected with Saudi renegade Osama bin-Ladin.

The following reports note the presence of foreign mujahedin (i.e., Islamic holy warriors) in the Kosovo war, some of them jihad veterans from Bosnia, Chechnya, and Afghanistan. Some of the reports specifically cite assets of Iran or bin-Ladin, or both, in support of the KLA. To some, "mujahedin" does not necessarily equal "terrorists." But since the foreign fighters have not been considerate enough to provide an organizational chart detailing the exact relationship among the various groups, the reported presence of foreign fighters together with known terrorists in the KLA's stronghold at least raises serious questions about the implications for the Clinton Administration's increasingly close ties to the KLA

Kosovo "Independence" is "Giving In" to US-NATO Sponsors of "Jihadists" Who Will Form Islamic State

Debate on Free Republic: KLA, al qaeda and Bill Clinton
"Ironically, we are completing EXACTLY what Hitler started in WWII.."

Bush grants Kosovo "statehood" (2008)

The Helsinki Treaty froze borders of European states after World War II, to prevent future wars over territory.  Bush unilaterally betrayed that treaty and blew it away.

Global Blowback | The New American (John Birch Society)

Remember Srebrenica  —  a.k.a. ‘So what if we globalized al Qaeda! 
Local PDF
There can be no peace or coexistence between 'the Islamic faith' and non-Islamic social and political institutions.
Srebrenica Muslims "ravaged and ransacked neighbouring ethnic Serb villages," continues Kliphuis, "killing and maiming the residents, who were often too old to offer any resistance. —  lying about genocide to achieve it ---

In November, 2001, what should have been an explosive article appeared in the Wall St. Journal's European edition.
Al Qaeda's Balkan Links 
"For the past 10 years…Ayman al-Zawahiri has operated terrorist training camps [and] weapons of mass destruction factories throughout Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Bosnia…Though the Clinton administration had been briefed extensively by the State Department in 1993 on the growing Islamist threat in former Yugoslavia, little was done to follow through…"

The US Administration claims that Osama bin Laden is behind the tragic events of the 11th of September. A major war supposedly "against international terrorism" has been launched, yet the evidence amply confirms that agencies of the US government have since the Cold War harbored the "Islamic Militant Network" as part of Washington's foreign policy agenda. In a bitter irony, the US Air Force is targeting the training camps established in the 1980s by the CIA.

The main justification for waging this war has been totally fabricated. The American people have been deliberately and consciously misled by their government into supporting a major military adventure which affects our collective future.

The point raised by Chossudovsky and others is that Al-Qaeda cannot be a longstanding paid partner of the Pentagon/CIA and an outside enemy at the same time.

Zawahiri's brother is head of KLA-NLA forces in Kosovo.
Ironically, the KLA’s head of élite forces, Muhammed al-Zawahiri, is the brother of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the military commander for Saudi-born terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden. The US Clinton Administration has, of course, declared bin Laden "public enemy number one" for his alleged involvement in the bombing of the two US embassies in East Africa in 1998. And Ayman al-Zawahiri has been implicated in the assassination attempt in 1995 against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Little wonder that numerous US policy analysts, even those who are hostile to Yugoslavia as a basic stance, are extremely uncomfortable with the Clinton Administration’s close ties with the KLA. There is no doubt that the involvement of the two brothers al-Zawahiri in the two movements is not coincidental.

Ben Works, director of the Strategic Research Institute of the US, noted: "There’s no doubt that bin Laden’s people have been in Kosovo helping to arm, equip and train the KLA. ... [T]he [US] Administration’s policy in Kosovo is to help bin Laden. It almost seems as if the Clinton Administration’s policy is to guarantee more terrorism."

Now this next one is LaRouche, but it seems to fit in with the United States Senate version above
Bin Laden Puppetmasters Smoked Out In Balkans November 9, 2001 -The mid-October revelations that an Osama bin Laden terrorist training camp is operating in the U.S.-controlled zone of Kosovo, are only the tip of the iceberg.

More Evidence “al-Qaeda” is a CIA-ISI Contrivance

Jane's Defense Weekly - A Marriage of Convenience (almost) backs "conspiracy theories"

The Covert Cowboys   Local
Many other sources.  It's an open secret.

NOTE: REPUBLICANS avoided mentioning their own scalding ANTI-CLINTON info in the mainstream.  Why?  They didn't want themselves to get burned.  Republicans arranging the "Path to 9-11" documentary on Clinton did not mention this as Treason, only accused Clinton of incompetence and timidity, plus being a pervert and liar.
Bush unilaterally granted Kosovo independent statehood in 2008, ignoring longstanding post-war European treaties.

Even a pro-Zionist pro-Israel Muslim interviewed by pro-Israel "Instapundit" and featured on Front Page Mag criticizes Bush for inviting Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah to his Texas ranch after 9-11, for calling him an ally in the struggle against terror.  "Now, that man is - from the very beginning - the real mastermind behind al-Qa'idah, and the one who used al-Qa'idah to hospitalize King Fahd and to become the de facto ruler of the country. That is like inviting the Emperor of Japan after Pearl Harbor, and telling him, 'You are our ally in the struggle against Nazi-Fascism.'"

A very long article about disinformation, for people already familiar with 9-11:

Official 9/11 Legend
There's Something About Omar:
Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11
by Chaim Kupferberg  Oct 21, 2003

NO, the answers are not in the movie "Zeitgeist".
Extensive details on the political reality of Sept 11 here:

Dr. Michel Chossudovsky explains the Geo-Politics behind the whole situation.  DO NOT attempt to watch or listen to Chossudovsky without a decent attention span.  He can seem like a BORING lecturer.  Not boring to me!  But he's a slow-talking academic.  He might remind you of Noam Chomsky.  He's an economist.  He's damn good at explaining this.

History has been severely whitewashed.  School NEVER taught about Wall Street support for the Nazis (really almost 'creating' them) and the attempted Fascist coup in America in 1933 by Wall Street bankers attempting to hire a private proxy army, exposed by Marine Commandant Gen. Smedley Butler, then whitewashed by Congressional hearings. This was the same year Hitler seized power.  How is THAT controversy not a significant school lesson?  If we don't even know about that, what else are are not told.

Hitler and the Nazis were a US proxy to attack the USSR, sponsored by Sullivan and Cromwell law firm and other major, famous US corporations, and some in the US govt, though not 'official policy'.  Wall Street bankers were acting as a "rogue" and "underground" foreign policy vehicle for their version of capitalism via theft, before they formed the CIA and gave themselves "legal authority" for their illegal acts.

The South Vietnam govt was a proxy for US interests in Asia.  Eisenhower said 80% of Vietnamese would have voted for Ho Chi Minh (with a Constitution similar to America's), so Washington cancelled elections in Vietnam and created an opposition movement/party.

The forces of South Korea were fascist military dictators, a US proxy, working with Japanese and

Taiwan fascists who were re-organized by Washington after Japan's surrender.

govt & paramilitary are a US mil proxy, WaPo finally admitted they are the source of cocaine, not stopping cocaine.

Contras in Nicaragua (including Honduran mercenaries) were Bush's and Ollie North's coke-funded proxy.

Batallion 316 was a US proxy force in Latin America, Guatemala, Bolivia, Honduras(Killing Hope, by William Blum)

Hundreds of thousands, in the millions overall, were killed in Latin America by US proxies working for/with CIA.  Indians were killable, considered "natural communists".  Sure, after their land was continually seized by European invaders, they tended to be "communist" in thought.

WACL is a group that organizes proxy forces to fight "communism" (poor people), constructed out of a global fascist post-WW2 underground.  Their US home is at The Heritage Foundation. Al-Qaeda has been called a Middle East branch of the World Anti-Communist Leage, a WACL proxy.

The Hungarian Uprising was staged by the CIA, by Cord Meyer.  Meyer also formed the "communist" World Federation.  Similar deal with the "Color Revolutions" in Eastern Europe in the 1990s.  Iran in 2009 and Honduras in 2009 were both classic "Color Revolutions", as well as attempts to subvert Venezuela.

Saddam Hussein was a CIA proxy, going back to the late 1950s, to kill liberals and to topple/kill Gen Qassem, who had the gall to declare neutrality with the USSR and re-open diplomatic relations.  Bad Qassem!  Yer dead.

Mossadegh in Iran was overthrown using a street proxy group organized by Kermit Roosevelt with $10,000 from the CIA, installing the Shah and SAVAK, who were basically US and Israeli proxy forces.  Cheapest coup in history, at that time.  This was followed up by overthrowing the elected President of Guatemala who attempted to expropriate unused land previously given to United Fruit Company, which had deep White House connections.

Bush is CURRENTLY indirectly paying Fatah-al-Islam in Lebanon, according to Seymour Hersh (below).

Israel is arguably a US proxy, although a very embedded one. Israel has some 400+ nukes, the US has 10,000+ nukes, and a vastly, immensely larger military budget.  Israel's Mossad (Intell) was formed with help of Angleton of the CIA in 1951. Mossad and CIA have conducted many joint operations over the years, including arming and training death squads in Latin America.

Saudi Arabia's
and Pakistan's govt and specifically Intelligence were known and admitted proxies for manufacturing the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, on behalf of the CIA.

Al-Qaeda is outsourced terrorism
, outsourced US policy, really a variety of small groups referrred to by that name, but often blamed on Muslims as a WHOLE, as an excuse for war for a "New American Century" of global control by US/global elites. Most Al-Qaeda foot soldiers probably think they're really fighting for Islam, don't know their role for the West, no more than patriotic American soldiers realize how they are being used, or for what purposes.  The alleged "Al-Qaeda" hijackers were mostly NOT religious, but rather they were described as party boys. 

As absolutely VITAL as the 9-11 attacks were to US policy, I say the alleged hijackers were like "extras" on a movie set, props, leaving a witness trail and paper trail all across the USA, charging up credit cards and making a scene at strip bars.  The actual attacks were most likely carried out using remote-control flight technology, which worked successfully since the 80s.  That's what I would do if I were a ruthless Neo-Con believing that Sept 11 was VITAL to continued US hegemony.

Why would the neocons/trilateralists/CIA trust some secular or even religious Arabs to actually commit suicide, however they might have been duped into participating.  These Arabs would have had to give up on future holy Islamic lap dances by hottie strippers in Florida after going through that big fireball.  No more holy Islamic cocaine parties.  What if the alleged terrorists chickened out?  That would mean a failure for the big plan.  No 9-11 = No big 9-11 production on TV = No grief and horror, no grandstanding = No solution to "Vietnam Syndrome" aka reticence to wage wars.  Therefore, no "War on Terror" for US hegemony.

FBI COINTELPRO in the 1990s  local
J Edgar Hoover to FBI field offices laid out the goals of the COINTELPRO in the 60's - to neutralize dissident organizations and to "ridicule and discredit" political dissenters. local copy  These tactics included targeted murders as well as public ridicule and propaganda.

"The first lesson in activism is that the person that offers to get the dynamite is always the FBI agent," joked Judi Bari. 

Judi Bari laughingly called this, "the only joint FBI-Earth First! action ever to take place." Undercover FBI agents picked the target, drove the truck, and taught the activists to use an acetylene torch. The FBI paid their informant $54,000 cash in exchange for implicating the Earth First-ers, and granted him immunity from prosecution. 

Later, Bari's car blew up, and the FBI arrived immediately at her hospital bed to arrest her for blowing herself up.  In the meantime, Bari and her friends had not been practicing with explosives, but the FBI had been blowing up cars, practicing on property owned by the lumber company they were protesting.  (The lumber company had been bought from decent private owners by a man named Hurwitz who made a fortune on government bailouts of the Savings and Loans in the 80s and 90s.  The original owners managed forest resources, the new owner was stripping out the ancient Redwood forests.)

CIA Death Squads
What would stop them from doing here what they've done for decades there?

Most of so-called Sept 11 conspiracy crap is obsessed with mechanical anomalies that don't explain anything.

There is MUCH to say about the rational GEOPOLITICS and ECONOMICS behind 9-11 and the War on Terror.
It was pre-planned and foretold, in writing.  No mystery. No wondering. No shit.
The MINUTAE of mechanical evidence plays perfectly into Popular Mechanics' hit piece.
In the world of PUBLIC RELATIONS, who ya gonna believe --
Popular Mechanics and NIST and the 9-11 Commission --
or some tinfoil hat guys and a few rogue scientists?

Most of the "anti-Conspiracy" talk, on both the Mainstream Right and the "responsible Left", leverages the use of ridicule and derision.

But many of the ideas coming out of "9-11 Truth" circles are ridiculous and contradictory.
Some of the lecturers do extremely goofy things in public.

Contrary to popular belief, the Left has been far more opposed to a conspiracy view of 9-11 than Conservatives.

Leading politcal icons -- who must know better -- dismiss 9-11-as-conspiracy at first glance. Chomsky. Cockburn.  Berlet.  Corn.
It would be nice if conspiracy itself could simply be ridiculed as impossible, if Man never conspired.
But men do conspire.
The Bible is chock full of conspiracies, including the story of Jesus and Judas.
So is politics, such as we read about in Rome.
Conspiracy is one of the most common charges raised by US prosecutors.
Conspiracy means communicating with others about a plan to commit a crime, any crime.
Conspiracy charges have been applied for casually answering the phone over a narco deal.
It would be nice if leaders didn't conspire to fool us with a Gulf of Tonkin incident that they knew never happened.
It would be nice if Operation Gladio never happened and if nobody ever conspired on Operation Northwoods.
It would be nice if the Church Committee never exposed CIA editorial control over the media.
It would be nice if Iran-Contra, a deep and nasty conspiracy, even preceding Reagan's election, never happened.
(It would also be nice if Bush Sr. had not pardoned all those convicted.)
It would be nice if BCCI -- "The International Bank of Al-Qaeda" -- had never been created by ex-CIA.
It would be nice if top Wall Street bankers, lawyers, and corporate heads never backed the Nazis.
It would be nice if Washington had never created Al-Qaeda, and continued to work with them.
Saddam - Thanks for the Memories
But this is all part of real history.
The Moral Obligation to Lose
The War on Iraq should now be described as a war that must be lost in
order to save America. That is our moral obligation.

What 9-11 is NOT about:
Bush - it's not the argument that "Bush knew".
Nor Cheney.  Nor Rumsfeld.
All almost certainly DID know. Many things could not have happened without their input.

Conspiracy?  Cheney's entire Vice-Presidency is a conspiracy in motion.
His energy meetings are held in secret, and the minutes were kept secret.
The office of the Veep is off-limits, even Bush's Executive orders don't apply to him.
He says he is not part of the Executive Branch, because he's over the House.
Yet he's not part of the House either.
Later he says he is 100% unified with the the Presidency, as the same function.
He can morph roles into whatever is practical at the moment.

But Iraq and 9-11 are both part of a military-political process that preceded Bush.

It is Global, not just National. The G8 or G20 nations and covert groups were on this train of Tension.
Other govts - esp Canada, Britain, Germany - implemented their own Terrorism Security Measures, immediately.
These had also been pre-written, just as the PATRIOT Act and the rest had been pre-planned.
"Intelligence partnerships" were announced -- really, these already existed too.
Clinton definitely helped set it up, he was on that track.  This is no empty statement.
Bush's 1999 speeches at the Citadel and Reagan Library foreshadowed the War on Terror.
Bush's speeches meshed perfectly with PNAC documents and agenda for global war.
This PNAC agenda became the Blueprint for the Bush Doctrine and the so-called War on Terror.
Much of the Bush cabinet was made up of PNAC members and associates, some hired/pardoned by Bush 41.
(They picked "W" to be their figurehead President. That's how a corporate military state works.)
It's no longer about voting --- how many tens of thousands of dollars did you raise for contributions?
None?  Well, then ... what representation do you expect to have?  Nothing. You get what you pay for.

How many lucrative jobs and contracts did you offer to public officials and their friends?  None?
Why do you expect representation?  For you vote?  Ha ha.  The machines are rigged and privatized.
They don't even need your vote.  They do need our belief in the democratic process.
Project for a New American Century was only one of many embedded policy groups that said they NEEDED America to be attacked.
It's much bigger and deeper, many players, domestic and international.

  Sept 11 conspiracy viewpoints first became prominent with RIGHT wing Christian Conservatives and the Patriot movements.

These were Clinton-haters long before they were Bush-haters, some for the right reasons, including Clintons being "in bed" with the Bush family.  High-level Clinton criminality around Iran-Contra-Ollie North-Cocaine was first exposed by Left-wing activists and an article in The Progressive, long before Jerry Falwell's "Clinton Chronicles".

The mainstream Right rejects Sept 11 because the MEDIA says it's a "liberal" thing, like "M. Moore" and "Rosie".

The mainstream Left rejects Sept 11 because the MEDIA says it's a "far right" thing like "Holocaust Revisionists".

The mainstream Right accuses PALEO-CONSERVATIVES of being "liberals" if they oppose Bush, War, and the "New World Order".

LIBERALS reject Sept 11 conspiracy research BECAUSE IT'S ASSOCIATED WITH THE FAR RIGHT and their history of kooky conspiracy theories emanating from John Birch Society circles and Joseph McCarthy's witchhunts, that tried to link 60's mainstream liberalism and antiwar activism to communism and treason.

The book, "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" was written about FAR RIGHT Patriot conspiracy theories over-hyping the threat of communism and communists embedded in Washington.
John Birch Society even accused President Eisenhower of being a closet commie.  The Paranoid Right strongly considered JFK a commie, despite his Cold War fanaticism in Cuba and Vietnam.  They blamed him for not nuking Russia.
(JFK, shortly before he was killed, did shift from belligerent anti-communism to rapproachment, to avoid a nuclear holocaust.  The Right of either party considers that appeasement and treason, including Nixon's Detente efforts.)

But besides the Far Right 9-11 Truthers, there's also a few LEFT of Liberal who have burrowed into the history and geo-politics with a lot of detail. from a sane anti-Imperialist perspective.

Marketing 101: PRESENTATION
When persons with a kooky presentation style associate themselves with a serious political analysis of Sept 11, "normal" people are driven away by gut instinct.
Dave Emory refers to something he calls "bad-jacketing" like "snitch-jacketing".
That's exactly how modern symbolic marketing works -- like
associating a product with sex or love -- except in reverse, associating something you want rejected with something or someone detestable .

How do people feel about 9-11 questions after hearing from "Truthers" through a love-drenched hippie of the "911-yoga movement" or from sneering Jew-haters?
Repulsed, usually.   This approach serves as a truth-repellant, no further explanation needed.

Some "Truthers" may be ordinary kooks who gravitate to any weird story, but some may have serious ulterior motives in negative public relations, such as being on payroll of Rumsfeld's Dept of Disinformation.
Discrediting a movement by discrediting a leader, or by manufacturing a discredited leader, that's an old technique used in the 60s against dissidents.

This is exactly what I'd do if I were using CIA's "Operation Mockingbird" techniques.
No need to suppress the truth. If you hide a crime, it can be exposed.  Instead, let it be exposed, just marginalize it.  Hide it in plain sight.  Offer multiple whacko versions of "the truth about ..." like a smorgasbord of whackiness.  The public will never be able to decide or agree.

Why Sept 11 is still important

The chickenshit antiwar movement -- if you're not with it yet, you might want to oppose war after you read this page -- seems to promote this idea that Sept 11 is a fringe subject.  They think this issue should be sidelined
The Lefties actually suggested assigning visiting "Truthers" a job stuffing envelopes to keep them occupied. 

Don't antiwar activists realize the entire war pretext is based on and grounded in Sept 11??  Don't they realize that the ultimate closing answer to any antiwar argument IS Sept 11
Sept 11 Sept 11?  Spoken or unspoken?  Permanent war?  If you are unwilling to comprehensively reject the Sept 11 meme, you might as well join Freedom Watch or Rolling Thunder.

Michel Chossudovsky: the Afghan War
Chossudovsky presents: Disarming The War Agenda

They seem to think antiwar sentiment about the victims of war will convince others who believe foremost "sacrifice to defend America from Al-Qaeda", or at least promote the sacrifice of others.

Patriot-warrior-types can't understand why anyone would be stupid enough to oppose self-defense against monstrous killers.  One can understand their viewpoint, "considering what happened on September 11".

If you accept the "19 Terrorists led by Bin Laden attacked us" whacko conspiracy theory, you just surrendered most of your argument against the "War on Terror" and domestic Police State.  You must admit you are a traitor who hates America if you don't want to attack the "bad guys" who attacked us, or at least "kill them there so we don't have to fight them here". 

This is a repeat of the Vietnam argument, commies were swimming from Hanoi to Los Angeles.

And don't decry justified aggression and say "try peace".  Kill the enemy who wants to kill you.

The problem is if the enemy is really a handful of neocons who are actually directing the war.

The argument that "our actions caused 9-11" sounds "humanitarian" and evokes "understanding", so it will persuade a few "flaky" people (or open-minded intelligent people) who know about America's harsh repression and violence in other countries, and who also care about the lives of strangers and foreigners.  It will not work on those who say "Look how many times THEY have attacked us"

EVERYTHING is about 9-11 ... forever!

There was a potential energy for liberation and social revoution i
f the totally-FABRICATED Gulf of Tonkin incident had been exposed in 1964, because Lyndon Johnson and everyone around him and the media helped fabricate that story, including one Admiral Morrison who is the father of Jim Morrison of The Doors.  Johnson needed our ships to be attacked to get a Congress to send military troops.

The truth about Sept 11 has even more potential power for  Mass Liberation, because the crimes of Sept 11 were so much more nasty and evil, mass murder of 3000 Americans.   The same inherent social and political power within the Sept 11 events -- the power THEY KNEW WOULD BE THERE IN A NEW PEARL HARBOR -- can be turned against the perpetrators, who are bigger than Bush.  This can erase forever the crippling fairy tale naïveté Americans live under.  Are we ready for that?  Or do we still enjoy pretending and playing make-believe patriots for a bunch of homocidal traitors?

We need to -

a] stop perpetual war for 100+ years into the future, slated to end NEVER. This is based off Sept 11. This must be derailedTHEY say 9-11 is important, and reference it loudly or by assumption - and the Establisment "Liberals" (ill-liberals?) agree.  How can Americans resist war while accepting it's false justification?

b] promote understanding of PSY-WAR used against The People, psy-op events to Shock and Awe Americans, trickery, "public relations", emotional manipulation & blackmail, etc. 
(A lot of "War on Terror" messaging is a textbook copy of First World War Domestic Propaganda methods. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaganda_in_the_United_States )

Do you remember the ridiculous
"Have you forgotten?" theme (meme, i.e. thought-virus) that emerged immediately, while the ground was still smoldering,  to shame pacifists, silence critics, and shame skeptics?

Clarification can counter our gullibility and prevent war, promote rational skepticism. (thanks to The Daily Show and Jon Stewart)  (Irrational/ridiculous skepticism is another PR trick to discredit all skeptics.)

] enhance the ability for ordinary people to SIMPLY and CREDIBLY debunk Sept 11.  This may help people reject passive support for the plans of the Military-Industrial-Finance-Corporate-Media-Security-Infotainment complex.
Credibility is more important than a smorgasbord of valid details. Even if they think Bush's "War on Terrorism" is overblown, or agree with critics that it is a war on a tactic (guerilla warfare/terrorism), most people still believe that the general paradigm of "terrorism by Al-Qaeda" is genuine.  This keeps people scared, angry, divided, fighting over reality.
(Did you know the FBI Wanted poster for OBL does not include Sept 11?  Insufficient evidence, per the FBI.)

] increase the possibility of "monkeywrenching" the march to totalitarian global corporate-state tyranny by loudly rejecting the premise behind the "security state" (i.e. police state). They need our compliance.

A new "Official" 9-11 investigation to solve it?  Don't hold your breath.  It's already solved.  Maybe not every last detail, but close enough. Even prosecutors don't need every detail, just a sufficient number of details to convict.  Many of us know what did not happen and lots about what did, but 9-11 will never be honestly exposed in any official national capacity.  By whom?  Who in power in Washington is not complicit in some manner?

Who would bring charges?  Conyers had his supporters arrested.  Pelosi?  Empty threats.  Rangel?  Clinton?  Rahm Emmanuel's helping Republicans WIN.  (Kucinich sort of  'gets it', but he's a minority of ..one?) 
Evidence would be intentionally polluted, weak evidence under a microscope, inquiry misdirected.  This is how EVERY oficial investigation is handled.  WE the People must know and understand this game, and it must be a majority or at least a large minority.  Nobody guilty is going to prison for 9-11, only innocent goat herders and taxi drivers who make up 86% of Guantanamo detainees

The guilty will never be brought to justice, unless our current system is overhauled or overturned.  Unless We-the-People get on the same page and decide to overthrow the existing power relations, and not just the official government, all the assorted henchmen have all the power and protection they need.  The Power Elite needed Bush and the Neo-Conservatives to be occupying the head PR position in the United States.
  Bush bought 100,000 acres in Paraguay, a typical Nazi hideaway in Latin America.  A land investment or a "safe house"?

The real question is where to start.
Let's start with a framework of understanding, before more juicy details.
(I wrote this section before the economic collapse of 2007, 2008, and 2009 and ongoing.)
This should be a no-brainer. Everything is about interlinking global corporations now.

Pentagon Analyst Thomas Barnett confirms that the "War on Terror" is really about globalization and planting Walmarts and McDonalds all over the world, complete with finance capitalism and heavy worldwide DEBT, as well as the global equivalent of Maquiladora labor camps.
Henry Kissinger, who was a key background player on Bush's war team also told Charlie Rose that the War on Terror is really a war for Globalization.

Finance Capitalism is at the forefront, replacing manufacturing with de-industrialization.

Finance capitalism is based on debt, interest, and financial speculation, not on manufacturing products. This is a process beginning in the mid-1970s.
Finance capitalism is a term in Marxian political economics defined as the subordination of processes of production to the accumulation of money profits in a financial system.  It is characterized by the pursuit of profit from the purchase and sale of, or investment in, currencies and financial products such as bonds, stocks, futures and other derivatives. It also includes the lending of capital at interest. Finance capitalism is seen by Marxists as being exploitative by supplying income to non-laborers.
Michael Hudson / Real Estate, Technology and the Rentier Economy
Federal Reserve Cannot Account For $9 Trillion In Off-Balance Sheet Transactions
Alan Grayson: Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve
Some Wall Street publications now quoting Marx with negative descriptions of finance capitalism.

Every corporation is essentially a government agencyPDF e-book Gangs of America  Every corporation is a mere company but the owners have chosen to partner with government for legal protection and for oursourcing risk on the public, that's what incorporation means in US corporate law.  Corporate Law is a legal structure set up by lawyers and judges, to give corporations the Bill of Rights, hence tyranny.
Ditto for evasion of Corporate Taxes, evasion of personal responsibility.

If you look back on past American wars, they were ALL for Corporate Globalization, long before there was Jewish influence in America (other than capitalism being "Jew-inspired").  President McKinley even said so about the Spanish American War.  It as a war to "open up markets".  So were wars and many occupations in Central and South America, from the earliest beginnings of America on through today. 

This is what Marine Commandant General Smedley Butler was explaining, when he wrote "I was a gangster for capitalism" and
"War is a Racket". 

World Wars One and Two also had their geo-political and geo-strategic factors for America, but Wall Street heavily helped the Nazis.)

By the way, it's not about "liberals hate corporations"Every corporation is a quasi-government entity.  It's not simply a "large company".  Someone could incorporate a solo lemonade stand. 

The point is, it's a contract or "charter" that a company takes, via a relationship and agreements with government, for protection against personal liability, elimination or limitation of personal responsibility

Yet at the same time, every US corporation is considered a "person" due "equal protection"under the the 14th Amendment in the sense of "civil liberties". This gives corporations far more power than human beings.

To summarize a long point, in the Military-Industrial-Finance-Corporate-Media-Security-Infotainment complex, the heads of many of the largest corporations and conglomerates include former military intelligence officers, bankers, and former/future govt appointees.  Most govt. appointees are not lifetime politicians, they're corporate officers, chiefs, lawyers, bankers.  The Central Intelligence Agency, has a sideline in collecting information, but 80% of the CIA is for covert ops, according to retired agents,  CIA's directors are typically Wall Street bankers and lawyers, not military intelligence.

This financial shit is interlocked and layered, with subsidiaries and shells and cross-linking.  Corporate CEOs, lawyers, and bankers run the government. Govt officials offer support and protection for multi-national corporations.  It's a revolving door.  Why would a country based on a system of govt called "capitalism" be any different?  *(did you think I was going to say "democracy" or a "republic"? no our system of govt is "for sale")

SchoenmanAnd while it is true as I again like to point out, that history is not driven by conspiracies. It’s structured, it’s institutional, it’s systemic and it’s systematic – but our rulers conduct their affairs in a conspiratorial manner precisely because they are not answerable to our people, because their power is concealed.

Power is not registered through formal representative institutions that are empty of content. Power is not exercised through those means.

Charles Townsend, former CEO of Avis, wrote a critical guide for successful corporations called "Up the Organization".  He mentioned that a mere 5000 people control the "commanding heights" of the US economy, and that this ruling elite "regard this country as their own whore house and they treat each president as their private towel boy."  So there ya go.

Please note that it is part of untaught history of America that many top Wall Street firms and top U.S. corporations avidly supported the German Nazi Regime, and were principally responsible for the rise of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler.  These same key Wall Streeters then formed the CIA.  That just happens to be the world we were born into.

"I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in '47, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo. "
-- Harry S Truman (1961)  (leaders always seem to leave us these neat warnings after they've left office)

"Americans don't read."
Allen Dulles, who was previously fired as CIA Director by JFK, appointed to lead Warren Commission by Johnson:
"But nobody reads. Don't believe people read in this country. There will be a few professors that will read the record...The public will read very little."
(September 6, 1964, Warren Commission internal memo)

"An intelligence service is the ideal vehicle for a conspiracy." - Allen Dulles

So there you have it. A starting point. A framework of understanding.
A light overview of Global Corporatism, a.k.a. the New World Order.
Anti-Globalization explanations, Protests, Military Police below
MORE (same link as above):  Sell the Lexus, Burn the Olive Tree.

An entire encyclopedia could be written to explain what is known about ties between Al-Qaeda, corporations, and govt.
(It already has been written. It's the Cooperative Research website, may be mirrored as "History Commons".)

Speaking of corporations and business, this is not "proof" but some astonishing coincidences:
The Saudi-BinLaden Group does a lot of construction and military work, close to the Bush family and US corporations.  Guess what DATE their Internet domain  www.saudi-binladin-group.com  expired.  Check it out.  LOCAL COPY  ACROBAT file
Probably just a coincidence.  The new site is www.sbg.com.sa.
There are numerous examples of known terrorists being connected with officials in the Saudi govt.  Yet when a Saudi dissident offered the FBI over 14,000 documents before Sept 11, his offer was rejected.  A top Bush lawyer and others protected the Saudis.  Saudi Arabia itself was essentially "created by the CIA", by bankers and oil companies.
This is only the tip of the iceberg of US collaboration with the very same violent Islamic radical jihadist groups and cells that they are claiming to protect us from, including the FBI and CIA rejecting information handed to them, looking away at key moments, disciplining FBI agents for tracking terrorism links, and joint banking and govt relations with shadowy corporations like Ptech, charities, and other front groups.

Large chunks of 9-11 seem to have been orchestrated by "proxy groups", which is similar to saying "subsidiaries" of the USgov, which is similar to saying "US business" and/or global business.

Much more of this juicy info on the Saudis and the US govt and covering up terrorists, and corporate shells, and more longer explanations HERE:  www.Takeoverworld.info/globalization911.html

Here's a brief list of other facts and situations that prove that Sept 11 is not what we were told:
  • The 1993 bombing is a known and admitted inside job by FBI.
  • The Oklahoma City bombing is known to have included other suspects with govt protection, the News reported multiple explosions and multiple bombs found inside the building, and a top Army General (Partin) with 30 years' experience in explosives showed why it was not done by a truck bomb alone.
  • Multiple instances of key terrorists and operations protected and sheltered from law enforcement, prosecution, exposure, both before and after.
  • Destruction of evidence, of both prior investigations and of various attacks, including Sept 11.  Able Danger, for one, where a huge database of terrorism investigations was ordered erased and was wiped out.  According to one investigator, Feds working with Jeb Bush seized all the records of the Venice, Florida police dept, near where the alleged hijackers trained. (Jeb Bush past roles.)
  • Protecting key Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders during US military operations in the War on Terror. Airlift of Evil and other events.
  • The Saudi's attorney, a high US official close to the Bush family, protected Saudis from a victims' lawsuit, from legal snooping.
  • The use of Al-Qaeda as a US proxy force, not only in Afghanistan, but on-going through the late 90's, through 2001, and beyond.
  • Evidence of suggestions or pre-planning of "creating a terrorist threat" in America, long before Sept 11, following the fall of the USSR and the end of the Cold War, by the same people who heavily hyped the looming Soviet threat in the 1980's and earlier decades.
  • Evidence that the Cold War itself was a vastly overhyped threat against an economic rival, that became military rival.
  • People openly suggesting the NEED for a "terrorist attack" on the American people, prior to Sept 11.
  • Involvement of many other allied govts or Intelligence agencies, in collusion with the US military and Intell, in sponsoring terrorist attacks on either targeted people or groups, or sometimes random people, for political reasons.
  • Multiple instances of terror bombings carried out in the past, by CIA, NATO, and affiliates, both in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Detailed plans for use of terror bombings in the US by military and govt officials, to spark a war.
  • Israel's use of "terror provocations" to justify "revenge", and to raise "revenge" to a "high moral value", described in the diary of a past Israeli Prime Minister, Moshe Sherrat. Israel's Sacred Terrorism
  • Terrorist-related individuals, groups, and corporations "in bed" with members of the US government.
  • Prosecution and harassment of whistleblowers, as well as some mysterious deaths, similar to how about 100 people with information on the JFK assassination were also killed or found dead.  This would include FBI agents like John O'Neill, who was repeatedly obstructed, then killed on 9-11.
  • Collusion in the Mainstream Media in lying directly about events, and of obscuring obvious examples of red flag events, under-reporting.

by Ralph Schoenman -- tightest analysis of entire War on Terror series
quotes from Brzezinski's
Grand Chessboard book
"For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia..."
"That puts a premium on maneuver and manipulation ..."

Green Peril - Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat (local mht)

 by Leon Hader of the Jerusalem Post/Cato Institute - 1992
(Link back to excerpt above on this page)
(popup) How Jimmy Carter and I started the Mujahedeen (Counterpunch brief)
Celebrate Reagan's AL-QAEDA and TALIBAN DAY on March 21
A Cowering Superpower July 30, 2001 - case for attacking OBL & Saddam, by PNAC
  FBI agents were "obstructed and thwarted" before 9-11
top investigators:  US Government Destroyed the WTC Evidence

Osamagate - when did the US stop working with Al-Qaeda? How about "never"?
ALI MOHAMED - one of several protected Al-Qaeda masterminds
CIA says amnesty for Bin Laden : LET OSAMA STAY FREE  (local Acrobat PDF)
... when  Benazir Bhutto was killed, security was handled by Brig. Ibaz Shah, past "handler" of  Osama bin Laden
he ran Pakistan's ISI and now National Intelligence ... which is run by our CIA.

NAZI HISTORY of America - Wall St & Main St
Conservatives vs. Neo-Conservatives & Straussians (September 6, 2007)
Bush: President-for -Life??

From the Rodney King riots to unannounced "training" exercises over American cities,
the US military is being trained to turn the United States into a dictatorship.

By Frank Morales (most detailed article of actual Pentagon plans by name and title)


(popup) LIES and Deception - Al-Qaeda and Terrorists

Get Your War On - Sunni, Shiite  published 2/27/07

Washington (Bush) backing new popup-
MEK  Islamic-Stalinist warriors
Seymour Hersh on US support for Al-Qaeda AGAIN! in 2006 YouTube.
Hersh on US Support for Terror groups in Lebanon - CNN  (local) (wmv)
One thing he's wrong about: The USA first backed the Muj in 1979, to 'provoke' the Soviets to invade.
Hersh: US is funding Al-Qaeda to counter Iran - DemoNow!
(local) (wmv)  April 12, 2007

Hersh is speaking here as an apologist for the USA, disguised as a critic.
He says it's just accidental, stupid, short-sighted.
No, support for radical Islam has been continuous.
The value is that at least he confirms the existence of these covert ops.
Hersh explains the insane Bush/Cheney mindset
Seymour Hersh and our inept foreign policy
Seymour Hersh about Osama & Al 'Qaeda's Afghanistan ESCAPES

"Dalton Fury" is the pseudonym of this former Army major who led the secret Delta Force mission to try to kill Osama bin Laden nine weeks after 9/11.
He was twice ordered to NOT kill Bin Laden by high US officials, up to Rumsfeld, Cheney, or Bush.

Iran Busts CIA Backed Terror Group
FOX Anchor Calls for Terrorist Car Bombings In Iran


All about the War on Terror and Iraq War by Aaron MacGruder of Boondocks.
Much profanity, voice is the Samuel Jackson, using lines from "Pulp Fiction" in new context, remarks by Donald Rumsfeld.

"God is on your side" - A pep talk to Al-Qaeda (↓↓ watch ↓↓)
One Degree of Separation between the generic "Islamic mujahideen" warriors, the Taliban and United Front (two US proxies), and Saudi-based Al-Qaeda, in terms of CIA support for all of them.

Our National Security Advisor addressing Al-Qaeda.
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Thanks to "SUPER", I was able to convert Real Vid to MPG-VCD and then other formats.

Osama & Al 'Qaeda's Afghanistan escape - Hersh  local AVI, lo-fi WMV

One-Page quickie
Five Pages Q & A
DEBATE POINTS - list why War on Terror is bogus

Loose Change
is one example tainted and kooky info about 9-11, showing both legit and fake info.

I partly take that back.  The new version of Loose Change seems to be much better.
Loose Change is not Geo-politics, but the better stuff is in there, and the horrid stuff removed.
They could have expanded a bit more on Northwoods and other false-flag planned events.
Try here:  http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=loose+change+final

Some of the most comprehensive sites on physical evidence regarding 9-11.

Google wtc7 hoffman  or go to
www.ae911truth.org  Architects and Engineers (over 200 professionals)
Jim Hoffman is a strong, sane critic of other researchers and fakers.
A simple introduction to the fake vs. legit controversy.  http://911proof.com/

American politicians from Brzezinski/Carter to Reagan and Clinton and even Bush EMPLOYED and SUPPORTED Islamic Radical Jihadists on behalf of US policy, then turned and accused these allies of being enemies, at the same time as they were on payroll.  Yet the main guys, like Osama, remain fugitives.  A Delta Force commander was ordered to NOT Kill Bin Laden.

"We need a common enemy to unite us."
- Condoleeza Rice in 2000, talking Straussian

The argument that the global octopus known as CIA could not have done this, but rag-tag terrorists with boxcutters scored 4 out of 4, is simply laughable.

"An intelligence service is the ideal vehicle for a conspiracy." - Allen Dulles

The "Al-Qaeda Ministry" of Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri is like the shadowy "Christian Broadcasting Network of the Muslim World", both with acknowledged CIA connections and a history of terror operations.  The studios from which Al-Qaeda broadcasts their announcements certainly appear to be of CBN quality, at least, and as much into demagoguery as Pat Robertson and his gang.

Incidentally, Ayman Zawahiri's brother Zaiman or Muhammed is the General leading the US-backed KLA-NLA army in Kosovo and Macedonia.

An underreported scandal is the role of Rev. Sun Myung Moon (Moonies) in supporting the Rise of the Christian Right in America.
This would lead one to wonder how Christians can get in bed with a guy who says HE is the True Father and replacement for Jesus-the-failure.
Moon gave $3.5 million to Jerry Falwell (and reportedly $77M more via front group). Moon has $4B in assets.  Moon shares membership in the Council on National Policy, Moon heavily backs the Republican Party and the Bush family.  Moon has a somewhat successful campaign to remove the Cross from churches and replace Jesus-the-fraud with himself as
the new King of PeaceMoon was crowned Emperor of the Universe in a ceremony in the US Senate.  Further, Moon's ownership of the Washington Times, the entire wholesale Sushi market in the US, and his links to Korean CIA and Korean-Japanese fascist groups that emerged out of World War Two, all contribute to his wealth and power.  One such group is the WACL, World Anti-Communist League, headquartered inside the Heritage Foundation.  Heritage also backed the Afghanistan (Mujahideen) Lobby in the 1980s, with support from the Christian Coalition.  Seriously.
Daddy Bush and Moon are next door neighbors in Paraguay.  Moon owns about 1.5 million acres while daddy owns a tiny 150,000 acre. How appropriate for them to be hanging out in such a Nazi stronghold.  Google Rev Moon and Bush for more info, or search Moon Bush or Moon Senate on YouTube.com.   Moon channeled Hitler and Stalin from the grave, they proclaimed him "humanity's savior and messiah, returning lord, and true parent", he called America“Satan’s harvest” and likened American women to “prostitutes”.  Moon married his son's corpse to one of his disciples.  Deeply Christian, huh?  The King of America 1   The King of America 2  Moon's church given $300k by Homeland Security!!!

Lost in endless volleys about the
WTC7 collapse, and what Larry Silverstein might have really meant by "pull it", is the story about A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard who worked for DeutscheBank-A.B. Brown, a firm which was accused of handling a huge spike in shorting of stock on AA and United, put options ("bets" that these stocks would fall) 1-3 days prior to 9-11.

The WSJ reported it.  Congress and the DoJ declined to investigate. [Source: Herzliyya International Policy Institute for Counterterrorism (ICT) (Israel)]

Krongard was appointed by DCI George Tenet on March 16, 2001 to serve in the newly created role of Executive Director of the CIA. Krongard later advocated
amnesty for Bin Laden, and Bush agreed that Bin Laden is not too important.  What are the odds?  

Now "Buzzy" consults for Blackwater, while his brother Howard "Cookie" Krongard was appointed Inspector General over at the State Department, obstructing the investigation into Blackwater.

House Oversight & Gov't Reform Cmte. Hearing on the State Dept. Inspector General (oops, Cookie said Buzzy did not work for Blackwater, then switched and admitted he did)
www.Takeoverworld.info/mp3/CSPAN_Joint_Econ_Comm_Hearing_Fed_Res_Chairman_Bernanke_11-2007.mp3  AUDIO ONLY

On Sept 15, 2001, The New York Times reports that Mayo Shattuck III has resigned, effective immediately, as head of the Alex Brown (A.B.) unit of Deutschebank previously run by Buzzy Krongard.

NOTE: The Krongard story is about German finance, known to have ties to a Nazi past, and ties to the CIA, which was formed by Nazi financer Allen Dulles and William Sullivan with help from Nazi SS officer Reinhard Gehlen.  Another institution with a heavy Nazi past is ... surprise ... Deutsche Bank!

Note: to satisfy visiting anti-Semites, I do agree that there is much evidence of Zionist collaboration with Nazis against Euro Jews, and about Israel and Sept 11
Fox News reporter Carl Cameron did a 4 part special on Israel and 9-11, but Mossad did not "trick" the CIA and NSC and NORAD.  Look at Clean Break strategy, formed in Israel in 1997. The plan to attack and shatter the Middle East.
Fascism is fascism, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. Zionist Nationalism can be as ugly as any other form of ultra-nationalism and

I'm not of the opinion that Zionism or Israel was the leader of Sept 11 and the War on Terror.  The impetus for invading the Middle East and overthrowing Iraq for US hegemonly was previously promoted by NON-Zionist elements, such as Zbigniew Brzezinski's book "The Grand Chessboard", George Kennan's statements on the Middle East being "the prize", an Englishman's argument about the "Earth Island", and various other plans to control the Middle East.  Only to the extent that you consider capitalism --- and finance capitalism in particular --- to be "Jewish economics", would you consider a war for globalization to be purely Jewish.

The 9-11 Debate is leaving Tinfoil Hat World, as more and more military and scientific people are speaking out.

It's hard to explain concretely what each physical anomaly alone proves, but what are the odds of ALL these events converging?  This is just the TIP of the iceberg of U.S. complicity in 9-11.  It helps to know that not only Sept 11, but JFK and RFK, MLK, Gulf of Tonkin, and
many other events in U.S. history were tainted by extraneous facts, destruction of evidence, eyewitnesses threatened and killed, "no finger-pointing" orders (Cabell in 63, Goss in 2001), etc.
Note: many good Americans and even war heroes going back to 1791 were branded "terrorists" and "insurrectionists" for dissenting about injustice.

THE MAIN POINT I DISCOVER IS THAT SEPT 11 WAS/IS FUNCTION OF {popup->LONGSTANDING U.S. FOREIGN POLICY and PENTAGON DOMESTIC POLICY for social control, WAS AND IS A KEY COMPONENT OF THE EXPANDING GLOBAL ECONOMIC MODEL, POVERTY (Michael Hudson) for most everyone including most AMERICANS), and THE ELITES' DESIRE FOR TOTALITARIAN CONTROL. This control is being rolled out, through psychological warfare (fear and propaganda), but also partly through legislation and actual police state deeds (below). The Pentagon says the point of the War on Terror is "globalization".

SEPT 11 WAS PLANNED FOR THIS PURPOSE, along with previous acts of terrorism in the U.S., which were ALSO CARRIED OUT by a Global INTELLIGENCE network. Although some incidents used Arab patsies, CIA black ops has tentacles deep in international Intell.  The lines between intell vs. organized crime have long been blurred. Esp. considering the role of Nazis in forming CIA.

YES, the common sense reaction to Sept 11 could be the "War on Terror", plus some urgent and tough domestic "security measures"
... IF
you take the whole story at face value.  But Americans don't really understand who we're dealing with in US power circles, their history, their character.  Perhaps you thought the Pentagon, FBI, and CIA and National Security State (
Parenti on Sec State) were created to protect ordinary Americans. Perhaps you take the whole "Arab threat" at face value.
Motive, means, opportunity, relationships, and past history (modus operandi or here) -- this is what a detective would investigate.  That and the paper trails and financial trails.

"SECURITY" HAS ALWAYS MEANT SECURITY FOR THE ARISTOCRACY, FOR ELITES AND/OR FOR BIG CAPITAL. Security is usually against the threat of internal unrest. This is the definition of "Security State". AMERICA'S SECRET POLICEFBI COINTELPRO in the 1990s   THIS GEOPOLITICAL ANALYSIS IS FAR MORE RELEVANT THAN WHETHER BOMBS WENT OFF (looks like they did) OR IF A MISSILE WAS SUBSTITUTED FOR A PLANE (witnesses say it wasn't, but maybe both) OR WHETHER 'BUSH KNEW' (sure he did, but he's a middle manager, the entire Nat Security apparatus 'knew', including Kerry (Senate Frgn Rel) and Clinton ... it makes no difference)IT'S NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY WHEN THEY SPELLED OUT THEIR PLANS UP FRONT.  TOO BAD AMERICANS DON'T READ (Allen Dulles).

Feeling insufficiently patriotic lately?  Defensive?
There's been a lot of talk about the "Blame America First" crowdI think "blame America first" is a pun on the name of the original "America First Committee" which had strong crossover with the pro-Hitler movement in America and with the American Nazi Party.   They wanted to overthrow the American government. They didn't hate America, per se.  They hated our FREEDOM and democracy, and everything America stands for, which they considered being patriotic.
Although some like Pat Buchanan defend them as mere patriotic anti-comms, one prominent member spoke of "good Old Hitler" and worse.
(There's a huge difference btw being antiwar with regards to Iraq vs. Nazi Germany.  Many antiwar people in the 1940's
- some were genuine pacifists and CO's - were avidly pro-Nazi.  People against this "War on Terror" want to stop ALL fascism, including our Al-Qaeda Project, also including the White House, Pentagon, and CIA.)

Some person named "Cadeveo" said:
"Occam’s Razor simply says that in choosing between explanations, one should prefer the simplest one that accounts for all the data. And here’s the thing, often the folks who evoke O.R. most often and mechanically go for the first half of the razor – simplest explanation – without really remembering the second part of O.R. It’s just “simpler” to put your blinders on and ignore all the evidence that facile pseudo-rationalism of the James Randi kind is uncomfortable with, so your explanations can remain “simple.” Here’s the other thing, too – O.R. only prescribes (and by no real axiomatic authority) for a “preference” in explanations; it makes no claim about a simpler explanation being a more accurate or truthful one.
How you use Occam's Razor depends on what data your reality tunnel allows for and what data it is incapable of perceiving as such."

Only ONE key fact leads me to ask whether  Sept 11 might NOT have been an inside job.  This the matter of the deaths of 658 employees of Cantor-Fitzgerald, with Marsh-McClennan US losing 300, Morgan-Stanley losing about 40, and Merrill-Lynch losing "virtually none"Cantor Fitzgerald is one of 23 primary dealers who are permitted to trade U.S. government securities directly with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Not your average expendable cannon fodder humans. C-F also interfaces with the Pentagon to plan wars.

It is
not the human loss of over 3000 innocent dead victims and many permanently injured that leads me to question this "inside job" premise  (so what?!! Johnson and Nixon killed 58,000 Americans in Vietnam [plus 4 million Asians], under full knowledge that Gulf of Tonkin was a lie) but rather it is the deaths of so many high-level market and money analysts -- this is the main or maybe the only factor that leads me to doubt a 9-11 conspiracy.
  further discussion here

Here's a
video by four widows, three husbands worked for Cantor-Fitz: www.911pressfortruth.com
This is the BEST 'conservative' (i.e. understated) documentary I've seen. Nothing outlandish or questionable.  Sad to say, I guess their high-level husbands' lives were considered expendable by the Elites, who needed them for political props.
LOCAL AVI FULL SIZE 600MB 9-11_Press_For_Truth600.avi

The rest of this website is about all the other factors, which strongly confirm a conspiracy.  This includes well-documented evidence of many previous conspiracies to murder Americans for political purposes, and killing other random civilians, some clearly were enacted, some modified, some arguably in draft planning stages.  (A written, signed plan like Operation Northwoods IS a murder conspiracy, and high treason as well, even though McNamara and JFK blocked them from unleashing it in 1962-3.)  http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Operation+Northwoods

A little more BACKGROUND here .............or move on to more 9-11 EVIDENCE below.

Let's face facts on how the Elite Rulers see us - as "the rabble" and "a mob".
THEY are Wise, Intelligent Elites. THEY have no use for morality which is silly and a barrier to taking decisive (brutal) action, and they consider religion a pious fraud, but useful for manipulation.  WE are VULGAR and STUPID SCUM and MORONS.  This is the Straussian neo-Conservative viewpoint, but "liberal" elitists like Brzezinski of Rockefeller's Tri-Lateral Commission echo that same view with more tactful or more evasive rhetoric.

THEY need to keep us stupid and confusedLYING is an important part of leadership.

General Prosperity and Happiness for "the masses" amounts to "Vulgar Decadence", in their worldview.  What happened to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness", in the Declaration of Independence?  Pain and Grief and Human Sacrifice (to benefit their rule) is Heroic and makes "us" strong.  That's why WAR is GOOD and natural, because of how war and militarization affects society. Even naïve people realized Sept 11 was a blessing for Republicans, but actually a blessing for the entire ruling class.
If you don't believe that's what they believe about us, click on my Global Conquest page (www.takeoverworld.info) and read what they say.

Here is a silly analogy that is a good analysis of the "9-11 Truthiness Movement", as told to a fledgling 9-11 skeptic (paraphrased):
Imagine the facts about 9-11 are a handful of Tic-Tacs.  But those Tic-Tacs are buried in a steaming pile of dog manure, called "9-11 Truth Movement".  How many times is John Q. Public or Jane Q. Public going to stick their face in the steaming pile of dog manure to dig out the Tic-Tacs of Truth so they can have fresh breath?  (props to Hawkwind at www.breakfornews.com forum)

What does that mean?  (Tic-Tacs CONTINUED)

My original intent was simply to collect and organize all this confusing information on 9-11 in one place.  Stacking up a huge pile of facts and allegations was relatively easy.  Editing for relevance, concision, and priority, and weeding out falsity and ambiguity, that is far more difficult, time-consuming, ONGOING. This has gotten LENGTHY, but I try to summarize, supporting concision with details. Thanks for patience and understanding. Send advice, please.
email ME
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  • Amazing 9-11  audio, video, text, Ruppert, Hopsicker, Fintan Dunne, Chossudovsky, others
  • Audiolinks  to general politics and 9-11-specific media, Alex Jones & M. Parenti on far Right and far Left
  • i was Banned from Dem Und and Freep
  • Break for News audio THE NEXT LEVEL  (really)
  • BRZEZINSKI, Zbignew  "Poppa" Al-Qaeda
  • CLINTON-BUSH  photo montage
  • DEMOCRATS and 911  more than lax follow-up
  • CONQUEST, CORP, GLOBAL  NWO quotes, their stated plans
  • ECONOMIC  Globalism, poverty, war, tyranny
  • Economics 911 - Islamo-fascism, global links to western capital
  • Distribution of Net Worth 1998 SHOCKING GRAPH!
  • FALSE FLAG Operations - Synthetic Terror
  • FASCIST Coup - 1933 - suppressed History
  • FBI investigation OBSTRUCTED what about "HIJACKERS"?
  • HATING THE TROOPS - staged propaganda
  • HUMOR - Tom Tomorrow
  • Israel and 9-11 - Link?  Yes and No.
  • Israel and Palestine
  • JFK murder and coverup
  • KEY issues covered up by DISINFO (Fintan Dunne - Break for News)
  • MEDIA controlled by CIA
  • Origins of the Overclass  more CIA
  • Middle East Peace  between Israelis and Palestinians (Ohio)
  • Michael Ledeen wrote "Universal Fascism""BUSH's ELITE Brain".  He thinks Sept.11 was a "LUCKY" event.
  • Nazi History  - CIA, Zionists, Nazis, Islam, Eugenics
  • RESEARCHERS that I tend to rely on (up for review due to Tic-Tacs section above)
  • New Orleans what happened on the ground
  • OSAMAGATE - my take on Bill Clinton's War
  • PRETEXTS for WARS - US History 
  • PROFITS off 9-11 - prior knowledge, looting the GWOT
  • PSYOPS - Manipulating the Mind for Tyranny
  • Smoking Guns - FBI agents gone public and more
  • War Games and Drills running concurrently with attacks
  • World Dictatorship Planned for Decades - their own words

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    SUGGESTION: Stick with BIG links or POPUPS first, to get the whole flow.
    MOST LINKS are for validation, clarification, expansion, details.
    Brzezinski pages links are important.  The real story can be revealed thru US policy, not airplane scraps.
    The evidence is so interlinked and interwoven in chronological relations and political relations, it's easy to get lost.
    The only time I ever supported Al-Qaeda is when I paid my taxes.

    popup  Introduction

    the MAIN POINT, in 12 tough questions ...
    TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE of Sept 11 and the War on TERROR

    A few significant points illuminate the BIG picture quickly.

    see NONSENSE AS A WEAPON - fake conspiracy crap
    exposing the fakes is as important as exposing the facts

    MOST OF 9-11 "TRUTH" is a CIRCUS.

    The Internet is flooded with a thick slurry of mix-and-match disinformation.  The more bizarre are given the widest prime time media coverage.  Serious facts are obscured, and details are either ignored or expanded to infinity.  It's the "send in the clowns" tactic which has been used by Intelligence in the past.

    There was NO lack of competence on Sept 11, 2001, and leaders of both parties know these facts, especially those tied to Intelligence and foreign policy, armed services, etc.


    Landscape of U.S. Politics
    completely described in 4 min music video
    COOL MUSIC VIDEO World of Evil
    by Coldcut on Kontraband site
    World of Evil  Divx AVI format
    World of Evil Google, Youtube

    Tell the Truth Nigga - End the War on Freedom
    HEY, THAT'S THE TITLE OF THIS VIDEO by Itchy and Scratchy!!! Tune by Immortal Technique.
    Submitted by Bill St. Clair:  "I don't usually like rap, but this I like."

    Chrome_Cold_Clammy_Bombing (subtitle) a twisted "80's punk" song ... by Chrome, on the CD: Half-Machine Lip Moves.song officially titled March of the Chrome Police.

    Practice of Ritual popup)--> Defamation
    How values, opinions and beliefs are controlled in democratic societies.
    (local copy MHTML)
        Defamation is the destruction or attempted destruction of the reputation, status, character or standing in the community of a person or group of persons ... the central element is defamation in retaliation for the real or imagined attitudes, opinions or beliefs of the victim, with the intention of silencing or neutralizing his or her influence, and/or making an example of them so as to discourage similar independence and "insensitivity" or non-observance of taboos ... it is ritualistic because it follows a predictable, stereotyped pattern which embraces a number of elements, as in a ritual.  (Neo-Conservative Jargon link)

    Meet the Founder of Al-Qaida

    Zbignew Brzezinski, National "Security" Adviser under  Jimmy Carter, intelligence advisor under Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr., advisor to Kennedy and Johnson, and everyone in between and beyond, also co-founder (with Rockefeller) of the Tri-Lateral Commission and also member of the CFR, Tri-Lat's "older sister".
    Barry Goldwater on the Tri-Lateral Commission:
    The Trilateralist Commission is international...(and)...is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateralist Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power - political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical."  Paranoid, or not?
    The Incredible Rocky by Joel Andreas 1973
    Philanthropists at War by Daniel Brandt
    What is organized philanthropy and who benefits from it?
    at a time when the chairman of Rand was simultaneously the president of Ford Foundation
    Multiculturalism and the Ruling Elite by Daniel Brandt
    Gene "Chip" Tatum Chronicles  former mil intelligence
    "God is on your side" speech, video (*needs Real Player)
     flash version above ↑↑ 
    A pep talk to Al-Qaeda  
    WMV-1mb  WMV-3mb  WMV-6mb  AVI-DIVX-4mb  Real Video

      what is a CONSPIRACY THEORY?  (30 sec)
    Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Zbigniew Brzezinski tours the Afghan border
    with Pakistan’s minister of defense in 1979.
    History Lessons

    What year did  covert U.S. collusion with AL-QAEDA come to an END?  Take a look at CHECHNYAThe most powerful group there is not Al-Qaeda, but ACPC.  That would be Brzezinski and Woolsey and friends from CIA and Freedom House.

    SEE Islamic Radicalism on Brzezinski page.
    <-- WATCH (Real Player Video) "God is on your side" speech to the Mujahideen
    READ about the "global-zone of percolating violence"
    READ about the "Arc of Crisis" policy of fomenting Wahabbi fundamentalist insurrections
    quotes from Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard book
    (popup) Grand Chessboard
    (popup) LIES and Deception - Al-Qaeda and Terrorists

    Taken at face value, the 9-11 attack has been described as "blowback" by official sources and "the Left" like Chomsky and Parenti.  This is the theory that a reckless CIA op from the 80's accidentally backfired on America ... 25 years later.  Mainstream liberals accepted this line and discussions in the mainstream dried up.
    Blowback might make sense, except for several key facts:  longstanding and ongoing complicity with Al-Qaeda after they were declared 'terrorists', the unexplainable "standdown" of air defense on Sept 11, longstanding plans to invade the M.E. for decades, history of false-flag military operations and other huge frauds.  Even jingo ex-military were not quite willing to argue with me in support of the "fuckup theory" of the Armed Forces.

    Zbig bragged that he founded "Al-Qaeda" in 1979, under Pres. Carter, PRECEDING any Russian invasion.
    Zbig BRAGS about launching Al-Qaeda "to induce a Soviet military intervention":
    "Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea."
    He told Le Nouvel Observateur he'd do it all over again.
    Sen. Orrin Hatch agreed: Al-Qaeda was a good idea.

    DO NOT MISS Brzezinski Quotes (in his own words)

     once you understand "WHY 9-11", guessing at exactly HOW becomes less important

    Likewise, once you learn that Oswald had documented links to CIA/FBI, CIA payroll # 110669, not just some "lone nut", and everyone has lied about this for 40 years, it becomes less important who was the actual shooter or shooters on the grassy knoll.  We already have a pretty good idea.  Some of them are running the country, since their successful coup.

    Zbig unleashed radical Islamic Militants to provoke a Soviet response.  He said he did it to "increase the likelihood" that Russians would invade Afghanistan, using terrorism as a LURE to start a war and to trap Russia in a 'Nam-style quagmire.
    Longstanding explicit US policy of supporting Radical Islam as a barrier to both communism and any form of socialism or independent democracy.

    The 2nd goal was to overthrow the LEFTist govt in Kabul, which was attempting to modernize Afghanistan
    in a manner which would have provided less "opportunity" for looting
    by the Totalitarian Global "Capitalists". Even some in the State Dept had a few doubts about overthrowing that stable Democratic govt which helped women to attend colleges, but these doubts were set aside.

    Al-Qaeda was born as a CIA/National Security covert project of Brzezinski on July 3, 1979, one day before Independence Day in the USA.  When did Clandestine Services QUIT funding Al-Qaeda?  What's that date?  I don't believe we've been given one.

    Wall Street supported Hitler and MussoliniNazis supported the Muslim Brotherhood (pre-Al-Qaeda group). Allen Dulles, Wall Street lawyer, co-founder of the CIA, supported both Hitler and Muslim Bros, as fascist anti-communists in the Mid-East.  US and CIA backed violent overthrow of Liberal, Leftist, part-Christian Indonesia. replacing "commies" with fascist Wahabbis who killed 3 million and who still behead Christians today. US and CIA staged overthrow of liberal, modern Muslim, Afghanistan, replacing them with Al-Qaeda and Taliban.  How do you like anti-Communism now?
    I've seen more detailed and thorough investigations of prostitutes on COPS.

    Al-Qaeda once had office space at the Heritage Foundation.
    WACL (international neo-Nazis with Japanese fascists) supported anti-communist Al-Qaeda, alongside their US counterparts.
    Ronald Reagan's  "Freedom Fighters" (Pres. order)
    Reagan increased the budget for support of the radical Muslim Mujahidin conducting terrorism against the Afghanistan government to half a billion dollars a year, and declared Afghanistan Day. Proclamation 5034—Afghanistan Day, 1983
    By the President of the United States of America, 21 March 1983  Reagan Didn't End the Cold War.

    "Every country and every people has a stake in the Afghan resistance, for the freedom fighters of Afghanistan are defending principles of independence and freedom that form the basis of global security and stability." - Reagan
    Christian Coalition also strongly supported Al-Qaeda.

    By pure definition, the formation of Al-Qaeda was/is a criminal conspiracy, thinly veiled by the "legality" of Carter's Executive Order, then by Reagan's continued complicity, Bush, Iran-Contra, and Clinton's Balkans wars, support for Al-Qaeda and Global Terrorism covering five administrations.


    Reagan meets with Psycho-Ragheads -- I mean Afghan Freedom Fighters (click for large)
    NOTE: This is a PHOTO-OP, published by the Reagan Library.

    (audio: Ed Griffin and other John Birch libertarians dispute that these people are legitimate "capitalists" at all.  Most Libertarians like the late Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell do not count fiscal theivery protected by govt force and cartelization as "capitalism". Cartel: A consortium of companies formed to limit competition. On the other hand, Birchers don't want any limits on corporate power either.)

    Scary quote  on Brzezinski  page- about total control of American people.

    What's Brzezinski doing NOW?  Brz is running --- get this --- a PEACE GROUP -- an NGO called ACPC made up of oil investors and former CIA officers, in Chechnya to the south of Russia.
    Working with Islamic Jihadists and  former CIA Director Woolsey in an NGO called ACPC in Central Asia incl Chechnya <<--Brzezinski page-for fomenting "peace".  Go figure.

    Done, by the way.  According to retired CIA agent Ralph McGehee, in a book vetted by CIA, CIA has supported/manipulated peace and human rights groups for decades, sometimes two in one country.
    CIA infiltrated Peace Corps many years ago, as well as fake Christian relief agencies run by Pat Robertson, the diamond tycoon, but NOT really for peace. CIA fronts include National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, and various "human rights" groups around the world, while simulataneously running torture operations around the world, especially in the 1980s in Latin America.

    CIA agents sometimes work freelance doing murders, narco-dealing, and stuffing their pockets, like on Operation Phoenix and the Nugan-Hand bank, as well as with the replacement for Nugan-Hand called BCCI, and in the Iran-Contra scandal.  North and Secord admitted in court that they had a private company called Enterprise which profited from facilitating illegal arms transfers to Iran.
    CIA usually works for Wall Street and wealthy Elites. I
    t's Wall Street's own Private Army.  CIA is just the apparent center of overall Military Intelligence, but rather than gathering intelligence, 80% of what they do is reportedly 'covert operations'.  A past CIA director (Colby?) asked for an accounting of all the private proprietary airlines the CIA was using.  The answer he got back is that it was impossible to determine, as there are too many rogue "off the books" operations that are not even properly registered. 
    An operation of the caliber of 9-11, with global repercussions and the implemention of an interlocking glo
    bal "security state", the whole plan is too big to have been cooked up by "the CIA" just for their own purposes.

    Yes, it was certainly CIA ... but even bigger. 
    There's plenty of evidence for a global interconnected military intelligence network, along the lines of international finance.  That's why Canada, Australia, Britain, and the rest of US allies are ALL doing the same thing as America -- rolling out new police-state systems of their own.

    This was clearly not negligence.
    Willfully harming America and Americans is clearly factually legally TREASON.  Agreed?
    And actual Treason (not metaphoric, like criticism) is punishable by ... DEATH.

    see below:  Al-Qaeda's Lawyer vs. 9/11 families
    Michel Chossudovsky - 9/11: A Political Deception

    must hear
    History of Bush Fam and friends and Nazis
    smaller lo fi version:

    False Flag attacks on America -
    Ralph Schoenman  (30 min)

    The Future: Technology, Theocracy, and the Thousand Year Reich
     by Dave Emory subtitled Death Instead of 'Taxes'  and  Fascism - Sitting on a Tack
    HERE (download L-02 series)
    cleaned up audio01  02  03   (Right-Click and save to your PC to play)

    ALTERNATE:  Chossudovsky_War_+_Glob_(1).wmv (med quality 194mb)
    MORE versions of this important video for modem or Mac

      FYI:  No Peaking: The Hubbert Humbug by Greg Palast
    on PEAK OIL  (real or fake??)

    Even if there is SOME reasonable explanation for all this crap,
    Yet at the same time we demonize ordinary, loving Islamic families that just want a life.
    How could we be so stupid and so brutal?  So deceived?
    "Down the Memory Hole" applies perfectly.

    Yet, despite ALL THIS COLLUSION AND MORE, these "Islamo-fascist mercenaries" subcontracting thru Pentagon or CIA are still considered an "outside enemy" by most of the American public.

    (I do NOT accept all of Dave Emory's anti-fascist-Arab viewpoint at face value, though there apparently are historical links btw Third Reich Nazis and certain Arab leaders, like Ibn Saud and the Grand Mufti.  Emory deems the War on Terror as 'legitimate' since it is ostensibly against some Wahabbi Islamic sects which he says have literal ties to Third Reich fascism.  However, Emory presents officially-documented evidence that the Neo-con Cabal staging the GWoT is also rooted in Nazis and linked to WahabbisIs Washington waging war on itself?  Not yet.  (Hopefully a few military officers are considering their oath to the Constitution.)

    Emory ties fascist-types in the Middle East to the US establishment via their Nazi past (Allen Dulles), and mentions similar historical ties between Zionists and Nazis, but I think he underemphasizes these very real links between Zionists and Fascists, which de-legitimize the military war.  Emory also discounts the Palestinian plight and resistance as wholly a fascist trick, when there is MUCH obvious info, including from Israeli Jews, that confirms the Palestinians' harsh subjugation, and shines a spotlight on the Zionists' duplicitous cry for Right of "Defense".)

    Also on Brzezinski Page:
    Islamic extremism/terrorism:  Home-grown?
    meet Al-Qaida co-founder "Tim Osman" ------>>
     2 degrees of separation from Bush and CIA

    WHAT IS AL-QAEDA?  many similar opinions
    Taliban_Home_Video  (what he really said, assuming OBL is a 'real' independent player)

    Let's take a look at what "Al-Qaeda" has accomplished so far


    Atheism, Islam, Iraq, Palestine

    Ali Mohammed, Egyptian Intell, top Al-Qaeda, Osama's Lt. and tactician, US Army Special Forces, known to FBI/CIA. Pled guilty, no record of Conviction, no record of sentencing, left Federal Prison. Defense attorneys blocked from speaking with him to help their clients. Richard Reid, "Shoebomber", homeless guy sleeping on floor of a mosque in England.  Tries to board plane and light his shoes on fire.

    Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)popup worked with our CIA for at least 25 years, training, equipping, coordinating Wahabbi-Islamic Extremists as our covert or overt terrorist "tools". (We select ISI's leadership, they work for us.)

    FINANCING TERRORThe FBI quietly confirmed (yes, FBI!) that one of our top 9-11 allies, their top intelligence official wired funds to the (alleged) 9-11 terrorists.  This occurred a few days before this very same Pakistani official flew to Washington for red carpet treatment on Sept 4-13, to attend high-level meetings with our top "counter-terrorism" officials --- allegedly for routine consultations to "prevent" terrorism. When asked about FBI's confirmation about Ahmad, Condi Rice never heard of it. (Ahmad is the Pakistani replacement for Gul Hamid.)
    This one fact alone should be enough for pitchforks and nooses in the streets.

    Commissioners have publicly stated that they did not look into the money trail because it was unimportant.  WHAT?!

    Paki$tan Bribed 9/11 Commission to leave out damaging info.

    Despite apparent complicity with terrorism
    -- on our behalf --
    ISI's leader was picked to be OUR ALLY in fighting terrorism, and Gen. Ahmed's American managers and close counterparts were promoted to lead our Intelligence.
    see top of  Fake-terrorism
    section or Ahmad section below

    Even the Pakistani military had initially balked at this crazy idea, allow the US to provide the Mujahidin with ever more sophisticated weaponry, knowing who the Gulbuddin Hikmatyars and Usama Bin Ladens really were. But the US twisted the Pakistanis’ arms, and they gave in.

    Likewise, Reagan forced the timid Saudis to match US contributions to the Mujahidin. (And then after Sept. 11 the former Reagan officials who had twisted the arms of the Saudis, like Richard Perle, turned around and blamed Riyadh for spreading radical Muslim ideas!!) It was the CIA that first established terrorist training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, to hit the leftist government in Kabul.

    (NOTE:  Please remain skeptical, but the facts add up to serious doubts about any Al-Qaeda involvement whatsoever with 9-11.  The Al-Qaeda meme sold to the public seems to be a clever rumor, a meme designed as a red herring to distract and to justify a pretext to invade the Middle East.  These plans had been discussed in the public media (Harpers Magazine, other) and developing since 1975
    Like it or not, Al-Qaeda itself is clearly, undeniably an Intelligence project of the US Govt, or US "shadow govt" if you prefer.
    U.S. Government Caught Red-Handed Releasing Staged Al-Qaeda Videos

    Remember, we were given zero evidence on Al-Qaeda at first.  Since then, most of the govt's Al-Qaeda story has been heavily debunked, and a lot has been shown to be shaky and unable to stand up to scrutiny.  There's nothing there except confusing rumor and innuendo. FBI wants OBL - but not for 9-11.


    email ME
    email obfuscation provided by: Tim Williams - U of A - Anti-spam ECM

    See Comments on LinkThis was taken from NTSB data, obtained thru FOIA request.
    The alleged PILOT could NOT fly a Cessna.  Barely drive a Honda.  When considering "flying by seat of pants" consider training in a family car, then swooping a Ryder truck through a system of narrow gates, at 100mph.

    Cost of the War in Iraq
    (JavaScript Error)
    To see more details, click here.

    What the U.S. is spending to crush Iraq,
    Skilled economists dismantle "spin" on costs.
    Even BIGGER costs come later.
    The conclusion is simple, and terrible:
    The U.S. government is willing to spend more than $1 trillion to crush Iraq, but can’t be bothered to spend even a tiny fraction to keep Iraq’s 26 million citizens from going without food, clean water, health care ... or work or education.
    assist desperate Americans.
    Nor even support our Troops.
    Our "massive Soc. Security shortfall" = cost of 1 year destroying Iraq.
    DEMOCRATS and Tri-Laterals wanted a "MANAGED CHAOS" of the Middle East.  Aggressive NEOCONS want wholesale  "CREATIVE DESTRUCTION"

    Civil war in Iraq was praised by Daniel Pipes.

    Al-Qaeda's Lawyer vs. 9/11 families
    A dozen or so New Jersey 9-11 widows filed a TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT against Saudis, who admit to funding Islamic charities which some officials claim have terrorist ties  (on behalf of whom? Saudis are interlinked with CIA, Pentagon, Bush, Republi-Dems.)

    Plaintiffs were looking for "discovery" -- "records" and "evidence" -- as much as money. These men and women deserved their day in court, at very least.  WE deserved their day in court.   Wouldn't you agree?

    According to CNN and MSNBC, the
    Lawsuit and inquiry was successfully BLOCKED by the "prestigious Houston-based Baker-Botts Law Firm", which claimed that Saudi Royals and Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz have complete "diplomatic immunity" from being sued by Americans.  Slick move!
    bushfingers (32K)
    (real - not photoshopped)
    Here's my local copy of the Newsweek/MSNBC (web-only) article, which avoids mentioning the connection.
    WHO is this "scum Liberal Law firm"Baker-Botts, protecting alleged Al-Qaeda financers from exposure?
    James A. Baker III

    Why it's none other than the President's attorney, James A. Baker III, Bush family confidante for 4 decades.  Why is the President's attorney vigorously defending the Saudis in the first place?  Why are they blocking discovery of records?  Afraid what might show up?

    Reagan & CIA pushed the Saudis into funding Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.
    Baker "won" the Bush presidency in 2000, at the Supreme Court.  Bush was necessary because America needed a "cowboy" and "anointed by God Christian" figure to wage a John Wayne - slash - "holy war" in the Middle East.

    Baker was Sec.State during Bush-41.  Baker helped orchestrate conditions for the first Gulf War by sending multiple envoys to Saddam with glad tidings and a "green light" to deal with Kuwait. And much more.

    ... the Bush Doctrine: "If you harbor terrorists, you are terrorists. If you train or arm a terrorist, you are a terrorist. If you feed a terrorist or fund a terrorist, you're a terrorist, and you will be held accountable by the United States and our friends."

    RELATED on Baker-Botts page:  Does it bother anyone that two of 'W's and Poppy's and Jeb's closest allies are admitted (nay, bragging) mass murderers.  One was called an "unrepentant terrorist" by a former Atty Gen., and one of the most deadly terrorists working "within the hemisphere",  per the Bush-41 Defense Dept.

    In a Sept. 29 statement, conservative Judicial Watch added that, "This conflict of interest has now turned into a scandal. The idea of the president's father, an ex-president himself, doing business with a company under investigation by the FBI in the terror attacks of September 11 is horrible."  Judicial Watch demanded that President Bush make his father pull out of the Carlyle Group.

    In other words, the President, the CIA, his father and many of their business partners, cabinet appointees and so-called allies ARE - based on the President's own words - supporters of Al-Qaeda, and thus terrorists.

    1994: US (FBI) Declines to Accept Documents
    which expose Saudi
    (CIA) Scandals and Ties to Islamic Militants

    Mohammed al-Khilewi, the first secretary at the Saudi mission to the United Nations, defects and seeks political asylum in the US. He brings with him 14,000 internal government documents depicting the Saudi royal family's corruption, human-rights abuses, and financial support for Islamic militants.  He meets with two FBI agents and an assistant US attorney. “We gave them a sampling of the documents and put them on the table,” says his lawyer, “but the agents refused to accept them.”

    FBI agents “ordered not to accept evidence of Saudi criminal activity, even on US soil.”  (obviously, Saudis were not doing terrorism "independently" of the CIA)
      ... MANY MORE SIMILAR examples ...  and link to original website, cooperativeresearch.org

    The President of Indonesia said that the terrorists who blew up the tourist hotel on Bali were connected to Intelligence.  Do US officials not know that??  Of course they do, because Indonesian Intell is run by American Intell, or at least in close cooperation.

    More recently, Benazir Bhutto was sent to Pakistan to run for President.  The press in India, me, even some anonymous Pakistani commenters on YouTube, and now you are aware that Pakistan's National Intelligence (offshoot of ISI), which was assigned to "protect" Bhutto, was actually run by Al-Qaeda operative General Ejaz Shah, formerly OBL's "handler".  Condoleeza Rice didn't know that fact?? 

    "Of all the enemies to public liberty, WAR is the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other enemy.
    War is the parent of armies; from these proceed DEBTS and TAXES ... known instruments for bringing the MANY under  the DOMINATION of the FEW. . .
    NO nation could preserve its FREEDOM in the midst of CONTINUAL WARFARE."
    - James Madison, Political Observations, 1795

    FAKE ATTACKS ... but WHY?!!!
    9-11 IS a covert op involving both parties on behalf of the financial powers that run them, designed for a specific strategy which is ANCIENT and "TEXTBOOK" DOMINATION:  terrorize the public, massive social control and repression, justify imperial wars for Seizing ResourcesSimple.
    But it's NOT about OIL.  They've got plenty of oil.  It's about money.  They don't have enough money. they say so

    Think they'd never plan fake attacks on America?  Think again.(below)
    • Emperor Nero of Rome did "false flag" terror, usually blaming Christians.
    • Nazis seem to have staged the Reichstag fire, using a "duped" commie.
    • WTC 1993 attacks staged by FBI, using borderline retarded Arabs.
    • Johnson launched the ground war in 'Nam on the fake Tonkin event. 
    • Joint Chiefs and NSA/CIA planned "false flag" terror  (Operation Northwoods) in 1962.
    • Northwoods was modified in 1967, and became the attack on the USS Liberty, to be blamed on Egypt.
    • The Mafia sold "fire protection" and "theft protection".
    • The Lusitania and Kersey and Pearl Harbor all had evidence or pre-planning in USG memos.
    • Operation Gladio, 40 years of terror under the direction of CIA.
    long list of FALSE-FLAG OPERATIONS and al-QAEDA employed by USA
    Liberty takes a new deep breath when we expose the TERRORISM RACKET.
    Political Satire
    "The White House Is Adamant That Their Advisors...Retain The Right To Lie"

    ABC Dateline covered this in 2002:  HOMELAND "SECURITY"
    Mad Cow Productions
    Why did Fed Prosecutor of Clinton, Michael Chertoff pop up to defend a small potatoes Egyptian doctor accused of funneling money to Al-Qaeda?
       Video showing Mohammed Atta Elamir on visa  from here
    In 1998, a US Prosecutor took time off from his plush Fed gig to play defense attorney in Newark (Bergen County), for Dr. Magdy El Amir (or el-Amir) who had been granted a contract worth $6-million-per-month for his HMO to serve
    NJ Medicaid.

    Elamir’s HMO was known to be affiliated with Bin Laden since the mid-1990s, and his contacts included other Al-Qaida terrorists(... and obviously included top US officials.)

    Yet Elamir's case was reduced from a criminal investigation to "funds mismanagement", and he faced NO CRIMINAL CHARGES.  He did NOT even have to pay back the money!!!

    Of all people, WHY did Michael Chertoff pop up to take this case?
    WHY did Michael Chertoff at the DOJ help FBI sabotage Green Quest?

    popup MORE DETAILS on doctor: Chertoff page
    DIRECT WEB LINK to Chertoff details

    Chertoff and Patrick Fitzgerald were both at the center of the 1993 WTC bombing which was entirely orchestrated by the FBI, directing their Egyptian intelligence operative, Emad Ali Salem. -- Patrick Briley

    (check out Patrick Briley's deep military-intell bio at the bottom of his article)

    WTO Cop Big Gun

    Chertoff has helped write the USA PATRIOT Act long before Sept 11.

    The same cast of characters known by Chertoff and the FBI, were also involved in OTHER TERRORIST ATTACKS.

    shocking discussion
    by   Ralph Schoenman on WTC 93  (video) and Lynne Stewart's case
    related website www.lynnestewart.org
    Lynne Stewart, defense attorney for sheik who was railroaded on 1993 FBI bombing plot, going to prison (?) maybe 30 years.

    more on 1993 bombing -- by Schoenman 

    Anti-Globalization (CAFTA, FTAA) demonstrators, consisting of middle class, middle-aged union workers, plus "hippies and anarchists", and even some elderly Floridians, were protesting a global conference which promoted the loss of jobs and lowering of wages for both Americans and Latin American workers. These "trade" agreements benefit investors, and allow capital to subvert democracy.  Even Phillis Schafly's against it

    Over $8 million in Homeland Security funds was diverted from "stopping Al-Qaeda terrorists" and poured in to Florida to hire paramilitary robocops and undercover to provoke, attack, beat, and arrest people walking and singing with signs and drums.  A huge media scare about "anarchists" preceded the demo.  A local judge eye-witnessed numerous felonies -- committed by the police!  This whole conference and paramilitary was arranged for large American corporations to eliminate jobs and reduce wages, they were willing to provide an an army to defend it.  This is the meaning of Homeland Security.
    FTAA and Miami - a primer   Cops Say They're Ready   Police Harrassment in Miami   Iraq war budget includes $8.5 million for FTAA meeting   SteelWorkers Say no the FTAA!   7 Arrested  PICTURES FROM THE ROOT CAUSE MARCH   God Of Free Trade  failures of the "progressive" media Information Clearing House Illegally Raided  How The Elites Kill Protests Thousands to Oppose U.S. Terror Training at SOA NPR's morning edition on FTAA- NO MENTION OF PROTESTS  Police target a photographer  Severe Head Injury at FTAA Protest thursdays demonstrations Police Charge during Morning Direct Action March   Protests in the US No Longer Allowed 
    www.financialsense.com "A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order"
    F. William Engdahl has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years



    email ME
    email obfuscation provided by: Tim Williams - U of A - Anti-spam ECM

    gambit to use Bush as a 'bad cop' to usher in a Hillary Clinton 'good cop' presidency.DEMOCRATS
    This is just the beginning of my non-partisan "I'm just not a liberal Bush-hater" props.
    Because the problem is NOT merely Bush.  Bush certainly is not writing these complex Executive Orders and interpreting laws.
    The Decider does not decide.  He signs his name and gives speeches.

    See the REAL role of Bill Clinton in Sept 11
    Hillary Goes American Idol

    "We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans."
    --- President Bill Clinton, U.S.A. Today, 11 March 1993

    Clinton inaugurated Jan 1993.  WTC bombed on February 26, 1993, with the assistance of FBI.

    US Senate Republican Policy Committee asks:
    The Kosovo Liberation Army: Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties?
    ... from 'Terrorists' to 'Partners'

    "I think Bush's re-election took the steam out of the anti-war movement," said New York activist Michael Letwin.

    Which is precisely what Kerry's pied piper, alternative candidacy pretense was intended to achieve. The Kerry presidential bid co-opted anti-war sentiment; diverted resistance from anti-war protest to pro-Kerry canvassing; and then disenchanted the opposition to the war when their 'hero" fell without challenging the "stolen election."

    The election wasn't really stolen. It's not theft if you hand your DVD player to friend and fail to report it stolen. That harsh reality is only recently dawning on Kerry's more stalwart supporters.  We deserve better than "anyone-but-Bush".

    However, voting for Kerry was rewarding in some ways. The sheer size of Kerry's winning margin had the U.S. establishment pulling out all the stops to conceal the actual outcome of the election. And the resulting hoopla forced the election fraud issue onto the floors of the U.S. Houses of Congress and into the political awareness of millions of anti-establishment voters.  Why?  Even though Kerry offered only more horrible foreign policy than Bush, it was important to keep the lid on Sept 11 in the public venue, by keeping Democrat power out of the White House, for a time.  (thanks to Fintan Dunne)

    Bill Clinton's role in 9-11
    John Kerry's link Iran-Contra and BCCI, and Kerry helping Bush 41,43 in their criminal financial conspiracies. 
    The United States played both sides of the Iran-Iraq war. The Reagan administration gave intelligence and weapons to Saddam, while secretly arming Iran and sparking the Iran-Contra scandal of 1986.
    "The Al-Qaeda International Bank of Pakistan"  BCCI - Bank of Commerce and Credit Int'l

     The "Zapruder Film Festival", an orgy of evidence,
    ... and now ... THE STANDDOWN
    FLIGHT 77 - Pentagon.  The slowest slow-motion 'surprise attack' in the history of the world.
    Even jingo ex-military were not quite willing to argue with me in support of the "fuckup theory" of the Armed Forces.
    How did CAVE-DWELLING NOMADS get "igNORAD" to VIOLATE STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES in place since 1975, and STAND DOWN for 90 MINUTES or more??

    one hour and fifty-three minutes total from hijacking to final crash, not one intercept, this is without precedent
    Did bin Laden "mind-meld" the military?  Did he drop valium into the coffeepots?  Was there a real Al-Qaeda "mole" in the FBI, as Colleen Rowley suggested?  Yes. His name is Dave Frasca (see below).

    (Standdown.net has a revealing timeline of the events of Sept 11, but friends at B4N included this site on the "CIA Fakes" list, due such things as the "parent" site Loveearth.net containing such idiotic things as a "Crop Circles Calendar", the "In Plane Site" hoax movie, and a zillion other celebrity sites and assorted dispreputable garbage.  So, I'd say, read the timeline if you want, don't buy the Crop Circles stuff.
    But consider just the obvious:  For UNEXPLAINED reasons or lame reasons, the entire US Defense network, running on established automated routine protocols, failed to even INTERCEPT even one hijacked plane -- that is, fly up next to -- let alone PROTECT HIGH PRIORITY and VITAL PROPERTIES in NYC or Washington, despite ample time over 15 times the normal response time of 6 minutes.  Did the DRILLS get in the way?   Gen. Eberhard stated on CSPAN that the drills speeded up their response time.  Good thing.  Otherwise, it might have been a real disaster.)

    Of course these Al-Qaeda guys weren't just ANY Nomads -- they had been heavily funded via various shadowy Intelligence conduits tied to the CIA, and trained at US Military installations in the 80's, 90's and beyond.

    Air Defenses Stood Down On 911 AFTER ATC Alerts Given   (FAA rules listed)

    John Judge pointed out, the official excuse is "they didn't know it was a hijacking at first".  That's a diversion.  Standard procedures are set for 'flight in distress'.   You find out if it's hijacked after you intercept."

    33 USAF Bases Were Within Range On 9-11
    “If needed, we could be killing things in five minutes or less ...”
    Apparently, they weren't needed or wanted.

    Official Story of the Flight Takeovers - Suicide Pilots
      the level of hoax stuff on this site: "very little-or-none", nearly clean, except for a few odd links
    it seems highly unlikely that the hijacking teams would be able to take over all four aircraft ...

    The US govt offers SEVERAL CONFLICTING OFFICIAL VERSIONS about "points of failure" woven into the official report --- or left out, depending on the question.  For example, FAA vs. NORAD timelines conflict with each other, per Mike Ruppert's careful side-by-side analysis, and Gen. Eberhard contradicts Mayor Guiliani about FEMA arriving in NYC on Sept 10.

    Randy Glass bluffed a State Department contact for advanced 9/11 info
    GLASS: But I didn't even have to do that. I just said what I knew. I said" Look. Listen. I know the World Trade Center is going to be attacked. And then this guy says to me, "Randy, listen, you cannot mention any of these things, especially airplanes being used to fly into the World Trade Center." And when he said that, I almost fell of my fucking chair. I mean, you have no idea.  (Randy Glass, an FBI informant, had turned in tapes of a known terror suspect saying that the buildings were coming down, but the same thing happened to his stuff as all the other FBI memos.  Oh, he got imprisoned for a while too.)

    Air Force Officer Delivers Blistering Excoriation of Bush
    Lieutenant Colonel Steven Butler went public almost immediately, blaming the Govt.
    See, the terrorists were trained at the Defense Language School in Monterey, where he was in charge.  This story, and his court-martial, were (quiet) mainstream news.

    At least 12 FBI and Military officers were ORDERED to NOT track terrorists, prior to 9-11.

    PREVIOUS CASES OF US STANDDOWN and orchestrated attacks, World War One and Two - Future is Calling
    with official USG documentation by (WARNING) far right co-founder of the John Birch Society, G. Edward Griffin
    (careful, the John Birch Society has been tied to spying work for the CIA, FBI, and tied to the CFR - one of the 'communist' groups they claim to oppose)
    Trickery and Treachery - pretexts for other wars

    For more than three months, structural steel from the World Trade Center has been and continues to be cut up and sold for scrap.  Crucial evidence that could answer many questions about high-rise building design practices and performance under fire conditions is on the slow boat to China, perhaps never to be seen again in America until you buy your next car... Fire Engineering has good reason to believe that the "official investigation" blessed by FEMA and run by the American Society of Civil Engineers is a half-baked farce that may already have been commandeered by political forces whose primary interests, to put it mildly, lie far afield of full disclosure. Except for the marginal benefit obtained from a three-day, visual walk-through of evidence sites conducted by ASCE investigation committee members - described by one close source as a "tourist trip"- no one's checking the evidence for anything.
    (Fire Engineering Magazine, January 2002)
    Since 'Ground Zero' was, by all accounts, the site of a mass murder, the actions taken collectively by federal officials amounted to nothing less than the willful, deliberate destruction of evidence in a criminal investigation.

    Even if we accept the claim that (smoldering office) fires raged in the towers with enough intensity to cause the spontaneous failure of structural steel elements, and even if we accept that those elements failed in a uniform, perfectly symmetrical manner, and even if we simply ignore the fact that the cores of the towers were inexplicably pulverized, we still are left with no explanation of how WTC7 - which did not have an open floor plan that could have rendered it susceptible to 'pancaking,' and which was not hit by a fuel-laden airplane - imploded in essentially the same manner as the towers, and on the very same day.

    KILLING HOPE (popup)
    (just reading the 56 examples in the Table of Contents is breathtaking)

    Criminalization of the State - by Chossudovsky
    "Criminalization of the State", is when war criminals legitimately occupy positions of authority, which enable them to decide "who are the criminals", when in fact they are the criminals.

    This is not "anti-American" - don't be stupid - it's about taking America back from gangsters.

    The Myth of the Rule of Law - by Catherine Austin Fitts
    ... Indeed, narcotics had been a source of covert funding and political leverage for years, extending at least as far back as the invasion of Sicily during World War Two.

    Gen. Tommy Franks:
    Martial Law Will Replace Constitution After Next Terror Attack, which will cause our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country.

    US Plans for Martial Law, Tele-Governance
    The U.S. government and its military and corporate officials are fond of making the pitch to the American public that the U.S. Constitution mandates that their survival, above all others (ours), is absolutely necessary to ensure that the government that emanates from that document survives a debilitating attack.
    It is astonishing that the American public believes such absurdities.

    The Strange Career of Frank Carlucci
    Milton Friedman and the Economics of Empire
    Imperial History-Making v. Reality-Based Thought
    Corporate Takeover of Iraq's Economy
    Al Gore, the Origins of a Hypocrite
    Solidarity and Student Protests in Iran
    A recently disclosed aspect of the CIA operation is that it included unprecedented political mobilization of the traditionalist, fundamentalist Shiite religious leaders known as the mullahs. As Gabriel Kolko put it, the U.S. "eliminated a secular, middle-class nationalism." As throughout the Middle East, rebellion and discontent increasingly took on fundamentalist Islamic forms and ideologies.


    Tony Blair and Vlad Putin and John Howard are doing the same things in London, Moscow, and Canberra, Australia (near Sydney), seizing power for the Executive Branch and placing themselves beyond the law, beyond dissent, beyond appeal and voting, and erecting and expanding domestic spy networks.
    see: Bush-Constitution   Unitary Executive 

    Master Sgt. Stan Goff, Army Ranger, Spec Forces, ret.:
    The Evolution of the Bush-Rumsfeld War Doctrine - Roadmap to Martial Law  (audio)
    Debating a Neo-Con - by Stan Goff 
    (funny article about how easy it was to slam a decorated, educated neocon)
    Stripping Away Democratic Facade - March Toward Dictatorship #1 (audio)  download    play
    Stan Goff's
    profile, website   Stan Goff's Book

    Some conservatives are more opposed to Bush than your average Democrat
    Paul Craig Roberts (audio) solid conservative, Vietnam Vet, Ronald Reagan's Asst Treasurer 
    "I don't think I've seen an administration more evil in my lifetime, and I include Stalin and Hitler."
    I'm not "down with Roberts", but he offers some perspective from a right-libertarian viewpoint. I don't think we've heard any Democrats of Roberts' prominence compare this govt to Stalin or Hitler.

    Col. Karen Kwiatkowski Army, Pentagon, hung out to dry on Abu Gahraib (audio) (conservative)

    Similar issues by Left Socialist (audio) Michael Parenti - Costs of Empire, Role of IMF.
    Similar issues by Economist (audio)  Michel Chossudovsky 1 and 2.

    Memories of the White Rose
    by George J. Wittenstein, M. D.

    "We can fool some of the people some of the time....And those are the ones we need to concentrate on" - GWB
    Bush at FEMA
    "These are the actions of a regime that systematically and deliberately is defying the world."
    - George W. Bush, March 6, 2003

    "It's stunning. It's amazing. I think it's huge. I mean, he's landing on a boat at 150 miles per hour. It's tremendous. It's hard to imagine any Democrat being able to do that."
    -- Ann Coulter

    danger: Michael Moore and Richard Perle Combine Forces:
    Who Really Wants to Invade Saudi Arabia, and Why?  by Tanya C. Hsu on Globalresearch

    planned (Saudi) Middle East invasion  (audio) (incl 1975 Harper's article proposing this) Ralph Schoenman
    including HISTORY OF PRETEXTS fabricated for other US wars

    FBI DECLINES Saudi TERROR Documents, after counter-terror section

    NOTE: RAND corp double-think think-tank is writing policy proposals recommending WAR NOW on Saudi Arabia and (not coincidentally) seizing their oil fields and assets, because "Saudis support terrorism".  Other branches of the establishment, such as Kissinger disagree with imminent war.  Richard Perle is also chairman of Rand.

    Saudis DID support terrorism ...
    on behalf of the CIA and on orders from BrzezinskiRand Corp even agrees that Saudis helped the US by supporting the "mujahideen".  "mujahideen" = "freedom fighters" - minus some flimsy distinctions = "Al-Qaeda" -- "a rose by any other name ..." as Shakespeare said.

    Permanent War by the Gangster State: The Stakes For Working People by Ralph Schoenman  EXCERPT

    (come back to)

    President of the United States calls Constitution ‘a goddamned piece of paper.'
    Conservative (Birch Soc.) founder of FFF,
    G. Edward Griffin (audio) on Govt's need for more TERRORISM.
    Unlike Democrats, at least Neo-cons are roughly transparent about their contempt and hatred for America.
    "On the internet, your crimes live forever." - Justin Raimondo

     FAKE TERRORISM - historical precedent

    current fake terrorism by Rummy? -see P2OG
    Chris Floyd: Rummy's Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks  more P2OG

    Pretexts for War with James Bamford on the weekendinterviewshow (audio)

    James Bamford (video)

    CIA agent blows his own legs off faking terrorism in the Philippines
    for many more details to go False-Flag, Synthetic Terror page
    Operation Northwoods 1962
    Extreme Machiavellian interventionist covert plan that involved CIA bombing US cities and other targets and killing Americans, to blame a foreign enemy, Cuba, and launch World War III.

    Everyone among the Joint Chiefs, heads of all 4 Armed Forces and Intelligence, signed off on this plan to use Americans as human sacrifices to war ...
    all except one lonely President and his SecDef McNamara.  JFK died. Suddenly.  With some "mystery" about who killed him.  JFK redux?

    Northwoods, a high-level plan to stage terrorist attacks on civilians in U.S. cities, by definition that is a secret conspiracy.
    Suppose you found a stranger or an acquaintance had a written, signed plan to kill you and kill your family.  Would you blow it off because it was "just one proposal"?

    The main guy JFK fired over Northwoods, Bay of Pigs, and Operation 40, whose job description included arranging coups and assassinations, was appointed to manage the inquiry into JFK's violent and sudden death. 
    This same guy also arranged financing for Hitler in the 30's:  Allen Dulles.
    JFK and Northwoods political dynamite (Baker helped Bush on Operation 40 in the 60's)
    Northwoods and other false flag ops (with photos)
    "We need a common enemy to unite us"
    - Condoleezza Rice, March 2000,  Fascist concept
    Operation Northwoods 2001
    RENAME "Nine-Eleven" to "Operation Northwoods 2001"  by me (gg)
    Fake Al Qaeda -
    Phony (Mossad) Al Qaeda Cell in Palestine created by ISRAEL
    Ha'Aretz - Ibrahim, the Shin Bet wants you to join Qaida!

    Is 'Al Qaeda' the Modern Incarnation of 'Emmanuel Goldstein'?
    Wanted: Enemy to Justify massive, exploding War Budget -->>

    The Very Lucky Hijackers
    "Odds" computed  with generous probability of multiple coincidental lucky occurrences happening on one day, Sept 11.
    One "very lucky Osama".
    Probability of just one of the London bombings coordinated with drills: 1/9474920.
    One in  3,715,592,613,265,750,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    Estimate of Grains of sand in the whole world:   7,500,000,000,000,000,000
    Probability of  BOTH London and NYC accidentally coinciding with anti-terror Drills:  off the chart
    Probability of  ALL relevant London cameras failing or being broken or turned off   ??

    Add in: Madrid bombers were *informants* for police officials who supplied the explosives. Operation Gladio?
    go to  Oh No!! DON'T INVESTIGATE!!   

    WAS ISRAEL INVOLVED on 9-11??  Well, imo, YES and NO ...
      (educated speculation: to the degree that CIA is involved, then Mossad is also, and v.v.)
    I am NOT suggesting that "Israel attacked us".
    though they did attack the USS Liberty in 1967
    but it was cool with Pres. Johnson who told USAF to back off
    (CIA and Mossad have been behind ISI and Saudi support for terrorists.)

    USrael and Armageddon

    Posted Jan 20, 2006 04:54 PM PST:  Former Pentagon analyst Larry A. Franklin was sentenced Friday to a 12 years and seven months imprisonment for passing classified information to former American Israel Public Affairs Committee AIPAC lobbyists.
    This story DID NOT make headlines.
    AIPAC is the only foreign lobby in the US which does not have to be registered as a foreign lobby.
    Fake Al Qaeda -
    Phony (Mossad) Al Qaeda Cell in Palestine created by ISRAEL
    Ha'Aretz - Ibrahim, the Shin Bet wants you to join Qaida!

    Is 'Al Qaeda' the Modern Incarnation of 'Emmanuel Goldstein'?

    israel: Watch an Actual Home Demolition  (video)

    from NEWSMAX: WASHINGTON -- While President Clinton was trying to broker an elusive peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the FBI was secretly funneling money to suspected Hamas figures,  run out of the FBI's Phoenix office in cooperation with Israeli intelligence and approved by Attorney General Janet Reno.

    Williams wanted "the transfer of American funds to some of the terrorist groups for violent purposes," Ellen testified to the immigration court in a closed June 2001 session.

    Israel's Strategy in the Occupied Territories: Betting on an "Unwinnable War"

    Christian “AIPAC” Supports Palestinian Starvation

    "We understand Israel has security problems. But what on earth does wrecking the Palestinian economy and increasing poverty have to do with security? … You don't have to be a genius to understand that if people lose their work and livelihood and see no hope, it will make them more extreme."[5]
    (answer: govt gets to impose more 'security measures')

    Opposite situation, the Al-Arian caseI think Prof. Al-Arian did NOT launder money for terrorists, or possibly sent money to Palestinian groups which had a political AND a military wing.  A military outfit without a country is de facto "terrorist".  He definitely made some very angry statements against US support for horrible abuses of Palestinians.  Prosecution admitted they have no evidence that he funded anything or planned any terrorist attacks, but since he is a Palestinian political activist, he's in the slammer since 2003, on charges of "CONSPIRACY".  At very least, there's something very fishy here.

    Karl Rove's right wing buddies Grover Norquist and Jack Abramoff
    were Al-Arian's non-profit consultants, AND Jeb Bush gave his private school $350,000.  My opinion is that Al-Arian got burned as a fall guy.
    Same for Palestinian Fawaz Damra of Cleveland, who spoke inflammatory words against Jews in 1994, and sent funds to legit charities which later added a military defense arm, and later got labelled "terrorist". 
    You are only allowed to defend yourself against Israeli murder squads IF you are part of a "legitimate govt".  If you are just a private human being, tough shit, shut up and take it.
    Gotta justify that Homeland Security office by arresting "dangerous" computer sci professors and mosque leaders.

    Norquist is a super lobbyist like Abrahoff. He's Newt Gingrich's bud, NRA ally, head of American Taxpayers Union.  Alamoudi hired Norquist to head up the Islamic InstituteGrover Norquist's best friend is Karl Rove, White House chief of staff, so apparently Norquist was able to "fix things". Moderate Arab-Americans couldn't speak out after 9/11, because Norquist got his extreme right wing Muslim friends to be "gatekeepers" at the White House.

    CONCLUSION SO FAR:  Our 'shadow govt' founded Al-Qaida in 1978.  We worked with them in 96-99, long after the Cold War.  We worked with them in 2001 in Europe.  The President's attorney is defending them (blocking access to vital information about connections) in 2002. 
    We send FBI after them, then we prevent dedicated FBI agents from actually acting on the evidence and money trails.  et cetera.

    Even with this partial presentation of buried truths, there is far too much evidence for mere "incompetence".  The official Osama-and-Nineteen-Young-Arabs (ONYA) conspiracy tale is farcical and impossible.

    Very little mystery remains.  We could already seek indictments.  We could open a massive investigation on this evidence collected by ordinary citizens, often from public information that shows that several versions of the 9-11 official story contradict one another.

    The division between LIHOP -- with real Arabs -- which is looking more doubtful all the time -- and MIHOP with or without Arabs -- all this should not matter.  Evidence which blows the LIHOP story -- such as the level of planning and years of planning and sophistication that must have gone into carrying this out and causing NORAD to fail it's most basic duties, this defaults to Sept 11 being a total CIA staged PSYOP, with "Arab terrorists" used as distractions.

    Remember, some of the smaller LIES, may possibly be disputed or minimized, and may not amount to much individually, BUT in context with other lies, there is a solid case.

    When a suspect lies to police or to the court, the automatic implication is guilt.  Destruction or concealment of vital evidence is prima facie evidence of guilt.

    We've just gotten started.  In a common drug conspiracy, all the suspects would already be serving long sentences.

    Terrorism Racket  (1 of 3)  continues to 1-A and 1-B

    Home Page 1-A-->      or    Home Page 1-B-->

    A Terrorist Document
    The FBI recently named the United States Constitution a potential "terrorist document".

    U.http://www.usconstitution.net/const.htmlS. Constitution page 1

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